Happy Holidays from Lego Wig Kade!

From our Holiday card to Arthur Kadyshes, a/k/a Cockgobbler, a/k/a El Lego Wig, a/k/a Fin Face, a/k/a Lispy McSlobberfuck, et. al...

December 22, 2009
Dear Douchebag Kadyshes (Rhymes with "Fin Faced Failure"),
This past year was a total success for you!!!!!! Way to go Arthur!!! When someone emailed us that info about the IRS tax lien against you, it was the funniest thing yet--an early Christmas present! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!
I'm sure there will be a lot more failure in store for 2010 and we look forward to working with you to publicize your continuing joblessness, poverty, stupidity, ugliness, and toolish behavior.
You are a loser and a joke. Since it's rare someone melts down in such a hilarious way, we'd like to take a minute out of our year to thank you for being the gift that keeps on giving.
And since you're poor, it's extremely generous that you're willing to give us such a great gift. Can't wait for more mockery in 2010....

All the best,

The admins and fans of Lego Wig Kade: The Journey to a Mental Institution (TM)

P.S. Don't kill yourself after reading this. This isn't over yet--we want you around to laugh at. Your "brand" of retardation is truly unique.

All rights reserved.
Copyright 2009.

Add your Holiday wishes below... you just KNOW that Kadyshes reads this blog... comment below to thank him for a "great" 2009 and wishing him a "great" 2010. Total support, total commitment, etc. etc. Hahahaha.


  1. Thanks for all your hard work, legowig. I still find it such a shame that 2009, in retrospect, will always involve the words 'discovered Arthur Kade' (the 10oak post from March to be exact).

    Gosh, but for all this fun it's still going nowhere and we're doomed to repeat what a total cunt he is... it's our penance.

    I'm in England and really shouldn't care...

    Happy Xmas!

  2. agreed, the summer of 09 will always be remembered as the summer of Kade.

    and where did all the cool dudes and dudets go that were the Originals? Pogue Mahone, Vegasgrrl, Cosi queen and of course, Shit She dissapeared aka Mr. Shit.....MC 900 is a fav, but he is soon to be gone too. too bad, so sad. hell I even miss the imposter who called everyone a basement dweling, pizza pocket eating, neckbeared, pale virgin....well, not really, but he was funny the first few times.

    their departure leaves me feeling the way someone who needs 1 more credit before they can graduate high school...and watch all their friends go on without them.

    maybe I should hang up my handle too....not funny as I used to be. or was I ever funny??? Hmmm. I blame it on Kade becoming so fuckin boring.

    Merry Christmas to the funniest peeps on the web, the old school kade haters and the next gen.


  3. Extra Merry X-mas Legowig crew! I adore you all. Arthur, may santa bring you a new beach chair, that is something you definitely deserve.

    When it comes to how I found Kade in '09, I have to totally blame Cali BFF Kent O. I was looking up who did the voices in Flapjack (the cartoon he produces)and one thing lead to another and I found myself looking at Kade's site trying to figure out if the guy was for real. For real or not, I decided he was a total jerk (Kade, not Kent. Kent is funny.)

    MC 900, if you are really quitting, you will be seriously missed.

    Merry Christmas to all, except Arthur, who I still think is a total jerk.

  4. Zombie here-

    Merry HanuChristFestivuskahmas to team Legowig. Thanks a long ton for all the laughs this year while you yanked anteater face around by his greasy nose.

    In a word: " "'" (())((Outthtandingk))())""})"!

    To MC900 ft, Radda x 2, EG, Der Loo, daaaah Blonde, Kudos, new guy Ohplease, Drew, Anastasia, Beauchamp, and whoever else I forgot (sorry)- all of you at one time or another had me howlin' with laughter while you busted on America's shitstain, Lispy McSlobberfuck. Many many thanks for the chuckles.


    Artie- you insignificant pimple. Prepare not for more hatred, or more vicious and razor sharp insults from the crew mentioned above.

    Expect something worse- obscurity. Your act is lame, you've slobbered out the same lies too many times, and you are now a giant fucking yawn you creepy face raping goon.

    By this time next year, if anyone thinks at all about you, it'll be along the lines of:

    "Remember that semi-retarded douche from philly that used to slobber about how he was going to be 'famouth thomeday'? Yeah, me neither."

    '10 will most definitely NOT be the year of the Kade.

    It will be the year of the FADE.

    So long, you bonesmoking chimp- jam your idiot fedora up your narrow ass, and do us all a favor and burn those ridiculous teen boy tits shirts.

    Santa hates you, and your dradl is as broke as your so-called "game".

    Fuckin' jagoff.

  5. To all of legowig and supporters, I wish you the happiest of holidays.

    To Artard Kadyshes (rhymes with failure):
    I can't wait to see you fall flat on your face. You are nothing more than a lisping, mentally insane cunt. I hope you spend '10 masturbating into your beach chair and snorting rails of blow from the armrests. You're looking old these days. Better do something about it, like blowing your head off with a .44

  6. I agree, it feels like the end of a really pathetic era. Can't decide if I'm sad about it or not. On the one hand, that piece of shit deserves to fade into nothing. But I'll miss all the commenters like you wouldn't believe. So many talented, hilarious people. Legowig, I'm sure we'd all appreciate it if you kept this blog going, but no worries if you don't. I haven't actually read one of his posts in months. I'm a grammar nazi and reading even a paragraph (or in his case, a sentence) makes me want to poke out my eyes with a sharpened turd, so I rely on everyone else to inform me. And this blog ensures the truth gets through. I really couldn't give a shit about what happens on his site.

    Maybe you can leave this up and just post an occasional update if 'something' happens? And with any luck, Kent might be persuaded to keep making vids? Et al..

    Well, happy and safe festivus, all!

  7. I haven't posted much and rarely come here anymore, because WWHM is back in business and I much prefer Weasel over Artshitz.

    Artie's been boring for quite awhile, spinning the same old lies, BS, and inane drivel.

    I can't even rally a smidgen of indignation for Lispy now. He's as interesting as last week's newspaper left in a puddle of dog vomit.

    You know what the opposite of love is, don't you? It's not hate, it's indifference.

    I'm completely indifferent to Artshitz at this point and just hope when he goes postal, he takes only himself and Boonswang.

  8. It seems like we're all standing around the "Legowig Fire" warming our hands on this Holiday Season. With good wishes to our Legowig Community, and well, death wishes to Arthur.

    Best wishes to all who made me laugh at 4:00am when I couldn't sleep...........

    Gen Pop "out"!

  9. This site rules! Have a happy christmas, guys!

  10. Merry Christmas, Happy holidays and Bah Humbug! Hope y'all have a great holiday.
    Legowig will most likely post this in a new entry, but for those of you reading now, I have a request (a plea, a call for help, etc.):

    If you could take a picture of yourselves giving the finger to the camera, I'm going to assemble them together for my new ""fan"" video for Arthur. Your faces can be covered up, you can be holding a sign, whatever, but I'd like as many 1-finger salutes to Mr. Kade as possible. Send them to legowigkade@gmail.com soon! I can have the video done by New year's eve. I admit that the pictures won't be featured for great lengths of time in the video (a half second each, maybe a bit more?); it'll be like being an extra in a film: you'll have to pause to find yourself! Mr. Kade knows what I'm talkin' about.
    Anyway, take care, everyone.

  11. I love you all and I love this site. Most of all i love the new motorized double tipped attachment I just got from my new girlfriend. The vaginal cock is 13" long and the anal part is a magnificent veiny horse cock. We are about to get it set up and work ourselves over until the sun comes up.

    But just wanted for you all to know I love you. Not as much as I love a body paralyzing orgasm after fucking my cunt with a latex fist. But you guys are a close second.

  12. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all the best for 2010 to all reading this with One Notable Exception.

    Again I say, you all have restored my faith I humanity. Although Anal is uniquely horrendous, he is a mindless, soulless agglommeration of so much that is wrong in the world today. And it is truly affirming that good, decent, thoughtful, intelligent people stand up and raise their voices in disgust and indignation at the abomination that is the Walking, Talking Abortion Haunting Bottom Feeder Nightlife Venues and Sundry Coffeeshops of Philly.

    I raise my glass of spiked eggnog in a toast to all of you.

  13. I’ve realized the janitor was the victim

    Merry Merry, Happy Happy!

    Zombie…right back at you, thanks.

  14. How come men hating lesbians always have big plastic cocks? Why don't they get plastic vaginas? I'm not overtly consumed with anxiety by not knowing this but if I could add it to the somewhat limited knowledge I have in the field of sexual matters I would be grateful. It seems to me as if these lesbians want it both ways - they want their minges AND nobs, and in my book that's taking a liberty.
    Anyway, I hope you all had a merry Christmas- why do you call it a holiday? Would it offend non Christians? Fuck 'em I say - Jesus is far better than than those other fuckers

  15. Looking forward to the 2010 headline "Kade died last night."

  16. Kade sucks, yeah yeah.

  17. "Jesus is far better than those other fuckers"
    I'd like to use that one if I may?

    Here's mine...
    "Don't scratch and sniff, if it itches... it smells"

  18. @eg, a late reply, but I would say the answer is that the brain doesn't always sync with the parts in question, and biology wants things to snap into place now and then. I think you are trying to get a 'rise' (get it?) by asking that question. Naughty boy. (plus you are just irritated that you are left out)

    Happy New Years.

  19. Wait a minute
    This site is a copy of a site and you don't want it to be copied? back to site you copy from? Reason?

  20. @anon 8:18
    Arthur was copying comments from this site to add to his blog comments to up the number of comments on his site. We wrote here and he copied to his site making it look like more people were directly commenting on his site. Who ever copykade is is alright by me though because they are doing it as one post instead of 20 or 30 seperate posts and it makes for bizarre reading that way. (they take out names and smoosh it into one long comment, quite amusing) Did that answer your question?

  21. Reason is you are a fucking douche now go lick some nostrils.

  22. More or less AnonymousDecember 29, 2009 at 11:14 AM

    @anon 10:28 -- totally uncalled for response to a legit question. Someone not knowing the ins and outs of both sites would be confused.

  23. ...........well, we all like to included don't we...I've given my life and soul to this site and what do I get....fucking ignored....it hurts I can tell you. Just a tip of the hat in my direction once in a while would satisfy my craving to be liked, that's all I'm asking, just throw me a kipper and I'll be happy.
    As far as religion goes, I think they're all fairy stories, the ones who made up Jesus were slightly more imaginative than the other types...but having said that they pretty much copied every credo from the Egyptian sun god, 'Horus' - imaginative but not original. It's the Mormons I feel sorry for - some retarded liar claims to have been to heaven and a whole fucking religious movement is born - total bullshit, utter chilish delusion, bit like Arthur..but if anyone wants to believe such cock then be my guest....just show me a bit of attention now and again, that's all.

  24. I've just read that post again about me being 'left out'. Did I misunderstand it? Did you mean being left out when two lesbians are involved in faux copulation? Well, I wouldn't mind having a look when they were at it but I wouldn't want to join in with them, those big plastic cocks look dangerous to me, if one of them got a bit too close to my bottom I'd have to make my excuses and leave - rather that than leave walking like John Wayne

  25. A legit question for a fucking ape. If you give a shit about the ins and outs then go wrangle a giant cock.

  26. @eg, I meant you INSTEAD of not in ADDITION to. lol

  27. Legowig
    Arthur wins.....

  28. @ The Blonde- I really enjoy your commentary and think your and Loo's comments are both hilarious & witty. Out of boredom, I decided to check out Kade's facebook page.

    The blonde had a shout out from an obviously "philly 10" hahaha. I'm not one to bet, but looks like this Adrienne chick thinks she is 1) kade-worthy* and 2)hotter than "the blonde". However, my bet is she's not. figured you and loo would get a good laugh so I posted a link for your entertainment.


    *kade-worthy, meaning a 10 on his delusional kade scale but in reality these two would be a perfectly ugly match made in heaven (or hell, your pick).

    Love, Kater

  29. Artshitz's Twitter followers have declined to 598. Welcome to Kadealot.

  30. Zombie here-

    @ Kater 9:31-

    Wauuuugh... checked out that link you posted. This thing known as "Adrienne" is quite the foul little mule. Definitely a 10 on the face raper scale(being that she'll talk to kadezilla), but sadly over here in reality town she'd make for a nice chimney sweep or better yet lobby ash tray. I don't think daaaaaaah Blonde has anything to worry about with this brute.

    EG- yo meng, there is much love here for the foul mouthed man from across the water (that'd be you, chief). Your obscene screeds against he would know no shame (anal shit mousse) are top notch, and your theological scholarship is unparallelled on this site.

    And a Happy New Year to all....

  31. Things AK has in common with vaginal discharge:
    - rancid stench
    - same number of speaking roles
    - slimy appearance

    Things AK does NOT have in common with vaginal discharge:
    - vaginal discharge has been an extra in lots of films (LOTS of films)
    - vaginal discharge IS “ejaculated all the time by girls”

  32. Instead of not in addition to....ahhhh.....so, lesbians have a minge INSTEAD of a cock but employ the use of a plastic cock in ADDITION to said minge? Whichever way one looks at it (and I prefer to have a fucking good look at it) these lesbian types want it both ways (tehe). Anyway, live and let live is my motto, you wont catch me insulting anyone, I'm accepting of all folk of the world....well, if you're a mormon lesbian you may have one or two issues with me, but quite frankly, if you really are a Mormon lesbian you've got your own issues, you're fucked anyway, there's nowt I can say to change that.
    It's fucking new years eve soon, a new fucking year, a brand new decade, sparkling with potential, all shiny and new , all ready to be covered in the putrid shit of human enterprise....and Kadyshes' cuntery.
    Happy new year gentlemen....and you Arthur

  33. Artee, why isn't one of your resolutions to pay your outstanding IRS tax bill?

  34. kade's not the situationDecember 30, 2009 at 8:20 AM

    where's legowig?

  35. @kade's not the situation,
    Good question as there are supposedly several of them.

    They all went on vacation together?

    MC 900's multiple personality is running this show and one of the others got in trouble and is in the klink (or 'the nick' as EG would say) and won't let MC 900 out to call for help?

    They are keeping quiet to see how much we actually would miss them if they were gone? (it is a test)

    MC 900 said he was leaving at the new year (it isn't the new year YET guy) but forgot to tell anyone else the password?

    They all know each other growing up as Amish in Pennsylvania, and went home to visit the folks where there are no telephones (not even 56k online access) and their battery power ran out days ago anyway?

    Kade's entourage figured out who they were and 'silenced' them?

    Your guess is as good as mine.


  37. We're just about to post a new post that you are sure to love. We've all been enjoying our holidays - Kade is the last person on earth that should distract us from vacations and holidays and time with our families. That said, you will love what we're about to post!

  38. MC900, Hangin and the Legowig crew... please come back. Really. Come back! He is just too insufferable to bear it without your investigative powers and exposes of his lunacy.

    In other news, on his site in the video "Being Escorted to Dusk" or some such nonsense (his new post), I believe one of his enablers makes a rare appearance - Melissa Miller. If you guys disappear, his enablers will all just resurface and this sham will be allowed to continue.

    Another shows him "at his private table" which looks suspiciously like he standing in the back of the club next to the DJ booth like a loser. Hardly VIP. We need you Lego crew to expose this ridiculous liar!

  39. Lego crew, we live in a world that has Fin Face. And Fin Face has to be guarded by men with a blog and the truth. Who's gonna do it? ... Lego crew, you have a greater responsibility than we can possibly fathom. We weep for the poor girls who are approached by Art-shitz in clubs and we curse the Enablers. We have that luxury. We - the fans of Legowig - have the luxury of not knowing what you know: that the girls who were approached by (and turned down Lispy, while tragic, probably saved lives. And Legowig's existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to McSlobberfuck and his loser coke whore friends, saves lives...El Lisperado can't tell the truth... deep down... we want you, Lego, on that wall. We NEED you, Lego,on that wall.

  40. You guys are hilarious! We're here, don't worry. We know he's got new posts up. We'll have them up soon - the Dusk aftermath post is particularly idiotic.