Shocker: People who know Kadyshes do not like him!

Emails are starting to come in from people wanting to disassociate from Kade or tell the truth about Kade. I think they speak for themselves. Friends, classmates, people who know Kadyshes... send in your info... To prevent fake emails, we'll need to corroborate that you know him, so we need your real name or else some thing you know about Kade that proves you have gone to school with him, worked with him, etc.
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Follow up message

from                 [redacted]
to                        legowigkade@gmail.com
date                  Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 11:31 AM
subject            Plea

Dear Anti-Kade,
I understand that you have the freedom of speech on your back, and that you feel it is important to expose certain people for whatever reason you have, but frankly what is written on your blog is damaging to my character and I have a job that I do not want effected. So I'm pleading with you to remove me from your site. Arthur is doing his own thing and I have asked him not to involve me anymore. 
Do as you wish, but keep in mind you named people who have lives and jobs and significant others who do not appreciate being verbally assaulted by one bitter individual (not you).
Thank you for your time,
And another email from a classmate of Kade's at NE Philly HS:
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from                 [redacted]
to                      legowigkade@gmail.com
date                 Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 2:43 PM
subject             Ha
mailed-by       yahoo.com
Your site is hysterical.  I am not sure what he did to you but it is too funny.  I went to high school with him. The lisp and hint of gayness has always been there.  I never witnessed him having any girlfriends or anything that resembled one.  I saw that he said he played Division I basketball what a joke. That is false. 
This guy was actually a pretty nice person before.  It is a shame that he has turned out like this.  Many of his former classmates feel the same way.
Hopefully, your site gets more hits than his.
Anyone else who wants to shed light on El Lego Wig, just drop us a line at legowigkade@gmail.com . We will redact your name and address. Your privacy will be respected; the only person we are interested in exposing is Douchebag Kadyshes.