The Art Of The Sell

Uggh. I really hate this cock gobbling cunt face. So, there's a guy on top of a subway entrance in Philly and this asshole can only talk about if he went over and talked this guy down it would give him "street cred" in "The Biz." And then he walks away without another thought, well, without another thought for the guy on top of the subway entrance. He of course talks and talks and talks about how great it would be if he saved the guy as he walks away. But, that's not what really disgusts me about the video (odds are the guy would get hurt more falling out of bed - the entrance isn't that high) it's that Cock Gobbler's salivary glands are working overtime. I'm going to vomit. What the rest of this post is about I don't really have any idea because the image of that maw filling up gobs and gobs and GOBS of spittle has seared my brain. More idiocy, spittle and delusion from the deluded one Arthur Kadyshes...

People who are amazing at sales like Arthur Kade, are born with a quality that most average Gen Poppers can never understand, and that is the ability to stand in front of a person or group and convey “Passion”, and make the Gen Pop want to follow you like a General leading an army. Most of the time you’re talking to someone, they don’t really care what you know about a subject, or how smart you sound, they care about whether you believe in the cause, and are willing to see it through, even if it means death. That is why people around the world are in love with “The Journey”, because they see a man who has bet it all on himself, and is willing to die for his cause, and people connect, support, and rally around Arthur Kade because he represents everything that is inherently good about Democracy, and the American Way. I am a global symbol of freedom, risk, and the fight for justice, and people want a “Real Life Superman” to believe in, and that’s what I represent.
That “Passion”, and “Belief” is what made me the best at what I did as a financial advisor, and also what makes hot girls gravitate to me, and hang on every word I say, because they listen to my words, and feel like they are hearing a speech and want to support the cause. That passion can be delivered in so many different ways, and the key to any sale (Sexual or Business) is figuring out the personality of your opponent, and matching the message to their style. In the end, though, people want to believe that you will stick by them at any cost (With most girls, they realize that if you’re the “Shit” like me and my friends, that chances are that you are not going to stick around past a couple dates, but it’s the belief in knowing that you have not been totally vamboozled ((Courtesy of Malcolm X)) and the slight chance that the guy liked you), and that every word out of your mouth has purpose. This is why I am a well-known orator and many times I will listen to Journey’s “Separate Ways” to get pumped up, “Kade Style for a speech.
I thought about “The Sale” while working with Sharon today on my dialogue for class tomorrow (I picked the scene from Entourage with E proposing to Sloane) because that scene is a contrast of 2 ways he tried to sell her on what we “Social Ballers” call “The Dream”. When he first took her to the restaurant in Malibu to try and propose, it was a very level headed Business Like approach that came off more like a meeting with a financial planner than a romantic rendezvous (I have found that approach to work well with hotties in the corporate world because they look at sex like the closing of a deal, and if you get too emotional then it is a sign of weakness) . She couldn’t trust him because he had left her before, and she felt unsafe (I had this with one of my relationships where i would constantly get pissed off at the girl and just leave, and finally she told me, “If you walk out that door, then it’s over!!”, but that was when I learned that once you break that trust with a girl, it’s near impossible to get it back.
Once he finally pulled the car over and showed her that he really cared and would commit, it was the first time that she felt Safe again, and could believe in him. In the end, the art of the sale is making people believe in your message, then making them feel safe, and then the world is your oyster. In my session with Sharon, we did 2 improvs (The first one being around passion, and the second a much more business-like approach) towards Sloane), and that got me into perfect character for the dialogue. This is why I spoke at National Conferences and on TV for my Old company, and why I would make a masterful politician and actor (People in “The Biz” always say how passionate my eyes and looks are, and how I have a certain “Old Paris Poet” quality that shines through in my speech), because I can deliver the same message and get the same result many different ways. These are the innate qualities that cause people in “The Biz” to sometimes compare me to Marlon Brando, because I do things a very unorthodox way, have an uncommon sexual speech pattern, and come off as a bad boy, but in the end we are both irresistible on screen.
“Arthur Kade doesn’t drop bombs. He is a Nuclear Weapon”…Arthur Kade…10/06/09
Here are the videos from today with Sharon, and a video of a man who was on top of the Subway threatening to jump, and me considering being a hero (’The Journey” is already making me a theoretical global icon, but the chance to show the world how dedicated I am to Human Kind and that would have totally given me more Street Cred in “The Biz”) and saving him.


  1. First vid there is cum dripping out of his mouth.

  2. The first video almost made me throw up with all the spit in his mouth. Doesn't he watch these videos before he posts them?

    Everyone of his "characters" is him talking a bit slower and opening his eyes wider (deer caught in headlights look). Man he sucks at acting.

  3. Speaking as a medical man I can clearly see that Arthur's tongue is too big for his mouth (erectus longevicus sputumus cuntus tongue) and subsequently there is a build up of spittler. I agree it looks ghastly and is quite irritating.
    Though unwelcome in conversation, I would imagine the excess sputum would more easily facilitate the early stages of cunnilingus, before the vagina juices were fully flowing. Arthur would be able to leisurely cover the vulva, pudendum, clitoris, outer and inner lips and also the anus aperture with a workable amount of spittle and thereby stimulate the sexual abdomina in a pleasurable way. Once the lady's flange batter was flowing, of course, the build up of spittle and juices might prove overwhelming and this may be the point where Arthur should introduce his jew's cock into the sodden snatch - or glistening anus. Batter and sputum make a wonderful lubricant and Arthur could have the lady's anus gaping in no time, probably.

  4. english gentleman, just wondering- you have any relation to the Sex Doctor on arthurs site?

  5. For fuck's sake...that video was revolting. I turned it off at the first sign of all that spit. Fucking disgusting.

  6. TattooedLunaChic/VegasGrrlOctober 7, 2009 at 7:03 AM

    Ok, that first video just made my stomach turn.
    That wad of spit was so fuckin' nasty! OMG Artie, don't you even watch your videos before you post them?
    Gross, gross, gross!!!!

    Yeah Artie, that's really attractive!

  7. Those were some of the worst "acting" videos he has ever posted. That is his craft? Just talking with little vocal inflection? That's how he wants to impress people?

    IMG have a real mess on their hands if this is what they're choosing to work with. Does Arthur not realize that a dumb reality show like they're concocting will KILL any chance he thinks he has at winning an Oscar or an Emmy. I mean, we all know that's impossible in the first place... Totally 100% impossible. But it's what he wants, what he's going after and what he thinks he will get, so how does a dumb reality show factor into the acclaim he thinks he has? I can't recall The Hills, Tila Tequila, I Love New York, or any of the other horrible shows out there being Emmy worthy. He thinks this is going to be different?

  8. trust me, the homeless people that hang in City Hall courtyard have more talent and less hygiene problems than Arthur Kade. The dude was probably sitting up there to get away from the nasty fromunda cheese coming out of douchey's mouth.

    why would anyone post that?? is that that far gone and that delusional to think that we can't see it?? holy christ he is getting scary.......

  9. I love that this idiot came along!

    I mean, one can rely on him to make us laugh every fucking day. And it is always funny (in a tragic sort of way). And it's free. I can't think of a better deal...

    I think that we should all pause and think about how Arthur Kadyshes has enriched our everyday reality.
    I know it's strange to use his name and reality in the same sentence.

    To Arthur!

  10. Puked on my keyboard.

  11. "...is willing to die for his cause..."

    *fingers crossed*

    Die cuntface

  12. In that first video, he had to have just finished giving a blowjob and wasn't done swallowing. What a mouthful of cum. Gross!

  13. repulsive man. absolutely repulsive.


    his twitter feed is really telling; who responds to people that obviously are fucking with him and who hate him?

    he's a sick human

  14. @The Entity...

    There's no such thing as a free lunch. That being said I spend too much time fucking with this guy for it to be 'free.' My time is worth SOMETHING after all. I hate that I do this, but I can't help trying to punch through his stupidity. Never seems to work though. Can't wait for him to fail and fail horribly and spectacularly. He'll end up like an original 'reality' TV star I once saw... Montana from The Real World. Saw her in a diner in NYC and thought, "Why do I know her?" she saw me looking and got a smug little smile on her face. When I realized how I knew her I smiled and laughed to myself as I walked away shaking my head. Really burst her bubble.

  15. Improv notes:

    "Passionate" does not equal "desperate and whiny". Also, I didn't believe your "I love you" at the open. Bzzt.


    Wait, what? You just did the same fucking monologr, using many of the same fucking words, in the same fucking speech pattern, and with the same fucking desperate, whiny, monotonal speech pattern?


  16. RE: The Actual Scene

    Jesus H. Fucking Christ on a carousel; give me the goddamn script and put me in front of a camera RIGHT NOW, with NO prep, and I could do better.

    Any concept of what your character is saying? Any idea what the important thoughts behind the words are? The words and sentence you should be emphasizing? The rhythm? The pace? The looks to her, looks away?

    No? OK, just checking.

  17. R U a hater? He wrote that to some guy who sent him one tweet and one tweet only and it was: Looser

    I am surprised he has been playing along with AKZlist for this long. Zlist tweets abuse at him *all-day-long*. Which is funny. (but kinda sad for AKZlist ... keep up the good work buddy!)

    Has anyone else been getting super bored with the whole thing? It seems like things are winding down, or plummeting. By the time the reality show deal rolls around, will anyone care? And if no one cares anymore, will the reality show happen?

  18. ........I am not responsible for the 'Sex Doctor's' posts on Arthur's site....though I have to say I did read them and I certainly learnt alot about the craft of lovemaking. I can now find the G spot and give any young lady a right good fanny mauling. I've even, once or twice, been known to include analingus in my filth repertoire. Special attention needs to be addressed to the area between the cunt and the arsehole....and I don't mean when Arthur's standing next to GN Kang.
    On the subject of the reality show, I hope it comes off and they show it in England....oh, I'm sure someone will put it on utube.
    He's a bit of a one trick pony though, how far can you go with being the biggest cunt? And would I be comfortable watching someone clearly deluded, with a mental illness, being filmed? Of course I would....the more retarded the better

  19. more or less anonymousOctober 7, 2009 at 1:12 PM

    Legowski, you hit everything on the head regarding his acting, of course. He is so totally clueless. He has no comprehension of what acting actually IS. I am not an actor, but I get the idea very clearly. In 2 weeks I would be a better actor than he is, I guarantee it. His acting is so bad it is not even funny bad, it is just non existent.

    I also think that Sharon should be feeling guilt over continuing classes with him, as should his therapist feel guilt for taking pay for sessions where nothing is being done, obviously. I know there is no 'cure' for NPD, but the therapist should be getting Arthur to comprehend that his attitude, bragging, lack of connection with reality, and misogyny is bringing a lot of negativity into Artie's life and man is it showing. He really looks like shit compared to when he started this farce. And his friends, where are they? They film him with that gunk in his mouth (I seriously can't handle seeing that) and while he is making a total fool of himself. They must live vapid lives. Anything, just so it entertains them for a while. What a horrible life he lives. I don't feel sorry for him, I am just glad as hell that isn't me.

  20. I was so floored by the white stuff moving around in his mouth that I almost didn't notice how stiff and greasy his hair is today. Apparently bathing is a Gen Pop thing that AK 4.7 has left behind.

  21. Thats not spit its the Holy Spirit !!

    yes it does get boring with time, but every time i begin to think that something specially rediculous gets posted and delivers the laughs

    i think the last one was the "logos" with the mens-room symbol on it
    and before that it was the picture of kaids standing in the back
    its only a matter of time and a little more before kade fades into nothingness... the way it should be

    anyways i get rid of my negative feelings after reading his blog, so im unusually nice to everyone else

  22. He knows he can't act, he just wants to get on TV. Once a network picks him up all that spit can be digitally removed