Next Announcement

You'd think Cock Gobbler would get tired of telling lies all the time, but as you can see from this post it hasn't happened yet. Press conference? Even he knows he couldn't explain away no reporters showing up to cover his announcement. I pray that the announcement on Wednesday at noon will be his death from suicide. God, I pray... more deluded idiocy from Arthur Kadyshes...

After an amazing interview with one of Vegas and San Fran’s top radio morning shows this morning with Elvis and The Dog House (Lasted about 11 minutes, and they really seemed consumed with the progress of “The Journey”, the amazing lifestyle I live, and what separates me from the Gen Pop, but I can’t find a podcast to put here), I ran to the gym to drop an hour of intense working out (I was lax this weekend because I was waking up with various hot girls in my bed for 2 straight days and even though my shoulders, arms, and chest still look great, my abs suck, and I have been too consumed with business and The Craft, and not paying enough attention to what one girl this weekend called, “The Best Body I have ever seen in that towel pic in your portfolio.” I have had artists offer me money to draw or sculpt my body because it’s proportions are so dynamic and rare, and I think I get so used to having the ability to “Rip Down” at will that I put work and sex ahead of taking care of myself sometimes), and finally cleared the release of my next big announcement (I told a friend what it was and he said, “That is really cool. You really are doing this. I can’t wait to see people’s reactions when you put it on the blog”), and am now in the process of finalizing the final touches on my Press/Blog release, but it feels so good to finally be able to drop my next bomb after the monumental announcement of my “Dev Deal” with “Entertainment Powerhouse” IMG Media, and then the buzz that was created when a production crew was with me a week and a half ago. I have been getting emails, phone calls, and people coming up to me asking non-stop what the big announcement is, and it is finally great to share it with Kade Nation, but it’s still like the moment when you know you are going to ejaculate, but you’re still holding it for a few more seconds for maximum enjoyment.
My Girlfriend said to me, “Everyone is talking about you. It feels like the Phillies are competing with you sometimes. I was at a bar, and a whole discussion came up about you while the Phillies were playing”, and I responded, “It’s weird, but I feel like I am the biggest story in the city for months. I guess my 15 minutes is sure lasting a lot longer than any of The Haters thought it would. I can’t wait until I am on that podium thanking the Academy because there will still be haters trying to figure out why I don’t deserve the award, but as long as they are paying $11 to watch me, I don’t really care”. I learned a long time ago that Gen Pop can hate when you’re better, but in the end they are truly cheering for you to cheer up their own mundane and boring lives.
I have decided to make the HUGE announcement on Wednesday at noon, as a lunch time gift to Kade Nation on the East Coast, but I do promise that it is another step towards the worldwide domination that The Brand has created, and it will delight all of my fans around the world. I was even debating contacting media sources and holding a small press conference (I can’t even imagine how many fans would attend, but it would be like everything else I do, EPIC) at a cool location, but I have so much to do over the next few days that are Craft related (I have Sharon tomorrow, and then an audition for a TV show in NYC on Weds. morning that I am have been preparing for for 2 weeks, followed by hustling back for My taping with Mike Lemon at 6PM of the scene from Heist where he told me, “You are becoming a pretty damn good Film Actor”).
I also have this Philly 9.35 sweating me like a sauna (We made out 2 weeks ago while drunk, and she has an amazing body, great perky fake boobs, and long legs ((Although I feel like she may be a bit knockkneed, which I asked my girlfriend about and she said, “You are such an asshole. She has great legs”)) but I told her that she needs a little Botox in her forehead and around the eyes and skin treatment because she looks 3-5 years older than she is and that would a problem for me showing her off in public) who keeps sweating me that I told tonight, “You want to be taken seriously, but I know 2 guys who took you down, and I can’t touch you knowing that”, and she responded, “I don’t understand why my past is such a big deal?”, and I told her, “I don’t do sloppy seconds, and all I would think about while having sex with you is how you moaned when you were with those guys. I just don’t even want to deal with it when I can have pretty much any girl I want, and I will sleep with you and never call you again”. I am not sure she liked that comment, but she did say, “I don’t know whether I hate you, or feel like I need to see a plastic surgeon now?” Better luck next time babe.
“The Gen Pop gets scared when someone is doing the impossible, but they worship you when you have done the impossible. Welcome to Kadealot”…Arthur Kade…10/19/09


  1. First!

    Kadyshes is just sad. I don't know what else to say anymore...

  2. ''Better luck next time babe.'' - Trying to sound ''cool''. Pathetic.

    I think that he is unable to satisfy a woman sexually. And has a very small penis. Or ejaculates prematurely when he sees a birthmark that was covered with clothing before... And has a small penis.
    The possibilities are endless.

  3. Bit lacklustre that one wouldn't you all say? Seems as if Arthur, himself, is even getting a bit tired of the constantly repetitious bragging. Probably due to the post cocaine effect....and quite possibly the unknown djs might have for once asked some pertinent questions. The deluded cunt probably records these interviews so the 'I can't find a podcast' is bollocks. If it was 'kadetastic' it would be on his site. But really, even if they did insult him, who fucking cares. I've got palsy of the brain when it comes to Arthur now - the incredible progress he's made is actually fuck all progress and even Kadyshes, I believe, is wilting.
    I mean, remember that pseudo documentary that Ben Affleck's brother was making of Joachim Phoenix pretending he was bonkers - well, after a very short while it just gets fucking boring and actually becomes a bit disrespectful towards folk who do have mental problems .....where do you go with it?
    Take Arthur - he knows that he can't talk his way to success, he knows he's a laughing stock, he knows he has little or no talent as an actor, and believe me he knows he is realising he's going fucking nowhere with this. I'm still not convinced this isn't all planned by Kadyshes and the Asian with the over large head....and maybe one or two others.....but life goes on and the enthusiasm is wearing thin. Mine certainly is - I'm ambivalent, apathetic, nonplussed by the whole fucking charade of it - all I have gotten out of it is a strong desire to fuck that Asian girl and suckle and squeeze her fake titties. Honest, I really want her desperately. I've never felt fake titties....I bet they're lovely and firm yet also soft. Of course, her large head is rather off putting and may cause some interruption in the erection impulse - sort of brain to cock valve malfunction - but with those beauties available, a few squeezes and the blood would start flowing again and fill up my bellend rigid.

  4. Yet another excuse for not getting laid. If she was a 9.342352325, then numerically being "knock-kneed shouldn't really matter that much to you. Oh, wait, she doesn't really exist does she? This has gotten really old, really fast.

  5. @English Gent
    HAhahahahahha. That was what I needed to get my day going.

  6. Get your day going? Fuck me it's afternoon over here - I've just hung my washing on the line but it looks like it's going to fucking rain.....cunting weather we have. One minute it's sunny then it's fucking pouring down. If it does rain I'll have to put my washing over the radiators indoors...... fuck all that fucking messing about.
    Isn't it wonderful how the earth turns on it's axis and all that - and like, moves around the fucking sun , whatever. Whoever invented day and night was a fucking genius. They realised humans had to sleep and so invented night. Then they realised they had to get up and so invented the daytime. It's probably this that makes me believe in God and baby Jesus - well, plus also those prosperity preachers. Do you know, I sent a prosperity preacher $100 (in your money) because he said that God would send me it back with interest. It must work because the preacher has his own private jet.
    But be careful who you trust - there was one preacher who preached against bummers and yet he was taking cocaine whilst bumming off a homo type man up the bum. Now, God says bum love is sinful, and I agree. It must have been the devil who made him do bum love.
    Does anyone know how long it will take God to give my money back with interest? I took the money from my grandmother who was going to spend it on medication she needs to stay alive. I told the preacher this and he said send him all the money and he'll tell God I'm an urgent case. It's just it's been 2 years now, my grandmother died , and God is being a bit tardy giving it back to me.

  7. Barney the DinosaurOctober 20, 2009 at 6:49 AM

    That is the dullest, most inconsequential thing I have ever read on the whole fucking internet. A cunt met another cunt and now he wants to tell some cunts about something cunty he'll be up to. Even the food is superdull. Cheap, shitty mexican grub? What's the point, Arthur? In fact that meal sums you up brilliantly: pointless, tasteless, cheap and, in the food world, a 4.7, tops.

    Hey, hook nosed rape-eyed cunt...stick a carving knife up your anus sideways, lie on your side and get the last fat bitch you fucked to jump on you from the top bunk.

  8. My prediction: the big announcement will be that this has all been a hoax (or at least Kade will attempt to spin his failure that way).

  9. Someone posted on Kade's blog that he was hoping this would be an announcement of being on Howard Stern. I'm hoping the same thing and have been hoping that for weeks now.

    Kade is just the kind of delusional, thinks-their-famous idiot that Stern would have on his show, and would tear apart. He's smart enough to not put up with crap from Kade like all these other hackjob radio show hosts do.

    I can just hear Stern grilling him constantly by asking "but what have you done that people have seen you in? what parts have you ever played?" and Kade thinking that saying he was an extra in Gossip Girl and Salt will suffice. Oh, and the part on a potential pilot for a potential TV show...

    If that's not it, what else could it be that would warrant a press conference? I know an actor currently playing a regular part on the new NBC show Community - the guy Abed on the show - he didn't have a press conference about himself...

  10. Just realized reading this post that if it wasn't for the videos, I would be convinced that AK 4.7 was, in reality, a 5th grader.

    Right? RIGHT??

    A few months ago, girls were these really weird beings good for making fun of, but now he feels himself drawn to them by these strange desires. And it scares him shitless.

    Add to that the acne and the speech impediment and the delusions of grandeur... All of the things that Kade considers to be "balls-ass" and "hot-ass" are pretty much the things that many of us thought were really cool when we were in the 5th grade.

    Perhaps it was when he was eleven that he walked in on his father aborting his little brother in the kitchen sink with a wooden spoon and a steak knife ("Artie, I don't have a free hand, please help daddy out and turn on the garbage disposal. That's a good boy!"), and since then, all emotional and intellectual development just stopped.

    And his writing, that's about at the 5th grade level, too. (Penal insertion, indeed.)

    I think I'm on to something here.

  11. @ Doc. yeah, even if it is Stern, what the fuck does that actual mean or do for him?

    Arthur is so needy that any appearance from a Mall opening to the Tonight Show is equal in his eyes. and nothing that he does actually helps his acting "career"

    I'm a Stern listener and subscriber and I really don;t think Howard and crew will put up with more than a few minutes of Arthur's inanity. at the core he's really not that interesting or listenable

    also, funny, I am watching the last 2 Community's on hulu; this show isn't really working out that well for me. still giving it a shot tho

    but bringing this post full circle, can you imagine if Arthur got a line or two in any production? in Arthur's words it would be elevated to the greatest thing ever, but to the guy you know with a role, it's a job, a job that he works hard on but probably not "balls ass hot ass" to him as he is a WORKING ACTOR and knows that he needs to keep on working and hustling for his career

    a cunt like Arthur just feels entitled for work

  12. I tried looking around for an audio clip of the interview he says he did yesterday with a radio show that was off the air until October 14th of this year. All I found was the link above in my name. I'm not even convinced that this show is ACTUALLY ON a radio station... The site makes my head hurt and looks like just the right kind of immature juvenile trash that Arthur would flock to

  13. you have to hand it to 'Leonard/Arthur's Dad' on Arthur.com

    he's committed for sure

  14. @Doc
    I am surprised you found anything. I looked for it and absolutely nothing popped up.

  15. wow...I don't know what's worse, his writing or his delusion. That was damn near unreadable.

    that said, I think he'd rather suck guys than fuck girls. What a dickweed.

  16. First you refuse to feed the female, but want her to have a one night stand with you. (and the way your standards are going, she also has to be a virgin) Then, you want to give her challenges so that she is allowed to hang around you for another week? And more challenges for another week? Are females even people in your mind?

    You are a nightmare Artie. You are worst than my worst dates/boyfriends/etc...which makes me feel better. But I have to say one thing, though I feel bad for 'blaming the victim': any girl who goes out with/sleeps with/talks for more than 15 minutes to Kade -- with all the warnings and info that is out there -- deserves what she gets. There is no excuse to have anything to do with this open sewer of a human being. He certainly won't be doing the chasing. He certainly won't be considered charming while he is pointing out all your physical flaws. He certainly won't woo you by getting you into a nowhere vip area and figuring that means you 'owe him sex' which he probably says over and over before he says you aren't good enough for him - as a final dagger to your psyche.

    There is nothing redeeming about him, so just remember what my grandfather told me (not really) before you even consider spending time with him, "If you roll around in a pile of manure, don't be surprised when you end up smelling like shit!"

  17. I fear the end will be kade style: same shit different day… waiting for the climax… disappointed as usual.
    Fuckwad won’t even go out with a bang…literally.

    Thanks in advance for nothing Mr. McFuckmydaddy. That’s right…Mr. I’mfullofshit McFuckmydaddy
    If there truly were a God, Mr. McFuck would have been beaten down by now; my faith has been shattered.

    GN; A head made for Halloween, a face for cooking tortillas.

    Lisp sphere; the saliva cloud surrounding tards head when speaking

  18. @Kudo's
    I am starting to feel like it's just going to sputter too. He is just going to keep on lying and trying to make his life seem more interesting than it is and eventually no one will notice anymore.

  19. I used to listen to Stern a lot, now, not so much. Most people either like him, or hate him, very few are indifferent. That being said it is hard to argue the fact that his interviews with celebrities (keyword) are better than most. And he is brutal. He wouldn’t bother with McFuckIliealot, and even if he did, it would be over in less than two minutes. Dirtydaddysboy would crumble instantly. Whoever started that rumor is confused.

    And by confused I mean an idiot.

  20. I just realized that Arthur is a Bad Jew. Click the link for an explanation.

  21. Does anybody else secretely wish he gets on TV so he becomes more of a tool and and subject of mockery?


  23. Yeah, but they pissed on him, so that is good. They used one of his 'I look inbred' photos, and the kween vid from above. Cool. They DON'T like him so they are our friend and we support them.

  24. @Ball sass

    Yeah I sorta do. Because the fall will be that much harder.