Kade comic.

The fucker will probably copy it to his site and then claim that a "fan" sent it to him. Fuck you, Kadehole.


  1. is this based on one of kade's past videos? (i haven't watched one in a pretty long time)

    if so, link?

  2. A Woman's View on Arthur Kade


  3. @legowig
    you truly could be one of the saddest individuals on the planet. just when i thought arthur had that role locked down, i come here after a few months just to see if AK's site and this one finally went defunct and i see your OBSESSION with him still looms large. what could possibly possess you to give 2 shits about one of the worlds biggest tools is beyond me. well, not really. i know in some way you feel slighted by arthur, b/c you think he lumps you into the GenPop, and thinks he's better than you. But for god's sake, it's a delusional idiot writing a blog!! have some self esteem you LOSER!

  4. Its looks like McSlobberfuck turned off the comments section on his site.

  5. @ Anon 7:30 AM -- It's not the same guys running the site as it was in the summer and fall. Those guys bailed months ago and distributed the passwords for other people to run the site. Hence no new juicy details like Fin Face's tax records or his parents/enablers' court documents and so forth. The guy who had the hook up with the tipsters lost interest months ago.

    All that's happening now is some new guy is keeping the site up to keep some records for when Kade finally goes insane and kills someone after realizing his failure.

    Even Kent Osborn stopped posting when he realized that Arthur Kade isn't just kidding or creating a character, he's actually bat shit insane, mixed with a side order of just being fucking stupid.

  6. Im pretty sure anon 7:30 has copied and pasted that same exact message over the course of several months. Talk about obsessions.

    Anyways its nice to see the attention is starting to wane. In a few months i imagine no one will be paying attention at all. Not too shabby

  7. I don't even keep tabs on Kade's blog anymore, but I read here a few times a week, to see if Arthur has killed himself yet. I haven't noticed that comment before, but I think it's off base. The original Lego Wig Kade guy got the site up and running and brought in others to help specifically because he wasn't interested enough to keep it going or post daily. He just wanted to post all the comments that Kade wouldn't allow at his blog. So when this site got up and running, the truth about Kadyshes came out--the fact he was ignored in HS, the fact he lies about everything, the story about going to a "buddy's" restaurant and signing a menu, but the "buddy" then mailed the menu back to him, the truth of his living situation, the truth about the Nontourage, the arrest records of his dad and step mom, etc etc.

    Most people are only interested in Kade for a while--just long enough til they can find out the truth. It's like a car accident, when you're driving past it you can't help but stare for a while, but after you're a few miles down the road, you've already forgotten. When people figure out that Kade is a) lying b) a petty tax cheat c) has weird living situations and d) comes from a poor family with a history of petty crime, well that's all you need to know.

    I can't wait until Kade hangs himself. I'm sure that's why others check back as well.

  8. @da ni99a
    you have proven yourself to be one of the biggest morons on the planet in 99% of your posts. so i shouldn't even dignify your comment with a response. however, i fear that you, just like arthur, mmight continue on in the world thinking you're a normal respectable human being, all the while not realizing what a dipshit you are. so i'd like to point out that there are multiple people who feel this way about legowig and the commenters on AK's site. your pea-sized brain has you convinced that there is only one person making these comments, and therefore that person must be obsessed.

  9. Hey Anonymous, give it up. You claim to come here "after a couple months" as if you're different that everyone else, but you're obviously lying because you responded to da ni99a after a couple days. Ha ha, give it up, fellow LOSER! You're just as obsessed, there's only one of you....and it's you!

  10. Anon. 7:30 a.m. and various others who post their uptight and self-righteous opinions have what could be referred to as 'Chad' syndrome. Their hypocrisy reigns supreme. Sad little man.

  11. @Anon 7:27

    If you have a problem with da ni99a you have a problem with all of us. Also, you DID copy and paste from legowig's last post. I noticed it immediately too.

    "i'd like to point out that there are multiple people who feel this way about legowig and the commenters on AK's site" Is there a third site where comments about the other two sites take place. DO TELL!

    If you don't like Legowig, it is easy to ignore. So do.