Different Looks A Disgusting Pig Receives From Imaginary Women

If the post below doesn't make you want to vomit, I don't know what else will:

I find it amazingly funny how girls react after someone of my caliber has hooked up with or slept with them, and why there has to be weirdness when you didn’t take them seriously after it. I ran into a girl yesterday who I had hooked up with (Did everything but sex, and she was a Philly 9.35 with a killer body and pretty face, but she was a “Dead Fish, so I decided to never experience round 2), and we talked for about 5 minutes, and it couldn’t have been weirder, or more awkward. I was telling my friend later while we were on our way to the gym, “It was actually hilarious because she just gave me the “”I hate that you’ve seen me naked”" look where she talks to you to be polite, but looks at you with total and utter disdain. Most girls who aren’t sluts take nakedness very seriously, so the fact that she knows that we almost had sex. and I never hung with her again is like a sword in her heart, and seeing Arthur Kade knowing that he almost totally had you, and is now developing a hit TV Show and authoring a NY Times Bestseller, and that she will never enjoy The Brand again must have killed her As we were walking I started think about all the different types of looks that can happen with girls that will cause weirdness in public, so here they are:
1) The “I hate that I slept with you” look: this is where you run into a girl in a club that you took down the first night you met her, and she is hoping to never see you again, but you end up seeing her in a VIP area, and you have another girl with you who is hotter than her that you introduce them. The girl will usually be cordial with you, but as soon as you walk away, she will say to her friends, “He sucked in bed anyway”.
2) The “I hate that you’re a celebrity now” look: this has been happening a lot to me because I have hooked up with what seems like half the known world, and have been an asshole to 99.8 percent of them. When I started “The Journey”, I’m sure all those girls became ultra-haters, and now that I am developing a TV Show with “Entertainment Powerhouse” IMG Media, becoming a rising acting star, and repped by Trident Media Group for my tremendous writing abilities which will make me a bestselling author, they want to jump off a roof. I always make sure to mention all of those things when I see them and watch them squirm
3) The “I can’t believe you slept with my friend/sister/roommate/mother” look: this one has happened to me many times, especially because Philly is a petri dish where everyone seems to get recycled, so it’s inevitable not to sleep with one of the above after you had been with the girl. The girl will usually come up to you angry and call you an asshole, but my cardinal rule in this situation is “Deny, Deny, Deny”. Usually this will pit them against each other, and you can go off and find another friend to take home.
4) The “I hate that I blew you” look: this one is my favorite because not every hot girl will give oral sex, so when a girl does, it gives elite men like Arthur Kade a certain power knowing that they had their penis in their mouth, and the girl knows it. It is especially worse because the girl stands there thinking, “I guarantee that he told all his friends that I blew him, and whether I swallowed. I hate him”. The girl will again be nice to your face, but when you walk away she will tell her friends, “He had a small penis anyway” to make her self look better.
5) The “I can’t believe I was with him and his girl in a threesome” look-this is where a girl that you only know because she participated in a threesome with you and a girl you were dating, and was REALLY never hoping to see you again, and then you see her in a club, and of course Arthur Kade will try to set up another threesome with her and another girl. Non-sluts will look at this as an insult, but I have convinced girls multiple times to participate again. Most girls hate people knowing that they do threesomes, so the best way to overcome this in public is bring it up to them in front of their friends and diffuse the situation or just get a good laugh.
6) The “You took me to dinner, and I thought we had great chemistry, but you never called me again” look: RUN…Just RUN.
“The measure of a man is not how much money you have, but it sure helps when you have a 10 in your Bentley”…Arthur Kade…10/23/09 (Who just wrote his 300th post!!)

Also please checkout the trailer for a movie that one of my fellow working actors (He is the one I did the Dave Mamet Scene from “Heist” with in Mike Lemon’s class) is starring in at Iamfimworks.com.
A picture one of my fans in Microsoft land of Kirkland, WA sent me wearing what looks like a homemade “Kade Out!” shirt showing how fans across the country love and copy my now celebrity “Kade-isms”

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Alternate Kadesistence - Holy Christ What Does That Even Mean?

One thing that disgusts us more than anything here at LegoWig is Arthur's utter disdain for regular, average people, aka the "Gen Pop." It's really quite sad to see someone whose life is a complete joke look down on the very people they'll count on to watch their movies one day (even though we KNOW for a fucking FACT that Kade will never, ever be in a movie or show that the mainstream public will see or pay money for, you get my point). Honestly folks, it should sicken you to the core that this scumbag thinks that just because people are not going after some insane dream, or are dedicated to raising a family and putting food on the table, that their lives are miserable. It's really shocking to see how far gone Arthur is, and how disgusting his opinion of anyone who's not him is.

Read on... the latest from the world's most vile person:

I just finished watching a tremendous movie with two of my favorite peers, Leo DiCaprio, and Kate Winslet (Who did an amazing job with the character of April, but they really made her look like a 5 with a HUGE gunt, horrible skin, and bad hair, and it made me think how the Gen Pop had sex in the 50’s because they didn’t even shave back then, and I couldn’t do it, or at the very least give effective oral sex), and all I could think about while watching an emotionless couple who was trapped by society, children, and money is that could have been Arthur Kade. It just makes you realize how many Gen Poppers live this life with little love, children that drive them nuts, and careers that make them suicidal, and this couple had a chance to do something and change it, and they chose not to because they were cowards. They were cowards in the sense that they depended on money, and lifestyle, and societal norms and they had the chance to change that and didn’t take it. I walk the street everyday like a conquering hero to fans around the world, and yet so few take my lead and pursue their slice of the cake.
I spent so many years in that same life working as a legendary successful financial advisor, sleeping with every hot creature that walked, and living life at the highest levels, and if I didn’t find the strength and courage to start “The Journey”, I wouldn’t be a growing celebrity and probably would have been suicidal right now with a girl I can’t stand. I have so much trouble understanding why people don’t want to be happy, and why people let themselves feel trapped married to a horrible wife, giving birth to kids they don’t want , and in the end they look back at their life and wonder what happened. The hardest thing to do is be happy, because it’s easier to be miserable and complain, but happiness takes a level of risking everything that most people don’t have the balls to do.
After 7.6811 months of “The Journey”, I’m on my way to creating a number 1 TV Show for a network, and writing a NY Times Bestseller (I had people tell me at ZBar that they can’t wait until my book comes out and I promise that it will be so balls ass hot and “Kade Style” that I am curious if the concept will potentially win me a Pulitzer, but I have to say it is beyond time consuming where I should be doing hit film acting), and all I could think about was that if I didn’t finally grow my set of balls, chuck my old life away, and create the Balls Ass sensation that has become the international celebrity many call The Brand, I would have been them. I have a house in the suburbs, had a great girlfriend 5 years ago in that house, we had a great google-eyed dog, and a great life, and almost everyday I would wake up and want to scream. I could see Kate Winslet’s face, and she was dying inside, and I remember feeling that way where you feel like you’re buried alive and you want so much more, but days go by, and Arthur Kade was dying.
“The Journey” has always been about finding little Oscar, and now I will also probably win an Emmy and become a great writer of our generation (I had an actor tell me, “You have no idea how many actors are jealous of what you’ve done”), but what it also was about was finding Arthur Kade inside of Arthur Kade, and letting him breathe. People have become fans of “The Journey” around the world not only because of who I am, but because I give them hope for a better tomorrow, and watching that movie reminded me of the alternate Kadesistence I could have had.
Here is a video of me working on my scene from David Mammet’s “Heist”, with Sharon. and Q and A coming soon..

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A Brief History of Kadyshes Facts

I'm providing this brief summary of The [Cocaine Enabled] Journey as a service to those of you who weren't around from the beginning or don't check in regularly. If you see any facts missing that I should include, post them in the comments and I'll add them in when I have time. In addition, feel free to link to this post or email this post to people who might be interested in our continuing expose of this pathetic cockgobbling moron.

Here, in no particular order, are the things newcomers need to know to get caught up:

- Arthur's real name is Arthur Kadyshes. He's an out-of-work former salesman of insurance products in the Philadelphia area.
- It is widely believed that Arthur Kadyshes is gay or at least unsure of his sexuality. People constantly allude to this in his comments section and there have been several hilarious photoshop pictures about it, such as this one:

- Arthur is fairly poorly educated. He writes poorly, can't spell, has no sense of humor or irony, and seemingly no sense of culture at all. This reflects poorly on his time at Temple U. Although I hate to bash a local school, I have to point out that it's not exactly an exclusive school.
- Arthur thinks he can/will become an international celebrity and movie star. To date, however, he has not had a single speaking role and none of the auditions he has done have come out positively for him. He has been relegated to low-paying "extra" work, the type that almost anyone can get. Kade likes to exaggerate and often claims that he is a "featured extra" -- whatever that means.
- Arthur's roommate Ron Hansen is somehow involved in enabling/encouraging Kadyshes, but we're not sure how. Ron seems to be a douchebag loser like Kade, but at least he doesn't blog about it and subject himself to ridicule directly. It appears Hansen lets Kade sleep in the den/home office of his 1 BR apartment.
- Arthur's biggest enabler by far is G.N. Kang, an unfunny, untalented wannabe who is a radio sidekick and plays football in her underpants on the side. She is visible in a lot of Kade's videos, including taping him. In other videos you can hear her laughing at Kade's stunts to encourage him. She's a trainwreck and I could say more, but I don't want to get too far off track when this is really about Arthur.
- Kade pretends he has high standards in women, but then hangs out with disgusting, overly-made-up, uncultured, uneducated, tacky women. In particular, Kade seems to like chubby girls with a "gunt" which he calls a "stomach-vagina connector bump" or something like that. For example, one of his bff's is Sabrina Strickland, who has a gunt. So Sabrina is the type of "hot Philly 9" that Kade hangs out with, but he thinks Angelina Jolie is not hot? Ha. Moron.
- Sabrina has a man's voice. Seriously. Here's a video link where you can check it out. Sabrina is the girl on the left with the gunt; the girl on the right with the hideous bangs and no class is the ever-worthless Kadyshes accomplice Lindsay J. Furman.
- Kade's acting and speech coaches have made little or no progress with him but have taken a lot of his money. I almost feel bad for Kade... almost.
- Kade grew up in poor circumstances in a low-class area of Philadelphia. His mom and dad apparently abandoned him and he was raised by his grandmother. If you watch the videos, especially the ones with his parents, you can tell that this has played a major role in forming who he is.
- A few local establishments have banned Douchebag Kade from entering. They deserve credit and referrals for doing so--we'll post an updated list when we know all the places that have banned Kade.
- Arthur's dad appears in a few videos. He appears visibly irritated or disgusted with Arthur and also seems to think it's weird that Arthur tapes routine/mundane things like standing in line at an Eagles game. Through various commenters, we have learned that Arthur's dad is/was a mysogynist and was taken to court for sexually harassing women.
- The name for this blog comes from a truly awful haircut that Kade's step mom gave him. Kade tried to claim that it looked like a model and that he liked it, but he was fiercely mocked on this site, his own site, and in real life, so he quickly got another haircut so he wouldn't look like a lego-wigged moron anymore. (It didn't fully work, because he looks like a moron no matter what haircut he gets.)

Will update more later......
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A Phone Call From Kade Nation

Some drunk college kids call Cock Gobbler and he does all kinds of stuff to his phone that is pretty gay considering they're MALE as they say things that are mainly unintelligible. More stupidity from Arthur Kadyshes... 

I get calls from fans around the world every day, and like most celebs, I choose to ignore them because I am busy trying to find Little Oscar, Ms. Emmy, and now The Pulitzer, but these guys from Wheaton College in Massachusetts were way to cute to resist. They actually called and after I hung up on them right away, they texted me telling me they were fans, and then called again. Once in a while, The Brand has to be a ruler “For the People” and show the Gen Pop I care.
Here is an amazing new article written about me on what is quickly becoming my own personal celebrity tabloid, Gawker, and the video of me taking the call from the guys at Wheaton:
“Arthur Kade is not a role model. He’s an artist who’s becoming a god”….Arthur Kade…10/22/09

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The Camera Effect

More of the same ol' same ol' from the VERY deluded cock gobbling idiot Arthur Kadyshes...

It is truly a study of watching the amazing change in people as they watch someone like Arthur Kade rise from the slums of welfare and almost poverty (Sometimes I would compare the hope that I give the Gen Pop to Jim Braddock in Cinderella Man), and becoming a future award winning actor (TV “Dev Deal” with IMG Media for Number 1 Show, Potential Pilot in the making, various short films, etc..) and acclaimed NY Times Bestselling author (Someone BBM’ed me that my book will be one run on sentence, and I simply wrote back, “KadeSpeare”), and how people react to fame and celebrity. Almost everyone now is a Kadewagon jumper, and it is funny when people who talked MASSIVE shit on you come up to you in a club and try to now kiss The Brand’s ass because he has become a household commodity (I had 4 people come up to me last night who I have all been told talked shit about me ((Pre-Celebrity)) and one even came up to me and said, “Let’s squash it”, and I looked at her and said, “You think I haven’t heard all the shit you talked about me, and now that I am blowing up you come up to me and say that? Go fuck yourself”) and is wanted by every girl. I call this “The Camera Effect” because it symbolizes the effect that happens to people when the camera is on them, because some people become bigger than what they are normally, and others become smaller because they are timid and shy, but almost everyone changes when the camera is on them because people don’t have the natural charisma and charm that I do, and I look at myself as a human camera because now that I am famous people don’t know how to act around me, and all want to shine in my limelight, and kiss my ass trying to become part of the phenomenon that is Arthur Kade, and “The Journey”, and maybe get a bedroom in my future KA mansion.
It’s even funnier when girls videotape during sex because they will all try to become Jenna Jameson and act for the camera (My favorite is when they look at it like someone is directing them, and I truly do believe that at heart almost every girl wants to be a porn star), and I even had one time where I lost my erection because the girl was so over the top and went from being a “Dead Fish” to screaming that I had to turn the camera off because she was bugging me out, and acting like a lunatic. I was talking to a girlfriend and telling her , “Sometimes I worry that there are tapes of me and girls floating around somewhere, and once I am “A List” I will have some old girl I slept with trying to cash in on me”, but then I smile and think, “Everyone has a sex tape now, and it would probably be kind of funny when I am watching Entertainment Tonight, and I am the lead story” although I don’t want “The Biz” to look at me more like a celebrity than an award winning actor and author.
That’s why I have become such a brilliantly talented and gifted student of The Craft, because when the camera is on me, I am the same old Arthur Kade, and all great actors as Mike Lemon would say, “Just make it effortless and say the lines”. Last night we had our final film class, and Mike brought in a director to videotape our scene, and as you can see by the interview below, my partner and I killed it (It will be edited by the director, and when it is done I will put it on the site). We only had to do one take from each angle, and if there was a picture of “Acting Pro” in the dictionary, we would have been it last night. All the classmates said goodbye, and I can honestly say that I felt sad knowing that was probably the last time they would see me before I become a mainstream TV/Movie star/Best Selling Author, and they will all be able to tell their kids and grand kids, “I studied with Arthur Kade”.
As we finished class last night, one of my friends and classmates asked me, “Sometimes I wonder if I have what it takes?”, and I told him, “We all have what it takes, but the thing that makes anyone get to the top is the ability to hear “”NO”" and keep pushing ahead”.  That is true domination, “Kade Style”.
I wonder if The Phillies will give me an honorary World Series Ring because I am an important symbol of Philadelphia?”…Arthur Kade…10/22/09

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Arthur Kade's Big Announcement Is a Big Letdown

So Kade's big announcement, the one he was going to hold a press conference for, the one he was going to invite media to was to announce a supposed publishing deal/representation with Trident Media Group.

In the post below Arthur fantasizes wildly about being a New York Times Bestseller all before even having written anything. And from the looks of the comments on his blog, people are already contacting Trident to see if this is true, and if so, to warn them away from him and his misogynistic, sexist, hateful attitude towards women.

Here's his post:

Now that I am amazingly creating “Kade Style” domination across the television industry with my “Dev Deal” with “Entertainment Powerhouse” IMG Media, another HUGE step has been taken for “The Journey” in pursuing domination in another arena, and it is time to make The Brand a New York Times Bestseller because I have signed on to be represented by Trident Media Group, and Arthur Kade is in the process of writing a groundbreaking and unique book that will forever change the Literary world and “The Biz”. As important as it is to be an Oscar/Emmy award winning actor for me, to have the term “New York Times Best Selling Author” next to my name gives me chills, and it shows me that I am a true phenom of entertainment and media explosiveness, and am truly a M.I.M (Mogul In The Making) in the mold of Jay-Z, Diddy, Steven Spielberg, Russell Simmons, Isaac Asimov, and Dan Brown who have all crossed over various genres of entertainment with tremendous success. I love writing so much, and to have the opportunity to do that in addition to The Craft (Acting) is so amazing and will just continue to make Arthur Kade a household name around the world, and help me usher in a new age of entertainer. I had the fortune of interviewing the top literary agents in “The Biz”, and chose Trident because their Rep is outstanding, and their vision of what I wanted my first book to look like was directly in live with how I wanted The Brand represented.
Trident Media Group represents some of the biggest names (So Much “A-List” talent that I can’t even begin to list them all) in every genre from Movies, TV, Fiction and Non-Fiction, Military, Science Fiction, Sports, and Entertainment, and they have now taken the reigns in helping The Brand write what I believe will be the most interesting and best selling book of the near future, and this is something that I have always dreamed of because I am such a great, funny, and controversial author already, and this will legitimize another part of my growing legend at unforeseen heights. People have been telling me for months that I should consider this step because of how tremendous a story-teller I am, and now I have the opportunity to show the world that I can be a New York Times Best Selling author in addition to award winning actor, and even writing this blog makes me think how surreal “The Journey” has become, and how special a talent I truly am.
I can’t even begin to imagine how far this is all going to go (Movies, Endorsements, Awards, etc..) but the fact that I get to do this and share it all with the world is so invigorating and amazing that I hope all of Kade Nation rejoices in the greatness of belief and confidence. “The Journey” has always been about showing the world that an amazing young man can achieve the impossible, and this is just another enormous step in me becoming my generation’s “Frank Sinatra”.
It is truly amazing and remarkable to be Arthur Kade. It’s a shame no one else can do it”…Arthur Kade…10/21/09

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The Truth About Arthur Kade's Franklin Mortgage & Investment Company Ban

By now most of you have read that Arthur Kade was banned for life from the recently opened Franklin Mortgage & Investment Company, a nightclub in Philadelphia. It was reported on Philebrity.com here, and refers to an interview with bartender Colin Shearn on philadelphia.grubstreet.com. In the article, Colin throws in the following gems:

Your worst customer in five words or less: Arthur Kade. Seriously, he is everything that's wrong with this city.
What's the worst thing you've ever seen at your bar?: Arthur Kade. Don't worry, he's now banned for life.

Thanks to an anonymous tipster, we now know that Arthur was banned from The Franklin for basically being a cheap fuck, and a liar. Surprised? From what we're told, Kade lied to bartenders about being comped by the owners/managers, and never paid his tab. No idea on the amount of said unpaid tab, but all those Red Bulls sure add up fast! Actually, The Franklin seems like the kind of bar that wouldn't even have Red Bull, so no telling what he was drinking and refusing to pay for.

Our tipster also mentioned that Kade isn't even allowed in front of the bar. Bouncers actually mentioned this to our tipster as Kade walked by last Friday night - they won't even allow him to stop and talk to anyone there! 

Keep in mind this is the establishment that Kade bragged about receiving a "hand delivered VIP only invite to their opening over the summer. Way to wear out your welcome Arthur!

We also have it on good authority that Arthur is soon to be banned from another Philly nightspot, for reasons as simple as being himself. We'll wait and see if it pans out and let you know when it does!

Here's to hoping this trend continues, and Philly's "favorite son" (gag) is soon banished from every eatery, club, and street corner in the city.

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Next Announcement

You'd think Cock Gobbler would get tired of telling lies all the time, but as you can see from this post it hasn't happened yet. Press conference? Even he knows he couldn't explain away no reporters showing up to cover his announcement. I pray that the announcement on Wednesday at noon will be his death from suicide. God, I pray... more deluded idiocy from Arthur Kadyshes...

After an amazing interview with one of Vegas and San Fran’s top radio morning shows this morning with Elvis and The Dog House (Lasted about 11 minutes, and they really seemed consumed with the progress of “The Journey”, the amazing lifestyle I live, and what separates me from the Gen Pop, but I can’t find a podcast to put here), I ran to the gym to drop an hour of intense working out (I was lax this weekend because I was waking up with various hot girls in my bed for 2 straight days and even though my shoulders, arms, and chest still look great, my abs suck, and I have been too consumed with business and The Craft, and not paying enough attention to what one girl this weekend called, “The Best Body I have ever seen in that towel pic in your portfolio.” I have had artists offer me money to draw or sculpt my body because it’s proportions are so dynamic and rare, and I think I get so used to having the ability to “Rip Down” at will that I put work and sex ahead of taking care of myself sometimes), and finally cleared the release of my next big announcement (I told a friend what it was and he said, “That is really cool. You really are doing this. I can’t wait to see people’s reactions when you put it on the blog”), and am now in the process of finalizing the final touches on my Press/Blog release, but it feels so good to finally be able to drop my next bomb after the monumental announcement of my “Dev Deal” with “Entertainment Powerhouse” IMG Media, and then the buzz that was created when a production crew was with me a week and a half ago. I have been getting emails, phone calls, and people coming up to me asking non-stop what the big announcement is, and it is finally great to share it with Kade Nation, but it’s still like the moment when you know you are going to ejaculate, but you’re still holding it for a few more seconds for maximum enjoyment.
My Girlfriend said to me, “Everyone is talking about you. It feels like the Phillies are competing with you sometimes. I was at a bar, and a whole discussion came up about you while the Phillies were playing”, and I responded, “It’s weird, but I feel like I am the biggest story in the city for months. I guess my 15 minutes is sure lasting a lot longer than any of The Haters thought it would. I can’t wait until I am on that podium thanking the Academy because there will still be haters trying to figure out why I don’t deserve the award, but as long as they are paying $11 to watch me, I don’t really care”. I learned a long time ago that Gen Pop can hate when you’re better, but in the end they are truly cheering for you to cheer up their own mundane and boring lives.
I have decided to make the HUGE announcement on Wednesday at noon, as a lunch time gift to Kade Nation on the East Coast, but I do promise that it is another step towards the worldwide domination that The Brand has created, and it will delight all of my fans around the world. I was even debating contacting media sources and holding a small press conference (I can’t even imagine how many fans would attend, but it would be like everything else I do, EPIC) at a cool location, but I have so much to do over the next few days that are Craft related (I have Sharon tomorrow, and then an audition for a TV show in NYC on Weds. morning that I am have been preparing for for 2 weeks, followed by hustling back for My taping with Mike Lemon at 6PM of the scene from Heist where he told me, “You are becoming a pretty damn good Film Actor”).
I also have this Philly 9.35 sweating me like a sauna (We made out 2 weeks ago while drunk, and she has an amazing body, great perky fake boobs, and long legs ((Although I feel like she may be a bit knockkneed, which I asked my girlfriend about and she said, “You are such an asshole. She has great legs”)) but I told her that she needs a little Botox in her forehead and around the eyes and skin treatment because she looks 3-5 years older than she is and that would a problem for me showing her off in public) who keeps sweating me that I told tonight, “You want to be taken seriously, but I know 2 guys who took you down, and I can’t touch you knowing that”, and she responded, “I don’t understand why my past is such a big deal?”, and I told her, “I don’t do sloppy seconds, and all I would think about while having sex with you is how you moaned when you were with those guys. I just don’t even want to deal with it when I can have pretty much any girl I want, and I will sleep with you and never call you again”. I am not sure she liked that comment, but she did say, “I don’t know whether I hate you, or feel like I need to see a plastic surgeon now?” Better luck next time babe.
“The Gen Pop gets scared when someone is doing the impossible, but they worship you when you have done the impossible. Welcome to Kadealot”…Arthur Kade…10/19/09

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Arthur if I wanted to hear an asshole lie I'd have farted. OK, so that doesn't make much sense, but it's late and my Giants lost so I'm going with it. Fuck Arthur Kadyshes and all his bullshit lying. More stupidity and lies from Arthur Kadyshes...

This was a weekend of getting an amazing look into the minds of different girls from different age ranges, and different social classes, and how they all react to the celebrity that is Arthur Kade. When I was doing my “Kade Style, Sinatra Style” domination of life through my 20’s, Pre-Brand, I could sleep with any girl I wanted and I did. It was as simple as being at a bar, saying, “Grab a shot with me?”, and 4 hours later we were somewhere having amazing sex with no expectations (Girls would see my ripped body, they know I was making sick coin, and they wanted to date the hottest bachelor the city had to offer), and after 2 weeks, if the sex was good enough, then I might keep her around a little longer, and if she brought other girls into the situation, then it was a possible thought of dating. Girls back then had no problem with following this blueprint, and were not concerned about being taken seriously, and it just happened, and there was very little drama, very little thought, and sex was great because you acted as if it was always a “One Night Stand”.
While having a conversation with the various girls that all slept at my house throughout the weekend (I may change Chateau Kade to Hotel Kade because my after parties and sleepovers were just so “Kade-Style”, and my bed was the spot to be seen this weekend although at one point there was 4 people crammed in my bed which was a total cockblock because I was hoping to initiate a killer threesome as only The Brand can, but I couldn’t find a moment to really broach the subject so nothing happened, and I even told the girls, “This may be the first time that I have had 2 girls in a bed and not had sex with them ), girls were telling me that they “Want to be taken out to dinner before sleeping with a guy”, and I even had one girl out at G who said that she wouldn’t sleep with a guy unless he took her to dinner first. I laughed because why should I have to drop coin to feed someone when we should just go drink at the Chateau (My nickname for the crib) and I thought to myself “Arthur Kade doesn’t do dinner”, and I said, “Dinner is sooo 2006″, and I just thought to myself even further, “When did having to spend $150 on a girl qualify as what it took to get into their pants?” When did hot girls become jaded and want a meal before sex, when shots and drinks used to be more than enough in my 20’s? And it’s even worse now that I am becoming an “A-List” Mainstream Celebrity and actor, and girls want to lock The Brand up (It’s so funny to see girls who are fans and Kade Nation and how they react to me like a god, and I wonder how many girls have Arthur Kade as one of their “Star Fucks” that their boyfriend would let them cheat with)
The problem is that girls in my heydey were all about what clubs you got them into, what drugs you did with them, and what bouncers you knew, and since I am one of the premiere socialites in Philadelphia history (One friend told me last night that her friend called her from DC ((I have a HUGE fan base there)) after seeing her on my blog, and called me “The new Tucker Max”, and I joked back “My movies will gross a whole lot more than 3 million in 3 weeks. I expect them to make that that in the first hour of a release”), I used my status and popularity to close every hot girl in the city. Now girls are all over me since the mainstream crossover of “The Journey”, I have a revolutionary and groundbreaking Number 1 TV show in “Deving” (Short for development) with “Entertainment Powerhouse” IMG Media, another announcement which is as big coming shortly, a budding award winning acting career, and look amazing to where one girl said last night, “I hate to admit it, but you are the hottest guy in Philly”, but once they make out or play with me without having full blown sex, they want the dinner thing to happen, and I’m just not about it.
I am really having trouble wrapping my mind around this dinner thing because I refuse to spend 2 hours in a job interview environment talking about stuff that I don’t care about when the whole time all guys think about as Vince Vaughn said, “Are we gonna get hopped up enough to make some bad decisions”, and with The Drought having hit 8 months, and having gone 8 for 8 the last 3 weeks in hooking up with girls and not having penal insertion, it is really testing my patience that I may have to bend over and maybe compromise my values to do this “Dinner thing”. In the meantime, I have an enormous West Coast interview in the morning which will continue to build my international fan base out West, have to check to see if the producers of the potential pilot I am a Gay Doctor in have finished up a shooting schedule for The Talent, apply for some high level acting jobs, get ready for my last Lemon class this Weds, and register for some new advanced classes in NYC, and all after hanging out at G and Recess With Bill Bellamy and his crew in VIP areas.
“When people ask me what I do for a living I tell them, “”I’m Arthur Kade”"”…Arthur Kade…10/18/09
Here is the first official unedited Guest Blog written from the participants of Friday night’s festivities about our wonderfully disappointing night together:
Hey everyone Arthur Kade just so happens to be too hungover to blog this morning so this will be the first official guest blogging session of the “Kade-Style” blog. We are double trouble and we are officially reporting last night’s festivities from the AK pad. The night started when we bumped into our frenemie for the rockstar party at the playground. He was mingling with local celeb’s such as us and shamelessly self-promoting as usual. The event itself was O.O.C. BANANAS (in case you missed it) and led to many shots to say the least. So many shots that he was able to convince us that the after-party was at his place (according to him he is always hosting the hottest afterparty) consisting of himself only. At four o’clock we were offered the essentials to end the night, a grey goose drink and a huge plate of pizza-bites (we made 2 plates while one of us raided the fridge). Arthur gentlemanly offered the bed to us girls, but slyly found his way under the covers, he would have liked to have a 3 some but he was sadly disappointed to learn that this would NOT be on the agenda and we were more interested in sleeping. So no, the draught is not over. This morning he was scratching his head trying to figure out how he slept with 2 girls and didn’t get any…. oh well, better luck next time Arthur.

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