More fan art.

I apologize to those who emailed these a few days ago; I have been one busy Wigger. Nonetheless, I present to the Kade Haters some good submissions. After all, we're here for a laugh or two, right? Exactly.

(Thanks to RR and DK for the Balls Ass Hot pictures.)

Also, we've sent an email to the people who do casting for the TV series "Bored to death" regarding Kade taking pictures on set (something that extras are not supposed to do). In this case, however, we've emailed them because Kade took a picture of a topless woman on set...and posted it on his blog. Yeah, it doesn't get much dumber than that...well, aside from calling Jason Schwartzman an "up and coming actor."
Stay tuned for more "I can't believe he would say/do/type/film that" Kade Style content!


  1. I did the multi-arrow picture as a sorta joke on myself about the first arrow picture I did (finding him at the back of the Nicky Hilton party). I really laughed at the Kadestyle picture though. Kade with girl hair and a girl bodies is hysterical because he is such an ugly female -- and a barely tolerable male. As an ex-art student I would critique "Kadestyle" by saying that the picture is a metaphor for Kade's narcissistic world view. (or using a new word I came across today, his 'Solipsism')

    Radda Radda

  2. It's like that scene in Being John Malkovich when he goes down the slide into his own head.

  3. Hell Yeah! I wasnt sure if my KADE STYLE picture had been received. Hahaha. I spent some quality work time on that!