A Phone Call From Kade Nation

Some drunk college kids call Cock Gobbler and he does all kinds of stuff to his phone that is pretty gay considering they're MALE as they say things that are mainly unintelligible. More stupidity from Arthur Kadyshes... 

I get calls from fans around the world every day, and like most celebs, I choose to ignore them because I am busy trying to find Little Oscar, Ms. Emmy, and now The Pulitzer, but these guys from Wheaton College in Massachusetts were way to cute to resist. They actually called and after I hung up on them right away, they texted me telling me they were fans, and then called again. Once in a while, The Brand has to be a ruler “For the People” and show the Gen Pop I care.
Here is an amazing new article written about me on what is quickly becoming my own personal celebrity tabloid, Gawker, and the video of me taking the call from the guys at Wheaton:
“Arthur Kade is not a role model. He’s an artist who’s becoming a god”….Arthur Kade…10/22/09


  1. holyfuckinshit... What the hell was that? Don't be taking video of yourself having phone sex and put it up on youtube.

    Or, what the hell, why not? Just a speedbump on the descent.

  2. I didn't understand a single word the guys on the phone said. Garblie gark ak ika garkle gark. GAAK ikili giggili ilgi AK ARK ARKA ur.

    When he acknowledges things like that gawker blurb, I start to wonder about him again. Even kade knows it was negative. Calling it amazing has me back to thinking he is faking half of it, again.

  3. That's it for me, I don't have the time or inclination for Kade any more. This cocained cunt doesn't even know the difference between 'to' and 'too'. There's the level of his education - if it's a scam or if it isn't I couldn't give a fuck - it's boring - he's an ill educated bragging man with no talent, he has not the fortitude to get a talent - his only accomplishments are getting into clubs, taking drugs and drinking. His fat tongue and lisp and spittle are repulsive, his values are repulsive, his parents are repulsive - his constant lies are repulsive. I can only reward talent with my attention because my attention is valuable, it's my time, and I'm slightly ashamed that I've followed this turd for so long - I've laughed all I can at him.....what I can't forgive is his lack of talent, he can't do anything at any level that one could appreciate -

  4. @ english gentleman…

    I’ve enjoyed your wit.

  5. i am pretty bored of this stuff now, too. sorry to see you go, english gentleman, but i doubt you'll miss anything. it has all gotten very tedious and annoying and, of course, kade is too stupid to realize that he's getting nowhere.

    he's repulsive, his parents are repulsive, and this whole thing is a very public cry for counseling sessions or some kind of family intervention. in a way, very sad.

  6. I did not need to see him hump the air. Fucking repulsive.

  7. PS Arthur, I've enclosed in my name a site that may interest you...very much.

  8. @The Entity
    Ah, you fucker, my eyes.

  9. @ english gentleman

    you've been a minty breath of fresh air around these parts (kade's asshole) the thought of you leaving reminds me of this song. (click name)

  10. God, that video was truly disturbing.

    Not as disturbing as the 'improv' one where he screeches "Daddy doesn't love me, I'm worss somethink", but much more repulsive.

    Pretending to lick, fuck, and anally rape a phone is bizarre beyond belief. Ick, just ick.

    Artshitz, when I think you possibly can't sink any lower, you make a liar out of me.


    seriously, you're probably them most fucked up dude this short of being a felon

    damaged goods

  12. http://img188.imageshack.us/img188/4324/77111970.jpg

    A little photoshop someone posted in his comments...

  13. OMG MC900 Foot that photo is hilarious! I linked to it above.

  14. That video is unbelievable. It's easily the most disturbing thing he's ever posted to Youtube. A 31 year old person does NOT act like that. Not unless they are mildly retarded, have severe ADD, and are so coked up their brain looks like Mt. Everest.

    I'm just aghast at what I watched. How in the holy hell does someone make a video like that, decide to post it somewhere for public consumption, and then have the audacity to write that they are a future Pulitzer prize winning author? How does that happen?

    I'm reminded of a kid who, in 6th grade, blew a fake fart on his arm during class, and everyone turned around and glared at him for being such an idiot. A few years earlier in 3rd grade, it would have been funny. That's the thing with Kade - this behavior would have been mildly amusing to someone when he was in his late teens. But this is a guy who swears to us he was a company leading insurance salesman, making six figures a year, dating models.

    We know all his BS about models, exotic vacations, etc. is exactly that: BULLSHIT. But if you were trying to create a fake celebrity for yourself, wouldn't you NOT POST VIDEOS LIKE THAT TO THE INTERNET? I mean seriously.

  15. Way too cute to resist? Who talks like that about other guys? Fucking homo....jesus. I can't read this shit anymore.

    See you in a month - hopefully something different will have happened by then. Like a death.

  16. He dated one model. but she's local, probably not even full-time, and certainly not anywhere near supermodel status.


    If you look at AK's first posts you'll see her. Apparently she's a decent enough person not to want to be involved with his BS since he started blobbing in earnest.

  17. His bragging about modelling is always funny to me. He's never been in magazines, he's never been in commercials, he's never modelled for a mainstream product. He's only done low-rent, regional stuff in Philly. He makes it sound like he's been the crucial link to a product being succesful, but he's never done any modeling that's been seen by anyone on a large scale. Emoda? right, just another one of hundreds of clothing stores on the web.

    The lies about dating supermodels are always great though. He's never even met any of the women that are really called "supermodels." Tell me, what would a supermodel want anyways with a low six figure earning insurance salesman?

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Doc, I don't think he knows the difference between a regional model (who apparently also does Auto Shows via party planners) and a real life supermodel. or even a National model.

    It's true: there are pretty gorgeous photogenic woman everywhere. even in the 'burbs of Philadelphia.

    but the fact is is that they're NOT supermodels, they're NOT national AND Arthur has not dated them

    so, as a fucking Idiot he either doesn't know the difference. or, as a fucking liar and serial exaggerator he's just lying and inflating again

    either way he's a cunt

    Arthur, YOU ARE A CUNT

  20. Zombie Kade here...

    Have to agree with E.G., gn frying pan, and beauchamp- kade the zitfaced slobbering dickmitten is lame, played, sprung, a fuckin' yawn.

    How many ways can I call this subhuman fuck an idiot? An asswipe? A demented ape? I'm even starting to bore myself with this shit.

    Like BB King said- the thrill is gone. Or in kade's case, the hot sting of barely held back vomit is gone.

    Now he's just boring and sad. Kade style.

    Zombie kade - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  21. Every day Kade posts a new video I'm shocked that no one has beaten the shit out of Kade yet. He's insulted his family, his exes, his former coworkers, huge segments of society, and still they let this pathetic jerk off walk around in Philly? It's probably a sign no one cares, but I'm still sad each day that no one puts a baseball bad into the back of his head.

  22. He's got it made. Now he walks around Philly and people want to be in his video and meet him. For a long time he was a pariah, but that has all changed.

  23. Yeah, right, people will always hate him

  24. Wow...just wow...that video was fucking unreal.

    And I do believe he said "I'd hate to blow a big...."

    we can finish that sentance for you Artie...and you'd LOVE to blow it.