The Camera Effect

More of the same ol' same ol' from the VERY deluded cock gobbling idiot Arthur Kadyshes...

It is truly a study of watching the amazing change in people as they watch someone like Arthur Kade rise from the slums of welfare and almost poverty (Sometimes I would compare the hope that I give the Gen Pop to Jim Braddock in Cinderella Man), and becoming a future award winning actor (TV “Dev Deal” with IMG Media for Number 1 Show, Potential Pilot in the making, various short films, etc..) and acclaimed NY Times Bestselling author (Someone BBM’ed me that my book will be one run on sentence, and I simply wrote back, “KadeSpeare”), and how people react to fame and celebrity. Almost everyone now is a Kadewagon jumper, and it is funny when people who talked MASSIVE shit on you come up to you in a club and try to now kiss The Brand’s ass because he has become a household commodity (I had 4 people come up to me last night who I have all been told talked shit about me ((Pre-Celebrity)) and one even came up to me and said, “Let’s squash it”, and I looked at her and said, “You think I haven’t heard all the shit you talked about me, and now that I am blowing up you come up to me and say that? Go fuck yourself”) and is wanted by every girl. I call this “The Camera Effect” because it symbolizes the effect that happens to people when the camera is on them, because some people become bigger than what they are normally, and others become smaller because they are timid and shy, but almost everyone changes when the camera is on them because people don’t have the natural charisma and charm that I do, and I look at myself as a human camera because now that I am famous people don’t know how to act around me, and all want to shine in my limelight, and kiss my ass trying to become part of the phenomenon that is Arthur Kade, and “The Journey”, and maybe get a bedroom in my future KA mansion.
It’s even funnier when girls videotape during sex because they will all try to become Jenna Jameson and act for the camera (My favorite is when they look at it like someone is directing them, and I truly do believe that at heart almost every girl wants to be a porn star), and I even had one time where I lost my erection because the girl was so over the top and went from being a “Dead Fish” to screaming that I had to turn the camera off because she was bugging me out, and acting like a lunatic. I was talking to a girlfriend and telling her , “Sometimes I worry that there are tapes of me and girls floating around somewhere, and once I am “A List” I will have some old girl I slept with trying to cash in on me”, but then I smile and think, “Everyone has a sex tape now, and it would probably be kind of funny when I am watching Entertainment Tonight, and I am the lead story” although I don’t want “The Biz” to look at me more like a celebrity than an award winning actor and author.
That’s why I have become such a brilliantly talented and gifted student of The Craft, because when the camera is on me, I am the same old Arthur Kade, and all great actors as Mike Lemon would say, “Just make it effortless and say the lines”. Last night we had our final film class, and Mike brought in a director to videotape our scene, and as you can see by the interview below, my partner and I killed it (It will be edited by the director, and when it is done I will put it on the site). We only had to do one take from each angle, and if there was a picture of “Acting Pro” in the dictionary, we would have been it last night. All the classmates said goodbye, and I can honestly say that I felt sad knowing that was probably the last time they would see me before I become a mainstream TV/Movie star/Best Selling Author, and they will all be able to tell their kids and grand kids, “I studied with Arthur Kade”.
As we finished class last night, one of my friends and classmates asked me, “Sometimes I wonder if I have what it takes?”, and I told him, “We all have what it takes, but the thing that makes anyone get to the top is the ability to hear “”NO”" and keep pushing ahead”.  That is true domination, “Kade Style”.
I wonder if The Phillies will give me an honorary World Series Ring because I am an important symbol of Philadelphia?”…Arthur Kade…10/22/09


  1. makes me want to vommit.

    thanks for continuing to cover this douchebag so i don't have to visit his site.

  2. Awesome sure is greasy. And ugly. And stupid

  3. Amen Kudos; Amen.

  4. I didn't read much past the first few paragraphs but let it be known I will always be a Kade Hater and never be caught dead in a club. If 4 people went from haters to lovers, that represents about .00003% of the haters, btw.

    Far from jumping on the Kadewagon, if given the chance I will smash that wagon to splinters and torch the remains.


  5. If there was a picture of a ‘delusional fucktard’ in the dictionary, that’s where you’d be, kego.

    If nothing else he’s consistent, persistent and resistant. Exactly like a common housefly, although slightly more aggravating and annoying.

    Look how shrill he becomes when he thinks he’s done something that ‘shows them’. “I told her “Go fuck yourself””. I’m sure you did kego, because it was a girl, and it’s what YOU have to do every night, isn’t it?

    Worrying about sex tapes, of you and a girl, floating around seems very ludicrous doesn’t it? There aren’t any, never has been and never will. Worry about important other things you imagine, like being an actor, and let the ridiculous ‘even you don’t believe it’ one’s go. Wouldn’t want another anxiety attack over the wrong ‘make believe’ problem now, would we?

  6. It's just funny that he practically publicized you guys on his twitter. You should thank him for that!

    Great site, can't start my day without it.

  7. More misogynistic, deluded comments from this fucktard.

    No Artshitz, MOST women DO NOT want to be porno stars. To be fucked by the likes of you or Ron Jeremy would be most women's worst nightmare!

    Gads, the vomitus idioticus that comes out of his mind only proves to me that he's one sick fuck.