A Night Of Giving Thanks To The Brand

Thanksgiving to me means just putting this up without reading it. I don't want to vomit up my turkey dinner. Too many pictures on his site for me to start pulling them off and putting them here also. I'll get around to this at some point later on Friday. I'm just guessing now, but I gotta imagine that this is more stupidity, lies and delusion from Arthur Kadyshes (rhymes with radishes)...

If I could unzip my “Kade-Suit”, step out of my amazing body, and just observe what hanging out with Arthur Kade is like, I think I would be amazed at what one friend last night called “The Kade Experience”, because everyone in The Entourage has become so accustomed to my “Kade Style” VIP domination when I go out that I have become jaded as to the affect that I have on people when they see the “One of the Premiere Socialites” of Philadelphia, NYC, and KA in action. Hanging out with Arthur Kade when he is killing it is like a roller coaster of amazingness, and last night, one lucky fan/Kade Nation Member, and new “Girl Cali BFF”, Molly Weiner (Sister of Jennifer Weiner, the author of “In Her Shoes” and “Good In Bed” who she told me was a fan of “The Journey” and I think it’s important for NY Times bestselling authors to stick together like us and critique eachother’s works to become better writers) got to see The Brand dominate the night, and her response at Del Frisco’s was “I have never seen anything like it (I wonder what it’s actually like to hook up with me and know that the penis of a celeb is inside of you and wonder if it intensifies the orgasm the girl gets). All the girls coming up and all the attention you get is crazy. You are a reality show in real life”. She got to see what some girls have nicknamed “Mr. Philadelphia” be the most famous person in the places, bypass lines, get free drinks, and get access to any parts of the club I want, and why people can see I am “The Biz’s newest Bad Boy and it’s next big thing”. I love when people experience the social part of “The Journey” first hand because there is nothing like it, and I always say, “If you want great sex, then call a porn star”.
Top 10 Moments of the night:
1) The random girl that I eyed up while walking by me and she literally stopped in her tracks at Del Frisco’s, started talking to me, and would have probably had sex with me in the bathroom had I desired, but she was a Philly 7.85 that I could tell was all about the fame and aura of The Brand, so after I saw that she had no ass and small tits, I told her I would meet her downstairs and never did. The Brand Doesn’t settle but I didn’t feel like telling her she wasn’t worthy of Arthur Kade.
2) Arthur Kade getting on my knees as a friend poured a shot of Patron in my mouth, and it pretty much spilled all over my hot TITS shirt (Which like 10 Gen Poppers came up to me to say something about), and everyone around me wondering, ‘How does Arthur Kade just always kill it?”.
3) While talking to a girl, I was trying to maneuver her into a threesome with another friend, but for some reason girls do not want to share me which is funny because for years I had no problem closing 2 girls in one night, although threesomes can be tricky because some girls get jealous at the attention you might show the other if she’s better in bed, and I had a situation years ago in Miami where a girl literally stopped in the middle of one and said, “I don’t think you guys need me here”, and got dressed and left the hotel room.
4) The Brand showing off his dance moves at Recess to one of the dancers, and my friend said, “You looked like you were having an epileptic seizure”, but I disagreed because I am good dancer, and said, “My moves are just ahead of their time”.
5) Arthur Kade never vomits from drinking too much, but in the cab on the way home, somehow as I was paying the cab driver, I threw up in the back and when I said ‘I’m sorry” he laughed and I gave him an extra $20 bill. The cab already smelled so bad so I didn’t feel that bad, but wanted to make sure that he knew he was escorting home a celebrity and brag about how much I tipped him
6) Me being walked in through the middle of the MASSIVE line at Del Frisco’s with The Entourage, while a fan kept yelling “Nation!!” (Short for I’m a member of Kade Nation). It’s funny because I knew and didn’t recognize him, but he told me he reads everyday and asked me “Did you get furniture?”, and I laughed and said “Not Yet. You really do read everyday.” Sometimes I forget that without Arthur Kade, The Gen Pop would not have a lot of inspiration and motivation during their lives and I can only imagine how miserable people were before “The Journey”.
7) At the bathroom at Recess, a Philly 8.88 with a great body, cute face, but busted nose (I was thinking about referring her to my old nose surgeon who removed the bump I had from the fifth break I had and made me look like an Italian/Roman statue, but she didn’t look like she could afford the surgery) said, “You’re a lot skinnier than I thought you would be”, and then I flexed my are and told her “Feel This”, and after she felt my bicep I told her “Feel This” and jokingly moved her hand over my pants and she said, ‘You’re hilarious”. It wasn’t meant to be “hilarious”.
8 ) One of The Entourage brought a girl over who I had offended one time at Smiths and told me to say sorry, and since I was already bombed and don’t remember the exact exchange, he said Arthur Kade said, “I apologize but I have no idea why I am apologizing, but I apologize anyway”. Classic Kade Interaction while trying to get my friends laid because I am a team player and sometimes I have to bunt so that others can score. There was also a girl who walked by The Brand at DelFriscos who said “You’re not cool”, and I responded, “Yes I am”. I thought I was going to get Gen Popped.

9) After getting home, I am babysitting 2 dogs, and they kept barking so I just started throwing the toy with them, and fell down my three steps to the living room and bruised my arm and back. I have been having a shooting pain going through my left arm for days now which I should get checked out, but I am scared that I may be having mini strokes and would rather not know
10) “Can I fuck Her?”. Best. Line. Ever
“If Fame and Success are like sex, than The Brand is a nymphomaniac…Arthur Kade…11/26/09

If only that was OJ's hand holding that knife...


  1. Yeah, don't worry about the pictures of food and such, but PUH-leeze post the picture of Anal with the butter knife at his throat.

  2. What is this shit? Did he fall down? Throw up? What the fuck is this nonsense?

  3. Lisperado,

    You’re near the end of your journey
    You and that midget attorney
    And the whores you call friends
    A bunch of losers
    Over drinking cocaine abusers
    The life you are choosing is hard to defend

    You don’t have sense to slow it down
    Your falling fast and there's no getting around
    The fact you’re looking older everyday
    And lying about the girls you’ve known
    Does not erase the guys you’ve blown, you’re gay


    You write like you are retarded
    This so called book that you’ve started
    Is bullshit anyway
    You can’t spell your name right
    And face it you’re not really that bright
    And no one believes you’ll be an actor someday

    So have your-self another round
    You smelly hole that’s colored brown
    It wouldn’t matter if you died today
    And even those that don’t hate you
    If they had a wish they would make you go away


    Truth is that you’re a fame hooker
    You’re not a good looker
    But you knew that
    And when your crying maybe you should be trying
    Too admit that you’re a fool, you’re such a fool
    You’re nothing but a fool and an asshat

  4. So, he's now sleeping on an Air Mattress. Must have run out of dirty laundry!

    What excuse will he makeup for his missing furniture? Lame!

    What happened to the Gay Dr. Role?

  5. I love how his idea of success is getting into any area of a Philly club. Seriously dude, you are 32. Most people would like to be married at that point and working on a family or doing something that gets them closer to a career goal rather then leeching off his friends at a bar being a dirty, ugly fame-whore.

  6. I love how the only girls he can get into bed are GN Kang's dogs,.........!!! hahahahahahaha!!! must have gone through 2 jars of peanut butter with those bitches......poor puppies.

  7. He's so classy. Trying to put a girl's hand on his crotch and throwing up in a cab. That's so elite, where do I sign up for this hot ass balls ass lifestyle?

    It seems as if the coke is finally catching up to him. I hope, anyway.

  8. The pictures that accompany this post are just more bathrooms and food, so weird.

  9. How sad is the pet owner that only has klispy the wonder douche to dog sit? And look how well lisperado handled the chore. “They were barking so I threw their toy and fell down and skinned my pussy”. Gramps was right…you are a little nancy.

  10. And there’s a reason why the cab “smelled so bad”…most likely any confined area you’re in smell’s ‘so bad’ (notice I didn’t say ‘small’)
    Not just ‘a girls hand’…a strangers hand in a club…on little lispy jr. ‘Fucking liar.’
    Tried to get a threesome going? ‘Stupid fucking liar’
    “My moves are just ahead of their time” ‘Spastic fucking liar’
    “You’re not cool” “Yes I am” ‘Retarded fucking liar’

  11. If you watch the two videos you will notice some somewhat interesting things. In the first video Arthur threatens to bitch slap his father. You can see there is a lack of respect between the 2 of them. His father is either drunk or annoyed with Arthur and his camera.

    Arthur then tools his father about his pants in which Papa Kade says, "It's Brioni! It's Brioni!" The implication is that he can afford expensive pants. This still doesn't buy you class or fashion sense. We can see where Arthur gets his idea of fashion from.

    In the second video he exclaims the action he is getting from the dogs is the most he's gotten in months, yet on his blogs he claims to hook up (just not have intercourse) and make outs.

    Very confusing.

  12. I have been fantasizing a lot about Arthur's death lately.

  13. I'm telling you people, he's a dogfucker. Time and time again we see inappropriate, sexual behavior between Arthur and dogs. GN Kang is his dog pimp!

  14. If only he listened to Marie


  15. yea, very bizarre father-son dynamic.

    the interaction shows the thinly veiled hostility between them.

  16. "Is not jus' pants. Is a Brioni!" AHAHAHAHAH!!!

    What the fuck is Brioni? Is that the kind of shit you find at discount suit stores near Herald Square? No class. These people wouldn't know a good suit if Duncan Quinn ran up to them whipped them in the face with measuring tape.

    And Papa Kadyshes is waaasted. The hostility they both express to one another is a bit scary. Especially on a holiday. And Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant is quite depressing. What, Leonard and Raya couldn't take a break from chopping hair and harassing employees to cook up a halfway-decent meal?

    The thing I'm most thankful for this year is that I'm not related to either one of these neanderthals.

  17. Thank you people for making me laugh hard, especially kudos. I am in a bad mood and haven't been around for over a week and have decided I hate Artie with an absolute passion, but you
    guys are always able to make disgust hilarious.

    You, Arthur, are a pig who really doesn't deserve anything or anyone. Your life is pointless. People like you make the world a bad place to live. And you fucking admit it. Weird.

    And then you take a picture of yourself holding a dull knife at your throat. What a tease. The thing is, you know people wish it was sharp. Anon at 11:43 says it all. How do you live with being so despised? Your life is over. How do you face that? So totally strange that someone would ruin themselves so completely.

    I can comprehend suicide but I can't comprehend purposefully creating a long life of misery. I also can't comprehend the people around you letting it happen. How awful are you that your friends and family are glad you will never have a love or a job again? What have you done that noone stops you? Are you that much of a mistake? Woah.

  18. Geraldine NathapolousNovember 28, 2009 at 10:56 AM

    I never usually wish such things on someone, but i honestly hope you have a stroke.

  19. As I sit here drunk and perusing this site, I would like to propose yet another nickname for this turd....***Unborn Bird man***...like i said i'm drunk, Happy Thanksgiving.