I can't figure out whether the actress in the scene with Cock Gobbler is a good actress or it's just so easy to be in a scene with Arturd where you dislike him. At least he admits she's better than him in the scene, which is CLEAR to anyone who watches this video. It really is becoming quite sad that Arturd doesn't have a clue how bad an actor he is. Though, I still hate the prick. Then we have more video of him having his hair cut by that Natasha Fatale step-mom of his. Does he not understand that when you have a role in a potential pilot (so he claims) and they've shot ANYTHING you can't go changing your hair? This makes one of two things clear to me 1) he doesn't get ANYTHING about the film business (though I think we know that without this bit of info) or 2) he's no longer involved with the potential pilot. Please, please, PLEASE be option #2 so we can goof on that some more. OK, have at mocking the deluded ramblings of Philly's most hated delusional douchebag, Arthur Kadyshes...

To be a a successful actor like Arthur Kade, you need to be able to go from just acting an amazingly ferocious scene out as it’s written on paper in a controlled way, and be able to make it messy, dirty, and sexy all at the same time and I felt like “The Journey” needed a scene willed with passion and anger. Arguments with girls are not just one person talking and then one person responding (That’s the problem I had with the Eric and Sloane scene is that because of editing it seemed to contrived and controlled and not natural enough), it’s 2 people trying to jump in on each other, interrupt the other, and get their own point across, whether right or wrong, and it’s about not finishing sentences and pretty much telling the other person, “To go fuck themselves”. I am Jewish (We speak with our hands and with our eyes), and my scene partner was Italian (They speak with every part of their body but get very intense with body movements) so when Mike Lemon saw our first rendition of the scene with Eric and Sloane arguing in class, he called it “Sterile” because we didn’t have the “Cross Talking” going where you are literally jumping in on the other person while they are talking.
Once he got us really cross-talking (This rattled me a bit because I forgot the lines a few times, but thank god I am a master of improv so I was able to keep it going and look natural even when I made mistakes), the scene became very natural as if we were sitting in a car just arguing, and one classmate told me, “You guys seemed like you were really arguing”. That is the sign of an experienced and masterful actor, where you don’t skip a beat even when you’re hurt and on the ropes, and at the end you can say, “Shit, I fucked up my lines”, and your teacher responds, “I don’t care” because the scene came out so perfectly. Cross-Talking takes a lot of electricity and vitriol, and can be difficult when you haven’t done it with someone before because you really don’t know where you’re going to be cut off. That’s why when there is great chemistry with a co-star in a movie, directors will use you together for other movies (Like Gere and Roberts), and I could see myself pairing with anther fiery actor like Marisa Tomei (Who is one of the sexiest 7’s on the planet because of her attitude, accent, ability to not age, and sick little body and great small boobs) because we both have that innate ethnic aggression. My scene partner was better than me in the scene and I had having not been in a heated argument in a while I had to adjust to her level, and I told her while reviewing the video, “You had that Italian thing going on. I have dated a bunch of Italian girls, and you guys are the best in bed because you are so passionate”, and she just laughed.
I have dated many crazy girls who are all temper (Although those same crazy girls are usually the most passionate and exciting in bed, but I have always been lured to the “Bad Girl” who likes threesomes who is money hungry in the past, because there is something so sexy about that concept), and because I am usually smarter than anyone I date because of my 134 IQ and tremendous education, and my overall experience of having dated any type of girl that walks, I will usually overrun the other person in an argument and win. I have had relationships where I felt like I was a father figure to girls teaching them the way of the world, and I have had others where the girl was a know it all, and thought she was smarter than me (Only to be destroyed), but the scene we acted out below brought me back to emotional places that I haven’t been in a while in arguing with a girl.
Sometimes I miss that intensity, aggression, and passion, followed by amazing sex to feel better about yourselves since the relationship was collapsing, but at the same time I don’t miss the headaches I see with other friends who have to account to their girlfriends where they are all the time, who they’re with, why they didn’t pick up their phone, and my favorite, “Why do you have to go out all the time?” Doesn’t the girl understand that we go out all the time because we are bored, and want to party with new girls, or our friends are important to us and we want to spend time with them? Even typing that last sentence pissed me off, but this class was definitely a lesson in “Don’t be scared to get down and dirty with your fellow actor.” I am also still working on my next announcement and can’t wait to share it with Kade Nation around the world.
“When there’s 2 seconds left in overtime and you’re down by one, don’t be afraid to take the last shot. If you miss it you can say, “”I had the balls to lose”", and if you make it, then you can say, “”Who wants to go home and sleep with the champion”"?”….Arthur Kade…10/09/09
Here is the scene and also videos and pictures from getting my a color and cut (It’s amazing how great this hair color looks on me, and my step-mom who is a legendary hairdresser just loved it yesterday, and I feel like it makes me look 23-25 years old) :

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Where do I begin? On one hand I would love for this dickbag to move to NYC so it would hasten the end of him. On the other, I don't want him that close to me. If he goes to LA he'd be a lot further away, but there is a chance he could last longer, not because of any actual work or talent, but because it seems that LA tolerates complete douchebags a shit load longer. Ahhhh, the dichotomy. I'm going back to my thoughts that this cock gobbler can't be for real for a few reasons and yet I can't see what he wishes to accomplish with all of this stupidity. So then I think that he has to be real. And when I say "real" I mean mentally ill. He talks of being this beloved person around the entire world, yet he goes to a Phillies playoff game by himself. Calls himself a "global marketing icon" yet has never appeared in any ad campaign even on a regional level. Maybe I have my definitions wrong, but I'd think "global marketing icon" means something other than 200 people a day leaving you hateful comments on your delusion filled blog. No? And once again Arthur Kadyshes talks about how all the attractive women in the Philly club/social scene are nothing more than disease filled petri dishes. Man, talk about shooting yourself in the foot if you EVER want to get laid again. But what I find funniest about this section is that Arturd says he and his friends are always finding the "newest and hottest young girls to enter the scene and then they go through our group and they are Washed Up or Over." I find this interesting not so much because it is so horrible, but rather because he has basically given women a reason to avoid him and his friends: they have DISEASES! If you start with something pure and mix in Cock Gobbler and his friends you're going to end up with some type of disease filled petri dish. So, hot young ladies of Philly, if you meet anyone named Chad Boonswang, Tony Piazza, Hughe Dillon, Steve Thorne, Brett Perloff, Terry Jue, Tony Churchirilo, Mark Zabludovsky, Sean Jones and, of course, Arthur Kadyshes (aka Arthur Kade) you may want to steer clear, as Arthur points out that you'll have a good chance of catching some type of STD. More deluded ramblings from the cunt faced fucking moron himself, Arthur Kadyshes...

Arthur Kade has always had an amazing bevy of confusion as to his feelings about being a Philadelphian, because there is so much about this city that I LOVE, and so much about it that makes me want to pack my shit and be in KA or NYC. Philadelphia is a small city (Compared to KA and NYC, and they talk about it like it is a town with one stop sign) of identity that is defined by a blue collar work ethic, a rabid sports fan base, and most of all heart (If you look at 2 of it’s favorite sons, Arthur Kade and Rocky, they are perfect examples of the underdog defying the odds to reach the top of their craft and become worldwide figures of “Making It”), but the one thing that I have always felt is that I am “Larger than Life”, and Philadelphia is way to small for me and “The Journey”. This city has so much to offer in terms of food, culture, and identity (Cheese steaks, Water Ice, William Penn, Art Museum, Best Sports Town in America), but that is all great for married people and families, not growing International superstars like me. This is a great town to settle down and raise a family and make your 150k a year and live comfortably, and I always say that if I wasn’t a future award winning actor and celebrity, I could live here.
While at the Phillies first playoff game (My seats were 3 rows from the dugout and field, and it’s amazing the celeb stuff that I get to do because I am The Brand), I started thinking about my time as a Philadelphian, and how I will miss all those little things when I am a transplanted citizen in KA living with my acting peers (I want the city to know that this is my home, but like other famous actors like Will Smith, KA is also my home), and how here I was the “Biggest of the Big fish”, but there I will only be a “Big Fish” along with my future Oscar winning friends, Tom Hanks, Steve Spielberg, and Leo DiCaprio. Last year, I was at the World Series, and I remember the stadium shaking when the Phillies would make great plays, and a year later I am in that same stadium on the cusp of being an award winning actor (Several people congratulated me on the Inquirer write up on the “Dev Deal” with “Entertainment Powerhouse IMG Media”, and how much progress I have made in all other areas of my acting career, and I had one fan come up to me at “The Bank” (Citizens Bank Park), and call me “An Inspiration”, and I was even hoping they would flash my image on the big screen to get the home fans and team going much like they flash Rocky at Sixers games, but we had a lead and they probably didn’t feel they wanted to use that wild card too early in the playoffs), and global marketing icon, and I said to myself, “It’s getting time to move on soon, but I will miss this admiration and atmosphere”. In the end, I am a Philadelphian through and through, so one day I will give back with charitable donations and they can name a school or street in Center City after me.
Dating in this city (Especially Center City) is the worst because it’s one big petri dish of mixture because all of the hot people have dated each other, and nobody wants their friend’s sloppy seconds. If your a girl over 30 in this city, then your odds of finding a guy with the qualities of me and my friends is almost impossible (We want younger, hotter, trainable, and non-jaded, and in other cities like NYC this age isn’t as much of a factor, but because Philly is so small, a girl turning 30 and being single must be slow death) and you either have to go outside the city to find someone who may not know your history, or settle for a guy who is a C+ or less in quality. This is why my friends and I have such a tough time when we go out, because we will find the newest and hottest young girls to enter the scene, and then they go through our group and they are “Washed Up or Over”. We talk about this problem all the time, but at the end of the day, if these girls are throwing themselves at us, then we do what we do as socialites (Get them into the hottest clubs, hang with them at the hottest restaurants, party with the hottest people), and then they reward us with whatever we want, but then that’s it and we move on.
Sometimes, certain fish need to be set free, and since I would consider myself a Great White Shark with the power, hunger, and speed that I travel, it will be time to move on to bigger and better places soon, but in the end I want Philadelphia to know that I will always call it my home town, and one day hope to receive the keys to the city and know that I was one of it’s favorite and most well known historical figures, and days like yesterday where I get to feel the passion and veracity of Philadelphia, I will bring those emotions and represent it hard core, and balls ass hotly, in KA.

“Philadelphia is my home, but Kade Nation is my heart”…Arthur Kade….10/08/09

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The Inquirer

Dickbag says a lot about nothing as far as I could tell. Really, I get to a point where reading the entire thing or just the first sentence means nothing to the level of my comprehension.

Before you read, we'd like to point something out. Arthur claims below that the Philadelphia Inquirer is "one of the most well-known newspapers in the world." Doesn't he realize that his exaggerations can be disputed? 

First, the newspaper is ranked #20 in terms of circulation in the United States. View list here.
Secondly, it is not even in the top 100 newspapers in the WORLD in terms of circulation. View list here.
Why does Kade think he can get away with this constant exagerations? He'd also be well-served to buy a dictionary, because we fail to see how the words "pariah" and "boorish" come off as compliments.

Deluded stupidity from the cock gobbling asshole, Arthur Kadyshes...

Obviously when you are a growing international Brand and phenomenon like Arthur Kade, the announcement of a TV “Dev Deal” with an “Entertainment Powerhouse” like IMG Media is going to garner press and attention amongst all National Media. I was just informed that The Celebrity and Media Journalist for the largest and most powerful newspaper in Philadelphia (And one of the most well-known newspapers in the world), The Philadelphia Inquirer, Michael Klein, wrote an article on the “Dev Deal”, although I think it’s funny that certain assumptions have been made as to the style and concept of what is being developed by my PowerHouse Partnership with IMG Media. I will say that the TV show being developed is the most unique and cool concept ever brought to TV, and I know that executives in “The Biz” are licking their chops as to who will get the ability to work work with us on creating the number 1 TV show in the US, maybe even in the world.
In the meantime, I just finished an amazing development call with my team, and things are moving very briskly much like “The Journey”, and to top it all off, I also just received an email that I have been specifically asked by the writer of a pilot I sent my stuff in for to audition for a principal role despite them having already conducted their initial auditions for the show, which means they liked my look and resume so much (Or they just know the star power I bring to the production) that they want The Brand to get a chance to showcase it’s talent. This is obviously a sign that I am now moving up the ladder to where I may be able to bypass the first audition for projects and eventually move into an area where I am now just being requested through Team Kade to work on projects like other Huge acting peers like Christian Bale and Robert Downey Jr.
The one thing that I was really thinking about today is that the area of my major success so far has been TV shows, and that is my career going to take more of a “George Clooney-ish” path (He started on soap operas and then ER before becoming a movie star) where I am going to be more of a TV star and heartthrob initially before breaking into movies, and how that is different from what I envisioned. Either way, the speed at which I have elevated myself through “The Biz” is unprecedented, and I guess I have to just roll with the punches, “Kade Style”.
Now I am off to the Phillies first playoff game where I know they will want my support since I know some of them, and then back for Mike Lemon’s acting class. Here is what Michael Klein from the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote about the “Dev Deal” with IMG Media:

“Arthur Kade is going places?

Entertainment powerhouse IMG Media says it is developing a reality-TV project based on the life of Center City’s Arthur Kade, who’s become a Web pariah as a boorish self-promoter hell-bent on achieving fame. (Is it an act or for real?) Kade and IMG declined to elaborate.”
“You asked J-Tim to write you a symphony, but you already know Arthur Kade is Mozart”…Arthur Kade…10/07/09
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The Art Of The Sell

Uggh. I really hate this cock gobbling cunt face. So, there's a guy on top of a subway entrance in Philly and this asshole can only talk about if he went over and talked this guy down it would give him "street cred" in "The Biz." And then he walks away without another thought, well, without another thought for the guy on top of the subway entrance. He of course talks and talks and talks about how great it would be if he saved the guy as he walks away. But, that's not what really disgusts me about the video (odds are the guy would get hurt more falling out of bed - the entrance isn't that high) it's that Cock Gobbler's salivary glands are working overtime. I'm going to vomit. What the rest of this post is about I don't really have any idea because the image of that maw filling up gobs and gobs and GOBS of spittle has seared my brain. More idiocy, spittle and delusion from the deluded one Arthur Kadyshes...

People who are amazing at sales like Arthur Kade, are born with a quality that most average Gen Poppers can never understand, and that is the ability to stand in front of a person or group and convey “Passion”, and make the Gen Pop want to follow you like a General leading an army. Most of the time you’re talking to someone, they don’t really care what you know about a subject, or how smart you sound, they care about whether you believe in the cause, and are willing to see it through, even if it means death. That is why people around the world are in love with “The Journey”, because they see a man who has bet it all on himself, and is willing to die for his cause, and people connect, support, and rally around Arthur Kade because he represents everything that is inherently good about Democracy, and the American Way. I am a global symbol of freedom, risk, and the fight for justice, and people want a “Real Life Superman” to believe in, and that’s what I represent.
That “Passion”, and “Belief” is what made me the best at what I did as a financial advisor, and also what makes hot girls gravitate to me, and hang on every word I say, because they listen to my words, and feel like they are hearing a speech and want to support the cause. That passion can be delivered in so many different ways, and the key to any sale (Sexual or Business) is figuring out the personality of your opponent, and matching the message to their style. In the end, though, people want to believe that you will stick by them at any cost (With most girls, they realize that if you’re the “Shit” like me and my friends, that chances are that you are not going to stick around past a couple dates, but it’s the belief in knowing that you have not been totally vamboozled ((Courtesy of Malcolm X)) and the slight chance that the guy liked you), and that every word out of your mouth has purpose. This is why I am a well-known orator and many times I will listen to Journey’s “Separate Ways” to get pumped up, “Kade Style for a speech.
I thought about “The Sale” while working with Sharon today on my dialogue for class tomorrow (I picked the scene from Entourage with E proposing to Sloane) because that scene is a contrast of 2 ways he tried to sell her on what we “Social Ballers” call “The Dream”. When he first took her to the restaurant in Malibu to try and propose, it was a very level headed Business Like approach that came off more like a meeting with a financial planner than a romantic rendezvous (I have found that approach to work well with hotties in the corporate world because they look at sex like the closing of a deal, and if you get too emotional then it is a sign of weakness) . She couldn’t trust him because he had left her before, and she felt unsafe (I had this with one of my relationships where i would constantly get pissed off at the girl and just leave, and finally she told me, “If you walk out that door, then it’s over!!”, but that was when I learned that once you break that trust with a girl, it’s near impossible to get it back.
Once he finally pulled the car over and showed her that he really cared and would commit, it was the first time that she felt Safe again, and could believe in him. In the end, the art of the sale is making people believe in your message, then making them feel safe, and then the world is your oyster. In my session with Sharon, we did 2 improvs (The first one being around passion, and the second a much more business-like approach) towards Sloane), and that got me into perfect character for the dialogue. This is why I spoke at National Conferences and on TV for my Old company, and why I would make a masterful politician and actor (People in “The Biz” always say how passionate my eyes and looks are, and how I have a certain “Old Paris Poet” quality that shines through in my speech), because I can deliver the same message and get the same result many different ways. These are the innate qualities that cause people in “The Biz” to sometimes compare me to Marlon Brando, because I do things a very unorthodox way, have an uncommon sexual speech pattern, and come off as a bad boy, but in the end we are both irresistible on screen.
“Arthur Kade doesn’t drop bombs. He is a Nuclear Weapon”…Arthur Kade…10/06/09
Here are the videos from today with Sharon, and a video of a man who was on top of the Subway threatening to jump, and me considering being a hero (’The Journey” is already making me a theoretical global icon, but the chance to show the world how dedicated I am to Human Kind and that would have totally given me more Street Cred in “The Biz”) and saving him.

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Another Kadyshes Fashion Moment

In honor of Arthur being a closeted homsexual retard with a lisp and no fashion sense, here is today's Arthur Kadyshes fashion moment....

All that's missing is a cackling King Kang in the reflection.
(Click on photo to enlarge picture)
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Kadyshes Logo Ideas...

What do you guys think of these?

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Kade's borrowed sunglasses belong to...

None other than GN Kang. Kade's chief enabler, "Chio in the Morning" sycophant, as well as underwear football player. How do we know this for a fact?

Check out this screen grab, from Kade's latest Youtube video, emailed by a reader of this blog.

That's GN Kang, people. Right there taking the video of Kade at brunch the other day. Apparently she loves torpedoing her own career (playing football in underwear was only the start of her becoming a laughingstock).

What kind of respectable, normal woman would hang out with Kade? Seriously.

Thansk to the reader who emailed this in!
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Arthur Kade is an absolute moron. Yeah, I know, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, but why do I bring this up now? Well, it's his idiotic use of phrases he obviously doesn't understand. "Kadealot will not be built in a day." Uh, dumbass, it's "Rome wasn't built in a day." You look so Italian I can't believe you didn't know that. "But I have to remember that the road is long and windy." OK, yes, if the road was windy it would be more difficult to travel, but only if it's a headwind, if it was a tailwind you could sail right along. Damn he's frustrating, but this post is telling us he's breaking down. He cried himself to sleep because of Entourage last night. THAT is enough to make me KNOW he's about 3 weeks away from offing himself. Can't come fast enough for me. More from the fucking deluded retard, Arthur Kadyshes...

God has blessed me with so many freakish and amazing gifts of nature, that sometimes I take time for granted, and because “The Journey” has exceeded all expectations in the mental schedule I have prepared, I have become spoiled in waiting for things to happen. I have always been the most impatient person on the face of the Earth, and this is why my leg is always shaking (Besides all the Red Bull and NO2), and I can’t sit still or sleep, and it’s also why I have to also take a step back, relax myself, and remember that “Kadealot” will not be built in a day, but with all the amazing stuff happening, I should be grateful to god for allowing me to live and create my dream, my way, and prove to myself and the world that the impossible can happen. It’s s hard not to make this about money or fame because I have or will have both, but it’s about doing what you love and doing it the way where you don’t compromise who you are and believe in.
Last night while watching Entourage (Best episode ever), I found myself feeling so many different emotions that is was almost overwhelming. I had people over watching it with me so I kept all of them in, but once they left, I went to bed and started just crying. I Have probably cried less than 15 times my whole life, and most people who intimately know me will tell you that I am the most headstrong and strong willed animal on the planet, and hate showing people weakness or sadness. I grew up with my grandmother shouldering the load of taking care of a sick woman, putting myself through college, and making my way in the world without asking one person for help, and people have always had various opinions of me, but they have always respected me. When I was a guest speaker for my old company at the Hartford market group, I spoke in front of 300 people for 3 hours and one man in his 50’s wrote the GVP and called me, “The most talented and driven young man he has seen in 20 years of being in the corporate world”, and everyone thought I was going to run the company one day and take it to never been before levels. Sometimes I wonder what could have been because I was so gifted at what I did, but it stopped making me happy and became a job, and that’s where I knew it was over.
Last night, while Vinnie and Johnny Drama (I have so many people call me “The Real Life Vinnie Chase” and my life “The Real Life Entourage”) were on the plane about to head to Italy for his movie, all I could think about was, “I am ready for that to be ME already. I am so tired of waiting and waiting. I want it now, I have given so much to be that guy, to live that dream, to do what he was chosen to do. I don’t want to wait anymore”. That’s why I went to bed crying. This road is so long and so tough, and even with constant therapy, there are so many emotions that I bottle up inside to not let negative energy distract me, but watching that, and Eric propose to Sloane, made me remember that I am human and not just The Brand or The Corporation all the time, and if I don’t let it out then I will burn out and die inside. Being The Brand is something only Arthur Kade can live and there is so much going on that I just want to fast forward my life 3 years and be on that plane flying to film a hit movie like Vinnie, and know “The Journey” was a success, but I have to remember that the road is long and windy, and the experience is just as valuable as the result.
After I relaxed, I just said thank you for everything that is going on in my life (I am waiting to be able to make the next BIG announcement, and it’s driving me crazy that it’s taking this long to do), and decided that in between my crazy day today of scene study (I think my partner and I will do the scene of E and Sloane with him proposing from last night), booking auditions (I have 5 over the next 2 weeks booked), and working on “Brand Stuff” (It looks like I am getting my own I-Phone Application which my fans around the world will love and other business/celebrity related stuff), I would stop by synagogue and be a “Good Jew” and pray for the next steps of “The Journey” (I was telling a girlfriend today, “Look at the life I get to live. I am a celebrity, I don’t depend on anyone for money, I am a fashion trendsetter, a national socialite who parties and associates with the top of the entertainment world (”The Biz”), a working successful actor, and most of all happy, and yet all I could think about last night was what I haven’t done yet. What a waste of energy that could be used for furthering “”The Journey”", and she agreed, and the Short I filmed on in June should be edited and done shortly, and I am filming as the lead on another short for a local director possibly this week.
Here are pictures and videos from my day at “The Italian Festival” (I felt so at home because everyone there thought I was Italian because of my look, color, and nose, and even though I love my Russian Heritage and how unique it makes me, I feel like I am an honorary celebrity son of the Italian community now).
“Don’t ever be scared of the next step, because there is no right or wrong, there is just “”IS”"”….Arthur Kade…10/05/09

What's up with Philly trash and their love of stupid t-shirts?
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King Kang's Underwear Football game moved... to Reading, PA.

Hahahahahahaha, it looks like GN Kang's "career move" of playing football in underpants is going about as well as Kade's attempt at being a movie star. So the word has just gotten out and I was told by one of GN's "friends" (really more like a girl she just hangs out with here and there) that on account of generating so little interest, the underwear football team GN Kang plays for will be playing it's first game of the year in picturesque Reading, PA. You know, that big fancy city 65 miles from Philadelphia and 80 miles from NYC... yes, that Reading. The one between Birdsboro and Wolmensdorf.

The game was supposed to be played in Hempstead, Long Island... but the arena no longer had interest in carrying the game (insufficient ticket sales). Here is the listing for the game before: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=81122028203 . Here is an article that refers to the game being moved to good ol' Reading: http://wfmz.com/view/?id=1278092 .
As if it wasn't already bad enough that GN's "home" games are in Trenton, NJ! So now, my source says (while talking shit about Kadyshes and Kang) the NY/Philly underwear football matchup wasn't selling tickets so they'll play in Reading, give away as many free or low-price tickets as possible--if anyone even wants to come--and hope they can salvage Reading, PA as a home venue for the NY team.... makes no sense, but it's true. So many venues in NYC area and not one venue wanted a piece of this shitshow.

I wonder if all the Jersey "fans" of the Passion will buy up all the tickets to this so they can give the Passion a good cheering section... oh wait, they have no fans and sold like no tickets. So that's not a problem.

For those of you who want directions so you can go see GN play football in her undies, here is a map. Zoom out so you can really get an idea of the distance we're talking about here...

View Larger Map
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Jay Leno

You'll never  guess what this post is about. I'll give you the Cliff Notes... Kade now thinks he could one day be a talk show host, he dominated, he met fans, he had brunch, he complains about the "haters" and the best of all... he met an athlete who didn't know who HE was and he gets mad about it. Goddamn I wish he had identified the athlete. I also like that Cock Gobbler is thinking about uniting with Cosby to do a campaign for Temple University. Well, at least one person in the world is thinking that. Being the only person doesn't really matter in Cock Gobbler's mind since he's so deluded he thinks this all makes sense. Hey, Arthur, I think of winning Mega Millions two times a week and here I sit in a 900 sq ft condo, but at least it's mine (well, and the bank. And technically I'm a really minor partner in this ownership partnership.) and I'm not crashing on couches of people who hate me. More stupidity from a major cock faced fucking cunt, Arthur Kadyshes...

I have always done an amazing job of speaking of speaking in front of hundreds, even thousands of people and helping them change their lives for the better, and one of the many things that Arthur Kade is great at is influencing others as evidenced by the impact “The Journey” has had on the world, “The Biz”, and the Gen Pop. I have sepnt the last 7.038 months creating a path that has never been done before, and am finding it so tough sometimes because there are people intent on destroying The Brand because they have no lives and are Haters that are jealous of what I am doing and have done, but the greatest way to combat The Haters is not to care and just keep moving forward. I had a person tell me at G last night, “I love what you are doing, you’re just like a Howard Stern of acting”, and I responded, “He’s more of a character who’s goal is to piss people off, where my goal is to be an award winning actor with my no-holds barred approach, and I think tht because we both speak our minds in an open ultra amazingly intelligent fashion, we are both looked at like rebels or bad boys who the crowd is waiting to see what we say or do next.” I guess that “The Journey” means different things to different people, but that ability to connect to everyone in some format is what has made The Brand such a tool of marketing.
After the last two weeks of “Kade Style” domination of the Press and Media of the US, and even Internationally again to keep my celeb profile high, it is back to The Grind of The Biz where I have already booked 4 new auditions (The one I am most excited about is for a part on an up and coming “Charlie Rose” style talk show that will allow me to show my improv and comedic skills), and get back to work on booking “A-List” projects with balls ass hot talent to show case my skills. I am excited about the talk show because I have been told many times by higher ups in “The Biz” that I could easily be the next Jay Leno because of how creative and spontaneous I am (People also comment on how striking and definitive all of my features are like my nose, eyes, and hair, and this is vital to be good if you are on everyday for the Gen Pop), and also how incredible I can adapt on camera with jokes, comedy, and flair.

Anytime someone records a video of me for the the blog, they have to hold their breath because of how funny and genuine I am, and they always laugh at the end in response to what many people have called “Kade Genius”. Once I have done what I want to in “The Biz”, then this is a path that I may take and become an icon along the lines of Johnny Carson, where I can sit and interview my peers like Bobby DeNiro, Al Pacino, Russell Crowe, and and my man Denzel. I would ask them all of the hard hitting questions like Barbara Walters does, but also present a more sexual and human side just like I do on my blog. The audition is on October 13th, and I have already gotten the sides that I will be reviewing with my acting coach this week to prepare so that I can nail the audition. I am also considering filming a cool “Short” (Short for Short Film) this week in between the auditions and prep.

One story that I did want to share with you that happened this weekend was I met an athlete in this city who didn’t know who I was (He was super rude and condescending to me and I thought to myself, “Do you understand that I am bigger, more famous, and will be richer than you can ever dream, and you are talking to me like I am not escorted in everywhere I go, and party with people you can never dream of), and totally talked down to me like I was a Gen Popper. I told him “I have one of the most famous websites in the world”, and he laughed, and said, “Like Perez Hilton? I wouldn’t even piss on him if he was in front of me”, and I thought to myself, “You may not like Perez, but chances are he is making more money than almost anyone in sports is, and is a genius who created something never done before like me.” Those are the moments I realize the lack of vision and imagination that people have and why only few can ever attain the heights that Arthur Kade can and it actually saddened me that this person failed to realize that “I am about to become the biggest thing Philadelphia has ever produced since Will Smith, Bill Cosby (I have thought about uniting with him to do a campaign for Temple), and Rocky. Even when I was sitting at brunch at Parc today, people were texting and blogging that I was there and that they saw Arthur Kade. “Kade Style”.

“When I look outside the window, I don’t see the world, I see Arthur Kade’s own personal playground”…Arthur Kade…10/04/09

Here are videos and pictures from the weekend, and a Fan Picture of Little Oscar with a “The Kween” from an Aussie Fan:

Oh, and I refuse to post his pictures today because there are just so goddamn many of them and they are EXACTLY the same as all the other ones... chicks he didn't sleep with, the crowd at some club, the bottle service he didn't chip in for, people who are mocking him but he doesn't get it and his fucking jizz covered food. Oh, and this one...

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