Jay Leno

You'll never  guess what this post is about. I'll give you the Cliff Notes... Kade now thinks he could one day be a talk show host, he dominated, he met fans, he had brunch, he complains about the "haters" and the best of all... he met an athlete who didn't know who HE was and he gets mad about it. Goddamn I wish he had identified the athlete. I also like that Cock Gobbler is thinking about uniting with Cosby to do a campaign for Temple University. Well, at least one person in the world is thinking that. Being the only person doesn't really matter in Cock Gobbler's mind since he's so deluded he thinks this all makes sense. Hey, Arthur, I think of winning Mega Millions two times a week and here I sit in a 900 sq ft condo, but at least it's mine (well, and the bank. And technically I'm a really minor partner in this ownership partnership.) and I'm not crashing on couches of people who hate me. More stupidity from a major cock faced fucking cunt, Arthur Kadyshes...

I have always done an amazing job of speaking of speaking in front of hundreds, even thousands of people and helping them change their lives for the better, and one of the many things that Arthur Kade is great at is influencing others as evidenced by the impact “The Journey” has had on the world, “The Biz”, and the Gen Pop. I have sepnt the last 7.038 months creating a path that has never been done before, and am finding it so tough sometimes because there are people intent on destroying The Brand because they have no lives and are Haters that are jealous of what I am doing and have done, but the greatest way to combat The Haters is not to care and just keep moving forward. I had a person tell me at G last night, “I love what you are doing, you’re just like a Howard Stern of acting”, and I responded, “He’s more of a character who’s goal is to piss people off, where my goal is to be an award winning actor with my no-holds barred approach, and I think tht because we both speak our minds in an open ultra amazingly intelligent fashion, we are both looked at like rebels or bad boys who the crowd is waiting to see what we say or do next.” I guess that “The Journey” means different things to different people, but that ability to connect to everyone in some format is what has made The Brand such a tool of marketing.
After the last two weeks of “Kade Style” domination of the Press and Media of the US, and even Internationally again to keep my celeb profile high, it is back to The Grind of The Biz where I have already booked 4 new auditions (The one I am most excited about is for a part on an up and coming “Charlie Rose” style talk show that will allow me to show my improv and comedic skills), and get back to work on booking “A-List” projects with balls ass hot talent to show case my skills. I am excited about the talk show because I have been told many times by higher ups in “The Biz” that I could easily be the next Jay Leno because of how creative and spontaneous I am (People also comment on how striking and definitive all of my features are like my nose, eyes, and hair, and this is vital to be good if you are on everyday for the Gen Pop), and also how incredible I can adapt on camera with jokes, comedy, and flair.

Anytime someone records a video of me for the the blog, they have to hold their breath because of how funny and genuine I am, and they always laugh at the end in response to what many people have called “Kade Genius”. Once I have done what I want to in “The Biz”, then this is a path that I may take and become an icon along the lines of Johnny Carson, where I can sit and interview my peers like Bobby DeNiro, Al Pacino, Russell Crowe, and and my man Denzel. I would ask them all of the hard hitting questions like Barbara Walters does, but also present a more sexual and human side just like I do on my blog. The audition is on October 13th, and I have already gotten the sides that I will be reviewing with my acting coach this week to prepare so that I can nail the audition. I am also considering filming a cool “Short” (Short for Short Film) this week in between the auditions and prep.

One story that I did want to share with you that happened this weekend was I met an athlete in this city who didn’t know who I was (He was super rude and condescending to me and I thought to myself, “Do you understand that I am bigger, more famous, and will be richer than you can ever dream, and you are talking to me like I am not escorted in everywhere I go, and party with people you can never dream of), and totally talked down to me like I was a Gen Popper. I told him “I have one of the most famous websites in the world”, and he laughed, and said, “Like Perez Hilton? I wouldn’t even piss on him if he was in front of me”, and I thought to myself, “You may not like Perez, but chances are he is making more money than almost anyone in sports is, and is a genius who created something never done before like me.” Those are the moments I realize the lack of vision and imagination that people have and why only few can ever attain the heights that Arthur Kade can and it actually saddened me that this person failed to realize that “I am about to become the biggest thing Philadelphia has ever produced since Will Smith, Bill Cosby (I have thought about uniting with him to do a campaign for Temple), and Rocky. Even when I was sitting at brunch at Parc today, people were texting and blogging that I was there and that they saw Arthur Kade. “Kade Style”.

“When I look outside the window, I don’t see the world, I see Arthur Kade’s own personal playground”…Arthur Kade…10/04/09

Here are videos and pictures from the weekend, and a Fan Picture of Little Oscar with a “The Kween” from an Aussie Fan:

Oh, and I refuse to post his pictures today because there are just so goddamn many of them and they are EXACTLY the same as all the other ones... chicks he didn't sleep with, the crowd at some club, the bottle service he didn't chip in for, people who are mocking him but he doesn't get it and his fucking jizz covered food. Oh, and this one...



    # TAKE ACTION AGAINST KADE!on 04 Oct 2009 at 6:58 pm

    Let IMG media know how you feel about their client Arthur Kade.

    Please post this address on legowig so everyone knows how to contact IMG and let them know your feelings about their client Arthur Kade.

  2. I posted a long thing at kade's site, I was moderated for the first time ever. Woo hoo! (but it went through) Keep this url on file: http://www.sitelogr.com/s/arthurkade.com
    Any time he claims to have an important website, you can pull that out and say otherwise. Right now his site is ranked #89,799. Didn't he say his website was ranked 7th not so long ago? Interestingly enough, Blogspot is #7. :-/

  3. No television producer or network would ever put Kade on camera for a real role. His sole purpose in life is to be mocked by others on the internet. He will never be anything more than a loser everyone makes fun of.

    He even acknowedged his gen pop photo as dusk as "looking hot". Too bad that couldn't be any farther from the truth (he looked like meth head in the crowd) and he is not really famous because he has no famous friends and hangs out with a bunch of ugly chicks.

  4. That athlete is my hero.

    Arthur you are so worthless and not famous, you are only good for mocking.

    You will never make it in Hollywood so STOP TRYING. You are NOT TALENTED.

    You are a DOUCHE BAG.

  5. Perez Hilton is really not worth that much money. Sure, he makes a comfortable living, but is not nearly making what a pro-athlete is. I doubt Perez even brings home a million a year.

  6. @ Ed
    Totally right, but again we see that side of Arthur that just snaps when he doesn't get his way. This athlete does not know who he is, so everyone makes more money than him. Classic behavior of the mentally unstable.

  7. I started thinking about it the other day and I wouldn't be surprised if Cock Gobbler's "Dev Deal" is more about some type of internet "viral marketing" thing rather than a TV show. Even a reality TV show. $20 says this douche ends up do something on the internet and never sees anything come of this "Dev Deal" that relates to television. Why do I think this? No advertiser would come (cumb?) within a million miles of a guy with a blog like his. Well, at least not any who can advertise on a TV show. Porn wouldn't have any qualms with Kade, but I don't see many Vivid Video commercials on TV.

  8. @J BONE: Because Arthur is a narcissist, megalomaniac and if Jen's post in the earlier comment has any indication, he's got a fuckin tiny pecker. I wouldn't doubt it the way women "don't return the favor" for him. lol

  9. does anyone recognize teh reflection in the women's sunglasses? get some cia image processing stuff on that

  10. I'm so fucking sick of these idiots.. honestly..

    When the FUCK is someone going to kill the douches in philadelphia..

    Again.. the awesome thing is it's philly.. basically a haven of losers and wannabe's.. as long as they STAY in that fucking city I am happy.. kinda like a purgatory.

  11. shit she disappearedOctober 4, 2009 at 9:15 PM

    Arthur, is there any insult at this point you haven't heard? Is there a play on your name left unexplored? Your ugly features, and even uglier soul have been ridiculed mercilessly for months, and yet here we are, getting worse as we go. It seems like every insult pushes you further and further away into that insane little patch of land in your meager mind called Kade Nation. The louder the world screams at you, the further you retreat into your insane mind. No doubt a habit you developed when abused by your monster of a father. It's sad, really. We shout trying to warn you that your are about to sail into the waterfall and all you do is wave, penciling in a dumbass okie grin in that ugly mug of yours. Maybe if we didn't respond to you at all your delusions would have remained those of an average, anonymous insurance salesman. Now however, you are addicted to the abuse we brandish at you. The more we write, the closer you edge to the waterfall. Much like the poem, the journey of Arthur Kadyshes will end like that of other hollow men, not with a bang, but with the wimper of a life spent drunk on cheap dreams of fame and jerking off unto unwilling strangers.

  12. Anonymous @ 8:53 PM:

    It's GN Kang, I swear! I can tell by the rack.
    It's definitely not Linsday Furman (spelling?), Marissa (Motorboat) Rosen is out of the country, and Sabrina Strickland's chest doesn't stick out that far (although I wish it would).

  13. It's definitely GN Kang. I blew up the image and sent it to legowig, so hopefully he will put it up at some point.

  14. "Almost got laid, that's how I roll."


  15. Guys,I know what shitty programm he's auditioning for,there are some guy who tries to create "JayLeno" and "JimmyFallon" style show on the web and he's invited that Moran for an audition.I'll post here his webiste later,'cause it another ridiculous attempt of getting famous and that dude is asking for money.Funny and sad!

  16. http://www.imstevecooper.com/
    that dufus invited Kade through Twitter and that ugly idiot had accepted his invite.He's probably already thinks about himself that he's the next Jimmy Carlson of late nite!
    Don't u all get tired following and listening to him?I've noticed that his annoying voice and sounds from his video attracts roaches,its disgustingly scarry.yuk!

  17. This athlete talks down to him, basically calls him a fag, then says how worthless he is and all Kego can do is think and thought and realize.
    As for “Talkshowhost”…we all know: NEVER going to happen.
    Actor: NEVER.
    Member of society: NEVER.
    Biggest pussy: He’d fuck that up too.
    I wish he would ‘think out loud’. I bet his face would be scrubbing some carpet then. Damn worthless world, wishes never come true. And I’ve already tried praying, so don’t go there. I know it’s going to happen, sooner or later. I just want it to be sooner.

  18. Dear God,
    Please have someone beat Kego down.


  19. The Steve Cooper thing sounds really odd, it is just web casts. (hoping to be picked up by TV later I guess) It is the brain child of a guy called Jeremy Seglem, who thinks he is a comedian, but isn't funny from what I have found online.

    From the page where they are asking for start-up money...
    "To start, we're going to film episodes on a real set, on a real sound stage, and for now, upload them to my website www.ImSteveCooper.com. We have a great marketing scheme in the works that includes: public transportation ads, outdoor signage, web ads, and canvasing of streets - not to mention blast emails and various e-marketing methods engineered to get heavily trafficked blogs to notice. We're hoping all of this, collectively, adds up to a network or high-level production sponsorship." (link in my user name)

    More big ideas. I can't handle anymore of them. I also can't handle the word "dominate" any longer or the word "brand" or "Kade" or "9". Or the words "balls ass".

  20. Second vid looks more like Kanola oil Kade.

    Jbone gets props for that one.

  21. The word Kade has long been used amongst me and my chums to represent anything cuntish, shite useless or untrue.
    ....A. Last night I shagged two girls and they both rimmed my arse and swallowed my jittler

    ....B. Kade

    ....A. No really I did.

    My friend Jim even said to me after I enquired how he'd gotten on with his latest exam

    .....fucking Kaded it, gonna have to sit it again

    .......so, I actually think Arthur has made a valid contribution to our lives.
    And the business with IMG...I wouldn't write to them, if anything it would get them excited about him.
    You know, a part of me actually likes the cunt....

  22. I think the local athlete was GN Kang of the Phildelphia Underpants Football League. Shes finally getting fed up with the nonsense, talks some shit to him and this was his way of calling her out. If it was a real athlete, why wouldnt he include the name. When does he EVER pass up an opportunity to name drop, and twist some negative comment into praise. i smell trouble in paradise.

  23. At italian festival. My fellow italain looking people
    about 18 hours ago from UberTwitter

    No Arthur, you do not look Italian, or Greek, and those people look Italian because they are Italian.

    There is nothing wrong with looking ethnic Russian/Jewish. People would respect you a little bit more if you didn't hate yourself so much. Dick mitten.

  24. @ Hangin'
    That has to be a medical condition, right? I have never seen more oily skin in my life and I was chef. I had this kid that worked for me and he was like 6'4" 280lbs and even in the middle of July when it was like 120 in the kitchen he never looked like that. It looks like he was in the KY wrestling scene in Old School. KY Kade coming to get you greasy.

  25. Zombie Kade here.

    Ugh, this tiresome bag of shit is wearing me down.

    From the greaseglob head video: "walking the schtreets, out on the schtreets".... more sad evidence that the "speech coach" is stealing money from anteater face. And that imbecilic "rhyme", oooh makes him sound so "schtreet wise". Gads, this chimp makes three rhymes in a row and puts the "I made a poopie" face on his heinous mug like some two year old being toilet trained.

    This bonesmoking lobotomite claims to be an effective speaker in front of hundreds if not thousands of people?!!!!???. Yeah right- the first few rows would look like a gallagher show with the people cringing under plastic sheeting, so as not to be coated with dick boy's hurled slobber.

    Further on- king jackass spews "My man, Denzel."

    Yeah, Denzel wants to completely flush any idea that he's a cool person by getting kade rash all over him.

    Tool tool tool, fucking idiot tool. Droning asinine yammer, subliterate fucking ape.

    Etc. etc. etc.

  26. It bugs the fuck out of me that he refers to people as "my man."

    You don't do that at all if you don't know a person. "My man Denzel?" Such a joke.

  27. O.k, so J, we got KY, Kanola kade and wait for it......KFC (KadeFC) Haha.

  28. Don't forget we need acronyms for bad breath, jew fro, cracked lips and chewed nails.

  29. @J Bone and Hangin'

    Out of curiosity I looked up "accutane greasy skin" and evidentaly when you stop taking it you can become a grease swamp. When you are taking it, it is like the happy fun ball of medications. (and for the first few weeks your face turns red, your acne triples, your lips crack) If it doesn't shut down your organs, give you a stroke or heart attack, make you suicidal, or cause psychosis -- it can cause hair loss. Hummm...

  30. Hey Artee! You know, it's been days since I have been here (some of us have real lives, Arthur)... and Arthur you should know: you are getting really, REALLY boring. No really. I log on to see what's new, and the only things I have to look forward to are the Legowig commentary and the regular's comments. I just read the summary and scroll right to the comments, because every entry you write is the same damn boring crap, and the Legowig summary and comments are WAY more interesting. You're losing it Arthur. Yawn, yawn, yawn. Time to think of a new trick, monkey. Ask the organ grinder. Maybe she's got something else for ya'.

    To the Legowig crew & the regular commenters - thanks! You guys rule.

  31. @Amused...

    Do you know what it's like to have to read his shit to be able to write those intros??? I'm getting dumber every day.

  32. @MC 900 -- I can only imagine. You and the team at Legowig are doing the Lord's work, and when Arthur the Douche and his sycophant crew get their comeuppance, it will be in no small part to your efforts.

    Keep up the fantastic work! :-)

  33. props to MC and the crew for having greater strength than most of us.

    I too have become a skimmer over his posts and somedays I just read the intro and comments and skip all Kade's shit.

  34. second vid - Kade needs his face blotted with a piece of linnen and then we will have the shroud of Kade.