New Fan Video!!!!!!!! *snicker* Satire: totally lost on Arthur Kade

Someone compares him to Charles Manson and then this parody video appears, yet he still considers these folks "Fans"......if only he had a clue.  Maybe when he gets his Amex Black card he'll be able to purchase one.  But huge props to Kent Osborne for providing us with the laugh of the day.

Sep 08 2009

New Fan Video From CN Network BFF, Kent Osborne and The New KadeCam

Here is a new fan video created by one of my top fans, Cartoon Network Legend, and Cali BFF, Kent Osborne. My fans around the world will remember that Kent just turned 40, and as I am tying up some HUGE loose ends here in the 215, and dominating NYC and “The East Coast Biz”, I have also still been looking for a shared place in KA to begin traveling once a month there beginning in early 2010. This video is a tremendous and monumental compilation of a term that has become one with “The Journey”, and I have been told by friends that “Kade Out” is probably one of the most popular terms appearing on Facebook status updates in the world, and it further shows that Arthur Kade has become a global name and brand not just through brilliance of his craft and marketing, but also social networking (I will be featured as a panel speaker in October to talk about the importance of social networking, and how “The Journey” spread all over the world overnight without me doing anything besides Facebook and Twitter updates). One of the girls who organized the panel said, “I am so excited to see what you have to say more than anyone else”, when she saw me out recently , and she was glowing just being in the presence of The Brand (I had a respected businessman tell me at Rouge last week, “I could never do what you are doing, but you may be a genius”, and I just smiled knowing that I have created something that books will be written me about one day, and a new dawn is being brought in for “The Biz”). It was also great to see the video I did the night that I made a celebrity drive by for 2 huge celebrity fans, James Frey and Anna David who cameo in this video. I haven’t thought about our night together in a long time but we should have dinner soon.


  1. Ewww..the new Kade cam is higher definition more of his disgusting face.

  2. AAAAAHH GROSS! NASTY NASTY NASTY NASTY! Nasty ass spit coming out of his mouth. Who the fuck would wanna hire him? Not even Burger King

  3. the...slobber...trying not to....vomit

  4. "and break my camera"

    man he is one of the saddest people ever

    just a sad sad man child

  5. shit she disappearedSeptember 8, 2009 at 7:34 PM

    I'm not sure I can take this much longer. At first I thought that Kade's blog exposed the rotten fish nastiness of Artzit's soul. Just recently I've discovered that it is but a faint waft compared to his insufferable twitter account, the equivalent of being locked up in a room smelling of shit and amonia.

    Now we have high res imagery of Kade's nostrils, big enough to house the sand creature from Return of the Jedi. Any minute now, I expect some awful parasite to pop out from there and take a bite from an unsuspecting victim. And let's not even talk about the HD zits and the manchild slobber. This is too much, just too much Kadypshits for me to bear.

  6. everybody make sure you go to the 2nd video and thumb down SSSTeveTV he's a homo who wants Arthur's tiny cock

  7. Extreme close up of kades face. Just what I needed before I crash.

    Make it go away.

  8. In the first video, at 2:05, we see the origins of the Lego Wig moniker being born. For all you newbies.

    Lego Out!

  9. I highly doubt Ken Osborne made that video. That would require so many clips to be downloaded from Youtube! Who better to create it than Arthur himself, when all the videos are right there on his computer? Although, this would prove that Arthur knew how to edit video - a skill he obviously does not have. Also, that easily took a days worth of work to create, and we all know Arthur doesn't have it in him to stick with any one thing for more than an hour or two!

    So maybe Ken did make it? If so, then I have a message for Ken: suck Arthur's dick already you fucking fag! Only an insane fag would go to those lengths to make a love homage to a fucking idiot like Kade. Fly him out there Ken! Fill your mouth with his tiny cock!

  10. i recognized a picture of a kid i knew from growing up as part of this lunatic's "entourage" with the following comment:

    # Daniel McDadeon 08 Sep 2009 at 4:04 pm edit this
    Gets it in? Daniel, you obviously wrote that yourself. While I believe you may have bought abortions, we all know the truth about you.
    The girl you beat up.
    The girl you raped.
    I would name names but they are nice girls and have nothing to do with this. Now that your boys are growing up, you have no one to “get it in” with. So you are using Arthur because you are such a wannabe.
    You two probably go together nicely: two laid off insurance salesmen with major coke problems.
    This Arthur Kade game is old and the only Northeast trash left that will hang out with you is Danny McDade.
    That speaks volumes.

    Now all pictures of DAnny McDade have been taken down and that comment has been deleted.....


  11. Since Arthur is being shameless in his self-promotion, I will too.


    My blog is equally as mind-numbing as douchebag's, but at least I'm not posting horrible videos of myself and stroking my own cock through my "writing".

  12. Did I see that balls ass window view correctly? I this douche living in Camden?

  13. 21 seconds on video 2 is the most horrible thing I have ever seen. A-Lisp material right there.

    @ Struggling Actor
    I just read some post on your blog and I think that that was what I expected Arthur's to be like in the begining. Honesty(real honesty), adversity, hard work; all the things that Arthur just does not display. I am pulling for you, but just a bit of advice, apparently if you go out and get bottle service at a club you're career will move forward at an "amazing" rate. So lay off the PBR's and get some $500 watered down Grey Goose. Just some food for thought.

  14. LMAO - Arthur's "balls ass" camera is the Canon Powershot SD780. A $225-$250 camera available at Staples and countless other retailers.

    It's review:

    The slimmest Digital Ixus (Elph) yet is certainly very pocket friendly (18.4mm thick) and has heaps of style, but as a camera it's fairly run of the mill; 3x optical zoom (33-100mm equiv.), point and shoot ease of use and a 2.5" screen are joined by HD (720p) movie capture and Canon's latest DIGIC 4-powered gadgets, but essentially this is a frill-free 12 megapixel camera wrapped in a luxurious, ultra compact steel body.

    "Fairly run of the mill" - Just like Arthur!
    "Frill Free" - Also just like Arthur unless you call mouth spittle, acne, bad skin, a speech impediment, and rapey eyes a "frill!"
    "Ultra Compact Steel Body" - I bet he bought it because of those words alone.

    Fact is Arthur, anyone could have purchased this camera. It's not special, you are not special. Fuck off.

  15. Arthur doesn't live in Camden he lives at 444 N. 4th Street Lofts.

  16. My two cents: Last month I vacationed at a friend's house, where another guest turned out to be an actual professional actor. Not an A-lister but he makes a living on the stage and TV and some movies. I will not mention his name, as I doubt he'd appreciate seeing it associated in any way with Kade, but he's been on Law & Order, has actual IMdB credits, and so on. He was quite down to earth and friendly, and the contrast between this guy's personality (not to mention the amount of work I saw him do -- even on vacation, he was busting his hump to prepare for a small role in a small film he was about appear in), and the toxic spectacle that is Wannabe Kade...well, it spoke volumes. True story.

  17. KAIDS havin' a wicked coke sniff goin' on thereSeptember 9, 2009 at 7:23 AM

    Did anyone else catch the telltale coke sniff in the second video. I don't remember the time marker, and there's no way I'm suffering the skin again.

    Unless he peels it off. PEEL OFF YOUR SKIN ARTIE.

  18. Oh gross gross gross gross gross!!!!!! The spit! Ew. I just threw up in my mouth.

  19. You should really throw that camera out and try to find a used one with less then 2 megapixels. You will never be in an HD movie unless the green screen your face.

  20. Oh my goodness gracious - the Kent Osbourne video is hysterical.

  21. And Arthur - your new camera only reinforces what I have been telling you: YOUR SKIN IS APPALLING. Really. Please get to work on that - facial, exfoliation, heavy duty spa treatments.

  22. hey legowig, glad it made you laugh!

    @ Amused

    @ Dr Engine
    glad you appreciate the origin shout out. i tried to highlight special milestones. (chrisDUDE, chateau kade, etc)

  23. The best part is at :20 in the second video, when his cavernous left nostril funnels adequate sunlight to illuminate the veins in his septum, creating a beautiful translucent spectacle the likes of which humanity has not beheld outside the granduer of the Aurora Borealis. Christ almighty man! HD is not your fucking friend! Nor ours. What kind of coke budget does it take to fill those things? And why does your facial landscape look like my ass after a week of hiking in the Arizona heat?

  24. LOL - so great to see that Arthur is STILL copying comments from this blog and posting them on his, specifically my post above about the new Canon camera.

  25. "Geniuth ith tho much cooler than brillianth."

    Who the fuck tweets shit like this? Oh, yeah...

    Does he find it ironic that genius or brilliance are two things he'll never possess?

  26. @ Hooligan

    Holy fucking shit you should get paid for writing shit like that. Epic.

  27. @Hangin

    Thanks! At work and got nothin but time. Somethin tells me he won't cut-and-paste that one!

  28. It just gets crazier and crazier.

    Almost got runover by car. Driver wouldve killed himself 4 hurting me http://myloc.me/A9XE41 minutes ago from UberTwitter

  29. looks like arthur is having lunch at the marathon grill on the square. going to see if i can get a glimpse of this mess.

  30. KAIDS wonderin' if his pic didn't cut the mustardSeptember 9, 2009 at 10:38 AM

    BTW Legowigkade.blg.com, did you get the pic I sent? Was it not good enough?

    -KAIDS crying into his cheerios.

  31. @ J Bone

    I guess Matt is in the Phili area today Haha.

  32. @ Hangin'

    Nice, although I think Matt has the constitution not to give up and miss.

  33. Kade had a video up that he took down with this couple. He walks over to them and tries to embarass the guy and say he has to show him how to pick up chicks and the guy makes fun of kade sooo bad. FUCK! Did anyone get that video before he took it down?