The Celebrity Audition

When I was 15 or so I wrote a letter to Late Night with David Letterman asking if I could come on as a stand up comedian because I truly thought I could do it. I REALLY expected to get an answer in the positive. Why I thought the Late Night staff would say, "Hey, lets give this kid a shot." when I had NEVER done stand up before is now beyond me. I guess you can chalk it up to 15 year old stupidity or something along those lines. I only share this story because it makes me understand Cock Gobbler a little. Only problem is he's a FUCKING ADULT WHO IS NO LONGER SUPPOSED TO HAVE THOUGHTS LIKE A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD!!! Man, my head wants to explode. And, not for nothing, but I live in NYC and Cock Gobbler doesn't "run this town." I'm probably one of the few idiots who even knows who he is and that's only because I'm a fan of Hot Chicks with Douchebags. If you're known because you were featured on that site, well, you're just not doing things correctly in life. Also, even in NYC if you're walking by yourself video taping yourself as you yammer on PEOPLE WILL STARE ST YOU. It's not because you're famous, but rather because even in NYC to film YOURSELF it's FUCKING ODD. God, I hate this guy. He really is a delusional fucking idiot. Who else wants to bet the guy from the last video starts a story to his family tonight, "There was this crazy ass cracker on the elevator today..." More deluded ramblings (with spittle) from the cock gobbling asshole, Arthur Kadyshes...

What do you do when you go to an audition and the people reading with you and watching you know who you are and are even fans of “The Journey”? Arthur Kade has become an amazingly well-known worldwide celebrity and is known very well throughout “The Biz” (Once I got off the train to NYC yesterday, I was recognized several times on the street, and one person yelled, “Kade Out!”), and I have been wondering when my first experience of walking into an audition and the casting people knowing who I was was going to be, and how it would affect my audition because I am The Brand. Yesterday, that’s exactly what happened, and it was for a project that I was very excited about and have been looking forward to, and when I got to the studio, I signed in, sat down, and the director (I think) came out and said, “Mr. Arthur Kade, I’ll be with you in 5 minutes”, and I said “Cool”, and then thought to my self, “This is going to be interesting, because it seems like they knew I was here and obvi know who I am”. When I do auditions, I go into full blown “Kade Style” professional mode where as much as I hate to admit it, I humble myself from a celebrity down to a Gen Pop Actor (Despite me being WAY more famous than anyone I am ever in front of, but it’s code and karma in “The Biz” for working actors like us that you should act humble and relaxed, and that’s what some of my great teachers have taught me which is why I am so amazing in auditions), because I don’t want to develop the rep of being a “Diva” or getting labeled “Impossible to work with”. I respect The Craft, and the people in it, and I always want to show that by putting away Arthur Kade, Celebrity, and releasing, Arthur Kade, Professional Working Actor.
5 minutes later, I was brought into the casting room for my reading and have been battling a horrible flu so I have almost lost my voice and really hate talking because my throat hurts (Most actors would cancel and rest, but The Brand doesn’t sleep), and as soon as I sat down, I could tell by the remarks made in the room that the guys were fans of “The Journey”. I kept thinking to myself, “How do I act? Do I stay professional and relaxed, or do I just let The Brand flow, and let the celebrity animal that is me out? ” I read my first set of sides, and heard the caster laugh out loud twice (I knew that it would be a great part for me because it requires a great deal of comedic timing and I am a genius of comedy and sketch characters as evidenced by the popularity of “The Kween”), and then they asked me to read a second set of sides, and he said, “Let’s see if you can do this one, “”Kade Style”"?”, and I responded “Wow, you even know my lines”, and later he called, “Arthur Kade, of Internet Fame”, and I responded “The one and only” (In a soft and sick voice), and he told me later, “I think what you’re doing is great!” (Referring to the blog), and I responded, “The blog is just an avenue to express all of this that’s going on so people can see”. I was proud that I stayed cool and humble the whole time because it’s what needs to be done to show The Craft that I am not bigger than it yet, and am staying grounded.
When I finished the audition, I think I was close to being offered the part (They asked if I was available to film in November), and then I started thinking, “When I walk into a room, I am not “”Joe Schmoe, actor”" anymore, I am “”Arthur Kade, Celebrity, Blogger, and Famous Actor”", and do I have to act like I am not famous, or should I just embrace who I am and just let my normal charisma take over?”. How do Mel Gibson, Christian Bale, Kevin Costner act, and did they not let their personalities become bigger than the audition, or did they let the celebrity and fame take over, and now this is the dilemma I face as I become more famous?? As I was waiting at the elevator to head down, the guy ran up to me and said, “Kade!”, and asked if I would be interested in a new part that would be written more for me, and I told him, “I’m cool with that if it allows me to showcase what I am”, and he agreed, and I got in the elevator, and thought to myself, “I am close to doing celebrity spots on TV shows, Rap Videos and Movies now, and soon writers in “”The Biz”" will be calling me to stop by and act on shows like Two and a Half Men, Curb your Enthusiasm, How I met your Mother, and I will probably be even asked to guest judge American Idol one day”. What a feeling after only 7.378 months.
Today is an absolutely insane day because I have a conference call with IMG Media at 11, I have to hit the gym, continue to prepare for several hours for my final Mike Lemon Advanced Film Class, and also the HUGE News that I have been waiting on is finally done, so I will see if I can announce it and share “The Journey”’s next step with the world soon.
“Arthur Kade…The corner where Park Avenue and Rodeo Drive meet”….Arthur Kade…10/14/09


  1. More like: "Arthur Kade... the corner where Can't Act Lane and Cokehead Terrace meet up."

  2. It really cracks me up that he recently bought a pretty decent digital camera, and he can't even figure out how to turn on Red-Eye Adjustment. Look at that stupid picture with the passport! What's the point to that picture anyways? Is he trying to suggest that he has a passport because he's a jet setter? We all know he has flown ONE TIME this year to Los Angeles.

    Why is he riding the bus with his passport anyways? I'm guessing he doesn't have a license because it was either expired, or it was confiscated because of tickets. Anyone in PA know if the cops take your license if you're given a ticket? They do that in Illinois and it amazes me that that is even legal.

  3. An inventive thinker who is always trying to help other people succeed.October 14, 2009 at 12:58 PM

    I think Arthur's only real hope for success is being hired by the Environmental Protection Agency, or whatever group deals with oil spills, so that when one occurs they can just tow him behind a boat face down in the water and allow his face to soak up the mess.

  4. I do get a kick out of how niave this supposed high life world traveler is. Not just this post but in so many others you can see how he is so impressed (and thus thinks everyone else will be too)with things that are pretty common.
    Most everyone I know has a passport and from the looks of his I think it is new.
    Most everyone I know has ridden in limos wether it be for a party, wedding, funeral or work.
    Most everyone I know takes at least a couple trips a year to nice destinations yet Artie went to LA once and didn't even do anything cool.
    Most everyone I know has all of the electronic toys.
    Anyway the list could go on but the point is I'm at best upper middle income and all of this crap that Artie thinks is so jetsetter cool is pretty friggin common. I know he says he came from nothing but if he has been making 1/4 mil+ a year for the last ten years then why is he now so impressed with these things?

  5. Guys,I hate Kade as much as all of you and it makes me sick to watch him to the point that I want to throw up,but I have to admit(as much as it pains me)that some of the shit he tells is actual facts and he does have camera crew follow him and he is getting more famous faster than even he'd expected.He gives out interviews to various radio-stations,he has articles and web sites(like this one) dedicated to him and probably soon enought we will see him on TV.
    WTF is wrong with our world today and our society that the person who has no talent,no intellect,no decency,no manners,no class,who is a shame representative of russian-jewish community in USA(because there are so many decent,smart,talented russian jews who does so much for this country,like dancers on DWTS(just to name a few)can become a celebrity in such a short period of time by just being obnoxious stupid moran?
    What can we do or what should we do to stop him?Or maybe we shouldn't do anything?Maybe if we'd all stop paying so much attention to him and just ignore him,he'd go away and return to his obsecure life of insurance salesman?
    Comments?Anyone?Please do!

  6. @ Sad Girl
    It's way beyond "stopping" now. Arthur has destroyed any chance of ever being able to go back to the regular work force and he knows it. His blog has made him completely un-hirable and he is going to try to be worse and worse and worse to get noticed.

    Now all we can do is sit back and enjoy the monumental, catastrophic, epic implosion of all this insanity.

  7. @sad girl: you ain't kidding, it blows my mind how someone with zero talent has even made it this far. I would have thought his 15 minutes of fame would be over. I only started reading his site because I couldn't believe how anyone could be so stupid. Every single day he raises the bar on his own stupidy but yet appears to be advancing his life. If this douche somehow makes any money at all, I'll really have lost faith in all of humanity.

  8. I have an idea how to eliminate Kade!!!October 14, 2009 at 1:28 PM

    @Sad Girl-I have an idea how Kade can be eliminated.No,I dont mean killed,I mean if someone would shut down his site and his Twitter account and tries to erase every mention of him on the net,including the Wikipedia page about him,he'll go crazy and....How do you all like my idea?To do this we need a comp.hacker or anyone who's good with programming,etc.It's gonna be piece of cake for such a person and I'm sure among Kade's "fans" has to be someone who knows his ways around the web.
    Who's with me?

  9. @JBone-r u really enjoying this?Because as of right now,the only person who enjoys himself,is Ugly Greasy Monkey-Kade.He lives his life to the fullest,his horny goat dad and wicked witch step-mom almost bursting with joy and pleasure and good life.His friends seem very happy and cheerful,so its all good for him and ppl close to his persona.And no matter how much shit is being thrown in his face,he's face looks happier every day.Its like he takes our energy,makes it his and thrives on it and we all are left to suffer.Its just very sad and unfair!It really is!

  10. How good is that glasses photo. Look like the sweaty love child of Woody Allen, a grasshopper, Jon Waters, and Milhouse Van Houten. Fucking sick!

    Also, why is Poppa Kade smelling his missus? She has the exact same smile as this other cum-dumpster cougar I knew back in the day, nasty.

  11. @4real-I had lost faith in all humanity a long time ago and this Kade incident only proves that I'm right.From the girl's point of view I can say that he's not attractive,he's not ugly per say,just very appaling,his body language,greasy skin,covered with adult acne,the way he speaks,moves,presents himself,it all makes me shiver from disgust.But I can bet you a million bucks that he does gets girls and not a bad looking ones.Why?I can give a very detailed and complete answer to that question or I can sum it all up with a sentence-life is unfair!

  12. Any and all ‘coverage’ of kego has been negative. He accidentally found this innate ability to aggravate the gen pop with his madness, to the point of distraction, and we (they) can’t wait for the gruesome end. Everyone knows it’s coming (even the ‘supporters’) but until it does it’s a free for all dog pile. This site simply enables that premise when the willing victim tries to make new rules in the middle of the game. The crushing weight of this team effort may seem to go unnoticed, but you can tell he’s gasping for air. The only fame he’ll enjoy is to become the ‘Monica Lewinsky of Philly’ with nothing to show for it…except a cumb stain.

  13. @ Sad Girl
    Oh believe me until the tragic end this whole thing will infuriate me. I cannot beleive that there are scumbags out there that are willing to do business with this idiot. What makes me smile is that this is going to end very badly. Like very, very badly. And that is something I look forward to.

  14. @JBone
    I can make a bet with you that this will not end bad for him.Judging by how its all developing,pretty soon he'l appear on TV somewhere,whether on E!,Bravo,Style network,but he'll be there and he'll have ratings and ppl will watch him.Of course never ever he'll get an Oscar or an Emmy or any kind of award,but he'll become famous like Jon Gosselin or Lohan's father.And these guys are kings comparing to Kadyshes.

  15. @Sad Girl
    I just don't see it happening. He really hasn't achieved anything too great. He is filming to projects that are potential pilots. Meaning they are pitching a pitch. No studio in their right mind would pick up anything involving Arthur after looking at his blog. Jon Gosselin may be a giant douche, but he doesn't have a blog that outlines it for the world to see. If TLC or whatever network knew that he would turn out to be this way, they probably would not have given the show a green light in the first place, hence why they have subsequently dropped him.

  16. @ Sad girl…

    You are looking at this with kade specs on. Everything he says is an exaggeration, a blatant lie, or has so much spin it doesn’t resemble reality anymore. I don’t see where he’s done anything he said he has, but it sure is easy to show everything he hasn’t. Just the fact that he refers to himself as an actor shows that he has no grasp of reality. Actors act, kego doesn’t. Actors get paid, not kego. Actors actually have a job, talent, experience and usually natural ability. Kego? D. none of the above. He talks out his ass. So what if he had a camera follow him? He hasn’t done shit yet, and he won’t, because he doesn’t have what it takes. 7.378 months? 134 IQ? WTF is he talking about? He is an idiot, a clown and a disappointment to everyone. All those so called happy people you see are being presented through his eyes, his twisted editing of events, his weak attempt at illusion. He even fails at that as can be witnessed by the comments. Cheer up, reveille in the knowledge that it’s okay to despise him. He asked for it and he’ll get what he deserves. The fruits of his labor will surly be rotten.

  17. Also- most of these fame whores grew up rich. They dont make shit for their shows so any money they have is inherited. Any minimal profit Kade makes will go right up his nose so when his 15 minutes are up he will be right back where started; old, ugly, homeless and without friends, only he will have no prospects for future income.

  18. @JBone
    Yes he's the world's worst actor,'cause he has 0 less than zero of a talent.His teachers should be ashamed or they are a con artists,because they taught him nothing,he made no progress whatsoever and they still encourage him and compliment his acting skills.But he's developing some kind of reality show and his blog will only bring publicity to that show,and as someone here had already noticed that in Hollywood there are no such thing as bad publicity and better bad press than any press at all.Something is going on with him and that something will make him a celebrity.Where it all ends,noone know,but I'm positive Kade will enjoy the ride and laught all the way to the bank.Also,I'm sure that this is not a shtick,that he is in fact the way he is and not pretending to be someone else.
    But I'd be very glad if I'll be wrong and you'll be right,because I despise him,cant find anything good about him and his friends and family and also hope that he'll fail,not because I'm a bad person,because I think he doesnt deserve success.So,if we'd make a bet,I'd hope to lose;)

  19. Zombie kade will destroy you here-

    Kudos, believe your comment about turdmunchin' kade gasping for air is pretty accurate. He's got one of his sockpuppets whining over on his site about how "zkwdy and the lego wiggers" are unhinged and hateful and feeling threatened by kade(russian for douchebag).

    So like your name says, Kudos to us for getting under kade (russian for douchebag)'s greasy pitted skin and causing him to whine via sockpuppet.

  20. ok ok Sad girl..

    clearly you are Kade or a "friend" of his..

    This is not success, anyone can act like a fucking moron and get attention.. the reason people do not do it is because most people do not want to make themselves a ridiculous spectacle..

    You have to be mental in an unhealthy way to be doing this shit.. period.

  21. Fuck you sad bitch.

  22. Mike Lemon film class: $300
    Mike Lemon ADVANCED film class: $500
    Mike Lemon Double Secret Super film Class: $900
    Mike Lemon professional film class: $1200

    Are you seeing a pattern here, you douche? It's like fucking Scientology or karate for kids - the more you pay, the more you "advance".


  23. Sad girl = Kade shill. Jesus, can't you see it?

    Your worries are unfounded. This fucking idiot will not go anywhere. He hasn't yet. Some radio interviews? Big deal. I've done dozens of them and I had my own cable TV show in Chicago for years. Ran for Congress twice. No big deal - never made me fucking famous.

    Don't worry. He will remain a sideshow joke for a couple thousand Internet users. Nothing more. There are a couple hundred bloggers far more famous than him that you have never heard of.

  24. Call me crazy, but I feel like his lisp is getting better. I've been following for a while and it used to be a lot worse. Now, he is still a no-talent hack, but his lisp is improving.

  25. @Matt
    Gunty or Sonic the Hedgehoe?

  26. @Sad Girl...

    Being famous but not having the bank account to go along with it is just not worth it. Cock Gobbler won't make any money from this because any show of his will never sell. So, what will he have accomplished? He'll have become "known" to a VERY small degree (I have yet to mention him to ANYBODY who says, "Oh, yeah, I know that guy.") eliminated any possible employment at a job that could possibly pay a decent salary (think jobs an ex-con could get and you'll nail his future job prospects) and pretty much guaranteed himself a future of mocking by the few people who are aware of him. When it all comes down it'll be just one great big FAIL.

  27. How is Sad Girl a shill or a friend of Kade? She's merely mentioning the possibility of his success but still hopes he fails miserably. C'mon. If what you say isn't 110% negative and includes wishes for his death are you automatically a friend or shill? Let's be a little more rational here.

  28. OMG, what a laugh:

    Check out the link I have in my name above, it's to the Philly Blunt blog. Kade basically took the account of being seen in public, chopped it up, and pasted it to his post "Kade Show" after removing certain bits of the comment. WTF???

  29. I agree with Sad Girl. Kade will get famous because of his schtick. His tactics sell. I saw him at G when all those cameras were following him around and he actually looked like a celebrity.

    The better question is whether he actually makes money from the show. First, it has to get picked up; second, it has to test well with sample audiences, and third, it has to be watched by a large number of people regularly. Those are all pretty tough things to come by.

    I would liken Kade more to Tucker Max than Jon Gosselin or the Lohan father. Max wrote a book that was basically a collection of short stories (not unlike Kade's blog) and he started getting a readership. The book was recently made into a movie (which is out now and I hear sucks ass) but Max is laughing all the way to the bank.

    Whether Kade is able to pull off the same thing remains to be seen. I personally don't have a problem with him. He expresses his viewpoint in a humorous, albeit self-aggrandizing way. Whatever. I don't wish him failure like the rest of you. I actually want him to succeed just to expose the bullshit that is Hollywood.

    But given the difficulty of succeding in this line of business he has chosen, Kade will likely have more failed pilots than Al Qaeda.

  30. He posted a video of himself in an elevator... when someone else was riding it, too?

    You know, I have an audition on Friday. Maybe I should make some horrible video about and post it to my blog. I also have a passport. Who wants to see me pose with it?


  31. http://www.philebrity.com/2009/10/14/here-is-what-we-know-about-arthur-kade-being-banned-for-life-from-the-franklin/#comments

  32. Artie may have a moment or two of fame, but he won't be able to keep it going. He can't pull half of what he does on his blogs on tv, so, how boring. His narcissism will make him impossible to work with; his actual lack of talent and like-able personality will confuse audiences; and no sponsors with any worth will back the show if they start getting complaints from the likes of us. Any show concept that had a chance of working would have to rip on Kade...his ego could only take that for so long once he caught on. (he is remarkably clueless) Any money he gets will quickly dry up, as it does for all fameballs. (he clearly isn't a forward thinking or practical kind of guy...in three years time I see Kade sponging off of people like he is now and working in a Pakistani's corner shop in a seedy part of Philly.) He is truly mentally ill. People have got to remember that. If he didn't have his support group of clubbing friends, he wouldn't be where he is now, and they won't stick around once it is clear he has blown all his chances. They are hoping to catch a ride -- being shallow wanna be's themselves and when he has no money and nowhere to take them, they will drift away.

    This is all he probably will ever have. The rest of his life will be an absolute zero. (I can't even see him getting married) It is a life I wouldn't wish on anyone *except* Arthur Kade.

  33. LMAO at the sudden surge of supporters who all have similar punctuation issues.

    Go away and let us have our fun. What do you care?? If he gets famous, you can prove us wrong. It's a bet I'd be willing to take. He's an Internet meme, and barely that.

  34. @ anon 7:27
    WHAT support?! (a little envy from Sad Girl and actorinla perhaps, but that is all) Don't make fun of my punctuation, it is the way I talk. :p

  35. @ Anon…7:27

    “Let us have our fun”…

    Please don’t speak for ‘us’ and ‘our’ without a name. As for me and mine, anyone is welcome to comment, and no you don’t have to hate, as long as you contribute. That could be information, an opinion, a question, quick remark, or my favorite…a witty insult directed at some particular bit of fucknuttery kego invents. No one is moderated, censured or otherwise bothered, but throwing shit around ‘anon’ pretty much disqualifies your comment’s validity.

    You don’t have to be a hater to comment here, you just have to be smarter than kego (How much easier could it be?)

    Papa Kade sez…”Abort, not support”

  36. Yeah but.

    Nothing to worry about. There are plenty of trainwreck nobodies on television, but I don't see AK 4.7 joining their ranks anytime soon. The guy is totally unwatchable. His delivery on anything is essentially like reading the phonebook about the time you get to the Macphersons, and all his little verbal foibles (the lisp, the adenoidal honking quality, the philly accent) grate so you quickly become irritated.

    But what about some reality show?

    Not gonna happen. We've seen plenty of his interactions with people. He's awkward forced and needy. That, too, is just really difficult to watch.

    I've been checking the time on his little video postings. If it's more than 30 seconds, I'm probably not going to last through it so I've stopped bothering.

    In the early months I could see it happening. There was that Special Olympics quality that made it slightly endearing. But, as they say in what AK 4.7 refers to as the "Biz," there's no story arc: no development, no insight, no greater self knowledge.

    His trundling off to craigslist auditions could go on indefinitely, but the man is going nowhere at all.

  37. Yo.

    In the 30th St Cosi video, could he have sounded more gay every time he said "Cosi?" [Full disclosure: I am a gay.]

    And he had that horrible white-stuff-in-his-mouth thing going on again.

  38. I found this Kade video on an australian blog, I am fairly new to Kadeew and don't think I saw it before. It is the one he does with an acting coach called Pat (what happened to Pat, I wonder? Did she do the moral thing and tell him he was hopeless and fire *him*?!) The video is where he does the foot massage bit from Pulp Fiction. His acting has gotten WORSE since then. Just to refresh the old timers memory, the link to the vid is in my name.

  39. more or less anonymousOctober 14, 2009 at 11:31 PM

    I think the problem with Kade's lisp and spit is that he has an underbite. Look at the video at cosi if you can stand to, and it looks like his lower teeth are pointing inward quite a lot, that his lower teeth have been forced back by his upper teeth. That can only be fixed by jaw surgery. That would mean he couldn't talk for quite a while. Kade, you need to see an orthodontist stat!! ^-^

  40. That white stuff? Was it a frothy curdish discharge? Could he have a yeast infection in his mouth? Or could it be…wait for it…could it be from doing lots of coke? There’s a maybe.
    It doesn’t look like hygiene is at the top of his agenda. His wardrobe is…wait, what wardrobe? His diet appears to be his least concern. There have been many comments regarding his mistreatment of hospitality staff, that he’s a poor tipper and an annoying customer. They (the personnel) have discrete ways of extracting horrifying revenge. He knows it too, why else would he post pictures of the food? And about the “how far he’s come” in 7.whatever months? Nowhere, nothing, not a fucking thing. He talks a big story, but nothing ever comes from it. He has lied about everything. “I’m a warrior, I could box a pro, I am an athlete, I’m big in the Hampton's, I could ride a horsy, coach basketball, win an Oscar, be the best at everything, fuck supermodels, I’m a writer, I’m a rapper, I’m a model, the best model, I sold the most, I am perfect for this and for that and everyone tells me so”. Fuck me running. It wouldn’t matter if he got a prime time network TV ‘Christmas with Kade’ special every year from now till eternity; it wouldn’t undo all of his bullshit. So what if some dickweed crew aims a camera at him 24/7 365? THERES NOTHING THERE. He has accomplished diddlesquat. “He puts it out there for the world to see”. See what? Fail? Over and over.
    When someone says “You got to hand it to him” or “Look how far he’s gotten” or worse, “He’s showing the haters” what they mean is “I am a fool, I believe what he says, no matter what because he’s doing it even though ‘it’ is nothing”. You are stupid fucks, worshiping a false idol that is fucked in the head. Fucking window lick'ers, short-bus butt fucks you are. Get right.

  41. Well said Kudos. I think you hit it on the head. There is absolutely NO national interest in this guy and ANYTHING he manages to do on TV, ANYTHING, will last 1.23455878 days. He's not even interesting enough to make it past a pitch. Whoever would sink money into this guy for any actual production deserves to lose every red penny.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say I hope Arties illness is Swine flu. I do wish he wouldn't walk around in public spreading it to everyone he spits on though. Many innocent lives are getting infected within a 10ft radius.

  42. Hey,guys!
    Whats wrong with you?Really?How can someone read any of my comments here and take me for his supporter or alliy?Thats the worst insult for me!And I dont envy him,because there is nothing to be envious of.He says that he was making top salary for years and he never tried escargot(french for snails)or had ridden in the limo or owned a designer label suit,etc.He's a disgusting moran,we all know it.My point was that I think he did managed to achieve some recognition and signed a deal with major production company without any talent,intellect,wit or charm.And I really wish that all our wishes for him will come true,because if he'll become famous,I'll lose any last hope in fairness of this world and that a person has to have a gift to get somewhere. Btw,have you seen the video his friend GN Kang or whatever that bitches name posted on her radio site?She was asking viewers or radio listeners to help her pick out a Halloween outfit and it was like looking at him,they are so much alike,the only difference is that she's got fake boobs and his still pretending that he is still a man.Yuk!

  43. Never heard of Taylor Max, nor his 'book', But fucking arseholes, never has there been such an infantile, idiotic, childish, lame title of a 'book' ever. Fuck the contents, let's just see what the title alone says about this wankhat;

    'I HOPE THEY SELL BEER IN HELL'...'IN HELL'. So, this Darwinian cretin, ironically, believes the Jack and Jill, fairy tale nonsense that is the bible. Now, in heaven is god, baby jesus, holy mary (who has never even saw god's cock despite having half a gallon of sanctified spunk up her)...and all the good saintly folks......and in Hell there's the scientologists, muslims...and bad boy Taylor Max, gagging for a pint.
    'SELL BEER....'. Well fuck me, there I am shitting my panties at all that bollocks in Dante's Inferno, shitting my panties more looking at those Bosch paintings of hell's demons stuffing red hot pokers up sinners bums...and all along hell was really a place of gentlemanly commerce where one can make a good old fashioned purchase. And Taylor wants to buy beer. But, what if, after getting to the counter and asking for a crate of Fosters, a grotesque gargoyle informs the thirsty bad boy...'Sorry, mate, we only sell fine wines and spirits'. Well, quite frankly, he's fucked then, because he only hopes to buy beer. And I'm also slightly amazed that, on completing the journey to the hereafter, Taylor has no greater ambition than to drink beer...what? don't you want to see if Napoleon is there...General Custer? at least maybe have a look around see if you can spot any relatives?...Nope, I fucking hope to buy beer. Oh, ok.
    ....'I HOPE...'....so, despite his confirmed belief in an afterlife, Taylor has no better plan than to 'hope' - to wish that events will turn out for the better...and he'll be able to buy his beer. My word, this cunt is easy to please. He's not going to fucking demand beer...'I'm a bad boy, that's why the fuck I'm here, now...... I hope to buy some fucking beer, right!!'.

    I don't think I'll be reading this wankhat's 'book'