Dear Arthur,

The dog you used to have with Danielle is doing just great and has really taken to Jay, Danielle's new good looking, successful, and non-psychopathic boyfriend. Danielle says hi and hopes you haven't killed yourself yet.

We just received this from a tipster and wanted to pass it along, since we know Kade reads here, just like Kent and everyone else. No one reads Lispy's blergg, but the peeps luv reading the LegoWig blog; how unfortunate for Fin Face.

By the way everyone, Arthur's "huge" announcement for the week is that he's going to go back on his meds. Arthur, please say it isn't so, we like you this way.... I mean, we like to laugh at you even if we don't like you.



  1. I wouldn't say the new bf is "hot" but honestly regardless of how this girl is doing, what does it say about her she dated kade? or any of the women who willingly touched this fuck? I mean it's lose lose, if your an ex, future or current.. what respectable man would touch you after arthur?

  2. Self prescribed 'meds' are his problem.

  3. Tipster didn't say he was hot and neither did we. Good looking/handsome were the comments. Better than ArtZitz, so she traded up, although in all honesty almost anything would've been a trade up.

  4. Arthur is so desperate for attention he'll even brag on Twitter that he left his car key in his hotel room in Park City.

    Everything he posted about Sundance has been out-of-control absurd. The guy had makeup put on at a women's store booth for crying out loud.

    So, so totally desperate for attention.

  5. Was that really his announcement? Haha. I was coming here to see what it was

    the guy went to Sundance for 2.5674451 days and I don't think he even saw a movie. Way to go Radishes...

  6. I actually don't know what Crisco McLispo's "announcement" is. He promised a huge announcement today, but we know there isn't really anything significant, so I figured I'd just work that in myself for mockery.

    Kent Osborne has been emailing with one of the other editors... I don't want to reveal much about their conversation, but I can say that I've glanced over the email transcript and Kent comes across as a great guy who just can't pass up a chance to laugh from up close. Kent reminds me of my dad a lot, actually, but a whole bunch younger. Anyway Kent, thanks for the report from Sundance...

  7. So I guess everyone is a fraud. No one wants to take the chance that Kent has been given and blown. Laugh from up close... fine. But why the hell SO close? Smells like Kent wants a little fame action of his own.

    I guess I'm just so disappointed that nothing great came out of his encounter. All the build up, no climax... waiting.

  8. ok well the new bf isn't really handsome or good looking either.. i'd say an average pasty philly dude.. just like teefs new bf etc.

    but yes a score for philly and a step up from arthur

  9. Kent has been given and blown, what does that even mean?

    I'm pretty sure he's doing this for entertainment purposes, for himself and for us and I for one, very much appreciate his efforts. If it was fame he was after-he could very well attain his own...afterall, it's his position in Hollywood that attracts Kade to begin with-if ge was a nobody, Kade wouldn't give him the time because he's a Hollywood sack rider, any chance he gets to relate to the biz and act as if he's important, he'll take.
    Kent does this for the story-and shares the story. (see Kent's Myspace blog)

  10. Kent seems cool. He doesn't need or want to invest that much effort in this stuff, he just happens to be in the right industry and Arthur happens to take the bait. Who really cares, we don't need to analyze this that much. All you need to know is, he's given us a few great pieces of footage to LOL at.

  11. By the way, we know all about Teefs and The Gunt (Strickland) having new boyfriends. For strategic reasons, we're not dumping that info to our readers yet, if ever. It depends on the timing and situation. If Teefs and The Gunt continue to be in the picture and we see them in videos, pictures, etc, then we will use the info. If not, then we won't. We've said from the beginning, we're here to put out the truth about Kade and make it funny. It's not funny to randomly throw people's names around... but if they become part of the story, we're not going to hesitate to report the story as it is. Hope this makes sense. Its a judgment call.

  12. Brasco,

    Given and blown was the chance that Kent was given, dipshit... He was given a chance and he blew it... aw fuck it, who cares. My opinion stands. Finally someone gets a chance to mess with Kade and they get all goofy like a little girl.

    If you are putting zero effort in for a few laughs, then keep it to yourself. I can only describe it as meringue.

  13. Loo,

    rest assured pal, he gets messed with alot, in philly the dude is a pariah.. most people avoid him like a disease and walk away when he is around.. the other half laugh behind his back..

    the kid doesnt need any more harassment.. he just doesnt video that stuff..

    Kade is mentally/emotionally unwell, like chad boonswang.. what you people need to do is feel sorry for him, truly

  14. 9:53 Anon,

    I'm nobody's "pal", but rest assured, I pity the fool. I don't feel sorry for the likes of him or his non-tourage. If he is so 'unwell', he needs to get help and the enablers should be dealt with for perpetuating the illness and spinning it for their own self-indulgences. Oh, but they will... Karma is a scary bitch with a bad attitude and a great sense of humour.

    The more he goes on, the more he will get tomatoes thrown at him. He's driven people away so there's no one in his life who cares enough about him to make him stop. Not my problem... I don't know these ass-clowns. In my 'life', they wouldn't get the time of day.

  15. Yeah, Kent should've spent his entire time at Sundance creating a kademazing documentary masterpiece for US!! Loo says so!

    Shut the fuck up, Loo. Your life involves bouncing from blog to blog with some obnoxious liar who's no better than Arthur. You're not 1/1000th as great as you think.

  16. The Loo's head has been up the non-blonde's hairy ass too long. I decided.

  17. @Anon - 11:23 - too pussified to show yourself...Ahhhhahahaah... get a fucking life you stupid piece of shit. "Obvi" you jump from blob to blob as well to dissect us, ya freak. I'd rather have my head up my blonde counterpart's amazing ass (which I do not)than Arthur's pimply, sweaty, philthy cheese-steak flanks, like you do... I don't really give a shit which 'personality' I'm talkin to here, but rest assured, you're a total fucking pussy ass bitch. Piss off.


  18. It's very easy to see who Teefs and Gunt are "dating". Go to the Philly chit chat link on fuckheads site.

    Nice photo of Teefs with cheap hair extensions!

  19. Hey Loo, how come on the other blob you said I was righteous? Now you're saying I'm blown it. I don't get it. Oh well, I still like you.
    - Kent/Sally Draper/Coach Taylor/Large African Child/Cheese-tastic

  20. Nice to see she's doing well.

    Arthur was def not THIS big of douche back 3 years ago when they started dating. But still a huge douche.

    He was so upset they broke up that he wanted to go to couples therapy to try and save their relationship.

    Don't you think that if he was as hot as he claims, he wouldnt have been so desperate to try and keep Ms. Poe?