Sabrina "The Gunt" Strickland turns 33 this week, owes money for criminal fines and rent

Sabrina "The Gunt" Strickland, bff of douchebag misogynist Arthur "Fin Face" Kadyshes has bad judgment. She follows Kade around on nights of drinking and whatever other mood-enhancing substances he uses. She enables Kadyshes to live some teenage girl fantasy where he's in "exclusive" VIP areas. She condones Kade's comments about women, despite the fact that she violates all of Kade's supposed rules about "acceptable" females. She is aging, she looks beaten down by life (she was very plain looking to begin with), she has a shitty job (selling houses for N. Paone in this economy, ha ha ha), and she sounds like a man when she talks. And who could forget the gunt she has... or, as Kade would so eloquently say, "the vagina-stomach connector bump". So here's to you, Sabrina, you're a hopeless middle aged loser like Arthur Kadyshes.

Prior to today, we knew most of the above information. However, several tipsters have alerted The LWK Blog to some truly hilarious information about Strickland. Pennsylvania Public Safety Records show that The Gunt was arrested and plead GUILTY to drug possession with intent to distribute and also plead guilty to criminal conspiracy (being involved in the selling of drugs with other people). She served 2 years of probation, pissing into a cup and trying to lay off the drugs. (Click here to read the criminal court information on Sabrina Strickland, including the collection action by the state for her unpaid fines.)Based on seeing the videos with her and Kade and listening to her man voice... it didn't work.

But this story is like an early Christmas gift that keeps on givin'... turns out that Strickland never paid off the $800+ in fines to the State of Pennsylvania. Court records show that her situation was referred to a collections agency (see page 4 of this) earlier this year, perhaps as part of Pennsylvania's belated gift to Sabrina for her 32nd birthday. So here we have a beaten down 33 yr old who is, on top of all that, poor. She goes out and parties with Kadyshes, but can't pay off her criminal fines. Wrecked credit, wrecked health, wrecked life.

It's also looking very likely that Gunt is the very same Sabrina Strickland who owes over $4000 in back rent to Dobson Creek Apartments... we're looking into that to confirm it.
Sabrina, life has been difficult to you, honey... take some advice. Since FinFace (you know, the guy whose name rhymes with "Radishes") was a "wealthy financier" before setting out to win "Little Oscar", hit him up for a loan. Just don't use the $$ for alcohol and drugs, sweetie.

-- Oh, and happy 33, homegirl! --

Coming up soon: What court documents show about Leonard "Papa Kade" Kadyshes' sexual harassment record, an insider's thoughts on why Raya Yukhimov has no style, and an analysis of Lindsay J. Furman's role in the Kadyshes farce. Stay tuned, kids.


  1. the Ghost of Cindy BradyNovember 23, 2009 at 12:16 PM

    Ouch. Almost have to feel bad for her.


  2. you have to wonder what skeletons are in the rest of these people's closets? before they signed up to help this d-bag, you would've thought they might've considered that they'd take heat for it? most people don't think insulting women or ripping off bars is cool. just a thought. of course, kade's losers don't really do much thinking.

  3. many of us have done the same but not stoopid enuf to get caught.

  4. I've always said the fastest way to bring Artur down is to attack those around him. Like Saddam's guys - everyone around him is guilty - and deserves a beating. If you want to avoid shit like this, they should tell Arthur to fuck himself.

  5. Lego,

    Throw another "Shrimp on the Barbie"!

    We're havin a Barbeque of the entire Kade Entourage!

    These fools are so "Gen Pop"

    Love the new investigative Branch of the Lego!

  6. Too bad Kade's publicity team is illiterate and classless... he has nothing to offer back.

  7. You're very right about that. Once the enablers find that being connected to ArTard is a costly proposition, they'll abandon him just like the rest of his "players" did. At that point, he'll figure out that what he's doing is idiotic and detrimental not just to his image, but to the images of those around him.

    Love the Saddam reference. Very fitting.

  8. Dobson Mills Loft Aparts. won a default judgment in Phila. Municipal Court for $4k for failure to pay rent in Aug.09,
    Case No. LT-09-07-29-6524.

    (same name, but unknown if its same person)

  9. Man, you guyth are meanieth. Didn't you thee the movie "Go"? Maybe Thrabina Thtrickland ith like Tharah Polley? Jutht feeling a little lonely at Chrithtmath-time and wanting to have thome fun.

    Anyway, congrath on your dev deal. Your thow thoundth entertaining. I'thure I'll watch!

  10. "I'm thure I'll watch"

    Thorry. Thupid Iphoneth! LOLth!

  11. lol. she's an ex-stripper too. True story. I can't even make this great stuff up.

  12. Only in Philadelphia can a nasty looing woman like that be a stripper

  13. Watching the News... they're discussing Susan Boyle (the I Dreamed a Dream Singer) and how she went from Frumpy, unemployed, mildly Brain-damaged Spinster in EIGHT MONTHS or 8.45937 months to becoming an International A List Celeb. with the #1 CD on Amazon and sell out on I Tunes. How she Changed the "Biz" and will be getting a future Pulitzer Prize/#1 NY Times Book.

    Do anyone see the similarities of the "Journey"?

    Susan is a success that people are rooting for, and well, Lispy......... that's why we're on this website.

    Oh Arthur, you wish you were Susan Boyle even with her GUNT.

    Total Failure!

  14. Maybe Arthur can Audition to be a "featured" extra in the Susan Boyle Story.

  15. please let it be that she was a paint stripper.

  16. Arthur's Little pee-peeNovember 23, 2009 at 4:49 PM

    Arthur's latest "Playgirl" entry was definitely ghost-written. I actually tried posting something similar and they wouldn't let it go through. Anyway, my guess is that Furman wrote it. Evidence below:

    - Art calls out "a person who acted like a complete retard with a stupid prank he pulled on a friend"
    First, has he EVER shown any signs that he actually cares about any of his "plague-ers"? Second, the term "complete retard" just doesn't sound like him. That said, I'd love to hear more about this prank.

    - Speaking of terms he doesn't use: "cams", "ridic", "incred". Those abbreviations - sorry, abreevs- were popular about 5 years ago and used mostly by cheesy girls. The same kind of cheesy girls Art surrounds himself with.

    - Finally, "I would have to hit the gum hard". Would Arthur ever admit to needing to diet and work out HARD? He thinks he's a god. I submit that Furman made the typo. Actually, my guess is that it was a Freudian slip and she was subconsciously referring to her own HUGE gums which she wants him to hit, smack, rub on, etc. While her having a crush on him would itself be inexplicable, it would explain why she hangs on like a piece of dry shit clinging to an elephant's ass hair.

  17. Thanks for the tip. We will look into the Dobson Mills Apts thing. I can have someone pull the docket, since it's a federal record. Not that difficult. We can find out if it's the same person fairly easily and with about 99.9% certainty.

    Give me time on this.

  18. I meant to say, it would be easy to look up because it's a public record. Typed federal instead. Not sure why.

  19. So this has been bothering me from the beginning of this mess. How hard is it to copy a blog post and paste it into Word to at LEAST spell check it? I copy and paste my comments into a blank email on outlook to spell check, and those are just comments. Why would he not proof read anything?

    I guess I know the answer, but it drives me nuts reading his drivel.

  20. yeah Lego, just have "your peeps" contact them.

  21. Complaint claim
    Plaintiff Information
    4041 RIDGE AVE
    Attorney: SUSAN J KUPERSMITH ID: 052630

    Defendant Information
    1 Sabrina Strickland Disposed
    4055 Ridge Ave Ent. On
    4041 Ridge Ave Apt 17-105
    Philadelphia, PA 19129

    Property Address: 4055 Ridge Ave Ent. On, 4041 Ridge Ave Apt 17-1505, Philadelphia, PA 19129

    View Condensed Docket
    Reverse Chronological Order

    Filing Date Description Results/Comments Filing Party Docketed Under View
    07/29/2009 Landlord Tenant Complaint Hearing Scheduled: 08/20/2009 08:45 AM Hearing Room 4B
    Fee: $86.50
    Amount at Issue: $3,760.00
    Interviewer Code: 14
    SUSAN J KUPERSMITH Sabrina Strickland (D1)
    Service: Philadelphia Writ Service
    07/29/2009 Plaintiff Instructions LT Plaintiff Instructions SUSAN J KUPERSMITH DOBSON MILLS APARTMENTS LP (P)
    Sabrina Strickland (D1) View
    07/29/2009 ADA - ADA Notice ADA SUSAN J KUPERSMITH Sabrina Strickland (D1)
    07/29/2009 LT Instructions all parties Instructions SUSAN J KUPERSMITH Sabrina Strickland (D1)
    Sabrina Strickland (D1) View
    07/29/2009 Non-Military Affidavit Non-Military Affidavit - Sabrina Strickland SUSAN J KUPERSMITH Sabrina Strickland (D1)
    08/12/2009 Affidavit of Service Service made for: Sabrina Strickland
    CMS User Sabrina Strickland (D1) View
    08/20/2009 Disposition - Judgment for Plaintiff by default Judgment for Plaintiff by default. Judgment in the amount of $4,063.56 Rent and/or Utilities, plus $0.00 Physical Damages, plus $0.00 Attorney fees, plus $0.00 Other fees, plus $86.50 Costs for a Total Amount due of $4,150.06, plus Interest from n/a. Judgment for possession from 08/20/2009. Possession granted on the basis of non-payment of rent. Entered 08/20/2009 09:35 AM.
    Parties Appearing: DOBSON MILLS APARTMENTS LP, SUSAN KUPERSMITH. Marsha H. Neifield Sabrina Strickland (D1) View
    08/20/2009 Notice - Notice of Judgment Marsha H. Neifield Sabrina Strickland (D1) View
    11/02/2009 Disposition - Additional Information:
    Comment: Return to Sender: No Forwarding Order On File
    Date/Time Filed: 11/02/2009 11:44 AM Marsha H. Neifield Sabrina Strickland (D1)

  22. http://fjdclaims.phila.gov/servlet/com.verilaw.app.phmuni.cms.PhMuniCMSDocketPrinter?DocketID=6716285

  23. Can you post this over on Lispy's site, so his deadbeat Entourage can view this!

    Great Work!

  24. Wow... not only is the Gunt hargled at age 33, she's a deadbeat hanger-on to a loser extrordinaire! Good job, guntzirra!

    Loo :)

  25. wOAH, COOL on all that info. It means what? Sabrina gunt Strickland is a co-payer or something?

    Anyhow, J Bone, I only have spell checker when a website demands it. On my computer, there is none. Which is horrible because I dictionary.com constantly. But if I am not red lined, I don't know I am misspelling.

  26. go after the other loser pieces of shit

    Chad Boonswang
    Lindsay Furman
    Tony Piazza

    They are all epic losers..

  27. @Radda

    Arthur has to have access to some kind of spell checker

  28. @J-bone,

    Yes, but 'gum' wasn't misspelled! I guess in his coke-infused hazes, he just pulls the trigger and doesn't realize that what he just pooped out was a total cluster-fuck. In his "head", the committee is in applause-mode.

    Ish... I'm getting bored.

    Loo :)

  29. I guess I meant in general. You would think that he would make some attempt to proof read at some point.

  30. Wow, I can't believe she's only 33. I'm 34 and look at least 10 years younger than her. How sad.

  31. Does that nose get frostbite? Walking into the wind must be like tacking in a sailboat.

  32. Those aren’t recent pic’s and the food is from different places. If he had went to dinner with his dad he’d have pic’s of them together. He’s MIA and someone’s trying to cover for him. Lispnspit would be trying some sort of damage control about the legowig announcement if he could. ‘Leave it to Beaver’? More like ‘Leave it to ‘Beak’er’. And Blowmeo should worry about having sex before he worry’s about what will happen if he did, which he don’t, won’t, can’t, hasn’t, isn’t…kind of like his ‘acting’.

  33. Kudos,

    Maybe as the days get colder and as the drool's a-flowin' he'll get spit-cicles hanging from his chin. He'll start another new trend!

    Loo :)~

  34. Dear mother hell... Leave it to Beaker!

    out-loud laughter heard here.

    Loo :)

  35. I am 35 and do not look as old as these people. But then again, I am not a coked up alcoholic. Seriously, I quit "clubbing" years ago. These people do not want to face reality. Losers.

  36. Would it be camel gunt or gunt knuckle?