Arthur Kade Gets Animated (New Fan Vids And Headshot)

More fan mocking of Cock Gobbler that he chooses to ignore and refer to them as "fan videos." It's so blatant he either has to be the stupidest, most deluded person in the world or just trying to get a reality show based on being a douchebag. Then he posts an article about the building he was in when he was hired to be a douchebag this past Saturday night. His existence is so sad. And, AGAIN, he's caught in a lie. After claiming to be in the building where Heath Ledger and DJ AM both died (impossible, they died in different buildings) we find out that he wasn't in either of their buildings. Not that it matters at all, but it just lets you know you can't believe ANYTHING this lying cocksucker says. Really, is saying, "I'm in the building where so and so died." something to brag about? What kind of moron brags about shit like that? Fuck, my head is gonna explode. More lies, bullshit and delusion from Cock Gobbler himself, Arthur Kadyshes...

While applying for acting gigs on Actors Access and responding to press requests, I noticed these amazing new Fan Vids in my email. The Brand gets animated by a fan (I wonder if this was done by Cartoon Network Legend and Cali BFF/Superfan, Kent Osborne?), although lacking the “Kade Style” personality that has made me one of the biggest up and coming stars in “The Biz”, but Kade Nation is sooo obsessed with me that they take time out of their day to make Arthur Kade vids, plus a bonus vid from my stalker fan in the Mogul Room at G Lounge showing his overwhelming worship and commitment to The Brand, and everything Arthur Kade stands for. I am humbled, disturbed, flattered, and intrigued at the same time, but knowing that “The Journey” inspires millions is what being Arthur Kade is all about and when the Number 1 TV Show with IMG Media and the NY Times Bestselling Book With Trident Media Group come out, “It’s Over!!!”. I have also put up a new head shot The Brand is considering using in addition to the commercial shot I posted a week and a half ago. Tell me what you think? (Sometimes, I miss the beautiful long Dark Brown hair I had, it looks so “Italian Model in GQ” versus Arthur Kade’s more “Modern American “‘Kade Style”"” look right now for The Craft, and I would love a Kade Nation reaction if I should grow it back?)
Also, LET’S GET ROY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If the Phils need me to talk with him or his agent and do some “Balls Ass Hot Ass Convincing”, then Call or Email ME!!!!!!!!
“Who wins in a fight between Batman, Superman, The Hulk, and Arthur Kade? The Brand’s money is on Arthur Kade. Welcome to Kadealot”….Arthur Kade…12/14/09

An Article on The Building The Brand was partying in on Saturday, “Kade Style” where many other celebs like him reside:
What does it take to become one of the most celebrated and expensive buildings in New York City?

High visibility? Prestigious address? Great views? Exclusive neighborhood? Architectural distinction?
A seven-story former manufacturing building, 30 Crosby was erected in the mid-19th Century and converted to 13 condominium apartments by Landmark Development in 2000. The red-brick building has nice green metal window exterior shutters and a entrance marquee that flares upward toward the street. Its elegant lobby has a chandelier.
The building has a 24-hour concierge, an aromatherapy system in the lobby, professional-caliber kitchens, sidewalk landscaping, eight 4,100-square-foot lofts, three maisonette duplexes with private gardens, and two penthouses.
An article by Sarah Bernard in the April 10, 2000 issue of New York Magazine noted that “in a building where duplex penthouses go for $7 million, tar paper is not an option” for roof decks. “Instead,” the article continued, “the deck’s sides will soon be covered with titanium–inspired by the Bilbao Guggenheim–and its floor tiled with San Cristobal marble.” “It’s hard to find that right shade of vanilla with the red veining,” Ms. Bernard quoted Landmark Development’s Edward Baquero, who is a partner with Stephen Touhey, “who personally traveled to the Dominican Republic in search of the perfect slab.”
The article maintained that 30 Crosby was then “the current winner in the signifier sweepstakes, adding that “In addition to the Bilbao borrowings, there are wood-burning fireplaces outside on the penthouses’ terraces, wide ‘rain’ showerheads, a ’smart garbage’ recycling system that automatically sorts paper and plastic, Bosch appliances, bamboo gardens in back, and a combined wine cellar and tasting room where residents can store at least 1,000 bottles of their favorite vintages or dine around a farmhouse table in front of yet another fireplace.”
The building also has a “retro-futuristic lobby” designed by Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz and the article quoted Mr. Baquero as stating “Honestly, I think we’re a little nuts. But you exceed people’s expectations…and that’s how you win the game.”
The wine cellar is called Enoteca and was designed by Christine Hawley, the wife of Michael Aaron, the CEO of Sherry-Lehman, the famous Upper East Side liquor store. An April 16, 2001 article by Matthew DeBord in The Wine Spectator described the facility as the most impressive of the city’s new “cellars,” stating that it “evokes central Italy.” “The Enoteca achieves its cozy effect through precise detail. The basement has been revamped with false vaulting, iron gates, wood-inlaid flooring, cement rising sink, limestone fireplace, reference library and a tasting room that residents can reserve for personal use. Temperature-controlled storage options are tied to individual apartments and included with the purchase price. The maisonettes and most of the lofts get large cabinets, each of which holds 1,000 bottles, while the penthouses and one of the lofts receive spaces that can accommodate 3,500 bottles….A maisonette buyer indicated that the Enoteca was one of the property’s chief attractions, second only to its location.”

A January 8, 2001 article in The New York Observer by Deborah Schoeneman and Deborah Netburn carried a headline that asked “Is Courtney Love the Curse of 30 Crosby Street?” The article maintained that actress Liv Tyler, the daughter of Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler, “wants out before she even gets in,” adding that “Even before it opens its raw lofts in Soho, 30 Crosby Street has already had its 15 minutes of fame.”
The article noted that the actress had signed a contract to purchase to buy a $2.5 million apartment in the building in August, 2000, adding that the building was still not completed in January, 2001 “but it has been hyper-publicized to the point where buyers like Ms. Tyler are having second thoughts. Lenny Kravitz and Courtney love have also signed contracts….Mr. Kravitz bought a duplex penthouse for $8 million, and Ms. Love bought a $2.6 million loft….According to brokers, all the publicity has convinced Ms. Tyler that she, in fact, does not want to live at 30 Crosby Street….Maybe Ms. Tyler is getting out just in time. Although the apartments will not ready until the end of the month, the building has already been parodied by Ben Stiller as the ultimate celebrity address. After he read about the Loft in the tabloids—which reported that Claudia Schiffer, Rosie O’Donnell, Mike Piazza, Cindy Crawford and Denzel Washington had checked out apartments—Mr. Stiller decided to use the model apartment on the third floor in his next film, Zoolander, in which he plays an egocentric male model who is brainwashed into assassinating the president of Malaysia. The apartment in the film, 4B, is the only one of the 13 new apartments that isn’t spoken for….”
The building, not surprisingly, got more than 15 minutes of fame.
The December 23, 2002 issue of The New York Observer had an article by Blair Golson that Mr. Kravitz had bought a townhouse at 157 East 35th Street on the market for $1,485,000 and had sold it for $1,760,000 before buying his penthouse at 30 Crosby Street. The article reported that the 35th Street townhouse was now on the market for $8.5 million, and added that Mr. Kravitz’s penthouse was “last reported on the market in January for $16 million.” “In that apartment, Mr. Kravitz earned notoriety for a massive renovation by designer Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz that included suspended staircases, a communal shower in the second floor and a urinal in the master bathroom.”
In the April 26, 2004 edition of The New York Observer, Gabriel Sherman wrote an article that noted that the Kravitz apartment “landed an offer at close to the $13.95 million asking price,” noting that “In October, 2003, the four-time Grammy Award-winning musician slashed an additional $1 million off the asking price” and “according to sources, the bidder on the five-bedroom, eight-bathroom spread in the Loft, the illustrous building at 30 Crosby Street, is a finance executive who fell for the rock ‘n’ roll refuge.” The article maintained that Kravitz had transformed the penthouse into “a study in rock ‘n’ roll design,” adding that the apartment “features a gourmet stainless-steel and marble kitchen, ceilings reaching 30 feet, a billiard room, a media room, a glass-enclosed terrace with a hot tub and living room that features the apartment’s signature detail—an undulating wall that spits fire. A glass staircase leads to the upstairs master bedroom and the three guest bedrooms, while a second glass staircase accesses the roof deck and its built-in grill.”
“Over the years,” the article continued, “the home has reportedly been the downtown crash pad for Mr. Kravitz’s celebrity friends, including Denzel Washington and, most notably, Nicole Kidman. During Ms. Kidman’s sojourn in the sumptuous spread, a romance was sparked between the rocker and the lissome Aussie. The couple dated before repeatedly calling it quits this winter.”
“Raucous Courtney Love bought a fourth-floor loft in January 2001 for $2.6-million, and promptly sold the place for $3 million the following year,” it stated.
The New York Observer’s interest in the building continued unabated and on June 14, 2004 it reported that Nicole Kidman was renting a 4,000-square-foot loft in Soho on Crosby Street while deciding whether to move into her own $8 million loft at 176 Perry Street in the West Village, a building designed by architect Richard Meier. The article coyly maintained that the source declined to give the specific address of the building where the actress was renting a loft “but did confirm that her loft is not in the celebrity-addled 30 Crosby Street development, where the lissome Aussie rented Lenny Kravitz’s triplex in 2003.”


  1. Arthur hurts my eyes and ears. As far as "the fan" goes, nice work fella. Really nice work. And good filming by your lady.

    Joe Scheppae 2

  2. That one head shot could definitely get him work. Paint him green and he could definitely be some kind of creature in a Grinch movie.

  3. let's see killing it Kade style with your trainer does that mean he took a shit in your mouth and you swallowed it.

  4. Those head shots are sweeeeeet. You look so young, early to mid forties. I think you should start a boy band.

  5. That first head shot actually isn't bad - of course, it makes him look more like a man in his mid-thirties who is possibly a career criminal.

    He looks like someone you'd hire to shoot someone in the head without remorse.

  6. What is it about that headshot that reminds me of the Ringwraiths 'Real' face from the Lord of the Rings films? Click my name ... is it just me?!

  7. The Fan is totally and absolutely my hero. Totally. He just made hating Anal fun again.

  8. Third head shot looks like you do at the end of every audition when they cut you off and tell you thanks for coming don't call us we'll call you, don't let the door hit you on the way out and then as you walk down the hall way you hear giggling, lots of giggling. So you sit in the elevator with this dumb look on your face thinking to yourself "Kade style baby Kade style."

  9. His mention of the building and the party is hilarious. My boss LIVES in the old Courtney Love apartment - he bought it back in 2006 (third floor for those of you counting). When she moved out she actually left dirty clothes in the laundry and a iron that had burned a hole right into the floor (he left the iron mark when he renovated as a reminder!). Anyhow, this party is thrown every year in this building, it is just another normal banker style party where they hire a bunch of servers (usually pay is $10-12 per hour and you get to eat the leftovers!). It is not anything out of the ordinary, and if you work in hedge fund or banking/pe, this type of party is basically a weekly event in nyc (despite the recession - yes there are plenty of guys who pull $2-4m cash per year and are in their early 30s). The absolute lies Kade tells are so ridiculous. The shame is that some people without NYC experience may read this and believe 10% of it. He is less than classless - he knows nothing and even a 19 yr old nyu student probably has more access. Absolutely disgusting lies

  10. WAddams said:

    "What is it about that headshot that reminds me of the Ringwraith's real face from the Lord of the Rings films?"

    Funny you should mention that, Wednesday.

    I'll go ahead and spoil the surprise- the movie that anal is to be a "warrior" in is a new trilogy called "Lord of the Cock Rings".

    His part calls for him to be a member of an evil group called "The Gobblers"- it shouldn't take more than two guesses to figure out what they gobble.

    Zombie. oooot.

  11. The animations are hilarious. Love!

  12. Ah, me- the FAN roooolz.

    More talented than anal, funnier than anal, not repellent/vomit inducing like anal, and seemingly someone who inhabits the same reality that the majority of us inhabit- unlike anal.

    You go, FAN.

    Mock anal, mock him like the wind....

    Zombie. Ooooooooot.

  13. Hey Kevin aka The Fan... YOU ROCK!!!! This made my day...laughing so hard at Fin Face right now!

  14. Garfunkle and Oats are also apropos here. My name is a link to the youtube vid.

  15. That first headshot reminds me of the muppet, Sam the Eagle.

    Kevin, your video is all kinds of awesome. Never stop fucking with him, please!

  16. I cant stop laughing or clicking replay on those cartoons hahahahahahahaha

  17. @Alice...

    I couldn't put my finger on what that first one reminded me of, but I think you came closest for me so far.

    Anyone who wants to compare Cock Gobble to Sam the Eagle, click my name.

  18. Amazing similarity. Big difference being that Sam the Eagle, $6.95 worth of felt and feathers from the craft shop has had a more extensive and sucessful television career than Arthur ever will.

  19. When is he going to tell us what happened at cosi?

  20. I would like to see catshit tongue make a video where he asks random people to rate him 1 to 10. Now of course he will probably edit out all of the good replies but atleast he will would get a healthy dose of reality. People on the street are generally not rude so they would be a little nicer but ask a couple of drunks and you will get the truth.

  21. In what can only be described as another major let down for Lipshits, he was not included in the voting for Gawker's doucehbag of the decade. Poor guy, he must be wanting to throw himself out of a window over that one. I wonder how many people wiould be willing to give him a push?

  22. Brand rule #1: Suck as much cock as possible, and when that is achieved suck one more cock.

    Brand rule #2: Always swallow. Its classy, nutritious and good for the brand's breath.

    Brand rule #3: See rule #1.

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