Kade's Real Drug Of Choice? Insanity

The latest from arthurkade.com:
No matter where I go, I have young actors and wanna-be Arthur Kade’s come up to me all the time and ask me for advice and guidance on becoming a “Great Actor” and “Celebrity” in “The Biz”, and when I have time, I try to give feedback, but most of the time I am doing tasks to further my domination (I wish I could do more, give more, be more, because I want to be remembered as a giver as much as a taker). Sometimes I lie awake at night and stare at the ceiling of Chateau Kade, and dream about the future, and how Little Oscar will one day be there with me, and how everything that I am putting out there is my blood, sweat and tears to create the revolution that is “The Journey” is coming true, and I am always reminded of my peer, Beethoven, who would lay in the grass and look at the stars and hear music, while I see future Oscar winning scripts. I never lose belief in what I will do in “The Biz”, but two things happened today that helped me remember that “Giving Back” is just as important as anything I do.
First, I gave an interview and profile to my Alma mater, Temple University, because the writer was profiling all the interesting places I hang out and shop (I am not a bug fan of doing local media anymore because I feel like it “Localizes” The Brand, and I am Global now), but I wanted Temple to know that one of their favorite sons still cares, and when I am ultra wealthy, I think I will establish a college fund in my name for student actors who want to follow the steps of Arthur Kade, the original “Modern Actor”.
Second, I spoke to the manager for Azziz (The up and coming star Rapper who I featured on the blog several months ago in a Freestyle battle with me that I think I hung in pretty well with), who told me that he has now been signed by a major record label (Universal/Fontana), and will be releasing his first album on 01/26/10, but his first hit single, “Let’s Go, Let’s Go” is out and will be hitting national airwaves next week. I told you then, he was going to be a star, and it’s nice to see someone that I featured at the beginning is killing it “Kade Style” in “The Biz” like me, and it also tells me that I may one day be able to cross over to Music and create Platinum Talent because of my distinct and exclusive taste for making hits and like one friend said, “Lately, Everything you touch turns to Gold”. I am starting to believe that I might be the next Tommy Mottola in the making with all of the media crossovers that I am doing.
These two things make me think that I need to always keep in the back of my mind that The Brand should help others make it like it did, and I want to eventually even start a film festival in Philadelphia to give back to the community, and help employ people and have Philly’s Favorite Son bring arts to the city Like Rob Redford did with Sundance, and Bobby DeNiro did with Tribeca. I would call it The “KadeStyle Film Festival”, to reflect all of the things that “Kade Style” embodies.
Tomorrow, I continue my Southern Media Domination Tour with an interview in the morning with hit Radio Show, “Kramer on Island 106″ in Panama City, FL (Ace and TJ told him I was “A Great Interview” and I am happy to do it because he has a top rated show, and I love Southern Florida and Spring Breaks down there because there are so many 9’s and 10’s who are under 30 who need to know who I am if they don’t already and may want me when I head down to SoBe on Vaca), and I am modeling in a HUGE fashion show for the Rittenhouse Fall gathering (Fitting on Video Below) at night for Fashion week, then possibly heading to NYC to some Celeb parties to network.
“My Drug of Choice is Excellence”….Arthur Kade…09/09/09
Here is the Balls Ass Hot new Video for “Let’s Go, Let’s Go” by Azziz (It is very Kadeish with high level branding and elite places) and my video from my fashion show fitting (Everyone is blown away by the HD version of Arthur Kade with the KadeCam):


  1. I wonder what little Oscar is going to say when he finds out that Kade has gone from catcher to pitcher?

  2. Please, please make the HD video go away.

  3. My peer, Beethoven and I love to party like it's 1739.

  4. AH, so "getting fitted" for a fashion show involves trying on a t-shirt...
    and sweating all over it.

  5. I imagine that dressing room situation went a little like this:

    "OK Arthur, you wear a large t-shirt? Try this on."

    Arthur: "I love your attention to detail. Being fitted professionally is such a luxury for A-Listers like me."

    "All I did was hand you a t-shirt, it's not that big of a deal."

  6. He writes like a child. A delusional 12 year old with ADD.

  7. Kakakakaka?

    God I hate his face. His sweat makes me want to take a shower.

  8. Imagin the smell in that change room after he left.

  9. Isn't he supposed to be bottle blond by now?

  10. shit she disappearedSeptember 9, 2009 at 2:37 PM

    People please, when he says Beethoven he's talking about the dog in that movie. Kade would never know about anyone who was alive twenty years ago, let alone 200. He can't even count that high.

  11. Arthur implies drug use on twitter to impress random dude.

    @arthurkade so you're saying you've never done drugs?
    about 1 hour ago from web

    @quintstevenson ha. Now why would I ever say that
    18 minutes ago from UberTwitter in reply to quintstevenson

  12. alright that last post is absolute proof that dude is just fucking with everybody. or just fucking with the 'haters' (god i hate that word). or, perhaps, he knows that he's in a position to call the whole thing a joke, once he fails. that way, he can claim that he pulled off one of the funniest internet hoaxes of all time.

  13. There's Arthur 'ripped by Labor Day' Kade, definitely not ripped at all. Can we have a little post about your failure in this promise, Mr Kade?

    You stupid, deluded, fuckwitted gallon of rancid rat spunk.


  14. And if that's true Joe...

    Nobody is going to care. He'll still be a nobody who wasted X number of months acting like a fool, and saying horrible things about women.

    It's a lose/lose situation, no two ways about it.

    It's not like someone is suddenly going to say "Wow, that Arthur Kade really pulled off a good one!" He stands to gain nothing from this being a joke. He has injected too much of his personal life into this for it to be a joke.

    Sacha Baron Cohen gets away with it and succeeds becasue the characters are 100% fiction. I get very tired of people comparing Kade to him, or suggesting he's doing something similar, because he's not. Like Bonaduce told him - many other people are far better at doing the same thing.

    Ask yourself this: What does a person stand to gain by quitting a good job to pursue an endeavor they are clearly not cut out for, while they pave their path with insults, stupidity, ignorance, intolerance, sexism, and all-around immature and despicable behavior?

  15. All very valid points, Doc.

    Time and again, we ask ourselves about Arthur: can anyone really be this out of touch with reality, and not be considered batshit crazy, highly medicated and living in a group home?

    He can't honestly think of himself as a peer to Beethoven...can he? Doc, I just think the seams are starting to show.

    Maybe he just believes that the massive amounts of negative attention he generates also attracts a small amount of positive attention, so he creates more of the negative, thereby creating more of the positive. So he plays up the douche bag, almost with a wink and a nod.

    Nah...monkey boy just isn't that smart.

  16. leave him voice mails ....he can't moderate those. Begin the cornholing people

  17. Meh, the voicemails are boring. I mean, how many times can you listen to dumb frat boys yelling 'fuck you, you fucking douchebag' before you feel like gouging your eyes out? For me, not many at all.

  18. I totally agree with Joe.

    he is mental. He is also leaving just enough hints of fuckery (i.e. lines like I want to be remembered as a giver and taker blah blah blah) so that when this goes nowhere he can turn around and say it was a hoax and how did we not see the hints etc.

    What a weirdo.

  19. no one cares about kade anymore.

  20. Oooh, oooh! Kade had acting class tonight!

    "Please put up video tomorrow please put up video tomorrow please put up video tomorrow...."

  21. Panama City is in the Pan Handle you fucking moron. For someone who claims to have dominated Miami "Kade Style" you'd think he'd have a clue that Panama City is about 9 hours from Miami by car.

    Oh, and Fashion Week is in NYC, NOT Philly so I can't guess what fashion person would be anywhere near Kade's runway.

    By the way, I keep e-mailing Cock Gobbler and asking him to answer to the lies he keeps writing and despite being "the most honest person in New Hollywood" he never gets back to me with an answer

  22. I miss the good old days, when this pile of poo was still genuine and it was all fun. I miss the QVC audition days, when the shit he said was ridiculously funny but he wasn't trying. I miss Team Noto challenging him to feats of douchebaggery and I miss the limericks about Appletinis. I'm bored of being bored of Arthur. He ruined the whole fucking journey for all of us by being as dull and predictable as he is.

    Fuck you Arthur, you suck. (and go ahead and copy this to your own blog, you sad little turd)

  23. HAHA! I just read down to the Panama City part (I don't even read that far anymore). South Florida barely considers Panama City as part of our state. Trust me, people in "SoBe" (you freaking queer) won't be listening to your lame-ass Panama City show. Panama City is for broke 18-20 year old college kids and wannabes--perfect for "the Brand". SoBe scoffs at middle-age douchebags reeking of the NorthEast and pretending to be "elite" while on vacation--they'll take your money and give you a bottle, but they'll smell your Drakkar Noir from a mile away and react accordingly.

  24. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA... that video was priceless. Seriously priceless. "...so, I wanted to give you an idea of how I try clothes on... I go to the dressing room, and I take off my shirt, and then I try others on." You dumb, moronic, imbecillic, uneducated, unsophisticated child. Really. You're like a 10 year old impressed with the most mudane, routine things. So sad.

    And participating in a fashion show that carries the title "Rittenhouse" does not mean you have any class, you dope. It means you are an unemployed, broke, directionless monkey wearing clothes from a no-name store. Here's some of the boutiques that matter in Philadelphia (among others), since you have no idea: Joan Shepp, Boyd's, Leehe Fai, Knit Wit, Plage Tahiti, Vagabond, Deep Sleep and Third Street Habit.