Kent Osborne sends a video from Sundance

The Fin Faced Lisping Nobody tries and fails to attract paparazzi attention, doesn't realize that Kent Osborne and his friends are laughing at him rather than with him, and then does more of his pedestrian Kween Krap. Kind of zzzzz, but Kent took the time to email us, so we gotta give respect. Kent really added some firsthand video footage to the whole experience, back when it was funnier. And Kent, in fairness to you, we'd probably enjoy doing what you're doing too.

from       Kent Osborne <kentosborne@[redacted].net>

to        legowigkade@gmail.com
date         Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 7:00 PM
subject      arthur in park city
signed-by       [redacted].net
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hey legowig!
i'm not sure if this video will cure your boredom, but it's the best i can do!
- kent


  1. Is that Alan Tudyk?

  2. What a fucking buffoon.
    Wouldn't normally like this sort of thing (chumming up to face only to mock behind back) but can't seem to raise even a sub atomic particle of pity for the clueless cunt.
    I don't think he has long before the implode - the lies are preposterous, even by his standards; asking a DJ to give him a 'name check' then citing it as evidence of his fame..'that's how we roll at Sundance'....it's too tragic for words - he's mentally ill.
    I have to echo what those people said on his video...'he's not all there'
    So, Kent, you're mocking a learning impaired retard...that is so unpolitically correct I think your mum ought to be told

  3. That dude was who kade had no clue about was Alan Tudyk from Serenity/Firefly and 36 other MAJOR productions. For all of you non sci fi folks, he was the pirate dude in Dodgeball. see http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0876138/ . So no Kade is not more famous than that guy

    Kade is a non-cultured annonmous douche

  4. English Gentleman,

    Sir, I'm a big fan. I actually remember the first time you commented and I thought, "That guy's a class act!" so I hope you'll indulge me a response. I've received a couple emails from Lego admins raising similar points about making fun of people with mental problems (although they mentioned NPD instead of "learning impaired retard") and I've been giving it a lot of thought and I guess I wanted to point out that I'm honest with Arthur about the stuff I post and write. The first time I blogged about meeting him I sent him the link and he said he liked it and linked it too. Another time I told him that I was feeling bad about people accusing me of fucking with him and he said he didn't care. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that I'm not sitting around plotting ways to fuck with Arthur. I'm just trying to participate in this hilarious enterprise. I was genuinely excited to run into Arthur at Sundance. He cracks me up. I don't know. Maybe I shouldn't have sent the link to Lego, (Normally I just upload stuff to youtube and let people find it on their own) but I think I got excited and wanted to share.

    Anyway, just wanted you to know that your comment didn't fall on deaf ears. I hope you and Lego stick around as long as Arthur. The comments here are generally more interesting and on-topic, and super funny. I honestly think if Arthur got involved with the right people (and they somehow incorporated all the commenters) it would make a great book/movie/tv show.

    - Kent

    PS. In Arthur's defense, he wasn't trying to attract those paps. We went outside to see who the celebrity was and I thought it was interesting because it shows Arthur acting like a regular person.

  5. That was STEVE THE PIRATE!! AKA Alan Tudyk!! Less famous huh?

  6. Kent - thanks for those kind words - Yes, I am a class act, I think of myself as an Oscar Wilde type, but without the anal sex with young boys..... only girls.
    I'm just having a bit of sport with you regards the 'political correctness' of teasing Arthur, I mean, it's not as if you were caught filming yourself fisting a Downs kid (again) is it?
    Talk about procrastinate! I'm still not entirely sure of Arthur - and yet even writing that a part of me said...'yes you are'.
    It could be a plan to get famous, or he may really be the biggest bellend I've ever come across.
    The only attraction I can see for him being on tv would be his total deluded view of himself, but then one is again in the territory of mocking someone who isn't quite right in the head. He's not like that Allison girl, who is of a type - a prat; dear Arthur is way beyond that, he's one of a kind, but I doubt anyone would believe it wasn't another Borat type scam. I don't think reality tv is for Arthur - he'll just have to make do with an Oscar for his film acting

  7. Guys,

    take this from people that know him in person.. he is a total BELLEND..

    moron, prick, embarassment.. idiot.. you name it.. he is it..

  8. EG - You are the best, sir! Thanks for the hilarious response.

  9. LOVE that he crashed the Twitter party and got called out for it!!!! peeps in Park City are all tightening their security because of him!!!! so then he posts the lame thing about the Twitter party being the hardest door......it is now after they got royally pissed you were there!!!! soooooo Kadestyle!!

  10. Since Kent commented, I just wanted to say that based on the conversation he cites, I can say that is the real Kent. He emailed us the video sometime yesterday (not sure when since I didn't see the email until I got in late last night) and I commented back that, although his videos are hilarious, I can't get that interested in Kade anymore since I don't get to laugh at him in person. And given my line of line work, I see a good number of these people and it gets DEPRESSING how many of them can not be helped by therapy, at least without medication. They're far to into themselves to listen to anyone else--their doctor can prescribe medicine or try to bring up the tough issues, but in this day and age, you can't forcibly medicate someone without a court order (hard to get). I just wanted to say that for the sake of English Gentleman or anyone else who wishes to converse with Kent in our comments, that is definitely the real Kent and he's correctly stating that we had an exchange about the ethics of mocking someone with a mental health issue.

  11. The sad thing about Arthur's negligible chance at a reality TV show is... the Jersey Shore kids can do the SAME things he does, but without invoking pity... it's all laughs. They're between 21 and 27, so they can drink, fuck random people, have petty arguments, lie and puff themselves up, and talk about working out for 2 hrs/day, but it's not totally pathetic in the way it is for a 32 yr old guy who used to sell insurance. So people can laugh at it without being depressed later... it's pure unadulterated fun. With the Kade thing, you'd be feeling depresso because who knows when he'll pull out a gun and just end it all by putting one in his forehead.

    Kade would give ANYTHING to have been on Jersey Shore. Hell, he spends a few weekends a month in AC, driving 2 hrs each way and crashing in pathetic closet-sized suites and begging the DJ to give him a sound check.

  12. Great post, but you're forgetting one thing... The Jersey Shore people are all getting laid, too. Not using failed pickup lines and then braying about how close they were to getting a kiss on the cheek from a Philly 5

  13. @ eg...

    Kudos to you for all that you do, don't stop.

    @ Kent...

    I remember how you met lispy and believe that you are 'up front' with him. You can't harm him with anything you post, be it good, bad or ugly. It would be 'wrong' if you didn't participate, at least for him anyway. Keep up the good work.
    I commented "over there" before reading this post, here it is...

    "Why do people here defend Kent? He is a bigger suckass than Arthur."

    I know this will sound like I am defending Kent, but...How could he be compared to Brandoh in any way, shape, or form. He seems to be everything that lispy will never be...working, humorous and talented. He has above average looks and an above average career. Just because he is a little closer to the 'Kade experience' than most doesn't make him 'entourage'. He is just there for the ride and he'll let us know what happens. Besides, it is not possible to be a bigger suckass than Arty 'The Douche' Kade.

  14. I wanted to comment on the comparison of Kade to the Jersey Shore kids.

    They're actually fun to watch and seem "authentic". Right now, they are the fish out of water as they go on the party circuit. This weekend they did Diddy's son's huge bday party. What you see is what you get. Also, underneath it, they seem to have some strong values...... They are devoted to their Mothers and sisters. They seem to have their own code of conduct and ethics which are quite reasonable. I think that's why they've shot up on the Gossip scene. Kade is none of these things. He's just pathetic.

  15. What's this about the Twitter party? I want to know more about what happened here. He was called out?

  16. RT @DavidDennison: I don't even know who @arthurkade is. Claims to be a celebrity. #obviouslynot
    12:11 AM Jan 24th from UberTwitter
    Yes @arthurkade disappeared. Check his website its hilarious. RT @PriveAccess: @brettschulte the nerve did he "disappear" ;)
    11:58 PM Jan 23rd from UberTwitter
    We have no clue how @arthurkade got in but security won't make same mistake tomorrow. #creepy RT @wwtdevildo: how did he get in??
    11:32 PM Jan 23rd from UberTwitter
    Congrats David. Love her, they're not around forever. RT @DavidDennison: Just talked to my real mom for the first time. #wow
    11:26 PM Jan 23rd from UberTwitter
    Haha! Is he real?? Please don't "appear" again. ;) RT @ArthurKade: @brettschulte celebs don't crash. We appear and leave w 3 girls
    11:25 PM Jan 23rd from UberTwitter
    I can't believe @arthurkade crashed our party somehow. #notinvited #sundance http://myloc.me/39DhX
    10:39 PM Jan 23rd from UberTwitter

  17. it's amazing that people don't see, or at least properly articulate, the actual difference between the jersey shore cast and arthur kade.
    the cast of the jersey shore "are who they are". they're not trying to be anyone but themselves. they're outrageous, cheesy, tacky, etc. but they're good, funny, entertaining people.
    arthuk kade is a person who is a total "wannabe". everyone remembers a wannabe from growing up. you want to smack that person upside the head, b/c you would rather a person be authentic (who they are). arthur tells lie after lie about who he is to try to be someone he's not. NEVER have the jersey shore people been remotely involved in anything like that.
    THAT's the difference between the two. it's like comparing apples to oranges.

  18. Sadly for Fuckface, the Crew from the Jersey Shore have achieved everything that Kade wanted to achieve in less than 6.0 months.

    They are getting huge "appearance fees", they are on an "International Media Tour" - they've done the Tonight Show, walked red carpets...... and this one will kill Kade, they are getting comp'd with First Class Flights/hotels, gifting suites.

    And unlike Kade, they really look Italian. Oh, I forgot, they have "charm and charisma".

  19. I can't believe you guys are talking righteously about Jersey Shore... what was once a funny place to stop into has really fucking tanked... talk about the lunatics taking over the asylum. I Have never seen that show, but know that it is a complete trainwreck, not even a funny trainwreck. Just a total waste of time. So 'un-Italian'. A mockery. Just a bunch of dipshit mooks and goombas. And that trick ho, 'snooky'? Like I said, never have seen it, but her nasty face was on the front page of AOL last week, so I clicked and she needs a bath. The faken bake has clung onto her facial hair making her appear "filthy". Which I'm sure she is... not worthy of mentioning anymore. On minute 13.

    I'm really not too impressed with Kent. He is just short of be-friending a Mong and making fun of him back handedly. If he really wanted to 'impress' the masses, he'd utilize his creativity to come up with something far better than a weird video of 'nothing' and then barely a smirk when Kade filmed him. He's in awe of you Kent, you know not what power you could have... but alas... you're berries have yet to bloom.

  20. I think 'Loo' knows when its 'your' and not 'you're'...but we all know someone who doesn't. Try harder next time. RB? Is that you RB? Anyone seen RB? Am I the only one that misses RB? RrrrrBeeeeeeeeeeeee!?

  21. Yeah, I said Kent is a bigger suckass than Arthur. Because he is. Why in God's heaven would he befriend this retard? What's in it for him?

    Kent you suck.

  22. Kudos,

    That was indeed me. Contrary to popular demand, I'm not perfect. I merely took a break from my hectic day yesterday to blow some mud on the blergs and OOPS! I made a grammatical error... I guess my brain wanted to say something else and my fingers got away from me.

    Does it make my message any less significant? I think Kent is a blow-it. Sooo disappointed.

  23. I am a late comer to the conversation and first of all I have to say, fuck the damn stupid hats, yet another one, and he is wearing the gross turtle neck dicky? Srsly gross.

    I have a problem with Kent as well. Kent, I think you are hysterical. But I think you are manipulative and underhand when it comes to Arthur, and god knows who else. I would not trust you with a ten foot pole. This has been bothering me for awhile actually. You pretend befriend this mess, and then you backstab him with glee. You invited him into your world with an open hand, and made fun of him without much thought.

    We are straight-forward with Artie. We are not his friends or his fans and we promise he will never make it because of us. You play it both ways though. You are his 'bff' and his judas at the same time. Arthur is stupid, you aren't. That makes him an idiot and you evil. He is narcissistic but you are sadistic. He is oblivious to most of everything but he trusts you and you play him so that you can show him up to us? That is just wrong.

    We hate him, but not that way.