Arthur Kade Dumbinates Yet Another Radio Interview

Click here to listen to Arthur clumsily lie his way through another radio interview with a station (ultra exclusive Panama City, Florida's island106.com) who's web site looks like it borrowed all the typography from Saved By The Bell's "The Max" restaurant.

Among some of the highlights:

Arthur claims that he is "close to top-tier" as a celebrity simply because of going to the Cartoon Network, and because he can say that Rebecca Romijn, and Adam Scott from Wedding Crashers are "fans," or becuase Jeremy Piven "knows who he is."

Arthur again claims the following: "I've dated models, I've dated supermodels, I've dated the most gorgeous sumermodels in the world internationally, nationally, so I have the experience to talk, from experience..."
A challenge to you Arthur: Give us the name of ONE, just ONE supermodel you have dated. We all know you cannot do to this, but we are very interested in watching you try. Prove it with a picture. We all know this is one of your biggest lies!

He was asked to rate one of the radio show hosts, named Holly. he gave her a 5.875, broke her down, and tried to explain a "gunt" as 'the upper region that connects the privates region to the stomach." Yeah, really, he did. At least the station asked him what makes him so much better than everyone else, and he again tried to justify his Kade Scale with the claim of having dated the most beautiful women in the world. The woman that he rated at the station at least reminded everyone that Arthur has no credibility to judge anyone.

They had some call-in comments from listeners at the end, including one woman who said "I think you are giving someone who is a nobody a lot of publicity for no reason. I'm a huge movie fan and I've never heard of the guy!"

Miguel at the station went off on Arthur at the end - and rightly so - by saying "Who do you think you are? You think you're an actor, but nobody knows who you are! And the Kween? That was a piece of crap! You aint nobody! Go back to Philadelphia and sit down and do some financials!"

Migeul, we couldn't agree more.

Here's what Arthur Kade had to say about the interview:

I’m running off to do the fashion show right now, but I wanted to post the amazing interview I did for my Florida fans this morning as I continue to build my Southern Domination stronghold of Popularity. I am sure I gave them a show that they will never forget (I call it “The Kade Experience), and listen as I rate and break down their co-host Holly (As only someone with my experience can), and how I rate her on the Kade Scale (I think she appreciated my sincerity and I may have affected her deeply knowing that I would not want her, and I hope she takes some of my recs and runs with them to improve her life, and rank higher next time I’m on the show when I am promoting a movie or TV show I’m in). We talked about my life, “The Journey”, how I am read and followed by stars in Hollywood, and how I plan to redefine “The Biz”. Their ratings probably went through the roof having someone of my caliber on because I can’t imagine that there is much going on with “The Biz” in the panhandle, but I am about spreading The Brand to everyone.
More and more people think I should turn my rating system into a model and charge people to self help them look better, or have husbands and boyfriends hire me to do make-overs on their spouses and girlfriends, but that may be down the line once I achieve Media Mogul status, and decide to expand the Kade Brand empire.  I also think it would help me continue to change people’s lives, because men will want their girls more, and girls will feel better about themselves and their bodies once I have Kadeified them.  I guess it’s food for thought.
“I’m not trying to be the next MJ, Ali, Gretsky, or Montana. I’m trying to be the first Arthur Kade”…Arthur Kade…09/10/09
Also, I received fanmail from one of the show’s fans (And now one of mine) who I think had good intentions, but she should realize that I am always honest, and that’s what makes me Arthur Kade:

Wow you really are not the nicest person. You rated Holly O’Conner as a 5.whatever and look at you Mr. You are no where near a 5 dear. You really do not have to be so harsh. Put yourself in others shoes hun ok. I am a fun outgoing high spirited 24 year old and work at 9-5 job that I may not “love” but I would not go so far as to reach to stardom by being a “DB”. Hope you have a good day, try not to hurt too many peoples feelings today. I think you really may have put a crutch in Holly’s day and broke her spirit a bit but you don’t care. You will go through day to day hurting people just to make yourself feel better. I have great looks and don’t someone to rate me, you need to get to know someone then rate them. Someone can become much more attractive by personality.


  1. Wow Arthur, it sounds like the General Population loves you! Ass.

  2. That was painful. By the way, that "Wedding Crashers" monologue of his? Seriously, I could do better after rehearsing it for two minutes. He's been at it, what, a month?

    Read my blog:


    At least I'm honest about how crappy things are going in my life (which they are for Arthur, he just won't admit it) instead of describing my minor successes as if I just scaled Mount Everest. If I get enough requests, I'll start making poorly-filmed videos where I use lame catchphrases I ripped off Ryan Seacrest.

  3. he's so dumb he forgot to do his 'Kade Out' thing

  4. TattooedLunaChic/VegasGrrlSeptember 10, 2009 at 11:49 AM

    It's gonna be great when next year at this time, no one will even remember ArtFukStik and his silly shennanigans. Go....go boldly into the darkness of the night boy! And take Speidi with you too....KThanx!

  5. I tried put up the link to the trailer for this interview on his blog but he moderated it.

    Possibly because I also called him the usual son-of-a-rapist, giant-nosed, fuckburger delusional wankrag of a dying AIDS hobo.


  6. Given how obsessed Arthur is with documenting his every day, there is no way he ever went out on a date with a supermodel without getting pictures and probably also video. Because he will not produce any pictures, therefore he never went out with a supermodel.

    His ex-girlfriend is cute, in that perky club skank way you'd expect for someone who'd actually do Arthur Kade (although, in her defense, she did him BEFORE the blog). She's not an international supermodel by any means, though.

  7. You guys are great, you have this up before he does. Awesome.

    It is beyond comprehension how someone can go on a radio show and act like this, and speak so highly of themselves when there is not an ounce of talent to back it up. I think he seriously has some kind of brain imbalance.

  8. I'll tell you, after reading Struggling Actor in LA's blog, it really puts LegoWig Arthur in perspective. SAiLA really makes you want to root for him; Arthur only makes you want to drag him behind your car.

  9. his ex gf is ok.. again it's one of those "i'm wasted.. she looks easy.. I happen to be in bed with her.. " situations..

    would I want to be out in public with her on a date? during the DAY?


  10. That radio show chick has some balls to let him tear her apart like that. The bitch (kade) needs a slap down for that though.

  11. Arthur! I just got my invite to the "balls ass hot ass" ultra-exclusive, VIP, A-lisper re-opening to Strongbox this Friday... with DJ Jazzy Jeff... have you gotten yours? No? Huh. Amazing. I would have thought you would have been comped, since you are a super-duper crazy international superstar. I'm just a regular old nobody... oh, right. SO ARE YOU, ASS. But see, no one likes you, moron. So no invites for you!

  12. What do you bet that not a single person in the miserable world of Panama Florida and it's surrounding hellholes had ever even heard of Arthur?

  13. id give that interview an 8.575 on the trainwreck scale.

  14. hahah check out the "Fanmail" he poudly posts on AKs latest blog entry.. unbelievable moron this guy is if he truly believes that's a fan and a complimentary message...

  15. She just doesn't appreciate honesty. What a fucking douche.

  16. Thanks Anonymous! We added his post above. It's always amazing how he still considers people who hate him to be "fans."

  17. Frank "Gimme a couple corn dogs and we'll get going, in the car" TiasroSeptember 10, 2009 at 2:10 PM

    You know who else was "honest?"


    He was straight up honest about what he wanted to accomplish. Did this make anyone respect him? Did this make anyone go, "gee, I really hate this guy, but at least he tells you exactly what he thinks?"

    Of course Kade is not as bad a person as Hitler, but the comparison works. Just because you are honest doesn't make you respectable, admired, loved, appreciated, or interesting.

  18. Never realized until listening to the radio show How Totally Gay he sounds. If I close my eyes, it's like being at a tea dance on Fire Island eavesdropping.

    "comparithin thythtem"

    "thooper thexy freckelth"

    "thee lookth older in perthon!"

    "thweaty palmth, nervouth"

    "Thcarlet Johanthen"

    "on the thophithticated thide"

    And where do I sign up with the Holly O'Connor Liberation Front Militia?

  19. I am 100% with the radio station. Arthur Kadyshes is a nobody pretending to be somebody. He is a pathological liar. He has never been with models, or supermodels. He would have shared names, photos, something. He has ZERO credibility to allow him to "rate" people on a ridiculous scale that only serves to tear women down and suggest that they do all the can to make themselves more visually attractive to him. What a bunch of filth and garbage.

  20. I usually pity him, but after listening to this vomit, I hate him so much...

    Why did that radio show interview him?

  21. "I've dated thupermodelth internationally". No, asshole, you haven't.

    $1,000 says the fucking Russian peasant doesn't own a passport.

  22. Kade do you ever fuck your nostril with your tongue for fun?

  23. Girls! Girls! No need to get all riled up! Thats MY job. What we do in bed is our business. But what ill share with you is this: arts never been with any supermodel material let alone a decent girl. Thats our inside joke/ codeword for GRILLCHEESE SANDWICH. Got that? WE FUCK GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES.

  24. And then we use our cheese covered dicks to fuck each other in the ass. And call it a cheese stick.

  25. The interview was great. Especially at the end. I only wish the DJ's would have given it to Arthur when he was on the phone. And THE QWEEN is beyond bad. Saying, "Hello bitches! Can I have some extasy? Would You like some cheese?" over and over is not a character. Its an annoying 'thing' that you want to punch in the face repeatedly. Expect a thorough roasting of THE QWEEN in the next episode of "Arthur Kade: The Journey".

    @ActorinLA Your blog is pretty good. Hit me up with your email if you want to be in a future episode of "Arthur Kade: The Journey".

  26. Yay we want to see ActorinLA on an episode!

  27. I absolutely do. I can be reached at strugglingactorinla@gmail.com (so creative, right?)


  28. It's things like his reaction to that "fan" mail that make me doubt his earnestness.

    Every day, when reading his tweets or especially his genius quotes in which he quotes... himself... I just go back and forth thinking "he's a super giant retarded douche" and "he's a brilliant performance artist"

    Some of the stuff he says is just TOO ironically funny to be real.