A Brief History of Kadyshes Facts

I'm providing this brief summary of The [Cocaine Enabled] Journey as a service to those of you who weren't around from the beginning or don't check in regularly. If you see any facts missing that I should include, post them in the comments and I'll add them in when I have time. In addition, feel free to link to this post or email this post to people who might be interested in our continuing expose of this pathetic cockgobbling moron.

Here, in no particular order, are the things newcomers need to know to get caught up:

- Arthur's real name is Arthur Kadyshes. He's an out-of-work former salesman of insurance products in the Philadelphia area.
- It is widely believed that Arthur Kadyshes is gay or at least unsure of his sexuality. People constantly allude to this in his comments section and there have been several hilarious photoshop pictures about it, such as this one:

- Arthur is fairly poorly educated. He writes poorly, can't spell, has no sense of humor or irony, and seemingly no sense of culture at all. This reflects poorly on his time at Temple U. Although I hate to bash a local school, I have to point out that it's not exactly an exclusive school.
- Arthur thinks he can/will become an international celebrity and movie star. To date, however, he has not had a single speaking role and none of the auditions he has done have come out positively for him. He has been relegated to low-paying "extra" work, the type that almost anyone can get. Kade likes to exaggerate and often claims that he is a "featured extra" -- whatever that means.
- Arthur's roommate Ron Hansen is somehow involved in enabling/encouraging Kadyshes, but we're not sure how. Ron seems to be a douchebag loser like Kade, but at least he doesn't blog about it and subject himself to ridicule directly. It appears Hansen lets Kade sleep in the den/home office of his 1 BR apartment.
- Arthur's biggest enabler by far is G.N. Kang, an unfunny, untalented wannabe who is a radio sidekick and plays football in her underpants on the side. She is visible in a lot of Kade's videos, including taping him. In other videos you can hear her laughing at Kade's stunts to encourage him. She's a trainwreck and I could say more, but I don't want to get too far off track when this is really about Arthur.
- Kade pretends he has high standards in women, but then hangs out with disgusting, overly-made-up, uncultured, uneducated, tacky women. In particular, Kade seems to like chubby girls with a "gunt" which he calls a "stomach-vagina connector bump" or something like that. For example, one of his bff's is Sabrina Strickland, who has a gunt. So Sabrina is the type of "hot Philly 9" that Kade hangs out with, but he thinks Angelina Jolie is not hot? Ha. Moron.
- Sabrina has a man's voice. Seriously. Here's a video link where you can check it out. Sabrina is the girl on the left with the gunt; the girl on the right with the hideous bangs and no class is the ever-worthless Kadyshes accomplice Lindsay J. Furman.
- Kade's acting and speech coaches have made little or no progress with him but have taken a lot of his money. I almost feel bad for Kade... almost.
- Kade grew up in poor circumstances in a low-class area of Philadelphia. His mom and dad apparently abandoned him and he was raised by his grandmother. If you watch the videos, especially the ones with his parents, you can tell that this has played a major role in forming who he is.
- A few local establishments have banned Douchebag Kade from entering. They deserve credit and referrals for doing so--we'll post an updated list when we know all the places that have banned Kade.
- Arthur's dad appears in a few videos. He appears visibly irritated or disgusted with Arthur and also seems to think it's weird that Arthur tapes routine/mundane things like standing in line at an Eagles game. Through various commenters, we have learned that Arthur's dad is/was a mysogynist and was taken to court for sexually harassing women.
- The name for this blog comes from a truly awful haircut that Kade's step mom gave him. Kade tried to claim that it looked like a model and that he liked it, but he was fiercely mocked on this site, his own site, and in real life, so he quickly got another haircut so he wouldn't look like a lego-wigged moron anymore. (It didn't fully work, because he looks like a moron no matter what haircut he gets.)

Will update more later......


  1. Here's some stuff to add:

    Kade believes that he will be an Oscar winning actor, an Emmy winning actor, and and a Pulitzer prize winning author. As far as acting, he has never spoken a single line in any production that anyone has ever seen. His only screen time to date has been as an extra on Gossip Girl, in which he was visible for approximately one second. He has been an extra in movies such as The Last Airbender and Salt, and was among dozens or hundreds of people, yet bragged that he was given exclusive positioning behind the lead actors.


    Also, we need a list of all the things he's said he would do, or auditioned for, but never actually did or earned. Things like:

    Love Taxi audition - never asked to the show.

    Philadelphia Ad Club Social Networking Breakfast Panel - Uninvited after they realized what a sexist pig he is.

    Sex and the City 2 audition - no luck

    What else? This basically needs to be a perfect go-to document to email to anyone that needs to know what trash he is.

  2. Thanks, I will include those.... this should be a collaborative effort, let's see what others can add. I'll try to update it once a day or so as we keep going...

  3. I think linking to specific videos that prove his insanity is great.

    Same thing for specific quotes he's said that prove how offensive he is. I think it should be a two-part approach: the typical background, and a list of his offenses. Might take a while to go through everything. You need something you can hand to anyone that will paint the perfect picture of how disturbed and vile he is.

  4. I agree, and whatever people contribute towards that end will be greatly appreciated.

    Using his own words/pictures/videos against him is exactly what we should do.

  5. Has anyone figured out where his money comes from?

    I mean - yeah its known that he's "cheap" when it comes to tipping and shit like that - but he does seem to live a lifestyle that isnt cheap....even if we're assuming he doesnt pay a dime to crash in the den of that guys house.

    He goes out every day of his life to bars and pretends to be "high class"...drinks a lot.

    Seems as though he does coke....which even if its bad coke isnt a cheap habit

    He takes a lot of cabs back and forth to NY which def adds up

    He attends acting classes regularly

    He has acting lessons with the stupid useless Sharon person and the voice coach lessons for his lisp which did absolutely nothing

    Goes out to eat daily

    He buys new "phrase" T-Shirts all the time.'

    I mean - total douchebag or not - this shit isnt cheap. How does he afford to do it with absolutely no job now for almost 8 months

    Also - just a suggestion for this site, I think "cockgobbler" needs to be retired. Getting sort of played out....there are so many other names to call the guy, does that one really need to be used daily? haha.

  6. Don't forget Kade stated early on that he wasn't going to listen to the haters yet is was the hater comments that prompted him to get Botox on his forehead and for him to hire a speech therapy coach.

    Besides his current set of delusions:Actor, Writer, Comedian,
    Kade somehow believes that although he has no real accomplishmments in life that he could have been:
    Pro football player
    Pro basketball player(claims he played college)
    I don't kow if he ever mentioned baseball player
    Martial arts expert
    I'm sure there are a few others I left off.

    He also has compared himself with everyone from Jesus to The Beatles.

  7. The two court documents regarding the Raya and Haig Salon being taken to Penn. Human Relations Commission for papa Leonard's sexual harassment of stylist Aida Armani over an extended period of time are the first one in 2001:
    And the document where the salon tried to overturn the award to Ms. Armani (the award was upheld)in 2006:
    http://www.courts.state.pa.us/OpPosting/CWealth/out/327CD06_1-25-07.pdf Google "Leonard Kadyshes" and both documents are at the top of the list.

    The first document has each complaint (things Kadyshes said/did to Armani)written out, the second recaps what happened to Armani, and the amount of the award. $156,421.00 with interest of 6%. Both documents also say that Armani was a credible witness, and Kadyshes was not a credible witness. (ha ha)
    Link to latter document in my name.

  8. On that note I found a Philly mag article from Feb 2009 that talks about the Raya and Haig salon acrimoniously splitting up and where everyone ended up, with one interesting observation and gross bit of gossip:
    “I don’t see any customers in Raya’s salon,” notes one hairdresser who admits to cruising Haverford Station Road to check on his competition — and rumors of icky in-house dalliances. “I’ve heard stories about threesomes in the bathroom”. The bathroom sex could be another salon, read the end of the article because it is confusing, but the fact that they called it 'icky' leads me to believe they are talking about the step mom's salon.
    http://www.phillymag.com/shopping_style/articles/pulse_chatter_hair_wars/ Link in my name.

  9. Brasco, I've often wondered that myself.

    The only thing I can think of, is that he got a fairly hefty severence package when they let him go from his insurance job.

    I also think Nosferatu Papa Kade forks out money to Artshitz. Better than having him live in his and stepmomma's basement, I suppose.

    He could also be whoring himself out in men's bathrooms. This actually makes a lot of sense, especially since he's been banned from so many places.

    Although I don't know why any self respecting gay man would WANT Artshitz, there are plenty of creeps out there who will take anything they can get.

  10. @ mac truck and brasco,

    The best explanation from people who are in the financial planning/insurance business is that he sold the royalties on his accounts for a lump sum. I didn't know that insurance brokers make royalties off your insurance policies but there you go. I did know that financial planners get a monthly fee based on the amount of money you have with their company. So what he did was sell his monthly income for a set amount of money.

  11. He also sold insurance as well as financial planning packages, just to clear that up a bit.

  12. Thanks, Lego Wig! We need all the information we can get on this idiot...

    In my name is a link to a hilarious video I came across. In a metaphorical way it is completely compatible with Kadyshes' Journey.

  13. my understanding is that it's from selling life insurance and variable annuities, which old people use for retirement income

  14. Interesting. But it's not an endless amount of money, so I'm wondering just WHEN he's going to run out.

    When he does, he'll have to face the facts that he's a laughingstock and a huge failure, and will need to find another job.

    However, he hasn't just burned his bridges, he's set nuclear bombs to them, as well as napalming the piles of rubble, so it may be rather difficult for him to find anything that doesn't include the phrase, "Do you want fries with that?"

  15. Barney the DinosaurOctober 23, 2009 at 2:21 PM

    This is too fucking boring. Byeeeeeeee

    Barney The Dinosaur/Mike Hunt Out.

  16. So, from that video of the girl with the gunt, is "cheese" a street name for a drug? Or are they just being morons?

  17. Also, he's said he could be a boxer at one point. Add that to the list.

  18. How about the QVC Audition? He should have tried to sell female depilitory cremes.. he seems to know so much about female hair removal.

  19. People he claims he knows, parties with, his peers!

    His man Mickey Roarke
    Gerry Butler (Gerald)
    Nikki Hilton and her boyfriend, Katzenberg
    Jamie Fox
    Assorted DJ's
    Angie (from Salt)

    Compared himself to:
    Michael Jordan
    Bobby DiNero
    Al Pacino
    Kobe Bryant
    Daffy Duck

  20. To the genious that posted those last few voice comments
    "hello its me the queen!" "somebody kill this guy hes pissin me off"

    and thats not even the best part.
    honest to God i have never laughed so hard in my life.
    you are my hero

    legowig till kade dies

  21. and the classical music added, couldnt have been done better

  22. This is my last attempt to explain the ‘situation’ with kego…

    (This is only my opinion.)

    Where does he get the money? How can he go to clubs every night? Eat out all the time? …
    Answer: Cocaine. And he must have a pretty good ‘connect’.
    To the uninitiated it may be a hard concept to grasp, but for those who have been there, it explains everything. Remember the accutane? That was a cover story to explain the perpetual chapped lips, which happens when you do coke all the time. His skin stayed greasy, his acne never cleared up, he tanned, etc. He didn't take accutane. Now ask yourself “Why would he make that up?”
    When he brags that he gets to the front of the line at clubs, do you wonder how? The people who are into the shit can spot each other easily. And believe me, it goes on everywhere. Doing coke is not the same as smoking crack. Coke has no social boundaries, it doesn’t destroy lives overnight, and most people are fairly discreet about it. Just imagine what would be said about kego if nobody had to worry about pulling their own covers. He knows who is who so he’s able to avoid getting ‘popped’. Even his small circle would provide enough profit to do what he’s doing. He needs to go out every night so that he’s available.
    People will chum up to the biggest asshole ever because of the shit. They’ll offer to buy dinner, drinks, what have you, because the 'jones' is very strong. Some people can’t stop till they have to. And it empowers the one holding the sack. He has enough control, or enough sales, to not go in the red (at least not too much, yet). Eventually he will be like all those before him; it will be his demise. How long will it take? There’s no telling. He might get busted, lose his connect or even just burn out. He could go on for years. Everyone’s different, and yet, everyone’s the same. It has power over people, it’s been around a long time and its not going to go away and it is evil. Fill in the blanks to every unanswered question about kego and his behavior with the words ‘cocaine addiction’ and it becomes very clear ‘what’s really going on?’
    If you’ve never been caught up in the shit you probably can’t even imagine how strong and awful it can be. But anyone who has knows exactly what I’m talking about, and gets douche chills just thinking about it. “Just a little more, one more then I’m done” (over and over)

  23. @Brasco...

    Cock Gobbler is getting played out? I think the person associated with that name IS getting played out, but the term, well, it's one of my favorites. Not starting anything here, just sayin'. I will take your comment under consideration. Won't promise anything, but will think about it, at least for myself when posting.

    The voicemail... good God! Some motherfucking creative people out there!

    @Kudos... I think you nailed it. Hoping he OD's every day. With nothing to post here Brasco would get his wish about the whole Cock Gobbler thing too!

  24. I hope no one thinks that I’m saying his addiction is an excuse for his reprehensible behavior. I only wanted to point out how he’s enabled himself so that he can continue revealing his inner sickness he calls the brand. The coke is just a vehicle. He’s driving like a maniac on a one way road to wherever it is that douche go to die. Peddle to the metal arturdio, Gods speed getting there. And isn’t a cock gobbler a male turkey? Weak, I know, so sue me.

  25. yep, all three of them are COKED UP to the gills in that BFF video. those coke whores have taken many a johnson bar for a couple of lines. the stuff is bad for the heart, and accelerates aging. that's why kade looks like he's 40. good chance he ODs soon enough.

  26. You know his dad hates what he’s doing, his stepmother even more, but his ex has got to be hating life. Sure, she can say, “I broke up with him” and try the “He wasn’t like that before” but the fact is…she was ‘with’ him. What a horrible fate she’s been condemned with. Talk about your personal regrets, hers are large.

  27. To Anonymous @ 4:05 & 4:07 PM:

    You're welcome. The line, "Will you please kill him? He's pissin' me off!" is from the movie "Demolition man". All the gunfire sounds are from various clips on Youtube of people firing weapons. I also dubbed in lines of Dennis Hopper's infamous 'Frank Booth' character from David Lynch's "Blue velvet". And the applause & laugh tracks? Kade's death is probably the only way to get people to clap & cheer for him.

  28. Total supporter of this site. Love it and all of the participants!

    But I have to speak out, as a Philadelphian. The author of this post (I think) is not from the area and has made some general statements that need to be clarified:

    Northeast Philadelphia (where Ak is from, Algon and Rhawn) is not low class. He would like people to believe it is because it adds to his story, but the area is very nice. His father lives in Pine Valley which is even nicer than Art's grandmother's neighborhood, but we all know his Dad din't want him living with him, for obvious reasons. But I digress.....

    As for Temple "not being exclusive", well I would personlly like to see the student that describes someone as "fairly poorly educated" get into Temple. Not trying to be a bitch, but its my alma mater and its bad enough I share it with AK, I don't need people dissing it either. And have you really checked it out? Not too shabby, I must say.

    Ok, so I said my peace. Just want to make sure Philly/Temple and most things I hold dear are not lumped in with this asshole. We hate him as much as the rest of the country and any town that wants to claim him, we will pay. World Series tickets. Seriously.

  29. @ Anas…….

    Are you saying that arturdio is the only one who slipped through the cracks? I’ll take your word on that, but you’ve got to admit that it was a pretty big fucking crack. He’s a moron and yet he graduated, that’s hard to defend, but I wasn’t there, so…ok. Even the best can have a bad day.

    And by bad day I mean ‘look how fucked up he is, you’d never guess he went to collage, especially an exclusive one’. (No offence)

  30. In addition to the jobs he claimed he was getting: remember when he auditioned for QVC? Art thought he was a shoo-in due to his (cough) amazing sense of style and amazing looks. He shot a video at Jack & Jill (whose owners are huge Kade enablers; that place comes up over and over again) but never got a call from QVC...

  31. Lets not forget about Cock Gobbler vowing to be "ripped" or whatever term he used, by Labor Day and how we're still waiting for the video to prove this. Funny how he never addresses it when anybody brings it up.

  32. Click on my name and u'll get to the real gem-pic from A.K archives,which was stolen by 1 of his clients while he wasn in the bathroom,blowing something up his humangous nostrils and satisfiying himself with his phone.Since he's such a huge celebrity,I should sell it to People magazine or E!channel for big $$$,but I'm in the generous mood today..So enjoy and post ur comments!

  33. Some of the best comments came from that “I’ve got a trainer and will be perfect in three weeks (Labor Day)”. Remember, he posted the before pic’s and some video…every one pointed out how poor his form was and that was that. Just like his football video, when everyone said he looked lame.
    My favorite comments were…

    “Hey Artie, there’s some string’s hanging from your shorts…oh wait, that’s your legs”

    “Bring those legs over here boy, I gots some chicken in between my teeth”

    And when his trainer told him to “touch his chest” (he meant with the handles of the workout equipment) so kego fondles himself. Then he asked the ‘trainer’ for an evaluation of his physique. That didn’t go well, but when he said, “How’s my ass” and revealed himself, the comment that fit best was…

    “That was the gayest thing I’ve ever seen, your trainer looked like he wanted to run away”

    (I’m paraphrasing, but close enough)

  34. It’s not disparaging to homosexuals when you call kego a fag, cockgobbler, muncher, etc. You may call the eunuck anything you please without fear of offending. I’m pretty sure the gay community doesn’t want to claim him.

  35. Recently, on separate occasions, I saw guys that had faces you just wanted to punch. I didn't see these guys do anything, they weren't dressed in a way that would scream "douchebag" or anything else that would justify my thoughts of, "Man, that guy has a face you just want to punch." Upon further thought I realized they both had the "Count Chocula Eyebrows." My question... is it the eyebrows or the subconscious connection between those eyebrows and Cock Gobbler that made me want to punch these guys?

  36. you forgot The Gumball Rally car race (I'm dating myself here - I was a reader at the start) that he was going to be in - never happened

    The QVC spokesperson - never got it despite idiotic video

    He was also supposed to be a guest fashion writer for eModa or whatever that lame site was. Never happened.

  37. He was supposed to be a guest speaker at a Social Media Conference in Philly, but was uninvited

  38. can someone link us to the thing where he was uninvited from speaking at the social media conference (sorry i have not paid as much attention to arthurfaggotkade recently)


    This really tops the list.

    LEGO, as in the plastic building blocks, is looking to create a reality program.

    The LEGO Group is working with reality producer Scott Messick to develop non-scripted shows that could include documentaries, competition shows and children’s game shows.


  40. Zombie kade here... dropped in to give big kudos to whoever put up the "best nicknames ever given to kade by the lego wig bunch" voice mail. Outstanding work, very very funny. I proudly lay claim to Lispy McSlobberfuck, but feel slighted that "Ipecac on two legs" didn't make the cut.

    But I quibble- the main point is it was a great vm, with outstanding music. Big laughs, great job.

    Also- don't know if it's a lie necessarily, but the scarheaded polesmoker has yet to post a single radio interview that he's "dominated" that I'm aware of.

    I ain't the biggest mancow fan, but I'm pretty certain mancow would've figured out the crushing douchetardedness of kade in very short order and started punking him with abandon.

  41. I heard part of one radio interview somewhere...I pushed the slider farther along when I got bored. They made a bit fun of him before and after (I am sure there are legal ramifications to ripping on him). They were not fans of his.

    Zombie, you know he dominates even when he fails. If he is involved with it, it is THE BEST. Like Sharon being a great acting coach and Mike Lemon being a great actor. And Cosi's being a great sandwich shop. And his step mom being the premier hairstylist in Philly. And all these boring promo parties he goes to (I have seen pictures, they are boring) being off the hook...

    I could see a lego reality show if they did it the way the Wallace and Grommit guy did his show called "Creature Comforts"...you interview people saying ordinary things and then you animate it so it so it takes on a whole new meaning, like having iguana's talking about the need for heat in winter and being cold. See link in my name for a short example, it is really funny, and cute.

    I hate his eyebrows too. I think he plucks them. Or more likely, his terrible stylist step mommy plucked them. He really needs to get a new stylist -- and therapist, and acting coach, and speech therapist, and weight trainer, and group of friends, and goal in life, and attitude.

  42. Seems like plucking his eyebrows would be like chopping down a forest with a pocketknife. I’m thinking hot wax and a big floor mop; it would look like commercial tuna fishing.

  43. What he imagines…

    Hunting the lion for dinner
    T-shirts to small African children
    Hospitals in Israel
    10 figure checks
    Jet setting
    Self help talk show
    Pro basketball coach
    Polo player
    Body builder
    Oscar winner
    Emmy winner
    Dominate every thing
    Role model
    Talk show host
    Change the biz
    Build hotels
    Sleep with supermodels

    Actual achievement…douche bag
    Good job, fag

  44. @Anon 1:44 PM

    His name was removed from the page after about a week. Click my name.

  45. That photo of Arthur's favorite snack in his mouth had me laughing for ten minutes straight. God I love this website:D

  46. LOL @ "favorite snack" Kevin!

  47. @Zombie Kade...

    I can lay claim to Cock Gobbler, though in terms of pure funny it's nowhere near most of them on that list. The thing with Cock Gobbler is it is ubiquitous. If nothing more, I am relentless.

    I had forgotten about "ipecac on two legs." That is one that made me LOL when I first read it. I may use that the next time I post one of his delusions.

  48. I have to agree with the comment that AK doesn't come from a "low-class area". I grew up around the same area as AK and I hate when he makes up his "I came from the projects / I was on welfare" make-believe childhood.

    A lot of Northeast Philadelphia is a trash can, I can admit that. But, in Philadelphia, if you work for the city (politics, district attorneys, judges, etc.), you must live for the city. I had a prosecutor and politician as parents, we had a very nice lifestyle. Most people in our area did. A lot of our neighbors were well-known politically and wanted a nice lifestyle for their families. Therefore, they chose not to live in the more metropolitan areas of the city.

    Unlike most areas in Northeast Philadelphia, we did not live in rowhomes, we had in-ground pools and backyards. There was no projects! I didn't know people on welfare. I do remember the obnoxious Russian Jews that we all hated. When they are started to come in in waves to the area, everyone began to move out. They were the most obnoxious people I had ever encountered. No offense to other Russian Jews, I live in NY now and my best friend is a Russian Jew. But, the Russian Jews that overtook the Pine Valley/Krewstown area were unique: obnoxious, loud, ugly people that always seemed eager to instigate a fight at whatever discount, bulk grocery store you may encounter them at (BJ's comes to mind).

    Anyway, upon retirement my parents moved to a neighboring suburb, as most of their peers did. If you ask any of them way, they will blame the Russian Jews that began to make the area into a hostile environment.

    Summary: AK didn't grow up in the hood. NE PHL has plenty of "hoods", his wasn't one of them. He was just another obnoxious Russian Jew that was always looking to get under peoples' skin. He continues to be.

    Disclaimer: I know this sounds horribly hate-filled. I don't mean it to be. I implore anyone that lived in his area to back me up and explain how the area worsened due to certain changes...