Transformation To Being A Complete Fool Almost Complete

One day of hair coloring wasn't good enough for Arthur Kadyshes, so he was back to the salon again today to further along his quest to look like an even bigger fool than he did yesterday. Important question: Was it really necessary to post four more fucking videos that are pretty much the same thing as he posted yesterday? Arthur, get a couple ribs removed already and just go to town sucking yourself off, okay?

The latest from arthurkade.com:

I am running around like crazy, debating whether or not I am heading to NYC for the party at the Rooftop on The Standard (Not sure I can make it with everything I have going on in the 215 today, but I hear from my sources up there who have spoken to my people that is it amazing looking, so if I can’t get up there today, I will make sure to make a celeb appearance this week). I spent another day at the salon continuing to get my hair to the level of “Kade Blonde” that I want (Having parent’s that own such an exclusive and Elite salon is such a blessing because I was able to get a facial((Although I look a little “Broken Out” because of it)), and continue to get the process of my hair to perfection). I got mixed reviews last night on the change, but most people agreed that once the “Real” color is realized, then it will look great with my “Beautiful green eyes”, but it was tough for people to gauge my new look. One girl said, “You are this gorgeous dark and handsome hunk, and now you look a bit clownish”, and that saddened me a bit, but then I remembered that it’s not about modeling anymore, it’s about making star directors in “The Biz” see my commitment to them and the progress of “The Journey”, and I can have almost any girl I want even if I was bald anyway. It’s still so confusing to see myself Blonde, and I have mixed feelings, but The Brand is all about change, diversity, and trendsetting for the Gen Pop.
The process of going from Dark to Blonde is so intense and can take 3-4 coloring sessions to get right (This is the first time I have every permanently colored my hair), and yesterday I came in a bit Orange, so we focused on getting me more ashy Blonde today. I am happy with the progress, but feel I may still be a touch orange right now, so I will let the color settle a few days, review it before my photo shoot for The Trailer presentation for my Gay Doctor role, and then possibly hit it again to perfect it. It is so close, but now I can see it and this is the price an actor pays for a part, his own beauty, and love of The Craft. That’s what makes me Arthur Kade, the courage to do what no one else will.
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so make sure you only date someone Beautiful”….Arthur Kade…09/12/09


  1. Kade couldn't surf if the fucking thing had training wheels.

    Love the woman at the end who turns around as if to look and think "who's that idiot with the horrible dye job? I should think twice about going into this shithole!"

  2. Again, my photoshop skills are lacking.

    But the dude is a troll. A nasty bleached butt haired troll.

    Pic is in the link above.

  3. It's now completely obvious that Artie's step-mom hates him.

    Art, you don't look Italian or Greek. You look like an even bigger asshole thna you did before, and I didn't think that was possible.

    What guy gave you the facial? Was it Little Oscar?

  4. That third video... wow. More than ever I think he's got a little bit of mental retardation shining through.

    Oh, and another thing Kade: Saying you look surferish just makes you look like a total poseur. But keep doing it, because it's so much fun laughing at how dumb you are!

  5. What's with the eye squinting?

  6. Haha in the last video down toward the end pay attention to the woman walking into the salon, looks at AK then shakes her head lol

  7. I can't even explain in words how much of a total and absolutely ignorant fuck Kade is. The brand is about "trendsetting" for the Gen Pop? Does he mean in a sense of coloring hair?

    Men have been dying their hair for a long long time. Kade is not the first person to come along and do it, little does he know.

    Man this guy just infuriates me. I pray for the day he says the wrong thing to the wrong person and just gets laid out cold from a beatdown. Please Lord, please, if you grant me one wish this year, please let that happen.

  8. His zits shine through like they have a spotlight on them now! So gross and disgusting.

  9. OMG I never realized how crooked his nose is!! The blond is bringing out the zits AND the nose! ROFLMAOOOO! Bet you didn't see THAT coming Artie!! ALL IN HD!!!

    P.S. You're still ugly.

  10. I am starting to think that Arthur is taking an Underpants Gnome from South Park approach to this.
    Phase 1 - Create Blog
    Phase 2
    Phase 3 - Movies

  11. Wow, I had the volume turned off, but I can actually SEE his lisp on the video. That's amazing; it's like his bottom teeth are trying to put handcuffs on his tongue!

  12. The latest from ChrisDUDE on the subject:

    Yo! Arthur! you rock


    Hair is an important and defining part of the body. Blonde hair represents so much to the onlooker. Changing hair changes perception of who you are. It’s aryan, it speaks of higher class and a more pure and genetically perfect human being. People with blonde hair are perceived as superior to others, they have a higher IQ and are physically better endowed. Blonde haired people are a pure race and are elevated above the “Gen Pop”. There fair skin, unblemished and pure, shows them to be pure of soul and unsullied by the macenations of the “Gen Pop”. All these things you believe you are. You are taking one step closer to world domination. If you ever find a mate that meets your amazingly high level of Genetic superiority and mate you will create a master race that will dominate the world.

    On another note. Are you going to go the full hog and get the carpet to match the curtains. There are professional pube hair colourists. This will give you an exceptional overall look as, playing a Gay Doctor, you may have to do a nude scene and it would just look silly having greyish brown pubes and a mop of curly blonde hair.

    “One step closer to Oscar, one giant step closer to world domination”

    “Total support, total commitment”

    ChrisDUDE out!

  13. Capt. Blondade bag of rags doesn’t have carpet (just mold) does he? After all, wouldn’t he be a hypocrite after what he said about girls…never mind. Want some theater of the mind? Picture blondade (after a weekend of party, same clothes, no shower, coke sweat) naked. Is that fucking scary or what? I’m gonna puke, sorry.

  14. This has possibly been the saddest part of "the journey". This guy is meant to be in his 30's, but he acts like an excitable teenager who just got his first camera. He bounces around in his movies and segues into random singing that makes no sense. He really is shit at life.

    Does anyone else think he's gotten slightly worse in the past few weeks? Seriously delusional and scary.

  15. What a fucking ball sack.

    He's acting like "day 2" of the process was planned. There was no day 2 planned, this is called.... "help, I look like Carrot Top, fix it mommy, fix it."

  16. Why is it that each vid is about his hair, but in each one, the top of his head is cut off from the camera, making it really hard to get a good look at it. Can someone answer that?

  17. So, it's too bad that Arthur's "Gay Doctor" role is only a little trailer that no one will ever see and not a full-blown half-hour TV show or play or something. Why? Because the "script" is probably full of small throwaway lines like "your body needs rest now" or "he's gone...I'm sorry" or "we've caught your cancer just in time".

    Can you imagine AK 4.7 lisping his way through complicated medical terminology like "yes, they found an infiltrating tubulo-lobular carcinoma, 1.5 centimeters, estrogen positive, all twenty-six lymph nodes negative" or "I first noticed anomalies in the karotyping on their chromosome smears" like they do on "ER" or "House"?

    Balls-ass hot-ass comedy ensues.

    (I got both of those sentences from the book "Auditioning" by Joanna Merlin. No copyright infringement intended.)

  18. Obviously, this trailer he's filming isn't quite balls ass professional or whatever. But, anyone else think they're going to be pissed when they see Kade's hair?

    Although, if they were stupid enough to suggest it to him, then who knows...

  19. I'm a celebrity, get me orange hair!

    (View my Twitter for new Kade pic)

  20. I haven't yet caught my breath from laughing at the blondifiKADEshun when another thought occurred to me: the cheapo fedora.

    The combination will be TOTAL Harpo Marx DOMINATION.

    Harpo Out!

  21. Dramatically changing your haircolor does not take several visits. They either used bad products or the colorist is as substandard as arthurs acting. Nice ad for the salon. I bet business is great after this.

  22. Douchebag Anthem:


  23. I notice this site is dying out and Kade is getting 2-3 times more comments on his site...and the douchbag anthem is funny..

  24. madness....this is madness.

  25. Doug, it's not the quantity, it's the quality.

  26. Yep, I seem to remember that this site was started in response to Artie's extreme moderation on his site. Thus, people are free to say whatever they wish here. It doesn't mean this site is trying to outdo him or anything. There are still nowhere near as many comments on his site as there used to be. People are mostly bored with him, I think. I know I am.

    Nevertheless, I am currently photoshopping an orange-haired troll doll. Looking at Kade's hideous face that closely though really makes me lose my lunch. But I really don't believe he will ever have children. I need to believe in something.

  27. Arthur: Glad to hear you got a facial (FINALLY), although getting it from your step-mom's half-assed salon was a mistake. I can't imagine they did a professional job. But, you're nothing if you aren't a total fuckwit, so I guess it was to be expected.

    Now, when are you going to take my additional advice and get serious about your facial and hair products? Not to mention the Restalyne I keep suggesting you get for the wrinkles on your face... also, your excessive partying and poor diet are making you look even more like shit.

    Arthur, you really need to step up your game, son.

  28. I will read this blog as long as it exists! This blog NEEDS to exist!