Pulling It Back

Another piss poor performance from the deluded Lego Wig wearing Arthur Kadyshes.

I was so amazingly happy to be back in Mike Lemon’s class last night, I could hardly keep from jumping out of my seat, and getting in front of the camera, and yelling “I Love Acting”, and knowing that I was going in with new ammunition to display for the most respected casting director in Philly an then getting his feedback was like an orgasm for me all day. I had been working on the Wedding Crashers monologue all week, practicing in front of the mirror, making all the adjustments Sharon and I had worked on, working out like crazy, tanning, and mentally and physically preparing for my first principal role next month, so I was ready to come in, and get the big thumbs up and responses from the class like, “Wow, he really has taken the next step as an actor, and he’s ready to be a star in a movie or TV show”. I was ready to debut all the hard work and craft study I had done all summer, and get my applause like playing a star role of Hamlet in a Shakespearean play, and so many fans around the world have stopped what they are doing to tell me how great I was doing.
Film acting is so different from acting on stage (I am an amazing theater talent because of how animated and alive I am at all times) because it’s all about being natural and relaxed, where people see a monologue and want it animated and excited, but Mike forces you to pull it back, and strip it down to where it’s purely conversational, and almost hidden. One of my favorite actors is Gary Oldman, and if you watch is performances (Like in The Dark Knight), he is so quiet and so reserved that there is no wasted effort, no extra energy and he disappears on camera to the point where you forget it’s him. I had gotten used to that feeling in Mike’s last class, and was getting good reviews from the progress I had been making for Sharon which is why I was so confident heading into this one. When I finally got in front of the camera, I said “Fuck it”, and “I don’t care”, and then let loose. The adrenaline was flowing, and it felt great to let it rip. But then Mike told me, “I need half of that”, and then again, and then again, and then he finally asked me to put the camera away from taping (He sensed that I was trying too hard to give a performance rather than just being Arthur Kade because I knew all my fans would be watching and I wanted to impress with my close to Oscar ready talent) and we finally got to the performance he was waiting for by the 5th or 6th take. Film acting is all about “Pulling It Back” because then it doesn’t look like you’re trying hard, and it’s natural and believable. He told me, “I like this monologue for you”, and on the last take he said, “That might have been your best work in class yet” (That was the coolest and most reassuring thing I have heard because to have a casting director who has cast movies like 12 Monkeys, Sixth Sense, In Her Shoes, and Unbreakable, and who has been watching my progress from the start of “The Journey” say that, was just so amazing because all the hard work is paying off). Sometimes it takes many takes for a director to get what they want (Mike used an example of how Mike Bay said that Ben Affleck always gave him what he wanted by the 5th take), and sometimes people don’t realize unless you are an actor like me, or on a set how many times they retake a scene to get what they want, and then edit it 600 ways from Sunday.
The only problem is that now I have to figure out if I deliver the quieter “Film acting” version of the monologue, or the animated, “Sharon version” when I get in front of the top casting people in “The Biz” in that star workshop in NYC in less than 2 weeks (I look at that as the opportunity of a lifetime because I will be in front of “A List” casters and need to kill it “Kade Style”). I am a bit confused, but will talk to Sharon during my coaching session today to see where I need to be, but this is why I have some great teachers to work with.
I have my Radio Interview with hit station Island 106 in Panama City, FL, in an hour (Helps keep my celeb profile high), and then Sharon (Both speech and acting today), will attempt to get my hair colored blond today if I have time, then modeling in the Rittenhouse Fall gathering (Expecting 500 people), and then either heading out in Philly or up to celeb parties in NYC. That’s an Arthur Kade day (Starring in 5 activities and doing the impossible) which is why I am Arthur Kade, and everyone else is “Gen Pop”.
“Admit when you’re not the best, and then figure out how to become the best, and if that doesn’t work, then sabotage the best, and replace the best”….Arthur Kade….09/10/09


  1. TattooedLunaChic/VegasGrrlSeptember 10, 2009 at 7:05 AM

    Someone please step on this fuck-monkey already!

  2. I hate this idiot, I mean it.

  3. I really don't understand how this Mike Lemon guy makes a living if thinks this crap is ANYONE'S best work. Mike Lemon is a fraud just like Arthur apparently.

  4. Aaahh...the acting class video I was hoping for. My morning is complete.

    Anyone get a sense of anything "conversational" and "natural" about that performance? Anyone? Don't all rush to speak up at once.

    I'm trying to imagine how many times a variant of the words, "slow down; you're rushing it". Came out of Mike Lemon's mouth last night. Ten? Fifteen? Did he just break down sobbing at one point at this affront to his craft?

    Question, again: who is paying for this class and for the Sharons?

  5. Mike must be the best actor…and such a whore.

  6. You know it. You love it. Perhaps you even read it. Yes, that's right; it's time for the return of:


    AK-4.7: "just rated 'he' female host on the show a 5.875 and broke her down...i think she loved it..."

    UTTT: "...that a greasy, ugly, 4.7-on-a-good-day troglodyte like myself, who, at best, she would tolerate long enough in a bar to get a free drink out of and then shove aside for a more attractive man, would be so completely un-self-aware as to rate HER on an 'attractiveness scale'. Oh, I'm a cheeky monkey, and no doubt gave her, and every other female working there, a great big laugh for this and many, many other days to come. I'm such a twat."

    This concludes this episode. Check your local listings for the next awesomely awesome episode of:


  7. I wish kego would tape his class mates faces while he’s giving his ‘ready to win an Oscar’ performance. I bet they would have the same expression you see when someone drags their fingernails across a chalkboard.

  8. Here's the "Arthur Kade Setup" audio for the radio show he's talking about:


    Hopefully they have the actual interview posted shortly.

  9. I see numerous comments, in this section and on the original, chastising the contributors for their mockery and purported hours wasted focused on another person’s life. I would like to address these accusations by highlighting exactly what is at stake here: the future of fucking civilization itself.
    In a polite, functioning society, there are certain unspoken standards that are maintained. Golden rule, don't chew with your mouth open, don't rate women on an arbitrary scale without prompting, etc. When these basic ideas of decency are violated, its is the right, nay, duty, of every human to do something to stem the spreading rot of societal decay, whether it be with polite, soft-spoken correction, or with accusations of homosexuality and wishes for a slow, painful, humiliating death at the hands of a feces covered hobo. Both techniques work, but the latter seems to be more popular in this venue. Either way, action is being taken to ballast the foundations of our western civilization, and, in turn, the future of a free America.
    When these responsibilities are shirked by those of us living in reality, the floodgates are opened and inmates are running the asylum. Without people willing to fight against "men" of Arthur’s stature, the casual observer may be prompted to follow in his footsteps, thinking, "hey, I can do this as well as this clown, if not better. I'll one-up this prick by being more over the top and more sexually ambiguous, with a bigger baseless ego and coke habit." The mockery and pursuit of the truth act like a thorn on the rose, a non-violent defense and warning to all those who wish to wave their proverbial peacock feathers that society will not sit idly by while scumbags lower us to their level, that of a mindless, club-going, coked-out, mouth-breathing troglodyte.
    With all this being said, we will continue to fight the good fight. We cannot let them gain any more ground.

    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." -Edmund Burke

  10. Mike saying, “That might have been your best work in class yet” is hardly a compliment. I can only imagine how bad ‘Mr. Actor’ smell’s, literally.

  11. @Hooligan- Well said, sir! Well said!

  12. This is the IMDB summary of the film, "Touched," that Mike Lemon directed. Note the name of the character:
    The story of what transpires one night when Mike, a middle-aged gay man who is desperate for companionship, makes the impulsive decision to give "the bars" one last try. "Touched" is a quiet, spiritual tale of loneliness, desperation and connection as two lives collide and are changed forever. Based on a true story.

  13. "forthed thituathun"


    "thripped down verthyin"

    I would love to have been there when Mike got home and his wife said, "Hi Honey, how did your class go?"

  14. Someone has a great post over on kade's site about the truth as to what Mike Lemon actually casts in. He's no big shot by any means. He casts extras.

    Anyone else find it absolutely hilarious that all of Arthur's constant work on that Wedding Crashers bit was all for nothing? All the bravado and constant practicing and yet when he finally gets to class to do it, he's told it's all too much, that he needs to pull it back, stop forcing it.

    All that practice for nothing. It's pretty representative of how he approaches just about everything.

  15. @ Hooligan…

    You are correct, and concise. It is everyone’s duty to stamp out this ignorance with lego wig hair.

    In addition, I would point out to all fans and supporters of the lego wigged one; your aligning yourself with this uncivilized monkeys ass reduces your social status to bottom feeder. How can anyone encourage or promote his vile and contemptuous behavior? Do you have any respect for yourself or others? Who amongst you blinded scavengers would want him in their home? Or dating their daughter? Or even riding next any family member or friend, on the bus, whilst he sprays them with lisping spittle? Do you not realize what a travesty this moron is to society? These are rhetorical questions, as any of you anti-haters don’t have the common sense that God gave lettuce. Be warned: your either with us or against all that is right and good. It matters not, as we are a force united, with a common goal…Kade out! (Literally)

  16. Does anyone else notice that this fucktard constantly shortens actors/direcctors first names like he's actually friends, or even knows these people?? Examples- Jen Aniston, Gerry Butler, Mike Bay. Jesus Christ its that kind of shit that pisses me off the most. YOU DONT KNOW THESE PEOPLE YOU UGLY GREASY HOOKNOSED LISPING COCK SUCKING COKE BLOWING RAPEY EYED BALDING SMELLING T SHIRT WEARING ASSHOLE

  17. I would like to point out something about Mike that is amazing…He must have a tolerance level beyond belief (or he gets drunk before class) to not have refunded any tuition paid and 86’ed lego wig from ‘class’ forever. That or he’s disparate for money. (I’m talking starving desperate.)

  18. Look at this speeding ticket artie got a few months ago...


    It lists his address as "Ephrata, PA"... That's pretty far from Rittenhouse Square.....

  19. “I am an amazing theater talent”

    WTF? I swear to God, I wish I could reach through this monitor and choke the insanity right out of him. What theater talent? What talent? This is getting so ugly. God help us all.
    INTERVENTION someone? Please.

  20. 'Starring in five activities', three of which are going to class, attempting to go to the hairdressers and going out for a drink. Arthur Kade, doing the impossible. I'd love to see what the possible looks like.

    Fucking shitbrained, arsehumping, rape-faced, son of a rapist fuckfaced wanker. Catch AIDS and die you repellent shitsucking bucket of roasted dog's minge.


  21. Arthur: a.) Sharon is stealing your money. Mike gave you better advice. b.) Regardless, you still are talking WAY TOO FAST. And, worse, you're still ultimately reading or reciting, not embracing the character and really becoming someone else. You need to BE the character, and you're not even close yet. You are parroting back words you have memorized without truly getting into the character, understanding the mindset, processing it and delivering it like you are NOT Arthur Kade saying lines but rather the character. You need to remove yourself from the situation. But of course, that will never happen because your ego is too large to put your personality anywhere other than on display.

  22. All hail @Hooligan! Well said, sir. Well said.

  23. And Arthur -- if you repost what I wrote here, it only shows what a loser you truly are.

  24. "Hamlet in a Thakethperean play"

    Jesus Christ, Hamlet IS the Shakespearean play.
    He's not an actor. Fuck! I'm choking on my own rage here!

  25. Classmate in Mike Lemon's ClassSeptember 10, 2009 at 9:16 AM

    Well, I see from the link on Arthur's site that he's got a whole crew against him now with this lego wig blog. Interesting...

    You may remember me from Arthur's previous "Intro to Acting" class. I figured we would all see him again, so imagine my displeasure to see that he would be polluting our class. What you don't see on the video above - many eyes rolling, people snickering under their breath, just generally awestruck at his stupidity. I know from talking to some other classmates after class that a few people have kept up with his blog, and his "accomplishments" since the previous class. He is nothing but an arrogant child to think that any of us are going to be impressed by his non-achievements.

    You'd think for someone talking so highly of themselves, he'd have had a 100% guaranteed screen time part by now, but no.

    Arthur sucks up class time and sits and admires himself like a peacock spreading it's wings. It is really quite embarrassing.

    If you're reading this Arthur: We are all laughing at you. I was polite before, but you need to give up. How can you even concentrate in this class when you know there are a dozen eyes disecting you and silently laughing at you as you smugly stand there thinking you are going to win an Oscar?

  26. the Island 106 (www.island106.com) radio website is a piece of crap... lol must be a crappy station too..

  27. WTF - hey island106.com - Remember "The Max" restaurant from Saved by the Bell? I just got a call from them - they want their identity back!

  28. Here's the audio of the interview on Island 106:


  29. Thank you Classmate. Thank you. I come back, hoping against hope that someone who deals with this asshat directly will give us the insight about the truth versus asshat's "truth". Does he act like he acts on his blog in your classes too?

  30. Worst. Performace. Ever. By the way, I used to live in the Philadelphia area, and I know of Mike Lemon and Artie's agent. Hell, she used to be mine. She's about as worthless as they come.


  31. I was waiting on some students from Artie's acting class to post and tell us what he's really like and how he's actually thought of in there! PLEASE post after every class! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!

  32. I second that anon. We all see through his lies but we're never really sure whats going on behind the mockery. Dont mean to put the spotlight on you but a lot of people would be very grateful and entertained if you would give us the lowdown.

  33. Ugh! That monologue sucked! No timing, flat delivery and get that stupid smirk off of your face!

  34. Thank God that I can come here and laugh at Kade and not drive his site numbers up. Bless you, Mad Blogger!!