The Secret Society

I used to work in "The Biz" and I can tell you all, most people NEVER use the term "The Biz" and NOBODY has ever referred to anyone in "The Biz" as a "Bizzer." Arthur Kadyshes is so far from being in "The Biz" that if he got a job ripping tickets at a movie theater he'd be about 10 steps closer to being in "The Biz" than he is now. 

I know we all speculate as to his mental illness and what exactly it is, but the more I go on reading this asshole the more I'm convinced I will never understand the depths to which a human mind can sink. How can someone tell lie after lie after LIE and still believe every single one of them? It doesn't matter how many people call him out in the comments or on Twitter he just goes on like nothing is amiss. You'd think it would eventually get to him, but it just doesn't and in his case this isn't persistence, but SEVERE fucking mental illness. Plenty of people have faced rejection or adversity and overcome it, but Arthur Kadyshes will never be anything more than what he is now: a fucking loser surrounded by more losers. Yeah, I'm looking at YOU, Chad, Lindsay and Sabrina.

More crazy ass balls ass crazy fucking delusional speak from Cock Gobbling Arthur Kadyshes... (oh, and pictures of food.)

When you’re a growing International media superstar like Arthur Kade in the amazingly cutthroat “Biz” it turns your stomach that you just can’t always share everything going in Kadealot with Kade Nation, and make them feel the same orgasm of success that I feel everyday I continue to re-create “The Biz”. A HUGE Fan came up to me at Cosi yesterday and asked, “I’m dying to know, What’s the book about?”, and I responded, “I can’t talk about it, but I will say it’s unlike anything you have read before, and there is no doubt that it will win awards and be a NY Times Bestseller”, and as he walked away, all The Brand kept thinking to himself is, “I wish I could talk about all the stuff I have going on with all the multitude of projects and press I’m working on because they are so brilliant and unique that I think people’s heads would explode”, but in “The Biz” it is important that you keep things close to your vest with business sometimes because you can’t ruin an ongoing situation or negotiation. I was telling my friend yesterday, “It’s like knowing you’re banging Megan Fox, and yet you can’t tell anybody about it, not even you’re friends, even though you know she gives the best oral sex, and you just want to brag that I had her”. The beauty of Arthur Kade is that he shares every aspect of his life through “The Journey”, but sometimes even the original “Modern Actor” has to hold back on announcements because there is a business component that forces him to abide by things like “Confidentiality Clauses” and celebs or important “Bizzers” (What we people in “The Biz” call each other) who will get in contact with me, but write, “Please do not put this on your blog” all the time, and this is the side of “The Biz” that the everyday Gen Popper who grabs a Miller Lite with his friends at a dive bar and talks about The Eagles can never experience. I Feel like I am living in a secret society where only a select few know the truth, and they are celebs like me, and other members are Tom Hanks, Steve Speilberg, Ridley Scott, Brad Pitt, and other “A-Listers”.
It’s now getting to a point in my rising acting and authoring career where I am beginning to realize that I can’t really trust anyone outside of The Entourage and La Famiglia, because all Gen Poppers want to be me, and will do whatever it takes to copy or destroy the aura of greatness and innovation that I am creating, and it’s crazy that in many ways, becoming an “A-List” celeb and having sex with a hot girl is so similar. Hot girls almost all want to be taken care of, especially once they hit 30, they are all looking for a “Pimp Kade” to “Wife Them” that they will somehow conveniently forget to take the pill, have a condom waiting for you that has a hole in it, or even not let you pull out when you’re about to cum, and in “The Biz” the affect is the same because when you are a rising superstar/actor/author/celeb/blogger/model after 8.652 months, everybody is trying to get into your pants of success, and you question every new person coming into your life, and what their purpose is and how they will “Put a hole in your condom” to completely fuck you. This is why I don’t hook up almost ever over 30 anymore, because there is a level of jadedness that you don’t find in a girl that is 25 or under where you can train and mold her to your requirements.
I was talking to Papa Kade last night about being a celebrity over dinner, and he said, “You’re being paranoid”, and I said “You have no idea what it’s like to be Arthur Kade now. Anywhere I go or don’t go, people are looking for me and think they see me. I am the topic of conversation everywhere, and I may be the most polarizing young celebrity on the planet right now. People use my “”Kadeisms”", want to be in videos with me, ask me about the TV Show or Book non-stop, and girls are all trying to sleep with me because they know I’m famous, that sometimes it’s hard to know who’s real and who’s not”. Now I know why many of my fellow celebs live very secluded lives, because you just want to feel safe, and have sex with random 9’s or 10’s all day in a country where no one knows who you are (Think the episode of Entourage where Vinnie and crew go to Mexico after “Medellin” failed and don’t want to come back to the stress of KA), although with the Global Icon status I am quickly achieving with the popularity of “The Journey”, I will soon not even be able to vaca in Africa without fans greeting me like they did Muhammad Ali when he fought George Foreman in Zaire for “Rumble In The Jungle”. Fame is amazing, but it really is a double-edged sword because while you’re making millions, people are all counting each dollar and trying to get their share like what just happened to my man, Nick Cage
In the meantime, I think I have decided on my new headshot, and it is one that shows a less “Italian Mobster” look that Hollywood knows me for now, and more of an inviting “Leave It To Beaver” sort of effect. I wanted to show casting directors that I can play “Happy” and “Sensual” characters as well as “Dark” and “Intense” ones, so I selected this smiling one to show that (It’s already airbrushed), and a more serious one that still needs to be “Touched Up”. I think this shot shows my beautiful Green eyes, great head of hair. the profile of my nose looks very “Romanesque”, my teeth look perfect, and it’s very “Casual Suave” and I look like the Boy Next Door. I would love to hear from Kade Nation what they think?
“Most Gen Poppers want to climb Mt. Everest. Arthur Kade wants to travel to other Solar Systems. That is true greatness.”….Arthur Kade…11/24/09

The will be VERY disappointed when you walk in and look NOTHING like this headshot.


  1. "Bizzers?" Oh, fuck me. The delsuions just keep on comin'.

    You know who I feel sorriest for? The Photoshop program that had to fix his busted face into a reasonable approximation of a human being. There's only so much technology can do.

  2. Soon he'll start thinking he's so famous and desired he'll have no choice but to go all Howard Hughes....

    Keep up the pressure, Legowig. His state of (semi)functional and insane is rapidly slipping through his fingers, he'll be in padded cell territory before next summer.

  3. you know i was thinking........

    Speaking of Secret Socities, Arturd would be a great canidate for scientology, the pattern is there.....

    Just food for thought, it would be great to see him crash and burn on THAT spaceship....

    I wonder if he has a filter for scientology.......

    Bob's Your Uncle

  4. What a shock casting directors will have when the see the real, greasy, acne ridden Kade. He'll be live and in person, instead of the photoshopped headshot!

  5. Hope you are ejoying that steak. Is the steak getting hard yet. Has the steak plastered horseradish all over the back of your throat yet. Is the steak now lodged in your ass.

  6. Since Artshitz isn't in the biz is it still okay to call him a biznatch?

  7. I just wanted to quote for you guys, from the DSM-IV TR, the criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

    A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning in early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:

    1. has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g. exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements).

    2. is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love

    3. believe that he or she is "special" and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people

    4. requires extensive admiration

    5. has a sense of entitlement, i.e. unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations

    6. is interpersonally exploitative, i.e. takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends

    7. lacks empathy; is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings or needs of others

    8. is often envious of others or believes others are envious of him or her

    9. shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

    Now tell me, is that not a perfect description of our own Arthur Kade? It's like they were readingthis blog when they wrote it.

  8. In other news, why the hell can't we copy and paste? That was a bitch to write out...

  9. There’s been other complaints about the ‘copy and paste’…it works for me.
    There’s been other complaints about the ‘copy and paste’…it works for me.
    There’s been other complaints about the ‘copy and paste’…it works for me.

  10. If lispnspit went out to dinner with his dad there would have been pictures. Looking at the dinnerware I’m guessing the food pictures are from different places. He still has on the red shirt and tie two days later; those pictures are from Saturday. Someone’s trying to cover for him. It took awhile before his twitter was ‘adjusted’. Something’s up with The Big Beaker.

  11. Kyle, that's what I pegged him for, but lately, it seems like these aren't just narcissistic behaviors, these seem like full blown delusions of grandeur. Add the substance abuse, and you've got a schizotypal personality. Of course, it's unlikely that Arthur started exhibiting these behaviors only 9.423563f35 months ago, as personality disorders and schizophrenia both commonly manifest in the early 20's. As much as he'd like to think he's that old, Kadouches is just a little too late. I've read before that he seemed to be pretty much a normal person up until this whole pipe dream of his. DOes anyone have any accounts as to how long Arthur's been this way? I hate to armchair, especially because clinical isn't my specialty area (of psych), but from a medical perspective Arthur has interested me for a while. I also wonder if this internet fame has been exacerbating his symptoms (e.g.he has been getting the attention he believes he deserves, and thus this is reinforcing his behavior).

  12. Arthur has been this way for at least 5 years. If by this way you mean massive douchebag..

    he wasn't always worthless though.. he would buy drnks for people sometimes etc.

    but he was always, a creepy fucking douche nutjob.. Hope this helps

  13. Artie isn't schizotypal. That's characterized by "magical" thinking like someone who wears a spacesuit to work on Thursdays or something. He isn't schizophrenic because he's definitely not displaying disordered thought and doesn't seem to have paranoias. (He wouldn't put his life on display if he thought the FBI were trying to investigate him, etc.) Paranoid schizophrenics usually don't leave the house, are very impaired, etc. Axis I would be substance abuse if the cocaine and ecstasy claims are true. Might be bipolar too in a prolonged manic phase, but unlikely since this has been going on for 8.12129423088458487573 months. He would have sunk into a depression that probably wouldn't let him get out of bed in the morning if his mania were this bad. Axis II is definitely Cluster B, particularly narcissistic PD. I agree that these do seem to be full-blown delusions of grandeur but there's no way he could be schizophrenic and function this highly for 8 months. And like you alluded to, schizophrenia usually does develop in males in the 20s, but he's by no means out of the woods at 32.

    He's an interesting case, regardless. I follow his sad story with curiosity. He really needs to see someone when this party's over. (No way he publishes something unless he takes a loan to self-publish or ever gets an acting job bigger than an extra.)

  14. He just a worthless cock wart. The latest post isn’t him…again. At first I thought he was in jail, now I’m thinking someone beat his ass. It was only a matter of time. And if I’m wrong…no harm in wishful thinking. Mr. Lisp N. Lie might have gotten a balls ass beak bash. That nose is in harms way anytime he leaves his palace.

  15. He’s has been in therapy 8 years, seems like a mental illness might have been noticed. He’s just a greasy idiot doing too much dope. He thinks if he keeps saying he’s famous he will be but the facts are…not an actor, not an author, no ‘dev’ deal, no paying job, an empty apartment, no real friends, no future, nothing. He’s done nothing except find this innate ability to have some total strangers band together to watch him fail and poke fun at him while he’s doing it. No matter what he says he does nothing but party and lie about everything. He hasn’t done anything except say “Look at what I’ve done” which is…less than zero. Lisperado is a lost soul. His ignorance and arrogance are why he’s despised. His stupidity is why he suffers.

  16. ......we've been down the road of what is the technical name for Arthur's behaviour. NPD seemed to be the closest but as it's clear there are different authors to Arthur's posts plus they are clearly contrived to vex the fuck out of any normal person I think he and his friends hit upon an idea to achieve fame through infamy.
    At the start he was a genuine bragging bighead, then the negative comments came flooding in and he thought...hang on, I can use this.
    What is the subject of his 'book and tv deal'? How he became the most hated man on the internet. I really don't know where this is going for him. I'm sure of one thing.....he knows what he's writing is utter cuntery - the lies, the awful sex talk, the delusions about his ability....but having said all this, I'm not 100% certain....I mean, it is possible that he's just a total fucking wanker...but then why would his friends write some of the posts?...what's the point of that? Unless, it is all designed to create a fuss about him....I also must say that either way he hasn't considered the effect on his family....his dad's exposed as a convicted sex offender...his step mother is ripped apart...his friends are smeared in excrement.......whatever the truth is, the best thing about it is this site - some very good writers take the time to come on here and the comments and insults are more entertaining than sad Larry...whatever his game is....
    ps....the photo of the cunt standing with the 'gen pop' behind the barriers looking at Paris Hilton's sister drinking champagne in the 'vip' area on her birthday is quite honestly the saddest thing I've ever seen....hang on, I've changed my mind, it's not a scam.....it can't be.....no, it can't be real.....can it.....yes, I've gone and fucked my fucking brain again, fuck

  17. The retarded radish obviously is taking his diet really seriously! Lots of healthy food pictured there. That's how he gets that fat belly. Put down the creamy food and pick up a salad!

  18. That headshot really looks like a screen still of Daniel Radcliffe playing Lenny in "Of Mice and Men". It's like his face melting.

  19. take heart, legowiggers -- arthur exists for us and only us. he has no other audience but us. nobody pays attention to him except those who despise him. oh, lionel hutts aka chad.

  20. Don't forget the serious anger and temper that lies just below the surface with him... I think that's what freaks me out the most. If he was just another delusional mental patient, it would just be amusing. But there are those moments when the anger comes through, and that's what makes this all a little creepy.

  21. Why did he take a picture of some dude's ass?