He ain't dead yet, motherfuckers!

Let's start off the month of February with a bit of fun, shall we?

And I know this would be stating the obvious, but it's being posted here for posterity:

Lastly, I know it's not as great as the most recent one I did (call it "Kadewars" if you will, but the title I gave it was "The Life of Arthur Kade, episode 1", and episode 2 is in production), but a voicemail would not be out of the question at this point, no?

With the low amount of comments on Kade's site, some may be speculating as to whether or not Kade's blog (maybe even his existence) is entering its final throes before the death knell. Well, who knows, but we here at the LegoWigKade Blogspot will watch the KadeShip sink completely before we sail off into the sunset, victorious. Until then, let the arrows fly!


  1. i read his bullshit less and less... it really is fucking boring and repetetive. sometimes i forget he exists.

  2. I am LOL'ing at Kade's latest twitter, because it proves he's not balls-ass-amazing at everything:

    "Need new xternal hardrive. My computer memory is full and it's jammed. Ughhhhh."

    I hope each and every one of you is smart enough to know that a hard drive has nothing to do with computer memory. What a retard.

    I really hope this means Kade goes to an Apple store to tell them his memory is full.

  3. Hey Fin Face! The new Vanity Fair is out and it features Young Hollywood!!! You must be on the cover, eh? What? You're not...?! But you have a feature story in the mag, 'cause your so balls ass hot ass amazing, eh? No...? No feature story? Oh. Well, you were photographed by Annie Libovitz, right?! What? Your head shots are from... who? A no-name. Well. Congratulations, douche bag. You've clearly made it, you pathtic, lying, lisping coked up nobody. You are neither young, nor a part of Hollywood. You are OLD NOWHERE, Lisperado. Old Nowhere...

  4. @ Anonymous 1:07:

    Would you please satisfy my curiosity and save me the trouble of plunking down however much the new Vanity Fair costs?

    What would be age of the oldest representative of "Young Hollywood" featured in their pages?

  5. Drew, I saw the issue (you can read a review of that photoshoot/spread on gawker.com) and I believe the oldest might be 25? It's like Kristin Stewart from Twilight and people like that... all very young.

  6. @Drew they don't offer a hard line on age, but from the cover shoot, looks to be about 23-25 (as @LegoWigKade noted above)... -- @Anon 1:07