Arthur Kade's Big Announcement Is a Big Letdown

So Kade's big announcement, the one he was going to hold a press conference for, the one he was going to invite media to was to announce a supposed publishing deal/representation with Trident Media Group.

In the post below Arthur fantasizes wildly about being a New York Times Bestseller all before even having written anything. And from the looks of the comments on his blog, people are already contacting Trident to see if this is true, and if so, to warn them away from him and his misogynistic, sexist, hateful attitude towards women.

Here's his post:

Now that I am amazingly creating “Kade Style” domination across the television industry with my “Dev Deal” with “Entertainment Powerhouse” IMG Media, another HUGE step has been taken for “The Journey” in pursuing domination in another arena, and it is time to make The Brand a New York Times Bestseller because I have signed on to be represented by Trident Media Group, and Arthur Kade is in the process of writing a groundbreaking and unique book that will forever change the Literary world and “The Biz”. As important as it is to be an Oscar/Emmy award winning actor for me, to have the term “New York Times Best Selling Author” next to my name gives me chills, and it shows me that I am a true phenom of entertainment and media explosiveness, and am truly a M.I.M (Mogul In The Making) in the mold of Jay-Z, Diddy, Steven Spielberg, Russell Simmons, Isaac Asimov, and Dan Brown who have all crossed over various genres of entertainment with tremendous success. I love writing so much, and to have the opportunity to do that in addition to The Craft (Acting) is so amazing and will just continue to make Arthur Kade a household name around the world, and help me usher in a new age of entertainer. I had the fortune of interviewing the top literary agents in “The Biz”, and chose Trident because their Rep is outstanding, and their vision of what I wanted my first book to look like was directly in live with how I wanted The Brand represented.
Trident Media Group represents some of the biggest names (So Much “A-List” talent that I can’t even begin to list them all) in every genre from Movies, TV, Fiction and Non-Fiction, Military, Science Fiction, Sports, and Entertainment, and they have now taken the reigns in helping The Brand write what I believe will be the most interesting and best selling book of the near future, and this is something that I have always dreamed of because I am such a great, funny, and controversial author already, and this will legitimize another part of my growing legend at unforeseen heights. People have been telling me for months that I should consider this step because of how tremendous a story-teller I am, and now I have the opportunity to show the world that I can be a New York Times Best Selling author in addition to award winning actor, and even writing this blog makes me think how surreal “The Journey” has become, and how special a talent I truly am.
I can’t even begin to imagine how far this is all going to go (Movies, Endorsements, Awards, etc..) but the fact that I get to do this and share it all with the world is so invigorating and amazing that I hope all of Kade Nation rejoices in the greatness of belief and confidence. “The Journey” has always been about showing the world that an amazing young man can achieve the impossible, and this is just another enormous step in me becoming my generation’s “Frank Sinatra”.
It is truly amazing and remarkable to be Arthur Kade. It’s a shame no one else can do it”…Arthur Kade…10/21/09


  1. Barney the DinosaurOctober 21, 2009 at 10:39 AM


    He's the dumbest cunt who ever lived and he can barely string a fucking sentence together, let alone write a book.

    Arthur Kade's guide to being an utter cunt?

  2. Should you feel inclined to mass mail the senior figures at Trident cut and paste the list below.

    As a lot of women work in publishing, you should include examples of Arthur's views on the laydeez. Trust me, a bunch of angry publishing mavens will metaphorically kick the shit out of the presumably male agent who thinks a book by Kade could be anything other than pulped landfill.

    gottlieb.assistant@tridentmediagroup.com; strone.assistant@tridentmediagroup.com; levine.assistant@tridentmediagroup.com; lallen@tridentmediagroup.com; carnicelli.assistant@tridentmediagroup.com; ecope@tridentmediagroup.com; mflashman@tridentmediagroup.com; aglass@tridentmediagroup.com; ahenkin@tridentmediagroup.com; ekellogg@tridentmediagroup.com; LJKDelphi@aol.com; smaclean@tridentmediagroup.com; amatsueva@tridentmediagroup.com; smiller@tridentmediagroup.com; jolivo@tridentmediagroup.com; aramirez@tridentmediagroup.com; roberts.assistant@tridentmediagroup.com; jsilbersack@tridentmediagroup.com; esilverman@tridentmediagroup.com; whalen.assistant@tridentmediagroup.com

  3. I actually had a novel turned down by Ellen Levine for representation at Trident, so help me, if AK gets a book published before I do, I'll jump out a window and slit my throat on the way down.

  4. Let's break down his 'announcement', shall we?

    "I have signed on to be represented by Trident Media" really means, "I sent them an e-mail telling them I had this AMAZING idea for an AMAZING book that will be amazing. I'm waiting to hear back from them."

    "I had the fortune (WTF?) of interviewing the top literary agents in 'The Biz' (puke), and chose Trident because their Rep is outstanding, and their vision of what I wanted my first book to look like was directly in live (line? jive?) with how I wanted The Brand represented" really means, "I looked up some publishers on the interwebz, and asked my whoretastic friends which one I should send an e-mail to. 'Cause, y'know, I'm literary and shit."

  5. The agents that look most likely to represent a book by our idiot frenimy are Daniel Strone, Stephanie Maclean, Scott Miller, John Silbersack, Erica Spellmamn-Silverman.

    (Rant to follow...)

  6. There appear to be three main problems with this:
    1. It is really, really hard to get through two paragraph's of his writing; imagine a whole book.

    2. The only reason anyone knows about him is because of the hatred he inspires in the comment section of his blog, which is the only reason most people went there in the first place. And those people will not support him (ie pay money for a book).

    3. Whatever comes out will have to be called fiction, as nothing he claims will be able to be proven before publishing. Just ask James Frey about that.

  7. Barney the DinosaurOctober 21, 2009 at 12:11 PM

    "I just want you to get away from my dog."

    Watch the video.

    And, oh yeah, he appears to have signed on for literary representation. This does not mean he has a book deal, or even a book in the offing.

  8. Good point Barney

    Most publishers will not accept manuscripts straight from authors, so they require an agent to do the work for them. This also means that Arthur will not be paid anything until he provides a manuscript to his agent, who in turn promotes it to publishers. This whole process takes a long time, not to mention that Arthur will actually be required to put effort into writing a book and not making things up on a blog.

    I put a link in my name that explains it a little clearer.

  9. I wonder if the book will be called "My Enormous Shoulders: A Story of Not Fitting Into Stuff"

  10. Urgh. What the hell is with you being 'groundbreaking and unique' with everything? I now think that simply must mean "The most unwarranted and crappy example of ______ imaginable." 'Groundbreaking' = the crazy guy who lives in the woods can now do _______ because Kade set the bar so low, and 'Unique' = no talent involved.

    I can not believe any literary agent would represent you. Have they read your blog? What is there to write a book about? All the things you haven't done? Fascinating...not. Not to mention the fact you write like a drunken 17 year old. Ghost writer? Perhaps: "They have now taken the reigns in helping The Brand write [a book]." That will last for a few weeks before Trident realizes you are a nutcase, and have no story to tell, not even a cautionary tale. NOTHING HAS HAPPENED IN YOUR LIFE THAT YOU CAN SQUEEZE A BOOK OUT OF!

    I see you included Issac Asimov in you list of M.I.M.'s. Do you even know who he is? How many books have you read (cover to cover) in your life anyhow? 10...all homework assignments? Reading would take too much effort for the likes of you. You are pathetic. Anyone who represents you is pathetic as well. I am serious -- anyone who helps you along looses massive respect in my eyes. It shows absolute lack of judgment and professionalism. (unless they are in the business of churning out shit for the lowest common denominator)

  11. "Out of the Closet: My Journey to the Truth"

  12. @Radda
    "..unless they are in the business of churning out shit for the lowest common denominator)"

    They include Paris Hilton as a client, so I would say that is their business.

  13. I'm so glad he left Ray Bradbury off that list, Radda.

    Someone with the literary skills of Mr. Bradbury should NEVER be compared to, much less mentioned with, Artshitz Kadyshes.

    Trident seems to have represented some very fine authors. I don't imagine it'll take them long to figure out that Artshitz is batshit crazy, and drop him like the rabid dog he is.

  14. JBone, the difference is although Paris Hilton is an attention whore with no redeeming value, she at least has the MONEY to pay Trident.

    Artshitz has nothing.

  15. Personally I enjoy reading what Arthur writes. It's funny. But take away the hate that follows and it doesn't work. If they really want to make something entertaining, they should reprint some of his more hilarious posts and select the funniest comments. It's a one-two punch!

  16. @ Mack
    I don't think you pay a literary agent. I have been researching this subject for the last couple of months and I have found that sometimes the "deal" is even verbal and not a written agreement. They generally just take 10 to 15% of whatever you make.

  17. @J Bone

    Interesting, I was not aware of that.

    However, 10-15% of nothing is still nothing.

    Any agent who would willingly take on Artshitz as a client has only themselves to blame.

  18. Arthur's story:

    Rapist father abandoned him. Mother looks like a drunken russian slut. Grandmother used to put his socks on for him. Kadyshes was teased at school. He's still a virgin, and has a tiny penis. Started the journey to somehow find the acceptance he didn't have as a child.

  19. Is it possible they contacted him because they are putting together a compilation of dbags on the internets and they want some of his posts included, you know - to sell in the humor section? or the self-help section?

    "How Not To Be Hated By The Small Population of People That Actually Know About You"

    Basically, the inside says "Don't Be Arthur Kade. Have a Great Life!"

  20. I love that woman in the video. She's brilliant...

    "This hyper-psychotic leg that just... Jesus Christ!"

    "I want you to get away from my dog."

    "I could care less if your famous, your making my dog nervous."


    Arthur, you're delusional, you sad monkey. Uber-crazy delusional.

  21. And I bet this is the first and last we hear of Trident Media Publishing. Just like everything else he hypes.

  22. I knew there was no Stern. I don’t feel like I’ve been “show the haters”. There is no “I can’t believe your really doing it”. This smegma smudge went to see a polo match in Capri pants and stated that he wanted to play himself (first time he ever saw a horse). He said he’d probably be knighted someday. He claimed to have dominated the Hampton’s. The whole affair only happened because he latched onto one of the saline kweens nipples. His rendition of any thing is never even close to reality.
    This HUGE announcement is like every other fucking thing he says; Bullshit, go nowhere, do nothing, I’m so great, I’m almost there and now that I’m famous…
    I don’t remember who originally posted this comment but I’m sure they were British and it fits Mr. McFuckmydaddy 100%

    “Arthur, isn’t now where you put your fist up your ass and sing I’m a little teapot”?

    Daddysboy never fails to disappoint. You stupid lying fucktard jackfuck cuntwipe bastard. I knew it would be nothing and you’d lie about whatever and still there’d be nothing, but you piss me off anyway. Prove me wrong once you brown sheet stain. You suck so much. Fucking parasite. Worm.

  23. Zaftig, Dostoevsky might be able to do something with that scenario, but Artshitz?

    Never in a million years, because it takes TALENT to write! Just like it takes TALENT to act, sing, play baseball, or do anything that people will pay you for!

    The only 'talent' Artshitz has is making people who don't even know him, hope he gets run over by a semi in the near future. Especially women. We women would WELCOME one less fucktarded misogynist in the world!

  24. It's much more likely that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has a book published before anything AK 4.7 manages to peck out on his crackberry sees print.

    And WTF anyway?

    What's up next? He talks about writing a book and can't put a coherent sentence together. He talks about a development deal for a television show and he's totally unwatchable. He talks about having sex with women but is both repellent and incompetent in that area. He talks about fashion and dresses like he's on his way out of a burning bathhouse. He talks about being a star and has appears on screen for 2.029578202938502 seconds as an unpaid, non-speaking extra. He talks about being a huge nightlife maven and hangs at bottom-feeder BnT joints that look like the eighth graders on the dance committee phoned it in on the decorating job for the middle school Spring formal. He talks about how much attention he pays to his appearance and tops off his pock-marked visage with a greasy green hairdo.

    Lies and delusions, piling higher and higher.

  25. I’m getting frustrated because I can’t figure out how to say “Fuck you, you fucking fuck” better and more often to Mr.’ I make myself, my family, Philly and America look bad.’

    Filthy immigrant.

    Worthless snot rag.

  26. Barney the DinosaurOctober 21, 2009 at 3:05 PM

    It took me five years to write my novel, six months to find an agent and five more months to get the book bought. After that it will be 16 months before it comes out next summer. That's what writing a book is about. Kade can fuck himself. Even if he does make a shitty book for next Christmas, he's just a talentless cunt, a car crash freakshow for us to throw rotten tomatoes at. He has no self respect and, in turn, we have no respect for him. That's how life works. Retards like him will never understand it.

  27. I haven't read all the comments yet so maybe this was pointed out already, but notice the brunette behind Cock Gobbler at the beginning of the video gets the hell out of Dodge as soon as she realizes she's in frame. Most famous people have people WANT to be in pictures/videos with them. Once again, he FAILS.

  28. Hey have you guys seen me?


  29. Image posted by Anonymous above is linked in my name. Click.

  30. I'm rooting against the Phillies simply because Cock Gobbler lives there.

    Next thing you know I'll be giving lodging to the English so they can stage an attack.

  31. That brunette hangs around kade and his crew.. she is in the group of friends.

  32. Nightmare fuel of the highest order there, AKZlist. I don't think even giving him mouth-eyes would make it any scarier.

  33. ((()(())((((())))(((((()))((((()
    His writing

  34. Arthur Kade is a GOD. You all love him and wish you had the power of the KADE.

  35. @ uiuiohouih

    He is the God of Crap.

  36. A shit stain on the blanket of life.

  37. That video almost makes me side with Kade. Who the fuck names the pedigree of their dog? Wait. Who the fuck brings a dog to a restaurant? That shit belongs in a park somewhere.

  38. Dr. Engine, I'd rather see a dog in a restaurant that Artshitz Kadyshes. The dog wouldn't make me lose my appetite....

    Besides, Artshitz just went and plopped down at this woman's table. She didn't ASK him to sit down, plus she was half in the bag anyway, which is probably the only reason she tolerated him there in the first place.

  39. Dr. Engine,

    You're about as well traveled as Kade! Visit the outdoor cafes in Paris and South Beach. The dogs are better behaved than idiots like Kade anyday!

  40. Wow, he thinks the Phillies won the world series last night. Wow.

  41. Yo - I just found this great blog post on a pubic hair blog where they're talking about the kade scale, and kade in general. The comments are pretty outstanding.

    Linked above in my name

  42. that restaurant is right next to Rittenhouse Square (park) and al fresco dining out front. it's right there

    get a grip. don't blame the dog, the owner or the restaurant. blame Arthur for he is a cunt

  43. J Bone, that's because Arthur is a fairweather, bandwagon riding fan. He doesn't know jackshit about the game, mlb, or any players besides the phillies. He is what the Red Sox fans call a Pink Hat