Whatever It Takes - To Be An Even Bigger Joke Than Arthur Kadyshes Already Is

So the already ugly, already vile Arthur Kade went through with the promise to dye his hair blond. We weren't sure if it were possible for him to become uglier, but folks, it happened. We'll have some more thoughts on this after we continue to digest this latest round of insanity...

Being a world class actor is about so much sacrifice, and doing things that you don’t necessarily want to do, and most people don’t understand the amazing things that need to be done to transform your body, your mind, and your appearance to win Little Oscar or an Emmy. Because I know that I will be an Oscar winning actor in the future, I want “The Biz” to see the amazing hardships and sacrifices that I am willing to make for a starring role, and I look at my peers Like George Clooney (Who Gained Weight for Syriana), Jared Leto (Who gained 30Lbs. for a movie), Charlize Theron (Who uglified herself for Monster), Heath Ledger (Make Up and Hair for The Joker in Batman) and others, and I know that “The Biz” wants to see that I can back up my talk of doing Whatever It Takes. “The Journey” is about letting go of what is accepted, and embracing what makes me happy, and I LOVE my Italian/Greek looking face and body, so to have to create a more “Australian Surfer” look was such a gut wrenching, “Keep me up at night” choice. I was joking with a friend today on the way home from the salon, “I wonder if CNN will have my hair change as a top story”, and we both laughed because I am the center of such a tremendous International media storm so it wouldn’t surprise either of us.

I have gorgeous hair, and I love how thick it is, and how curly it is, and especially the color, so to have to experiment with “Blondeness” for a role was a very difficult decision to make for me. I wasn’t entirely sure that I was comfortable with it, and even as I am writing this blog, it’s still tough to put my arms around how I look (It looks a bit red still because it was a total overhaul, but I will highlight more in a week to “Blonde” it up, because it is impossible to over process it too much in one day without destroying your hair), but I feel that the “gay Doctor role I am playing needs me to make this change, and my love for The Craft and The Brand, comes ahead of my love for The Hair and my Model Look. A great actor like me can’t always look the same, because you have to live the role, and as much as it pained me to see my beautiful dark lochs turn into blonde lochs, I know that this is what is demanded of a rising media superstar because in “The Biz” you have to do “Whatever It Takes”/
Here’s My Celeb-Like day at The Salon. I’m still so shocked, and it will be adjusted in a week, so tell me what you think:


  1. Oh wow. It looks CHEAP. Like the sun in - I used to use. The color looks cheap because it doesn't go with his coloring in his face. And the hair is just...orange/red. His step mom should be ashamed. She did an ass job on him.

  2. Kade-oompa doompa ka-doop a di doo. One orange jew-fro just for you.

  3. Fuck me, "Australian surfer" look, I am awesomely insulted, and I don't even suft my lovely Aussie beaches. This fuck down in Maroubra wouldn't last five minutes. He'd have his 'lochs' cut off and shoved into those massive wave destroying nostrils of his.

    I assume he calls his hair his 'lochs' because they are so greasy they could be a body of water.

    Love his Twitter too, I wonder if Clooney and Damon will follow his lead. I don't really see either of those superstars, and Oscar winners, making the rape eyes at girls and getting their massive DB on at every opportunity.

    I hate this prick so much, but I want to be there years after Arthur is shit out the bottom of the gay-porn industry to say that I was there when. I saw his blog and I watched him fail. I'm not giving up, I want to see the train wreck. I also don't give his site any hits, thanks LegoWig'ers.

  4. I can't read his writing anymore. It's making my brain hurt and my eyes cross.

    And that hair. Oh. My. God.......EWW.

    Who the fuck tells him he looks good???!!!!


    He looks like one of those little troll dolls from the 90's (see link)

  6. shit she disappearedSeptember 11, 2009 at 8:08 PM

    Can someone with photoshop skills please do a Kade Troll doll? It would be epic.

  7. "...so to have to create a more “Australian Surfer” look was such a gut wrenching, “Keep me up at night” choice..."

    Oh, I've so many questions!
    Why did he "have to" do this?
    Did someone really hire him to act in something? (What's the gay doctor?)
    Did it REALLY keep him up at night?
    Does he really not know that lochs are lakes in Scotland?
    (And does his new hairdo make him the Loch Mess Monster?)

  8. The rare Orangukade being observed in his natural habitat.......

  9. The ghost of Cindy Brady loves the Moisture of Mr. Belvedere's HairSeptember 11, 2009 at 8:36 PM

    HA! Oh, My Goodness! HA!

    What a stupid fucking tool!

    This is better than I imagined it would be. He looks completely fucking ridiculous. He's doing it to balls-ass dominate a STUDENT FILM! woah!

    Any of you want to bet he'll shave his head within a week? Remember how long the friggin lego wig his surrogate step mother gave him last time lasted? two days, right?

    Now that orange shit is not coming out for a while (I hope). I also hope it won't come out at all without being SHAVED OFF. That's right, Artard- here's your chance to show us what a fucking ugly marine you could be - because you said you would totally dominate the Corps, didn't you?

    Can't wait to see that fuckin misshaped head scalped for all to see.

    Christ, I felt pretty good about staying away from this asstard this week - too busy with my own life - but, boy, this was a fucking payoff.

    I'm gonna go laugh at those pictures again.


  10. I hope that, when Arthur posts a picture of his new hair colour, HotchickswithDouchebags.com reinstates the discussion of Kade on that site, along with making him the #1 DB of the month...AUTOMATICALLY.

  11. The ghost of Cindy Brady loves the Moisture of Mr. Belvedere's HairSeptember 11, 2009 at 8:50 PM

    Oh, man, I have to comment again after watching the video. He just said "I have gorgeous eyebrows". Seriously, I've been watching this trainwreck for months, and I'm still amazed at what a complete idiot this guy is. Who says something like that? "I have gorgeous eyebrows."

    Video 3, about 0:15, he does a little fairy dance and goes "Wooo". WTF? Subnormal.

    How funny is that in vid 4: "I just sat on the hang-ger". Funny in so many ways. I wonder if Papa left the hang-ger at the salon after attempting a couple more back-alley abortions behind the salon? How the fuck did that "hang-ger" end up on your seat?

    You talentless idiot. Thank you so much for the laughs. Best post in a long time.

    PLEASE, someone from the production crew of the student film in which Arthur's gonna play a gay doctor: PLEASE catch some video of people's reactions to this guy strolling up on set with his brand new orange starfish wig. Something tells me this will be priceless.

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  13. What's this about his dad and abortions? Someone catch me up. We need a wiki to keep this straight.

  14. Uhh... so on his twitter, he just asked if he should send some girl a naked pic of his wang. Was he hacked? Or is he really asking that?

  15. @ Anon 9:25...

    Blondade’s father had/has a sexual harassment lawsuit by a (ex)employee that alleged among other things; He offered to give her an abortion with his hands if he got her pregnant (paraphrased and summarized). I don’t have the link to the court papers, but I’m sure it’s in the archives about 4 or so months ago.

  16. Looks like a dirty cocker spaniel’s ass, he does. He should tell everyone that he’s been smoking crack. That would at least be a plausible explanation for disfiguring himself more than nature already had. Make’s you wonder just how far he’ll go for this gay Dr. part? In a ‘to be pitched’, possibly a pilot, might be seen by someone, most likely never go anywhere…ummm…. production? Good job, Doucheblonde.

  17. Hey, now he’s got raped eyes. I wonder how much quicker his hair is going to recede because of this debacle?

  18. Someone above asked for a artist's rendition of Dickweed as a troll doll. Here's my lame attempt! Just click the link in my name....

    I hope this works.

    It should also be noted that my photoshop skills suck.

  19. Arthur,

    Bleaching can cause hair loss and balding, as can dying, coloring, tinting. Hair follicles are damaged by the bleaching process, and consequentially complete hair regrowth may not be possible.

    The stress of having your hair damaged by bleach and dyes, can cause a hair loss condition called areata alopecia.

    Well, hopefully baldness does not run in your family?

  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2PiBDfMF1w

  21. Interesting that Arthur, having yesterday debased the memory of the poor fuckers who died in the Twin Towers, today counts having a botched dye job as a "sacrifice"! What kind of moral sewer does this cunt live in? My guess is that in due course he'll learn what "sacrifice" - perhaps in terms of the use of his legs - actually means. Fucking pond life.

  22. If he's Russian why does he keep comparing himself to Italians/Greeks? I used to live in Italy and NO WAY he even compares! Is he ashamed of being Russian or is he totally delusional?

  23. I think they had in mind a troll doll with orange hair, but not a bad job at all. Never fear, Alice puts us all to shame with her photo-chop skills. She makes mine look like finger paintings.

  24. Apparently his step-mom doesn't know about toner, which will cut the brassy orange color of Dipshit's hair. Or maybe she left that out on purpose?

  25. Yeah, I don't understand why he goes on and on about the Greek thing. He is not, in any way, Greek or Italian. I have been to Greece and men there are CHARMING and SUAVE, meaning they are nothing like Arturd.

    You can tell the step-mom makes a living giving fat old Jewish ladies bad dye jobs. Going blonde shouldn't take a week and involve going orphan annie orange first. I wondered when we saw her wearing the $.88 plastic walmart headband and a ponytail a while back.

    This was an amusing twist though, Artkade is having to try harder and harder to get attention these days. That's fun.


    And that is why Italian/Greek looking Russian Jews shouldn't dye their hair blonde. Poor Arthur, that woman should have known it would turn out that horrible brassy orange colour and advised you against it... What a fucking mess - I give it 48 hours before you shave that ridiculous Golden Rumplestiltswig off.

  27. Assh*le - your eyebrows are still dark, ass. Lord you are stupid.

  28. Medium African ChildSeptember 12, 2009 at 7:51 AM

    Dear Father Arthur,

    Do not listen to the horrible peoples who am making fun of your hair. We here in Medium African Child village are impressed by your lion mane and think it make you look manly and virile, like orangutang monkey person with dyed hairs.

    All, except for Medium African Child Village Witch Doctor - he say people with orange hair is devils with claws like vulture and heart of evil peoples and should be killed by roasting on fire of Wildebeast poops, so maybe it is good idea for you not to come to Africa. You stay in USA, with your friend Emmy and Little Oscar.

    I am sending you much loves and affections,

    Medium African Child

    PS Please send more case hot pocket

  29. What's with this new twitter - "time to get hair adjusted"

    He and that ugly stepmom are probably both too stupid to realize that you don't recolor hair the day after it was colored. It breaks the hair down and damages it.

    We can only wonder if he'll go back to his normal color, or if he will go more blond. I wouldn't be surprised if they used some kind of temporary color just to test it out, and he was made fun of last night, so he's going back.

  30. There are tears of gratitude rolling down my face. It's an answer to prayer.

    TOTAL Harpo Marx Domination.

    Better than I hoped for.

    And the Kade Troll is superb.

  31. Just posted a Harpo picture. I guess there is one celebrity in the world the he might be mistaken for.

  32. OMG... LMFAO
    Video 1 - was laughing.
    Video 2 - smile was gone. Wanted to punch him when he started dancin n singing
    Video 3 - Thought I was gonna fall off my chair. Was LOLing soooooooo hard

    well, at least i wasnt bored this time

  33. The hair. There is more hair. I am so horrified...

  34. shit she disappearedSeptember 12, 2009 at 1:09 PM

    That troll picture is perfect. All it's missing is the orange hair and it will be like a mirror image of Kadipshits.

    I can't believe all that was needed even uglier was a bottle of Chernobyl anal bleach. Kade not only looks like a troll now, he sports the sort of taint hair he despises. Talk about poetic justice.

  35. shit she disappearedSeptember 12, 2009 at 1:10 PM

    sorry, I meant to write that all that was needed to make Artzits even uglier was a bottle of Stepmoma's good old fasioned chernobyl anal bleach, great for Kaids pubic hair fro.

  36. Hey everyone, it's me Artie Radishes, omnifailure at large. What an amazing site you have here, thanks a thousand times for putting it up. Thanks to you, I won't have to post on that dickmitten's site again.

    Funny how he appears to be working through the Marx brothers- for the longest time, his dipshit old navy hats made him look like Chico, now this dye job has him veering off to Harpo town. Suppose after his greasy hair falls out from all the chemicals, he can paint a big moustache on and do a Groucho thing.

    What a bonesmoking douchetool.

  37. What do you want to bet that EVERYONE who knows him in Philly and saw him out out at night was just like "Holy Christ he looks dumb!"

  38. @Hangin.. aw thanks *shucks* You'll be happy to know that I'm trying to come up with a Kade troll doll at the moment. Looking at his disgusting face that close up makes me retch though. I hope it'll be worth it...

    And yeah, Art, as a girl who has gone from dark hair to very blonde before, rest assured it only takes one visit. Your stepmum is clearly the lamest hairdresser ever.