Kade tries to force himself on unsuspecting model. Then brags about it!

Fucking Scumbag

"...there were even some “Boos” which one girl told me was “The sexiest thing imaginable”, and I pulled a Victoria’s Secret stunt where I almost kissed a girl on stage only to be pushed away at the last moment ((Vid Below))), all I could think about was the high of the reaction that I had gotten from the sold out crowd at Public House."


  1. I think he misheard "stupidest" for "sexiest." What a goober. A rapey, nasty, high-as-fuck goober.

  2. Yawn, you lying, lisping, talentless uber-douche. Here's the truth: this was a second-rate event held at a bar, the Public House, that no one goes to (hence the unimaginative name "Fashion in Public"): http://www.publichousephilly.com/events.php?day=1264568400. It was put together by a solo PR practitioner, Alexis Small (http://alexissmallpr.com/default.aspx) and her pal, Jessica Scott (http://www.jsmodels.net/index.html). And it was not event the hottest “fashion” event (it is so silly to call it that – these are merely Philadelphia’s idea of a do-gooding fundraising events as an excuse to have a mildly amusing social scene) of the week – it got no press. The “fashion” event that actually got media and press THIS WEEK – the same week as your event, Brandoh – was this one: http://www.phillychitchat.com/2010/01/top-dogs-on-cat-walk-paws-presents.html. It is truly a shame that an important and worthy charity like the Ronald McDonald House must be associated with your useless, ugly behavior. We all should give to Ronald McDonald House DESPITE Lispy McSlobberfuck’s participation in this event. Arthur, you lie, lie, lie and it is SO OBVIOUS, jacka**.

  3. And Fin Face, before you scream about going to the "ultra-exclusive balls-ass, hot-ass, A-lister" car show preview like a (non)celebrity this evening, remember that we ALL KNOW that that is just a ticketed event ($85) that anyone can go to, a-hole. http://www.blacktietailgate.com/ Just another of Philadelphia's social circuit/fundraising events that happen every weekend, Brandoh. Nothing special. It's black tie, so be sure to wear your NICE fedora and a clean t-shirt, douche.

  4. Oh my bad! The ticket is $200 ($85 is the tax deductable portion - but don't worry about that Artee, since you don't bother to pay taxes, prefering instead to have the IRS chase your a** down like a criminal).

    The website does note, on the home page no less, that "The event is open to all." Wow you Lisperado, how ultra exclusive.

  5. I love how the Wiggers fact check fin-face every step of the way!

    Balls ass exclusive......... eh, not so much!

  6. Dine and dance among the finest automobiles in the world at the Black Tie Tailgate Preview Gala, a 550,000 square foot showroom where you can get an inside view of everything that the 2010 Philadelphia International Auto Show has to offer. Enjoy gourmet cuisine from Stephen STARR Events featuring signature dishes from a variety of restaurants.

    7 TO 9 PM IN HALL D (ground floor of the Convention Center):
    Cocktails, champagne and light hors d'oeuvres. Sponsored by Kia Motors America.

    7 to 10 pm in Halls A, B & C (second level of the Convention Center):
    Dine on heavy hors d'oeuvres and cocktails, sponsored by Quality Plus Ford Dealers, Hyundai Motor America, Lincoln Mercury Dealers, Mazda North America, Subaru and Local Volkswagen Dealers.

    9 TO 11:30 PM:
    Finish off the evening with a dessert and dancing party in the Grand Hall featuring luxury automobiles from Lexus and Mercedes-Benz and in the Ballroom with Audi of America. Entertainment By: Eddie Bruce Music

    Your ticket purchase supports The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia through the Auto Dealers CARing for Kids Foundation, and is partially tax-deductible. Proceeds support the Auto Dealers CARing for Kids Foundation's $2 million pledge for construction and maintenance of the Patient Welcome Center in the Pediatric Ambulatory Care Center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

    PARKING $18 FOR GUESTS OF BLACK TIE TAILGATE (rates are not valid for overnight parking)
    Parkway Convention Center Lot at 12th & Arch Street Map This
    Parkway Convention Center Garage at 12th & Filbert Street Map This

    PA Convention Center entrances to Black Tie Tailgate are located at 11th & Arch Street, 12th & Arch Street or through the Marriott Bridge. Map This

    Reserve your room at the Philadelphia Marriott the night of Black Tie Tailgate for a special rate of $99, plus tax. To receive this special rate, call 215.625.2900.
    When calling, mention you are with the Black Tie Tailgate.

    A: Dress to be photographed in black tie attire. Comfortable shoes and a light jacket or wrap are recommended.

  8. How is it "black tie" when a jacket is recommended? May I never go to Philly, ever. I have met some really cool people from Philly, but none of them ever went back.

  9. Arthur sticking his jaw out like an erect penis and pouting like posh spice,pml.
    Bless him - bit uncool trying to snog the young lady .....but models....a mate of mine went out with a professional model, he said her clunge stank like a student's fridge - rancid sticky thing it was - she took so much cocaine she forgot to wash hetself. The first time he took her out he fingered her in the car ( well, in the vagina but they were in the car...you know what I mean) anyway, despite being a freezing Parisian winter, he said after he'd done the mucky deed he had to drive around with the window open, once he'd unleashed the devil's snot there was no going back - it was an unholy smell, he said, a mixture of human polypeptide bio materials and something not of this earth - I actually used to see the young lady around, couldn't look at her without imagining an alien worm emerging from her lady area...gave me fucking nightmares.
    Anyway, what was I saying.......

  10. @ Anonymous 4:25

    There's no "fact checking" to be had on this one. Fashion in Public is not a blip on the radar in Philadelphia. If AK had any game in this town he would have been at Dana Spain's event at Trust....walking the runway there would not have even been possible for someone like him. Dana arranges for the proceeds from the ENTIRE night to be donated to PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society), she got all of the local faces/celebrities to model and mingle, there were Phillies, Eagles, Sixers and Flyers there AS GUESTS and not making appearances....it was a great night!!!

    Public House makes a donation to the Ronald McDonald House based on the door. Can't even compare the 2. It was a great time and I can't even begin to to sing the praises of Dana Spain and what she does for charities here.

    Sorry - just had to throw this out there so people don't think Philadelphia is full of anonyholes like 4:25 and Arthur Kades.....


  11. I love how he called it the "biggest fashion show" in Philadelphia. Such a fucking clueless idiot. Not knocking that charity, but like Beatrice posted on Kade's site, the "runway" was four feet wide, and held together with tape on the edges. The place did not at all look packed.

    He is a fool, plain as simple. Lies lies lies are all he knows.

  12. Same shit over and over and over... he calls everything 'balls ass' and fluffs it up to no end. He will continue and go on because he thinks you're interested. The WHOLE Arhtur Kade show should be packed up and burned with the rest of the garbage... including this site. If everyone stops paying any mind to him he will fade away like a rancid fart. Everything about him is lame. He's spoilt milk in the fridge... throw him out already.

  13. eg...For the win!

    So many gems! Fuck Ya!

    One word?...Epic!

  14. Where will the "A List Socialites of Phila. Be Tonight"? (or where Kade won't be)

    The Philadelphia Orchestra returns once again for a performance in the magnificent Academy of Music. The 153rd Anniversary Concert and Ball will be held the evening of Saturday, January 30, 2010. This year we are pleased to welcome world-renowned singer/composer Sting who will perform some of his best-known works with the Orchestra. In addition, esteemed conductor Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos, who made his North American debut with the Orchestra at the Academy of Music 40 years ago, will celebrate by leading a program of classical favorites. Additional guest artist and program information for the concert will be announced at a later date.

    Concert-only tickets, priced at $200 and located in the Amphitheatre level, go on sale on September 15, 2009. Tickets can be purchased by calling 215.893.1999.

    The Academy Ball, which immediately follows the Anniversary Concert, takes place at the Park Hyatt Philadelphia at the Bellevue. The gala is being chaired by Mrs. Fred L. Hudson III and Mr. Joseph A. Frick. Invitations will be mailed in early October. For additional information on this event, please call the Academy of Music Restoration Fund Office at 215.893.1978.

    The theme for this year’s Concert and Ball is “Beautiful Spaces, Fabulous Places,” which pays tribute not only to the remarkable Philadelphia landmarks but to all of the wonderful people and faces that enrich the buildings that make up our city. The restoration of the Academy of Music’s magnificent chandelier and the renovation of the Ballroom back to its original splendor add tremendous meaning to the incredible “spaces” the Academy of Music offers the cultural landscape.

    Proceeds from the Anniversary Concert and Ball benefit the Academy of Music Restoration Fund and The Philadelphia Orchestra Association.

  15. Anon @6:34 -- LOL ... Fin Face is SUCH a low life he probably doesn't even know where the Academy of Music IS let alone what the Academy Ball is. He is an uneducated, crass, fame whoring douche who wouldn't know realy society or culture if it ran him down like a bus.

    Hmmm... run him down like a bus. Not a bad idea, actually.

  16. Barfy's mouth is a pud muffin, buttered up with wiener snot.

  17. Post from the Philadelphia County Coroner:

    Re: Arthur Kade, Blog

    Folks, this blog is just about dead. Very few signs of life. In laymans terms, it's "Braindead". Since we can't "pull the plug" just prepare yourselves for what will come.

    Entries will diminish.......... comments, will be gasping for fresh air. All higher functions of the blog will die, the blog will have multiple seizures as its' Brainstem dies. Total organ failure......... any attempt to revive will be Futile. There is no hope.
    Disregard any photos, "amazing" claims of life.

    It's Terminal. Prepare yourselves.

  18. Turn out the lights
    The party’s over
    They say that
    All good things must end
    Call it tonight
    The party’s over
    And tomorrow starts
    The same old thing again

    Where's Dr. Kevorkian when we need him?

  19. Someone posted on lispys site that he died. Anyone hear this?

  20. @anon 3:48
    He has been pretty quiet. t
    This happened before though, and everyone said he was locked up. One can hope...

  21. Was he locked up the previous time? I don't wish death upon anyone, but this is the first time I have had any interest in his site....

  22. He isn't dead if he is tweeting about bowling.

  23. He is probably just depressed that he couldn't afford to fly over to hang around the Grammy's (pretending that he was *asked* to hang around the Grammy's) after spending all his money to hang around Sundance (pretending that he was *asked* to hang around Sundance).

    Either that or it's his way of saying "yeah, I got nothin'. Balls ass photos of me dominating bowling coming up next. Wait till you see my newest hat, it will change fashion trends like everything else I wear. It has a propeller on top."

  24. "Thsome new desthigner named Dunce wants me to model their 'conical hat line'. Itsths gunna be thso ballsths assths hawt assths. Everyone in the land will be wearing them and we're going to do a fashion show on stickponies."