King Kang's Underwear Football game moved... to Reading, PA.

Hahahahahahaha, it looks like GN Kang's "career move" of playing football in underpants is going about as well as Kade's attempt at being a movie star. So the word has just gotten out and I was told by one of GN's "friends" (really more like a girl she just hangs out with here and there) that on account of generating so little interest, the underwear football team GN Kang plays for will be playing it's first game of the year in picturesque Reading, PA. You know, that big fancy city 65 miles from Philadelphia and 80 miles from NYC... yes, that Reading. The one between Birdsboro and Wolmensdorf.

The game was supposed to be played in Hempstead, Long Island... but the arena no longer had interest in carrying the game (insufficient ticket sales). Here is the listing for the game before: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=81122028203 . Here is an article that refers to the game being moved to good ol' Reading: http://wfmz.com/view/?id=1278092 .
As if it wasn't already bad enough that GN's "home" games are in Trenton, NJ! So now, my source says (while talking shit about Kadyshes and Kang) the NY/Philly underwear football matchup wasn't selling tickets so they'll play in Reading, give away as many free or low-price tickets as possible--if anyone even wants to come--and hope they can salvage Reading, PA as a home venue for the NY team.... makes no sense, but it's true. So many venues in NYC area and not one venue wanted a piece of this shitshow.

I wonder if all the Jersey "fans" of the Passion will buy up all the tickets to this so they can give the Passion a good cheering section... oh wait, they have no fans and sold like no tickets. So that's not a problem.

For those of you who want directions so you can go see GN play football in her undies, here is a map. Zoom out so you can really get an idea of the distance we're talking about here...

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  1. Holy shit she listed it on her LinkedIn.

    What a LOSER

  2. More or less anonymousOctober 5, 2009 at 8:45 PM

    I think being an 'escort' has more class than being in a frilly undie football league. One is a job and the other shows lack of self-respect and desperation.

  3. They are both SUCH PATHETIC LOSERS...

  4. Man, this is just madly satisfying. Sorry your underwear football league isn't working out GN! Keep making your parents proud, missy!

  5. How sad, a bunch of washed up cheerleaders have to get on a bus and go to the middle of nowhere to play football in front of 50 perverts in their underwear.

  6. Without exception, well, except your native place names like big dick running horse the cunter, all your place names are from England. Strange how this tiny little Island could conquer your massive country and impose upon it whatever we wanted. Of course, in the 18th c', you all got a bit belligerent and so we left you to it...and just look at the cunting mess you've made of it....a right fucking shitcart of a country. I'd never say so though, I'm a gentleman and as such I'm always polite to strangers - however moronic and retarded Americans are I will always say, 'hello, how are you? What line of country are you in?'....and suchforth

  7. Zombie kade here-

    E.G., your opinions are interesting to say the least, and I would gladly like to exchange some ideas with you, as thankfully we can read what you've written instead of having to look at the horrid dentistry found in your face.

    Oh, and how's this: Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Detroit, Butte, Boise, Toledo, Troy, New Orleans, Denver, Baton Rouge, Phoenix, Memphis.... not an English or Native American name in the bunch, spotted dick eater. So put that in your bubble and squeak and smoke it.

    But please, can we put aside our differences and unite in the one true thing that brought us here? That is, the fervent belief that artie kadyshes is a blight upon the planet, and needs to mocked into a sullen silence?

  8. more or less anonymousOctober 6, 2009 at 3:22 PM

    @English gent, the reason the names are mostly English towns/cities on the *east coast* is because the English people who moved there to get away from the English government/monarchy/church named their settlements after where they had come from.

    England, a place I used to love dearly, has become a scary and unpleasant place between kids killing people for no reason, fighting and barf on the pavement in every city center Friday and Saturday nights, elf and safety, cctv's, race wars, hate speech laws, fort-nightly rubbish pick-up, more scammers per capita than the US and no laws to stop them, the idiot Archbishop of Canterbury, Oasis, every government official fiddling the books, etc. etc. 'Glass houses' my friend.