The Miami Investment

I'll give you one guess as to what the overall theme of this latest post is... yup, you got it, DELUSION! What really strikes me is just how sad these three videos are. His "pre-game dancing" is him ALONE in a hotel room dancing. He doesn't even have someone there to shoot the fucking video. It'd be sad if he was dancing alone and someone else was shooting the video, but dancing alone AND shooting the video is just fucking pathetic. The second video... can you imagine being so low class Philly Russian-Jew that being on a boat is something you need to video and act like a 12 year old during their first limo ride? It's so telling when boring ass shit impresses someone. The third video... ugh. What can I say about someone who videos themselves taking a leak and bragging about shit that isn't really happening? Models all over you, Art? Really? And somehow the guy who takes pictures of EVERYTHING can't manage ONE FUCKING PHOTO with these models who are all over him? Highly unlikely. Oh, I also included a great screen shot of the video. I love that guys face looking at the deluded monkey video taping himself while pissing. More made up bullshit from the fucking Cock Gobbling Arthur Kadyshes himself...

Physics is an amazing science because it tells the Gen Pop that there are certain results of Gravity that if there is a cause then there is an effect, and The Gen Pop listens to these rules, and follows them to the tee, but when you’re Arthur Kade, Celebrity/Author/Actor/Model, who decided a long time ago that he was going to create his own rules, this is what has led him to become a famous writer and actor in just 9.1101 months, and the more people are around his polarizing and controversial personality, the more they see that his rules just make more sense. This theory applies to every aspect of life, but no where does it apply more to them with girls, where The Brand is a king of seduction, and can pretty much close anything he wants, and the reason this works is because he never cares about losing. Some girls will have weird opinions of Arthur Kade when they first meet him because he is a great looking guy with a tremendous amount of confidence (Some Gen Poppers incorrectly view this as cockiness) that can be a bit too much machismo, but my charm grows on every girl and I get to enjoy them sexually and sensually.
I was hoping for a lower key night in Miami last night to prepare for the HUGE invite only “Art Basil” parties that I will be attending tonight and tomorrow (HUGE Christian Louboutin party at SET tonight, and I wonder if he will want to meet me and collaborate using my extensive marketing capabilties), so we started with an invite only party at Epic (A Kimpton Hotel with a Boat next to it where we had to take off our shoes to go on the boat, and every girl was a Miami 6 or lower, so I decided to drink the tequila HARD to get in gear for the rest of the night and forget the situation). From there, we stopped by the hottest restaurant in SOBE, Prime 112 , which is owned by our boy Miles Chefetz (I want his life because the celebs kiss his ass on a daily basis because in Miami, he is bigger than them), said hello to him, talked about Philly sports and caught up, and then headed back to the hottest place in town, The W Hotel, where we were meeting one of our promoter friends for a private party at WALL and WET. The party was insane where I saw my boy Steve Dorff, Naomi Campbell, and other fellow celebs, and it was fun watching all the Gen Poppers trying to get in while we just strolled in like Kings of Miami as always.
Once we were in, and after talking to 2 girls for a bit, we went to the beautiful pool area, and at around 1AM, The Entourage ran into 2 girls we had met a week earlier in Philly (One is a “Modelesque” NYC 9.36, who looks like Heidi Klum with freckles, gorgeous legs, and perfect sized shoulders, and a super sexy Canadian accent, and who was cold to The Brand at first meeting because she thought he was a bit conceited and pompous, but his charm throughout the night definitely cheered her up and probably won her over), and after a few drinks, headed to WALL to finish the night where somehow Arthur Kade was dancing in the middle of the raised speaker of the club with the paid dancer there, “Kade Style”. The whole time at WALL, I was trying to make out with the NYC girl (I went in for the kill which she doesn’t remember, because I brought it up right now at the pool while she’s lying next to me, and I told her she tilted her head and the side of our lips touched instead of making out, and I said “Are you fucking serious?”, and she responded with a remark that sounded like Korean because we were all wasted), but she kept telling me that “She was scared of me” (Girls are always scared of The Brand because he is Arthur Kade and I guess my celeb aura is a bit overwhelming), so I wasn’t going to make the investment of trying too hard after that, and instead decided to get drunk while she danced with a bigger Black guy, and I talked to her friend telling her, “Get Him Away”, but it wasn’t working, so I figured with the rest of the weekend and many 10’s who will want a Kadeing ahead, I wasn’t making “The Investment” (This is the maximum effort that a Gen Popper puts into a pretty girl spending the whole night trying to sleep with her, but ends up getting nowhere because instead of playing “Hard to Get” and making her want to get on her knees for some love, she instead knows she has you, and goes to the next thing who is a “Bad Boy” like The Brand). I ran into her at the W pool today and we all hung out, and then watched a guy who met her the night before come for a “Day Date” and told her “I pay $10,000 for my apartment”, and “I just had a horrible divorce” (Who says something stupid like that), and when she came back over, I knew that he had lost “The Investment” battle, and then when he asked her to meet him at SET later, I laughed and knew she would probably hook up with me instead tonight (The funniest thing is that she is laying right next to me right now as I type this blog, and knows this is true as she reads it because outside of being extremely good looking, I am a rising celeb in “The Biz”, and she is now a fan of “The Journey” ((Her and her friend actually checked my blog this morning to see if they had been written about))).
I somehow ended up in my room at the end of the night with 2 slices of pizza, and a huge hangover, but I didn’t feel horrible because Arthur Kade didn’t make “The Investment” that most Gen Poppers do in a hot girl, because when you are a celebrity, and have a TV show in Development with IMG Media and a NY Times Bestseller with Trident Media Group, the girl will want you when you don’t care, and considering that I am about to be one of the biggest celebs in the world, why make an investment in a stock when you can buy another one that will give you an immediate return with dividends. Watching the guy who came to meet her today and woo her while I sat back in my beach chair and relaxed, I thought to myself, “Arthur Kade should just charge him $2,000 month instead of his condo fees to help teach him what to say to hot girls to actually get laid”.
BIG Audition at 1pm tomorrow, and it also looks like I am being booked for the “Warrior Role” in the feature film which I will begin training for next week.
“If Sleeping with hot girls is like baking a cake, then the Brand writes recipes like Betty Crocker for The Gen Pop”…Arthur Kade…12/04/09


  1. This is a re-post of a comment I made in the last blog entry...

    I don't think many (if ANY) people caught that he's CLAIMING to have an audition today for a PSA. That would be Public Service Announcement to you non-Bizzers. At any rate, as someone who used to work in film production, specifically on TV commercials and music videos I can tell you right now, if he gets cast in the role he will NOT be making enough to cover his trip to Miami. He's a lying sack of shit (yeah, I know we all know that) who will NEVER get any further than where he is right now.

  2. So being just a "gen popper" and not privy to the exclusive shops of SoBe what is this Walgreens where he is trying on hats? I assume it must be one of those exclusive boutiques. If only I could afford to shop at the high end places that Artie shops at I could put together a "balls ass hot ass" wardrobe like him. I guess I'll just have to be content with being part of the "gen pop".

  3. MC 900 Foot here...

    Just caught this in the comments section of Cock Gobbler's blog. Seems like Artie's friend Mark doesn't pay his bills. What is it with all of these people Artie knows that think they are beyond the law?

    Click my name for link.

  4. OK, a few things:

    -I can't believe he's wearing those tacky-ass tits shirts still. I guess it's a tiny step up from a home made "Kade Style" shirt, but not by much.

    -Pictures of Axe? Really? Like I said on Artshits' site, I thought they put that shit in the Philly water supply.

    -The guy's face in the last video is truly fucking priceless. I've never seen anyone say "who the fuck is this retard filming himself at a urinal" so eloquently with just an expression.

    -I get the feeling he's not there with anyone because he keeps filming/taking pics of himself.

    I guess I'm just too damn gen pop to get how hot-ass balls-ass exclusive this trip really is. Thank God for that.

  5. Dear Anonymous of 7:26 AM, I would like to cheer you up. It is such a bitter fate, being consigned to life as a ""Gen Popper"" without the hope of authoring a New York Times Bestseller or touching Little Oscar in your bed. Therefore I am willing to console you by taking any old t-shirt I have lying around my home and spraypainting "ANON" on one side and "7:26 AM" on the other. Then you will have a Ball Ass, Hot Ass Kade Style shirt in your wardrobe. Just add a cheap fedora, and you'll look like a model! I hope you have ""massive"" shoulders to complete the look.

  6. Artshitz looks really old and beat up in those pictures. His skin looks terrible and his eyes are utterly dead.

  7. Hi everyone it's me, Miami Mark. If you need to configure a six-year old Cisco router or buy a house with a subprime mortgage, I'm your man!

  8. Towards the end of the bog video my screen froze, the light on Kadyshes face enhanced the size of his nose and seemed to magnify his Israelite features.......Don't get me wrong, I love the Hebrews, but he looks like that cunt Fagin. All that's missing is him rubbing his hands together and dribbling as a 13 year old girl wanders past, his foreskinless cock in his hand pulsating at the thought of a young Aryan snail impaled on the bulb end. The sight of her bald little paper cut snatch causes his hands to grow into claws as he fantasises about inserting his large beak into her rectum and sniffing pure Aryan shit. Throw the jew down the well

  9. Why couldn't Arthur be in THIS club???

    Click my name.

  10. '“They have neither brains, nor conscience,” Medvedev said, urging the toughest possible punishment.'

    Sounds like one of us talkin about Artshitz

  11. Arthur, doesn't it bother you that Chad is ruining your life? You're ok with him pulling your strings and getting you to play the fool for his enjoyment? Chad is toying with your life.

    When your money has run out and you're still no more 'famous' than you are right now? What will you do? Pull down your 'blog' and try to get a real job? You realize that its standard practice in HR departments now to Google prospective employees right? How do you plan on erasing all of the negative things said on here or in the Search engine caches or the rest of the Internet? From now on everyone you interact with professionally will view the things written on here with a critical eye. Even if you think you can explain it away as 'performance art', those judging you will ask themselves if they want someone on staff that thinks the things you or Chad has written are funny.

    Think for a moment what has happened to any of the people that have tried this route to fame in the past. Have you talked with Chad about where he got this idea that you should acheive 'fame' by being a douchbag? Artie ask Chad about another UPenn grad that has tried this route. You are his Steve O, his Beevis, his dancing puppet. Who yelled out Legowig in that video Art? Why are your 'friends' laughing at your 'Journey'? Are you sure they're laughing with you and not at you?

    Chad were you in John Fitzgerald Page's 'social football fraternity' in your days at the douchebag manufacturing plant known as UPenn? Curious how you and he are a product of the same university. Could it be that people that can't get into actual ivy league schools have such a Napoleon complex that they must create imaginative scenarios in which they are important? (Though obivously in your case you'll settle for 'coat tails' status.)

  12. Dear Drunken Housewife,
    I do appreciate the offer but I found me an old Nascar T-shirt and a can of Dayglo Krylon left over from when I proposed to my girlfriend on the overpass. Only problem is she won't let me spray it in the doublewide. Gonna have to wait till it warms up outside. The other problem is the hat. Went to Walmart this morning and asked where I could find fedoras. The clerk said this was a family store and they don't sell queer accessories and then she threatened to call the cops. Turns out we do have one of them fancy Walgreens boutiques out by the highway but the only hats they had were ones with ear flaps. Do you think with a "balls ass hot ass" spray painted T-shirt the ear flap hat could become a fashion trend? BTW what is a "balls ass"? I got balls and I got an ass but I just checked with a mirror and my balls don't have an ass.
    Turns out trying to become a MIM/Actor/Author is not easy even in Possum Valley Kentucky. On the other hand holding little oscar ain't that hard. My mama used to complain I held little oscar too much anyway.

  13. He doesn't know Myles Chefetz, if he did, he would have spelled his name right. Another "Art Basil" moment from Kadipshits.

    Stop lying, Artie.

  14. Check out the scene I made based on the bathroom video.

    I emailed it in, but it's probably too late and won't get seen for a while


  15. For starters, he's referring to choosing a woman as an investment. Another glaring example of women being nothing more than objects to him.

    Secondly, I was thinking of something earlier today. Arthur thinks we're interested in this, in his quest for an "investment" and "drought breaker" as if the process he goes through is interesting. 100% of the time, he fails and comes up short, goes home alone, and never has sex.

    I arrived at the following thought: The thrill of the hunt is only interesting when you catch something.

    All of this nonsense, these tall tales of models and bottles and exclusive parties and A-listers and so on mean nothing because we all know his nights out exist solely to score a woman that is up to his insane standards. But it never happens.

    The "I almost put my penis in a vagina (but the girl never came back to my apartment/room" is tired as all fuck now.

  16. Loo here... I swore I was gonna boycott, but I had to look... I came into the office to run some reports, so while they are running... here I am. Holy mother hell... I am officially sad. Once again, I refuse to watch his vids, but from what I gather, they are just pathetic. He's dingy and tattered. His myspace picture taking is as annoying as my 14 year-old's, except hers are more 'creative'. She's found a way to actually set her camera on 'auto' and it appears as if 'someone else' took the picture! What a concept! The 'featured background' in his photos are so much more attractive. Well-dressed and in posession of the coveted 'invitation'... he'd better watch it, someone's gonna get him on 'loitering' charges, if not 'stalking'.

  17. @ Anon 11:39am

    I've tried to decypher the Kadeism "hot ass balls ass" since I first heard it. As best I can figure it's his child-like brain making some sort of association; he seems to use it to indicate something he finds positive and he no doubt thinks very positively of the heat from men's balls as they slap against his ass while being he's sodomized.
    I'm sure it forms part of his & Poonswangs' pillow-talk.

  18. here is the problem with fuckheads like Arthur, Chad, Tony..

    They are all so fucked in the head.. and messed up they think what they are doing is cool.. there are ALL adult men (over 28) and acting like 18 years old.. This goes to show you were their heads are at.. they are 100% all complete douches and idiotic..

    does arthur know chad is ruining his life? no, he's too fucked up to realize anything.. does chad realize how many girls skeeve him when he offers blow back at his place? no of course he doesn't.. as long as it work once n awhile and he gets some ass..

    none of these morons have any self awareness.. I know this isn't anything knew.. but if you guys ask questions the answer is simple..

    These three guys, and a good amount of the other "people" in this equation are literally some of the most insane retards anyone knows.. they are just behaving like the retards everyone expects them to be.. it's a simple sad story.. here is hoping they stay in that shithole philadelphia with their bullshit.. which they will since none of them have any means to get out

    Arthur - no job no cash
    chad - self employed barely has enough cash to party..
    tony - without his family paying for his life he's fucked.. and his family business is in philly

    So there ya have it.. we are safe from people like this.. which is a relief beyond words.

  19. Anon, your girlfriend should not be telling you what to do with your Hot Ass, Ball Ass Spray Paint and Hot Ass, Ball Ass T-shirt. Ask yourself: would you break up with her for Artie Radishes' tits t-shirt?? Ask yourself: is she a K.A. 9.824 or better?? You tell her once you have your Hot Ass, Ball Ass T-shirt and Totally Awesome Ear Hat on, it's gonna be """Models and Bottles""" all the way and if she wants you to "wife her" she better start shaking that spray can.

    Alternatively if you just cannot make the woman see reason, I think you should put on a short sleeved button up shirt (preferably very garishly colored) and a very loud, wide tie. If you don't have these clothing items, well, you get yourself down to the Goodwill and look around.

    I am the Chad Boonswang to your Arthur, love the Drunken Housewife

  20. Arthur's Little pee-peeDecember 5, 2009 at 3:58 PM

    @ Drunken Housewife:
    How much would it be for a black, spray-painted "Gen Pop" t-shirt?

  21. Drunken Housewife,
    Your wisdom is encouraging but I have to admit that my girlfriend is a Puss Val(thats what us MIM call Possum Valley) 9.85. Course she gets that rating cuz she has all her own teeth. I'll try the Goodwill but being the Christmas season things are gonna be pretty picked over.
    BTW I was down at the Club (thats what us MIM call the VFW Hall) and asked Pete the bartender for bottle service and he got mad I said I knew damn well they only have draft beer. As I mentioned before it ain't easy being a MIM/Actor/Author in Possum Valley.

  22. Hey Anon,
    I was out tending to the sheep this afternoon and it got me to thinking of what you said about "Hot Ass Balls Ass" and I think you might be on to something. Maybe he fondly is thinking of the friction that builds up on his ass from the balls slapping his ass.
    Now don't get me wrong here cuz we're simple country folk but if a guy had balls slapping his ass wouldn't that make him queer. And if he's queer why does he constantly fantasize about women. Maybe he's one of them bicycle sexuals we hear about on Jerry Springer.

  23. There is no such thing as a BI-sexual man…you either do or you don’t

  24. Truthfully, I don’t see how women sleep next to a guy’s hairy ass. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they do, I’m just saying.

  25. Klispy the wonder douche must be a celeb…Walgreen’s let him wear his backpack into the store. I wonder if he had to pay for those hats after trying them on, it’s kinda like trying on shoes with no socks, no one is going to buy them now.

  26. Dear Anon 7:20 AM: I am afraid for you that you have lost your Kadely manhood. Yes, I understand that your girlfriend is a Possum Valley 9.4582, with a mouth of original teeth, but I suspect that you have bought her dinner... and I worry that she isn't bringing home other PossVall 9s for threesomes. STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! Remember: if she doesn't git you those threesomes, you need to deny her your Kadely fabulosity.

    Dear Other Anon: make me an offer, preferably with a lot of decimal places, and I will consider crafting you a Kade Style "Gen Pop" t-shirt. I can promise you double takes as people assume you must be a Balls Ass, Hot Ass Celebrity to wear such a cutting-edge piece of fashion.