Alternate Kadesistence - Holy Christ What Does That Even Mean?

One thing that disgusts us more than anything here at LegoWig is Arthur's utter disdain for regular, average people, aka the "Gen Pop." It's really quite sad to see someone whose life is a complete joke look down on the very people they'll count on to watch their movies one day (even though we KNOW for a fucking FACT that Kade will never, ever be in a movie or show that the mainstream public will see or pay money for, you get my point). Honestly folks, it should sicken you to the core that this scumbag thinks that just because people are not going after some insane dream, or are dedicated to raising a family and putting food on the table, that their lives are miserable. It's really shocking to see how far gone Arthur is, and how disgusting his opinion of anyone who's not him is.

Read on... the latest from the world's most vile person:

I just finished watching a tremendous movie with two of my favorite peers, Leo DiCaprio, and Kate Winslet (Who did an amazing job with the character of April, but they really made her look like a 5 with a HUGE gunt, horrible skin, and bad hair, and it made me think how the Gen Pop had sex in the 50’s because they didn’t even shave back then, and I couldn’t do it, or at the very least give effective oral sex), and all I could think about while watching an emotionless couple who was trapped by society, children, and money is that could have been Arthur Kade. It just makes you realize how many Gen Poppers live this life with little love, children that drive them nuts, and careers that make them suicidal, and this couple had a chance to do something and change it, and they chose not to because they were cowards. They were cowards in the sense that they depended on money, and lifestyle, and societal norms and they had the chance to change that and didn’t take it. I walk the street everyday like a conquering hero to fans around the world, and yet so few take my lead and pursue their slice of the cake.
I spent so many years in that same life working as a legendary successful financial advisor, sleeping with every hot creature that walked, and living life at the highest levels, and if I didn’t find the strength and courage to start “The Journey”, I wouldn’t be a growing celebrity and probably would have been suicidal right now with a girl I can’t stand. I have so much trouble understanding why people don’t want to be happy, and why people let themselves feel trapped married to a horrible wife, giving birth to kids they don’t want , and in the end they look back at their life and wonder what happened. The hardest thing to do is be happy, because it’s easier to be miserable and complain, but happiness takes a level of risking everything that most people don’t have the balls to do.
After 7.6811 months of “The Journey”, I’m on my way to creating a number 1 TV Show for a network, and writing a NY Times Bestseller (I had people tell me at ZBar that they can’t wait until my book comes out and I promise that it will be so balls ass hot and “Kade Style” that I am curious if the concept will potentially win me a Pulitzer, but I have to say it is beyond time consuming where I should be doing hit film acting), and all I could think about was that if I didn’t finally grow my set of balls, chuck my old life away, and create the Balls Ass sensation that has become the international celebrity many call The Brand, I would have been them. I have a house in the suburbs, had a great girlfriend 5 years ago in that house, we had a great google-eyed dog, and a great life, and almost everyday I would wake up and want to scream. I could see Kate Winslet’s face, and she was dying inside, and I remember feeling that way where you feel like you’re buried alive and you want so much more, but days go by, and Arthur Kade was dying.
“The Journey” has always been about finding little Oscar, and now I will also probably win an Emmy and become a great writer of our generation (I had an actor tell me, “You have no idea how many actors are jealous of what you’ve done”), but what it also was about was finding Arthur Kade inside of Arthur Kade, and letting him breathe. People have become fans of “The Journey” around the world not only because of who I am, but because I give them hope for a better tomorrow, and watching that movie reminded me of the alternate Kadesistence I could have had.
Here is a video of me working on my scene from David Mammet’s “Heist”, with Sharon. and Q and A coming soon..


  1. People don't chase happiness the way you do, you looser, because it is nothing but a bad gamble. Giving up everything to go for a deluded dream is destined to end up a hard landing at rock bottom. People don't do it because they aren't 12 year old children pretending what they want to be when they grow up. And everyone wants to be happy. Fortunately, few people go about getting happiness the way you do. (Fortunately for them and for society.) If everyone was like you, the economy would grind to a halt and suicides would become the most likely way to die. Regarding the latter...*you* will see what I mean.

    You were unhappy with your house and girlfriend and dog for one simple reason: You didn't want any responsibility. You didn't want to have to be beholding to anyone else. You don't want anyone to depend on you. You are a selfish pig Arthur. Karma most often bites back in this life, and you are destined to die alone. That will be the end of Your Journey.

  2. Is this Kade's acting coach, Sharon?


  3. Brasco, that is her. She sounds a lot older on the videos, doesn't she? Her website is
    http://www.sharongeller.com/ (link also in my name) She mainly does mystery theater, stand up comedy and tv and radio commercials. I am not impressed with anything where you could 'see' her but her radio commercials are quite good. (she can change her voice around from the New Jersey Landlady voice she normally has)

  4. "...or at the very least give effective oral sex."

    Arthur, you know you could suck cock in any era. Puleeze.