The Glory

The delusion is strong in this one... WOW! If the deluded ramblings he lets us read was not enough, the first video is the "Jump The Shark" moment. When everyone asks, "When exactly did the break come in Arthur Kadyshes reality?" People will point to the Improv With Sharon video posted on October 15, 2009. It's supposed to be improv, but I'm not so sure he didn't accidentally post a video of his latest therapy session. Man, talk about daddy issues. More scary and deluded ramblings from Cock Gobbling Arthur Kadyshes...
There are moments in every superstar’s life that they look at and realize that they have taken another amazing step towards the final goal of greatness (In The Brand’s case, it’s one step closer to Lil’ Oscar), and last night was one of those moments for Arthur Kade, because I have never been a man consumed with money or materials, but instead for me it’s all about “The Glory” (It’s one of my favorite Kanye songs because we care more about winning the War than the Land and he sums it up perfectly by saying, “After each and every show a couple Dikes in The Van”, and “These haters keep killin’ themselves, they wanna come and get The Glory”). The only thing I have ever cared about in my life is being number 1, being the best, looking down at the competition and knowing that I was better than them, and all of the material prizes come along with being the doing that. I was talking to a friend yesterday, and I said, “I have all this amazing stuff going on. I just got off the phone with my peeps at IMG Media and we are creating a TV Show that I have no doubt will be unlike anything ever done before and will make me a household name for creating it (The process of creating a hit, unique, and super cool, television show is beyond amazing, and it’s something I wish all Gen Poppers could experience because it is mind-blowing all the brilliance that is put into hit TV development, especially when you have the most prestigious and well known Production, Marketing, and Representation Company in the world working with you) , I just closed another HUGE deal that is something that will also be a revolutionary step for “”The Journey”", I have a principle part in a potential TV Pilot, but I still feel like something is missing.” I knew that what was missing was still “The Glory”.
At heart, I am just a simple artist and a poor welfare boy who grew up with his grandmother trying to survive and find his next meal, and before I was this international sensation building The Brand, who was always driven to be the best. Last night, was supposed to be my final Advanced Film Class with Mike Lemon, and that means I will have officially graduated from the top classes Philly has to offer. When we got to class, he told us we were getting a bonus class so that a pro photog would record our final scene (My partner who is a professional working film and commercial actor like me chose a scene from “Heist” where Bergman and Moore are arranging the drop off deal), and told us we would rehearse the scene tonight.
When it was out turn, we only had to do 2 takes, and Mike (I respect this man immensely because he has been involved in the casting of some of my favorite award winning movies like Philadelphia, The Sixth Sense, In Her Shoes, Unbreakable, Signs, 12 Monkeys, and Up Close and Personal), and understands talent at the highest level, looked at me and said the words that I have been waiting to hear to let me know that I have arrived, “Arthur, You’re becoming a pretty damn good film actor”, to which I smiled and thought, “Here I am a famous star and about to become one of the biggest names in “”The Biz”", and that just meant more to me than anything than any of the other groundbreaking achievements in “The Journey” I have had to date.”. Later on in the hallway after another pair of actors did their scene, he tapped me again and said, “I meant what I said”, and I responded, “That comment meant more to me than any thing I have done so far. I appreciate it.”.
In the end, if you threw Arthur Kade in an alley somewhere in London, and told him he could scrape out a living doing award winning theater and sleeping with models like I always have, I know that I could be happy. These are the moments that I realize that what I truly live for is the mastery of The Craft (I am beginning to get why great actors disappear from Hollywood and do theater, and I could definitely see myself doing Broadway a few years just to connect to a less a mainstream audience and get away from the lime light), and if someone of Mike’s caliber could say that to me in just 7.411 months of classes, then the Academy better get ready to say it to me in the next several years. I was even thinking about how one day my story will be so unique and compelling that I will be asked to write memoirs which I am sure will be standard reading material at Julliard, and one day all the young DeNiros, Pacinos, Streeps, and Washingtons will read about the evolution of an Oscar Winner named Arthur Kade.
“Great Talent always bring their “”A”" Game, I bring my “”AK”" Game. I Win”…Arthur Kade…10/15/09


  1. That first video is disturbing. Arturd, you weren't in any sort of character there. You need to get a better shrink.

  2. I still can't believe cockmuncher censors the name Tony Danza on his website.

  3. No offense to Mike Lemon, but what in the world has he done that is so highly acclaimed that a compliment like that to Arthur would mean so much? It's not like Scorcese is saying it to him.

    Here's what Mike Lemon did in each of the productions Kade listed:

    1. Philadelphia - LMAO this movie is not even listed on Lemon's IMDB page!!!!!

    2. The Sixth Sense (1999) (extras casting) (uncredited)

    3. In Her Shoes (2005) (casting: Philadelphia)

    4. Unbreakable (2000) (extras casting) (local casting)

    5. Signs (2002) (extras casting) (local casting)

    6. Twelve Monkeys (1995) (casting: Philadelphia)

    7. Up Close And Personal - LMAO AGAIN!!! Not even listed on Lemon's IMDB page.

    Keep in mind that the two movies above that do not list him as "extras casting" - 12 Monkeys and In Her Shoes - do not necessarily mean that he did anything but extras casting. He did location casting in the city. Probably just another way of saying extras.

    In any event, and no offense meant to Mike Lemon, but he's no big shot. Not at all. But to Kade he may as well be a Hollywood leader or something.

    It's actually kind of sad to see Kade say this because it only helps to further prove that he has some kind of mental illness or imbalance that makes him take compliments too far. Of course we all know he made up the compliments from Mike Lemon, but...

    Arthur is so deeply embedded in the most massive search for acceptance, and is also tangled in such a web of lies that he will never get himself out. How can anyone take him seriously?

  4. That first video ... uh, wow. Just really, really creepy.

  5. Video #1: Oh my god, seriously, time to call a social worker or the cops, the ones who talk people off of ledges. Very sad and depressing. Still I cracked up when Sharon says sarcastically: "It's good that you're not bitter." I don't understand why she didn't run out of the room.

  6. That first video is sad and scarey, and I'm sure is the REAL Artshitz Kadyshes.

    Notice how he was so upset and freaked out that he didn't do his retarded "KADE OUT!" at the end?

    I'm glad I don't live anywhere near Philly, because when this guy goes completely postal, he's going to take more than just himself out.

  7. Aaaaand...here's the problem with the stupid blog, and why it will only be a hinderance to Arthur Kade going forward.

    Let's say that I'm a casting director who's casting the role of a character who is the son of a famous person trying to make his own way in whatever business his dad is is, and struggling internally because of who he is. Now let's say I didn't know anything about Arthur Kade, and checked out this film clip that he sent to me.

    Now, if I didn't know anything about Kade, I would be able to judge his performance just on its own merits. (Not that that's necessarily a good thing.) I could examine the actor portraying a character and go from there.

    However, knowing what we know about Kade, there is no seperating this, ahem, "character" from him. We know AK-4.7 has daddy issues (family issues in general), changed his name, suffers from meglomaniacal narcissism, believes that he should be rich and famous and beloved, and appears to have rage simmering just below the surface that he isn't. In short, when I watch this video, I'm not watching an actor portraying "Trent da Vinci", I'm watching Arthur Kade portraying Arthur Kade.

    Frankly, at this point, AK-4.7 would have to go out for the role of a philanthropist or kindly father or social worker for us to see any "acting" out of him that we could believe isn't really him. He's clearly lost out on all the angry/villian/psychopath/comical loser/corporate drone/bar-hopping douchebag roles.

  8. Wow, his site is getting the shit spammed out of it.

  9. Wow, that first video is disturbing to say the least. I see a HUGE crack in Arthur's facade. HUGE. Phillidelphians beware....he's gonna blow soon.

  10. I couldn't get thru the first vid. Talk about bottled up anger, man.


  12. Re: Mike Lemon

    Mr Lemon also has a writer and directors credit on IMDB, so I think we should pay more heed to his opinion of Arties abilities.

    I'll save you having to look. Its,

    Mens Mix 1: Gay Shorts Collection (segment; Touched)

  13. Howard Stern on the state of TV today while talking about the new Lorenzo Lamas show...

    "This is why actors are going nuts now, because to get a deal on TV you gotta be a shithead."

    Hence, Arthur Kade's deal with IMG.

  14. Dayum, that first video actually makes me feel a little sorry for that deluded assclown.

    Little Artie Kadyshes, just pining for Daddy's love, and being completely ignored.

    I can also see where he gets his hatred of women from, when he spits out how his father was "out fucking women", instead of home paying attention to him.

    Artshitz, we women aren't the enemy; your rapist/abortionist father and plastic surgery whore mother are to blame for your fucked up life.

  15. Yup, Kadyshes is starting to crack... First video - painfull to watch.

    BTW, is there anyone here who has not heard about this idiot from HCwDB, but from some other source?

  16. Mike Lemon definitely helped cast actual roles for '12 Monkeys'. an ex-girlfriend of mine (she's a hard working actor, which is partly why Arthur's entitlement bothers me so much. I have a lot of friends in "THE BIZ". :lol: ) she passed through a few rounds in front of Terry Gilliam and the Casting Director for the role of one of Brad Pitt's anarchy crew.

    still, who gives a fuck. just more success by association from Arthur. more name dropping from Arthur. more exaggeration

    he sucks at life

  17. I personally found Dick Mitten through HCWDB, but I know there were other outlets a couple of months later.

  18. I found out about AK4.7 through Why Women Hate Men.

  19. Hellkell, so did I.

    Since WWHM looks to be flat lined, I've happily been playing over here.

  20. His twitter says "Most people need a Z pack, I need a 9 or a 10"

    WTF - he needs one to just look at? He's not been with a woman the entire year!

  21. Just watched video #1 again. $100 says Sharon is dead in a dumpster outside his place in Camden.

  22. Barney the DinosaurOctober 15, 2009 at 2:43 PM

    The really sad thing about vid #1 is that he's really bitter and eaten up that he can't live up to the standards of an ugly, Mr Magoo rapist/abortionist that most people would run away from and hate. He needs the approval of a disgusting man whose ghastly life has produced many shit things, not least of which is his son.

    Arthur, let it go. The man is disgusting. You still have time to redeem your sorry self. We all just think you're the cuntiest cunt in cuntland, the rape-eyed, hook-nosed cum-gargler who has no idea what a prickfaced pint of grey lady juice he's become. But you can change. F Scott Fitzgerald was wrong when he said there were noi second acts in American lives. You can live one. Just detach from the rapist and do some good.

    You cunt.

  23. @Mack: Hey there! looks like Weas is trying to get a paying gig.

    @Mr. Vomit: I think Art meant he needs 9 or 10 Z packs to clear up that nasty anal infection of his.

  24. @Barney:

    The only way AK is gonna have a future after this is if he goes all evangelical. Then Jesus and America will forgive anything, but that's about his only way out.

  25. So, I'm confused, is Arthur rehearsing for a role where he's playing Lenoardo Davinci's son?

  26. About the first Video, it was suppose to be IMPROV.

    Items Needed for Improv:

    Vocabulary (not just "fuck")
    Emotion (always anger, against women and dad)
    Body Language/Facial Expression

    He always has the same cadence in his speech. Maybe his coaches are saying he's improving because he so readily exhibits Anger in all his scenes.

    He can't think on his feet (you need intelligence), all he can discuss is sex and some idiotic bicycle. Wow!

    He's really loosing it.


  27. If you are going to do Broadway Artie, you will only get to play the horse's ass, but hey, it's Shakespeare, right? I had no problem with Mike Lemon until he said you are becoming "a damn good film actor". Now I think he is a twat too. Why would the top acting school use your memoirs, when you are utterly untrained and untalented -- except as a cautionary tale. Yeah, that would make sense. Uck, more horrid spit in video 2.

    "Here I am a famous star..." for fuck's sake! Definition of star:

    10. a person who is celebrated or distinguished in some art, profession, or other field.
    11. a prominent actor, singer, or the like, esp. one who plays the leading role in a performance.

    You are the star of nothing except the make-believe world in your head, and the homicidal fantasies of some of your 'biggest fans'.

    A one legged bicycle is the best invention you could come up with? You strap one leg to the bicycle and do everything with the other foot? Your brain is slow witted. You are no son of Leonardo. However you do seem to be the son of Leonard: "I am going to change my last name. I don't want people looking at me like I am worse than my father cause I'm not, I'm not, I am worth something!...you know what? Fuck this. We're done. Cut." You slipped out of improv there and into the confessional. Now we know how you really feel about dad. You have serious issues there. Work on them if you want to move a space forward.

  28. Go Sharon! Getting some licks in!

    (After AK 4.7 describes his "one legged bicycle"): "Well that sounds ridiculous to me.

    And then the coup de grace: "Well, at least you're not bitter."

    And the way AK 4.7 would not change the subject! It's like, "Okay, Arthur, in this scene you're a U.S. Senator who has just been caught with a prostitute... Go!"

    AK: Why didn't my father love me?

    Ummm... Let's try this. You're a U.S. Open winning tennis player who learns he has MS... Go!

    AK: I try so hard and still my father doesn't love me!

    Johnny One Note, and that one note is sour.

  29. Any of Arthur's videos on Youtube ever get past 2.5 stars? His average is 1.25 from the consistent 6 1's and 1 5 he gets on every video. And despite being a celebrity, he sure has a hard time getting past 500 views in a week. Pretty sad.

  30. O.k I finally made it to the end of the first vid. MC 900 is right..... Sharron is in a Dumpster.

  31. I never watch these videos but I watched that first one due to all the comments. So fucking stupid. All a bad act - that's it.

    If I were that Sharon chick, I'd feel like a total whore putting up with this untrainable idiot knowing full well he'll never amount to anything. She's just stealing his money, the fucking sap.

  32. Did he mention what his motivation was to be able show his raw emotion? The last time it was a fat black woman with her disgusting overweight child that he wanted to say…(his words, not mine). Or did he forget to justify his repressed hostility that surfaces so easily. Kego was the kid in school that was always a dick. You know he‘d say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Even little kids were bothered by his behavior. As he aged (poorly) he might have controlled his idiocy for short bouts, but the inner asswipe always came out to ruin things. He must have had it in check until not to long ago, but now has freed the monster and embraces it. It's what he has always been anyway. That’s why he’s a champion at being a lying, creepy, insecure bastard. He doesn’t have an identity, he hasn’t found himself, and he hasn’t grown up. But he is what he always was and wants to be. And it is bizarre.

  33. I love the one-legged bicycle thing. It's so hilarious, and he does it completely deadpan, like he really means it. It's the funniest thing I've ever seen him do!

  34. I'm pretty sure da Vinci was gay, so he wasn't fucking women all the time.

  35. I realize it was improv, but Sharon says something near the beginning about a script, that they're preparing for a script or something? I know his answers weren't memorized lines, that's totally obvi, but I don't think Arthur just came up with the one legged bike stuff on the spot. That had to be planned. Regardless, Arthur as DaVinci's son, Trent? That shit was funny.

  36. I just saw this over in his comments:

    # monologuron 15 Oct 2009 at 1:56 pm
    just watched the videos
    Arthur, you are truly an ignorant CUNT. the statue in front of Independence Hall is of George Washington, erected in 1869
    please leave our fair city immediately. you don’t deserve it
    also, FUCK YOU

    Seems he's as stupid as we've all thought.

  37. The Gunt that providesOctober 16, 2009 at 4:19 AM

    His breath smells so fucking bad.

  38. ha ha, he said it was Ben Franklin and it's George Washington. oh man, is that why he got kicked out of the Franklin?

  39. Barney the DinosaurOctober 16, 2009 at 5:24 AM

    The start of the third paragraph has a few words missing. It's supposed to read: 'In the end, if you threw Arthur Kade in an alley somewhere in London, and had him gang-raped by people wearing that contraption the 'Lust' guy wears in Se7en, then gave him three yards of old jizz to drink, then organised a 'who can do the biggest shit in Arthur Kade's mouth' contest that lasted six months, then got Poppa Kade to come over and rape him and tell him he's a worthless bucket of dog abortion, then told him he could scrape out a living doing award winning theater and sleeping with models like I never fucking have in my life (by the way, I'm on a seven month drought that is not by my choice. You know this by all the references I made to needing a blow-job in that little tent by the swimming pool a couple of months back. I cannot pull women. I do not want to pull women. I am a super-duper, cock-smoking, flame-on bum-boy who loves nothing more than mighty joints of veiny cock in my face and anus all day long) have, I know that I could be happy. Just as long as Poppa Kade could stop raping/aborting long enough to at least smile in my direction, even if was only for the length of time it takes a beam of light to pass over the width of an atom. Kade Out'

    I hope that's a bit clearer now.

  40. ...that improv', leaving aside the clear 'Freudian' angst, Leonardo/Leonard ( Sharon knew what she was doing) the acting is yet again fucking useless. He's just Arthur talking - I mean, decent actor's show insight and have certain skills - they show enthusiasm, laugh, get a bit animated - Arthur....what can I say.......it's like Arthur just doesn't want to know unless he's blowing his trumpet.
    And who the fuck is the classmate who confirms how fucking great the cunt is....'Yeah, Mike said this, Mike said that....he really did'....and dear Arthur's face is beaming ...'see I told you'. Now if this was a scam ( I know change the record for fuck sake) then this would be Arty acting and paradoxically the 'acting' is good, but of course it's real life...and so I have to accept the 'journey' is a genuine adult man in the process of revealing a damaged mind and personality. A man with the shallowest of values and pretensions, a liar par excellence....and I understand totally the reaction to him...it's like when a dog tries to eat it's own shit, our reaction is one of repulsion and we have to stop it....but I mean, it's not going to hurt us if it noshes on shit, we stop it because it offends every natural instinct in every molecule of our bodies...it's just not right, .....same with Arthur, the reaction is this is not right, I'm damned if I'll sit by and let this cunt subvert the natural order of things, it's offensive to the whole human race and as members we have a moral obligation to intervene.
    I might be talking bollocks, I'm not sure....anyway, the other day my girlfriend's dog laid a huge turd, sniffed it and then went to eat the stuff, in a millisecond half a dozen of us in the garden shouted NO!! and ran to stop it.....and I think that's what we're doing on this site. For once in our lives we're standing up and being counted, we've stirred from our apathy...all those starving Africans? - turn the tv over; the man begging in the street? - get a fucking job; the depressed lady teetering on the edge of a building? - fucking jump, I got to be back at work soon; but NO. Not this time. This is an intervention I suppose you could call it. We refuse to let this monstrous cunt go unnoticed without severe rebuke. Well done Arthur, you united us in fellowship. But, more importantly, it's a fucking laugh.

  41. @hellkell

    Yeah, I know Weasel's probably in lurve and working.

    No harm, no foul. It was fun while it lasted, but I don't pitch a hissy fit when a blog goes belly up. Nature of the beast, and all that.

  42. As a Londoner, I would like to add:

    Yeah, drop him in an alley way in London.

    In Hackney, preferably wearing nothing but a British National Party 'rights for whites' teeshirt and a swastika on tattooed on his forehead.

    Let's see him 'act' his way out of that one.