Arthur's Personality Disorder Discussed in New Blog Entry

I'm pressed for time, but I'll follow this up later with some thoughts.

For now, read the article and post thoughts/reflections below.



  1. Great Article.

    Can't wait for when the Narcissist (that's you Arthur) discovers his entire life is a Psychological Disorder.

    His Therapist should be shot!

  2. This was a great article. Arthur is really, really fucked up.

    ps. I am probably going to sound like a dick, but go to the Kade Scale page and look at the newest comments. Do they teach grammar in OZ?

  3. man, i'd be embarrassed as fuck to be this guy. i haven't lived in philly for years, but i know some people that know this dude. when he walks in a room, everybody looks at their shoes because he is an embarrassment and no one wants to be approached by him. even his buddy piazza tells people that arthur just tags along, uninvited.
    the only time i ever hung out with the dude, he turned up alone and ready to jones off anything he could get his hands on. this was before all this journey shit. so i'm gonna disappear for a while, and check in every now and again to see that he's still bragging about nothing.

  4. Well that's what is so unique about Arthur, he's got the highest embarrassment threshold in the history of humanity. I mean, even when they caught the horrid Nazi Klaus Barbie and they said..'why were you such a cunt to the Jews, then?'......he shuffled about a bit and looked at the floor and quietly mumbled.....'don't know'.
    I have to be honest, really honest, and admit I still can't believe that Arthur doesn't say some of the truly preposterous things as a wind up. I'm not a psychiatrist but no mental illness can debilitate the faculties that much....surely not.
    He's never had a speaking part in a film and he equates himself with A list actors? - I don't care what sort of brain damage a person has they still know they're a person - I mean they don't think they're a fucking tree do they - there are those who think they are Jesus or Napoleon but they can't even tie their shoelaces and they eat their own shit - they are what is medically known as 'fucking raving bonkers'. So, Arthur must know he's no A list actor.... he's not a fucking actor really.....I think he says all that just to be agrivating and make his site popular - because, the alternative is, we are mocking someone who needs serious help. Say if he bullshitted about being a foreign aid worker, he lied about all the African villages he'd built schools for - would he still be ridiculed for lying and self aggrandising? Is it because what he wants (celebrity) is so not worth wanting and he doesn't know it, but we do? In which case we are the ones lording it.
    As you can see, I've had a bit of time on my hands and kind of talked myself back up my own rectum.

  5. Philadelphia has a large amount of ridiculous people that have no concept of self..

    and Arthur still hooks up with girls, it takes a LOT of WORK and DESPERATE ATTENTION, but he does get action, usually from the insecure nutjobs.. but it happens..

    of course a leper could do the same thing.. but you know what I mean..

    Philadelphia.. man it used to be a cool place 300 years ago.

  6. Anon @ 7:41 "Philadelphia.. man it used to be a cool place 300 years ago"

    enough with the generalizations cunts. hey so what why don;t you just say that this is an American problem then?! a caucasian problem?! or a Jew problem?! or people with lisps?!

    I'm a lifelong resident of the City of Philadelphia and I love it, have a great career, home and family

    it's not the best city in the world, the country, the coast etc but it's certainly not something that Arthur represents wholely

    certainly you aren't stupid enough to think that and if you are let's hear about the city where you live and if you were born there or if you moved there. let's hear your great investment and attachment to it

    also, Arthur . . . FUCK YOU you bring out the worst in people you fucking piece of shit

  7. First off, I read Kade's blog twice, I think - then immediately switched to this one because it's just better!

    I have some training in the psychiatric arts - and while I agree that Kade has narcissistic qualities, I'd be more likely to label him as mildly to moderately schizoaffective with a substance abuse problem that's probably his unconscious way of medicating himself.

    And he's also a cunt.

  8. Despite strenuous efforts to appear well educated, erudite and cultured I appear to have made a cunt of myself in my spelling of 'aggravating'. In re-reading my post I was horrified to have made such a laughable attempt at it. My apologies to those, like myself, who are sensitive to mistakes usually exhibited by lower types. A gentleman must always present himself in the best possible light - the internet, being a medium that uses the written word, is a wonderfully effective tool for mocking ill educated types, like Arthur, who cannot hide their ignorance. Of course it is not always pressing that one follows all the rules that govern grammar but it is quite easy to spot a moron - for someone who has a publishing deal and is soon to release a best selling book, Arthur's command of the English language is akin to that of a dirty Arab. I imagine his editor will have his/her work cut out in translating his nonsense.But I suppose at least he deserves some credit for not relying on the No 1 excuse from the cretin's handbook - namely they are dyslexic. Much like M.E was invented by lazy fuckers to excuse their bone idleness, dyslexia is the last resort of the thick cunt.
    But even if forgiving the practical errors Arthur's writing is as bad as it gets. It's another lie, upon lie, upon lie, upon lie.
    And I love Arthur's lies. It's so easy to lie, isn't it, and create a different world for oneself - and maybe Arthur's come to believe his lies.
    I once told a beautiful model type that I had a ten inch penis with an impressive girth. She made it quite clear she wanted to sleep with me -luckily enough, though, I wasn't lying, I do have an enormous todger, but therein is the moral,....sort of.

  9. nadda,

    lives in philly for 8 years

    know the social scene.. this is EXACTLY the kind of people you find there..

    you are a married dude, maybe you live in suburbs? like main line or new hope.. those are NOT philadelphia.. philadelphia trash I am referring to is the city and northeast.. just filled with morons and douchebags..

  10. my rant:

    you're a fucking idiot anon. you "know the social scene". yeah you know the social scene from a white boy daddy's money nightclub scene? that your perspective?

    I'm guessing that you're not an artist, musician or creative arts performer. you a desk jockey or a money mover?

    I've lived IN center city, South Philly, the Art Museum Area. presently own a home in West Philadelphia 5 blocks away from the University of Pennsylvania.

    Arthur and his ilk are part of a CLASS argument. and to be sure there are people in every city who are frauds and who live a pretend life.

    I can guess at your attitude and opinion: you are one of these moneyed people whom abhor trolls like Arthur because he infringes on your territory (delusions withstanding.)


    I tell you what cunt, you opinions and your observations have nothing to do with the creative class that a smaller city like Philadelphia provides. you're basing a judgement on my city via a different set of standards. the fact that I can have my career (you'd call me lower middle class I'm sure), do freelance and OWN my home is not something to be taken for granted.

    I say the above knowing full well that one cannot become a player in the entertainment industry by staying here

    but people can live a life free from the transient/renting/soul sucking/wannabe class that larger cities unfortunately attract and maintain. yeah they usually settle down somewhere else when they fail. or they succeed and have every right to call NYC 'the greatest city in the world' (it is)

    Philadelphia is a small town in a city and yes, works better in this perspective. the lawyers and accountants and investors who work and live here are the people you probably know and hung out with. they're sorry they're here, sure


    answer this: what city do you live in? the actual town not the closest metropolis

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