Arthur if I wanted to hear an asshole lie I'd have farted. OK, so that doesn't make much sense, but it's late and my Giants lost so I'm going with it. Fuck Arthur Kadyshes and all his bullshit lying. More stupidity and lies from Arthur Kadyshes...

This was a weekend of getting an amazing look into the minds of different girls from different age ranges, and different social classes, and how they all react to the celebrity that is Arthur Kade. When I was doing my “Kade Style, Sinatra Style” domination of life through my 20’s, Pre-Brand, I could sleep with any girl I wanted and I did. It was as simple as being at a bar, saying, “Grab a shot with me?”, and 4 hours later we were somewhere having amazing sex with no expectations (Girls would see my ripped body, they know I was making sick coin, and they wanted to date the hottest bachelor the city had to offer), and after 2 weeks, if the sex was good enough, then I might keep her around a little longer, and if she brought other girls into the situation, then it was a possible thought of dating. Girls back then had no problem with following this blueprint, and were not concerned about being taken seriously, and it just happened, and there was very little drama, very little thought, and sex was great because you acted as if it was always a “One Night Stand”.
While having a conversation with the various girls that all slept at my house throughout the weekend (I may change Chateau Kade to Hotel Kade because my after parties and sleepovers were just so “Kade-Style”, and my bed was the spot to be seen this weekend although at one point there was 4 people crammed in my bed which was a total cockblock because I was hoping to initiate a killer threesome as only The Brand can, but I couldn’t find a moment to really broach the subject so nothing happened, and I even told the girls, “This may be the first time that I have had 2 girls in a bed and not had sex with them ), girls were telling me that they “Want to be taken out to dinner before sleeping with a guy”, and I even had one girl out at G who said that she wouldn’t sleep with a guy unless he took her to dinner first. I laughed because why should I have to drop coin to feed someone when we should just go drink at the Chateau (My nickname for the crib) and I thought to myself “Arthur Kade doesn’t do dinner”, and I said, “Dinner is sooo 2006″, and I just thought to myself even further, “When did having to spend $150 on a girl qualify as what it took to get into their pants?” When did hot girls become jaded and want a meal before sex, when shots and drinks used to be more than enough in my 20’s? And it’s even worse now that I am becoming an “A-List” Mainstream Celebrity and actor, and girls want to lock The Brand up (It’s so funny to see girls who are fans and Kade Nation and how they react to me like a god, and I wonder how many girls have Arthur Kade as one of their “Star Fucks” that their boyfriend would let them cheat with)
The problem is that girls in my heydey were all about what clubs you got them into, what drugs you did with them, and what bouncers you knew, and since I am one of the premiere socialites in Philadelphia history (One friend told me last night that her friend called her from DC ((I have a HUGE fan base there)) after seeing her on my blog, and called me “The new Tucker Max”, and I joked back “My movies will gross a whole lot more than 3 million in 3 weeks. I expect them to make that that in the first hour of a release”), I used my status and popularity to close every hot girl in the city. Now girls are all over me since the mainstream crossover of “The Journey”, I have a revolutionary and groundbreaking Number 1 TV show in “Deving” (Short for development) with “Entertainment Powerhouse” IMG Media, another announcement which is as big coming shortly, a budding award winning acting career, and look amazing to where one girl said last night, “I hate to admit it, but you are the hottest guy in Philly”, but once they make out or play with me without having full blown sex, they want the dinner thing to happen, and I’m just not about it.
I am really having trouble wrapping my mind around this dinner thing because I refuse to spend 2 hours in a job interview environment talking about stuff that I don’t care about when the whole time all guys think about as Vince Vaughn said, “Are we gonna get hopped up enough to make some bad decisions”, and with The Drought having hit 8 months, and having gone 8 for 8 the last 3 weeks in hooking up with girls and not having penal insertion, it is really testing my patience that I may have to bend over and maybe compromise my values to do this “Dinner thing”. In the meantime, I have an enormous West Coast interview in the morning which will continue to build my international fan base out West, have to check to see if the producers of the potential pilot I am a Gay Doctor in have finished up a shooting schedule for The Talent, apply for some high level acting jobs, get ready for my last Lemon class this Weds, and register for some new advanced classes in NYC, and all after hanging out at G and Recess With Bill Bellamy and his crew in VIP areas.
“When people ask me what I do for a living I tell them, “”I’m Arthur Kade”"”…Arthur Kade…10/18/09
Here is the first official unedited Guest Blog written from the participants of Friday night’s festivities about our wonderfully disappointing night together:
Hey everyone Arthur Kade just so happens to be too hungover to blog this morning so this will be the first official guest blogging session of the “Kade-Style” blog. We are double trouble and we are officially reporting last night’s festivities from the AK pad. The night started when we bumped into our frenemie for the rockstar party at the playground. He was mingling with local celeb’s such as us and shamelessly self-promoting as usual. The event itself was O.O.C. BANANAS (in case you missed it) and led to many shots to say the least. So many shots that he was able to convince us that the after-party was at his place (according to him he is always hosting the hottest afterparty) consisting of himself only. At four o’clock we were offered the essentials to end the night, a grey goose drink and a huge plate of pizza-bites (we made 2 plates while one of us raided the fridge). Arthur gentlemanly offered the bed to us girls, but slyly found his way under the covers, he would have liked to have a 3 some but he was sadly disappointed to learn that this would NOT be on the agenda and we were more interested in sleeping. So no, the draught is not over. This morning he was scratching his head trying to figure out how he slept with 2 girls and didn’t get any…. oh well, better luck next time Arthur.


  1. He is crazy. I think his famewhoring ways might be a good topic for a psych thesis. That would be the only good thing to come of The Journey.

  2. Can we prevail upon Ron Hansen to kick AK out of his place at 444 and onto the street so AK will have to suck even more dick to get an eightball and a warm place to sleep?

  3. I still like the Lego Wig Site, at least it doesn't get spammed to fucking hell. Damn mouse scroll wheel is gettin worn out from traversing all the copy pasta.

  4. Pizza bites, fuck ya! That’ll get ‘em.

  5. "penal insertion"

    penal - of, pertaining to, or involving punishment, as for crimes or offenses.

    goddam he's one stupid motherfucker.

  6. Is "cheese" slang for a drug? That one is new for me.

  7. I can't even wrap my head around this post because it's so fucked up and filled with insanity. I can't even try. I'm exhausted, it's 11:51 pm, but I will write something tomorrow. Really, this post totally illustrates how out of touch Kade is with modern reality. He doesn't see the point in taking a girl out to dinner and being a gentleman? He just wants an instant fuck?

    Jesus Christ...

  8. From Twitter: "I love girls who are like guys."


  9. No no....I think "penal" is the proper word. Having Kade try to stick his oversized clit into you would definitely be categorized as punishment.

  10. Dear Arthur "I are a college graduate) Kade...you are a fucking asshole. I hope your dry spell ends with a girl who bobbits you. Your Kadestyle sense of entitlement is off the rails, and is making you sound like the potential rapist everyone says you appear to be. Since when should you have to show the girl any consideration before you have sex with her, you want to know?!? If I ever see you I will spit on you.

    On the other hand, this is funny when I get past the pure disgust. You are 'the hottest thing on the planet' and girls simply don't want you like they used to when you were nobody and younger and better looking and less of a total asshole. You have to seriously wonder somewhere in your pus filled brain why that might be. You do your best to wiggle around it but it doesn't quite fit does it? It used to be about clubbing and fucking, and now clubbing and fame and celebrity doesn't even pull them. THEY DON'T WANT YOU!!!!!

    You have NOTHING to offer and that includes a nice dinner. (you can't afford it you little shit) You live in a closet, you don't drive a car (*can't* drive a car because you are spastic, and, keep looking at yourself in the rear view mirror and getting tickets) and you are third rate in everything you do. When it comes to the things a woman finds sexy and subconsciously green lights a potential mating partner...you start out yellow and turn to red. You don't have a sense of humor, or a decent amount of money, or 'sigh worthy' looks, or depth, or intelligence, or talent, or interesting conversations, or a have dress-sense appropriate for what appears to be a 40 year old, or expressive eyes, or even a nice smile. I think that is why you quit smiling in your photos, someone clued you in to the last thing. (smiling makes you look retarded 90% of the time...how totally unfortunate) Sometimes it only takes one of those things to get a girl. You lack any redeeming feature so they want you to 'pay' them first with a dinner and maybe they will think about it. Clue yourself on, you fucking wanker.

    Who would waste their "star fuck" on you??? Who ever does doesn't know how to play the game or have good vision. You are supposed to pick someone who MAKES SENSE so that your partner has to go "I get it". That's why you can't pick ordinary people, that would cause untold problems in the relationship. Picking you could *end* the relationship. "What the hell is wrong with you you fucking bitch, ugh, you disgust me!"

    Nobody wants to have sex with you. And who in the hell is Bill Bellamy?

  11. Hey, that guy rapping in the background was pretty funny! HE is the one who should be on a Journey, not you, you gay t-rex.

  12. He must just lie (no pun intended) in his bed for hours thinking this shit up.

  13. Barney the DinosaurOctober 19, 2009 at 2:02 AM

    Yeah, the spam on the other site is making it too much like hard work.

    Small points: Arthur, it's heyday, not heydey. There's no such thing as a 'dey', except maybe Susan Dey from LA Law and The Partridge Family.

    There was no freestyle rapping in your stupid fucking video. It's odd when you put shit like that up because that must be the most interesting thing that happened to you yesterday, and it's about as enjoyable as shoving a dead AIDS baby in a Magimix and downing the resultant liquid.

    And for such a player, the excuse 'but I couldn't find a moment to really broach the subject so nothing happened' is about as lame gets. I'm sure Sinatra said 'I was gonna do Marilyn in the ole' Hershey Highway but I couldn't find a moment to really broach the subject so nothing happened'.

    You sad cunt.

  14. I was hitting his site just to keep up with some of the funny comments, but somewhere along the line it went to absolute shit. La Rubia and her friends had some good stuff in the beginning and then they went crazy and just started posting for the sake of posting. It's basically unreadable now. The funny comments are so buried it takes forever to find them. Can't do it anymore.

  15. Ive slapped it twice to AK's pics. He is soooo cute. Ive cum on the keyboard and now my spacebar is stuck.

  16. @MC 900 I agree with you absolutely. I looked at the comments for post before this one and half way through all I could think was, 'enough already'. If I see it over 100 comments I won't even bother to look anymore because it is 5 people doing 60 percent of the comments, many of which aren't even comments, just spam. (meaning junk)

    As I said before, people are getting super bored with the whole thing, so they do what ever comes to mind to amuse themselves. Oh well. I don't care if they trash Kades site.

  17. i'm still laughing at zkwdy's "three hundy by sunday" comment. i found myself saying it all weekend.

  18. ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Arthur, you are getting very boring.

  19. Three hundy by Sundy! And that's why we did it... we spammed, crammed, cut, pasted, got wasted and Sparta! 300+...
    It's good clean, cheap ass fun.

  20. More from Twitter: "it's all about the lisestyle...."

    You know, regularly washing your hair and not crashing on other peoples' beds/couches would probably help with that.

  21. Cease & DesistOctober 19, 2009 at 5:33 PM

    I agree MC 900...LA rubia and her crew have completely destroyed his site (which may not be a bad thing).

    Arthur, please cease from talking about the "Dev" deal until it becomes(i say this with sarcasm) into "Prod" (short for production, asshole). And desist from hiding your true feelings as noted in the last paragraph (decoded) ..."I may have to bend over...have an enormous...Gay Doctor...[just]finished up a shooting [in my ass]"

    Cease & Desist

  22. anyone with a theory why his site is now getting 250/300+ comments/post?

  23. @anon 6:02

    Because a few people have decided to comment bomb his site. It is something to do for some people. See anon 10:59.

  24. Mr Genius 138 IQ was looking for the word "penile". And what he meant was he was looking for penile insertion in his rectum.

  25. How it all ends for Arthur...

    NJ mass murderer Howard Unruh dead at 88

    TRENTON, N.J. — Howard Barton Unruh, who killed 13 people as he walked the streets of Camden in a psychotic 1949 shooting spree that was the nation’s worst mass murder at the time, has died at age 88.

    Camden County Prosecutor Warren W. Faulk said Unruh died Monday at 3:35 p.m. in a Trenton nursing facility after an extended illness.

    Unruh had been confined in a state psychiatric hospital since the killings, which came to be known as the “Walk of Death.” Diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, he confessed to the killings and was judged mentally competent but never tried for the Sept. 6, 1949, massacre.

  26. Arthur is such a retard (slow) when it comes to girls. He doesn't even know about the 3 F's. Find em, feed em, fuck em. He'll be using that by next week gauranteed. Because he reads this blog everynight. Hi Arthur! Go fuck yourself!

  27. Ha ha, I really do hope a network picks up Arthur. If he gets on TV, he won't be able to go anywhere without getting mocked and insulted royally (10x worse than now). Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Remember, you're talentless, annoying, unfunny and unlikable. 1 star for everyvideo because SSSTeveTV is your only fan and even that's probably a joke.

  28. LOL Read this guys twitter: M2THAK after like 2 insults this dude writes this to Artard:

    @ArthurKade stop writing me before people think i know you

  29. Pwned: Sounds like quite the fan! Do a search on Twitter for "Arthur Kade" it's all negative. Where's Kade Nation? Oh yeah, everybody hates you!

  30. There is a new delusional post up. AK claims he turned down a 9.35 for having a past. Please, please, PLEASE let his reality show be an elaborate hoax at his expense...

  31. “and I just thought to myself even further”

    Is it just me, or is that a literary first?

    All right already, that’s enough. What 15 minutes of fame? What have you done? What the fuck is ‘your doing it’? Show the haters? I can’t believe you’ve come this far? What the fuck is fucking wrong with your fucked up stupid fucking pea brain you fucking fuck? Fuck you, fuck your mama, fuck your papa and double fuck fuck babushka and fuck you even more. Fuck.

    Nothing, nowhere, never, nope…fucking zero, less than zero, way more fucking less

    You are a fucking pathetic fuck so fuck you, fuck off, fuck yourself you fucker. You’re a cuntfuck fuckcunt. Get the fuck out, bitch. Lie some more fucked face fuck butt. Your name is Mr. McFuckmydaddy
    Mr. I’mfullofshit McFuckmydaddy

  32. How bottom of the cum bucket do you have to be to lie down in sheets that have to feel like tent canvas?
    He is always so greasy and unclean. I picture a hungover bimbo waking up with a pillow stuck to her face…again. Grey Goose, gym sweat and bacne trails must produce an odor not soon forgotten. Don’t forget the ‘solo’ stains.