Kade's borrowed sunglasses belong to...

None other than GN Kang. Kade's chief enabler, "Chio in the Morning" sycophant, as well as underwear football player. How do we know this for a fact?

Check out this screen grab, from Kade's latest Youtube video, emailed by a reader of this blog.

That's GN Kang, people. Right there taking the video of Kade at brunch the other day. Apparently she loves torpedoing her own career (playing football in underwear was only the start of her becoming a laughingstock).

What kind of respectable, normal woman would hang out with Kade? Seriously.

Thansk to the reader who emailed this in!


  1. My original opinion of Lindsay J. Furman was that she was pretty hot. Now after following Kade for these 7.0134 months I have to say she is a disgusting vile woman because of the asshole she hangs around with.

  2. MC 900 foot douche, have you ever met these people?

  3. Is Lindsay Furman the other girl in the picture?

  4. AKZList said:

    "Arthur, only women and fags go to lunch as often as you do, so unless you have a vagina..."

    He's a fag.

  5. @Anon 4:30pm...

    I actually wrote "brunch." No man goes to brunch as much as this dick does. Though, if we do, we don't brag about it like a woman.

  6. @Anon 2:38pm...

    I have never met any of these people. I was basing my opinion of Lindsay on her appearance alone. Knowing she hangs with Kade enough to take him to her job (the Nicky Hilton b-day party) makes me think she is probably as bad as he is. This is all supposition on my part, but I'm going with it. I've found when people hang with douchebags there's a reason.

  7. look at those big fake fun bags! im glad that chink bitch got them, it really balances out that fucking pumpkin head of hers

  8. yeah ive seen kang filming his videos in the reflection before..

    but im just curious, absolutely not in who they are personally, but, what exactly is their major malfunction?

    i mean like when you see interveiws, on national geographic, with death-row inmate. even then sometimes you see a human thats made mistakes.
    when i see arthur a see some kind of foul inhuman curse