Kade comic.

The fucker will probably copy it to his site and then claim that a "fan" sent it to him. Fuck you, Kadehole.
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On his perch of Loserdom.

One of the good things about hating on Kade for this long is that there are still people out there who will show the rest of us just what a failure he really is. Take, for instance, the links to a picture gallery posted by Mark Z. in the horrendously titled post, "The Arthur Kade Center For Hotties That Don’t Sex Good." Hey Fuckster, he was a character in a movie created specifically to make fun of moron jackasses like yourself. Trying to build off of that makes you a sad, sad specimen.
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Best Kade blog quotes (part 1)

This is going to be a LONG post, so have some spare time set aside...

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