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Dickbag says a lot about nothing as far as I could tell. Really, I get to a point where reading the entire thing or just the first sentence means nothing to the level of my comprehension.

Before you read, we'd like to point something out. Arthur claims below that the Philadelphia Inquirer is "one of the most well-known newspapers in the world." Doesn't he realize that his exaggerations can be disputed? 

First, the newspaper is ranked #20 in terms of circulation in the United States. View list here.
Secondly, it is not even in the top 100 newspapers in the WORLD in terms of circulation. View list here.
Why does Kade think he can get away with this constant exagerations? He'd also be well-served to buy a dictionary, because we fail to see how the words "pariah" and "boorish" come off as compliments.

Deluded stupidity from the cock gobbling asshole, Arthur Kadyshes...

Obviously when you are a growing international Brand and phenomenon like Arthur Kade, the announcement of a TV “Dev Deal” with an “Entertainment Powerhouse” like IMG Media is going to garner press and attention amongst all National Media. I was just informed that The Celebrity and Media Journalist for the largest and most powerful newspaper in Philadelphia (And one of the most well-known newspapers in the world), The Philadelphia Inquirer, Michael Klein, wrote an article on the “Dev Deal”, although I think it’s funny that certain assumptions have been made as to the style and concept of what is being developed by my PowerHouse Partnership with IMG Media. I will say that the TV show being developed is the most unique and cool concept ever brought to TV, and I know that executives in “The Biz” are licking their chops as to who will get the ability to work work with us on creating the number 1 TV show in the US, maybe even in the world.
In the meantime, I just finished an amazing development call with my team, and things are moving very briskly much like “The Journey”, and to top it all off, I also just received an email that I have been specifically asked by the writer of a pilot I sent my stuff in for to audition for a principal role despite them having already conducted their initial auditions for the show, which means they liked my look and resume so much (Or they just know the star power I bring to the production) that they want The Brand to get a chance to showcase it’s talent. This is obviously a sign that I am now moving up the ladder to where I may be able to bypass the first audition for projects and eventually move into an area where I am now just being requested through Team Kade to work on projects like other Huge acting peers like Christian Bale and Robert Downey Jr.
The one thing that I was really thinking about today is that the area of my major success so far has been TV shows, and that is my career going to take more of a “George Clooney-ish” path (He started on soap operas and then ER before becoming a movie star) where I am going to be more of a TV star and heartthrob initially before breaking into movies, and how that is different from what I envisioned. Either way, the speed at which I have elevated myself through “The Biz” is unprecedented, and I guess I have to just roll with the punches, “Kade Style”.
Now I am off to the Phillies first playoff game where I know they will want my support since I know some of them, and then back for Mike Lemon’s acting class. Here is what Michael Klein from the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote about the “Dev Deal” with IMG Media:

“Arthur Kade is going places?

Entertainment powerhouse IMG Media says it is developing a reality-TV project based on the life of Center City’s Arthur Kade, who’s become a Web pariah as a boorish self-promoter hell-bent on achieving fame. (Is it an act or for real?) Kade and IMG declined to elaborate.”
“You asked J-Tim to write you a symphony, but you already know Arthur Kade is Mozart”…Arthur Kade…10/07/09


  1. shit she disappearedOctober 7, 2009 at 11:35 AM

    Quick question: does Artzits always looks like Kade Y Jelly because he oozes enough grease to keep an Astroglide in business or he always lubed up in case he has a chance to take a Philly ten incher at a bathroom stall?

  2. LOL "Dickbag" Ha.

    and Mr. Shit, always a good laugh when you post.

  3. It makes sense to me (now) that Kade sees these website articles and mentions in newspapers as being so big because of his poor childhood, of having almost nothing and of dreaming to one day be rich and famous. He's trying to live out those childhood dreams, trying to "shoot for the stars" (and all that other motivational speaker bullshit). That, and the years of therapy, taking negative comments that come his way and either ignoring them completely or spinning them into positive ones. It sucks that he can't be less egotistical about it and more of a realist, because he might not have turned out to be such a bad guy.

  4. shit she disappearedOctober 7, 2009 at 12:18 PM


    Right back at you my friend. If only I had the time to post a little more often than I do. I will clear my schedule to comment when the inevitable meltdown of the Kade Y Jelly factory happens in 2.302 months (if only it were coming that soon).

  5. I know Artie and the rest of his crew probably don't give two shits about the game, but anything to make the afterparty more of a downer....

    So, GO ROCKIES!!!

  6. I hope someone at the game can explain the rules to butternuts.

  7. So is this article saying that IMG said it? Or that ARTHUR KADE said it? Is that the whole "article" (that blurb) or is there more to it...anyone know?

    If IMG refused to comment, then how did they get the comment about the dev deal? And since when would Kade not comment? He'd tell the whole story to anyone in "The Biz" complete with exaggerations to this #1 show.

  8. Do you think his Dev deal is a live action sitcom for the "greesed up Deaf Guy" character on Family Guy?

  9. more or less anonymousOctober 7, 2009 at 1:27 PM

    @ brasco, IMG probably won't allow Kade to comment. In case it doesn't work out, or they change their minds about how they want it to go...plus they want to control all of the media/buzz (like a lone fly in an empty auditorium).

    The guy at the inquirer probably found out about it from a press release but they refused to say anymore about it when he asked. All quite dull as usual when something is connected to Kade.

  10. Here is the full inquirer article. (link in my name)

  11. I’ve made this point before, but I feel it’s worth repeating. “Lispy McSlobberfuck” looks and acts like he does mostly from excessive cocaine use and ingesting whatever vomit restaurant personal spike his meals with. I can’t prove the cocaine abuse (it does answer a lot of questions though) but I can guarantee that his food is being fucked with in ways too horrible to imagine. Many posters have alluded to this; some have blatantly stated the fact. For the unenlightened, when you treat restaurant staff poorly, fail to tip well, aggravate them in any way or maybe they just don’t like you, they tend to extract revenge in a discrete yet terrifying manner. Anyone who has worked at a food service establishment knows (and shudders at the thought of) this to be true. Only fools can’t see the reality of this. I’ve never understood how any policeman would trust eating out while in uniform. It’s begging for trouble. Can you imagine (most can’t, or don’t want to) what this rude, pretentious, obnoxious, unsightly pickle huffer is consuming with his meal? And he makes it easy with all the sauce covering unrecognizable shit he orders. What’s for dinner? Enjoy!

  12. more or less anonymousOctober 7, 2009 at 1:39 PM

    I take it back, I can't find a press release about it on IMG's site, so the journalist must have called them. Maybe one of Arthur's 'team' gave the guy a 'tip' to check it out. That would also explain why it took up so little space in the article. Nothing much is actually happening.

  13. Just a thought, does Kego know what’s happening to his food and post pictures of it as ‘evidence’ in case he gets seriously ill or dies? Maybe as a deterrent against saboteurs? We know he doesn’t mind a little smegma in his mouth, but who knows what he’s found, or tasted or at least suspected. Drive thru's can be especially risky. I’ve seen (or heard about) Band-Aids, dental floss, mop strings, sponge, toe nail, bugs, etc. and the fact that the human body produces over 1000 unique body fluids…alright, I’ll stop. Explains a lot though, doesn’t it?
    His pillow must look and smell like…lets just say it could replace water boarding as a torture method.

  14. what a faggot. i hope he dies in a fire.

  15. Doesn't the Philly article mention Cockroaches? If you follow the link to the article, the author has his email address, I just dropped him a line to end the Arthur Kade nonsense in his paper! It's more appropriate in the Daily News, not "the largest and most powerful paper in the world".

  16. TattooedLunaChic/VegasGrrlOctober 7, 2009 at 3:15 PM

    But isn't being in a reality show kind of like being a whore? Sure, the money and lifestyle might be great (if you're a high class whore as opposed to a crack-whore), but at the end of the day, you feel kind of lonely and used up?

    You just can't buy respect and true character....

  17. I think the writer of the story in the "Greatest newspaper in the world", or whatever the feck kadeball said, should be slapped. Of COURSE IMG declined comment because the receptionist who answers the phone won't say shit. And Kade never answers his phone. So... there you have it. All the info in the couple of lines was exactly what has been in the toilet roll from kadeball. I think Klein got a BJ from GN to fart a few words about her boy. Man, she must love Vienna sausage.

  18. LOL, this site says Kade only wears size 11.5 shoes... http://www.jsmodels.net/portfolio.html (on right side, halfway down). remember when he was saying he could've been a basketball player? lol. he wears a completely normal shoe size. probably has a tiny penis as well. what a fucking joke.

    rofl rofl rofl http://www.jsmodels.net/portfolio.html

  19. And I'll bet he stuffs the toe. Of course he has a tiny penis. Men who have been "blessed" have no need to pull the "look at me! look at me!" shit he does. They don't talk about sex, conquests, 9's, 10's, or materialism. AK is a douchebag's DOUCHEBAG!

  20. I think someone should nominate him for an episode of Intervention on A&E. He's really going off the deep end here. Something tells me he would never suspect what it actually was. Even after reading/signing a release, he'd believe they were doing a documentary about his AMAZING life. His reaction would be epic, and who knows, maybe rehab could succeed in de-douchifying him somewhat. (I am feeling optimistic today.)

  21. @ anon 5:19. man Arthur getting hoodwinked on Intervention would be EPIC

  22. @ tatooed luna chick, that is pretty much exactly what I said to Arthur on his site. (not that he reads it) I said that if he wants an Oscar, the academy is likely to look down on him prostituting himself in a reality show.

    Reality shows are for wanna-be's and has-beens. (though some of the talent competitions are good for getting you places -- a show on being the biggest douchebag in Philly simply lets a wider audience know how much of a fool you are and little more)

  23. Allergic to DoucheOctober 7, 2009 at 8:52 PM

    @ Anonymous - dear lord, not a single real fashion model on that whole site. Looks very high quality and "international" - right up Artie's alley. :|

  24. Arthur will not be happy until he can suck his own penis, or stretch it long enough to stuff up his own asshole. At least that's what his mom told me when I was stuffing her pussy with a petrified rhino cock lubed with ostrich saliva that has been blessed twice by a satanic shamen.

  25. I swear to God, if he gets a fucking television show I'm going to fly back to Philadelphia (I'm from the area and have many friends who live there), hunt him down, and run him over. I swear, I'm busting my ass in classes five, six days a week, trying desperately to find a job that'll allow me to audition while paying the bills in the worst economy in seventy years, and living in a cockroach infected apartment, and he's just going to get handed a show? I swear, maybe I should make up obnoxious shit on my blog, post retarded videos, and become a "web pariah". I guess I should just be a huge ass. At least then people would visit the blog and I'd get ad dollars. This guy irritates me more and more every day.


  26. I actually wrote an entire blog post about Kade; that's how irritated I am right now!

  27. @ Struggling actor, he won't have a show YOU would want unless you want to be seen as a joke for the rest of your life. You are doing exactly what he *should* be doing, and in the end you will have a resume you are proud of that will get you respect. He will only get respect from the people who think fame for fame's sake is cool. The Jerry Springer crowd.

    If you don't mind endless abuse and thousands of people hating you...do what he has been doing. Being in LA is really hard. He is in the boonies acting wise. He gets attention, and fails to get a passing grade, from people who want to make commercials for the philly area. Woo hoo! If you want to make commercials, move somewhere else, but that is what you will be stuck doing.

    Kade isn't getting a show for his acting, he is *possibly* getting a show because he is an anomaly. He is made wrong. He is mentally ill. He has friends who keep pushing it. (people I wouldn't call friends at all) What I am saying is you really don't want what he has. As for ad dollars, he gets $9 a day. Check out the sitelogr.com page on his site by clicking on my name. Last week his site was #89,799. Today it is #174,471. He is hemoraging people looking at his site, they are no longer interested. Which means the show might not even happen.

    You don't want a deal with the devil like he has. Don't be jealous of him. I wouldn't take a single piece of his life, nor would anyone else here I don't think.

  28. Oh gawd, I just saw he tweeted that he is taking over kearth. It actually took me a while to comprehend. If he tries to touch anything of mine, I am going to slap him SOOOO hard! lol

  29. God....we, the citizens of planet Earth, do humbly beseech you to smite this asshole Arthur Kade.

    Please give him some nasty disease that disfigures him horribly, so that he will be castigated just as he castigates others. (And God -- please make sure there is no cure for this disease.)

    Please also afflict his reproductive capabilities, so that he cannot spawn. Extra points if you make his dick fall off.

    And when he dies, in his next life, please make him a cockroach, so that we can step on him and grind him into the pavement with the heel of our shoes.

    In this we beseech you, oh Lord....