Beauchamp challenges Kade! (nothing new to the Katers)

Those of us who troll the comments of this blog on a somewhat regular basis would have seen Matt Beauchamp's challenge to Kade to bench press 255 pounds some time ago. Well, I think it's about time the challenge got its own post, no matter what the age of it.

Here's the details of Matt's challenge:
255 lbs, INCLUDING the bar (which weighs 45 lbs); that's two 45 pound cookies on each side, then a ten and a five on each side.
He's making it very easy for you, Gleaming Face with Spam. As Arnold would say, "Do it. DO IT!"

And if I had my way, Kade would be doing Mike Mentzer-style reps: 5 seconds to lower the weight and 5 seconds to lift it, none of this half-rep bullshit where the bar goes down to a point where it's 5 or so inches above the chest and then the user starts to press back up and the lower back raises up 10 inches off the bench (the amount of guys I've seen do bench press with horrible form like the aforementioned is sickening). The shoulders and triceps take the brunt of the weight in the bench press exercise, but since Kade has enormous, Adonis-like shoulders, he should be able to handle it no problem.

So step up Kade, there's 500 American dollars in it for ya. Speaking of which, why haven't there been any more Kade workout videos? Has he become embarrassed to release videos of himself in the gym since the hack job I did (with his other workout videos) that were featured in Yakety Kade?

You saw the new banner? You like it or what? I'm an old-school DOOM fan, so it made sense to me to copy & paste Kade's (un)likeness into that good ol' game. Hell, if I find the time one day, I might even create a KadeDoom WAD file, complete with sound clips and characters images based upon our lisping hero. I have CamStudio 2.0, so I could probably record a demo of it for y'alls enjoyment. How many of you people own a copy of Doom, or Doom 2, or even Final Doom? How many of you know what Doom is? For those of you who don't, you should be ASHAMED of yourselves!

On a completely different note, what about a LegoWigKade theme song? I've noticed that Kudos is quite adept at lyrical composition, so I have a challenge for him: how about a reworking of Motorhead's "Ace of Spades"? I was thinking that the title could be "He can't get laid" or "Debasing Kade" (or something to that effect)? Is there an instrumental-only version of "Ace of Spades" out there (and I don't mean the damn karaoke version)? If such a task were to be undertaken, who would record the vocals? Initially I thought of Brett (the guy from Australia), but I saw a comment from him awhile back saying that he was "out" (I know, I know, Lemmy is from England and Brett is Australian, don't jump all over me). Are there any Englishmen who would do it? I don't have the vocal fortitude for such a job, and I know I'd do a horrible one of it. But this is an example of user-generated content, or, more specifically, a collaberation. Who's with me, WHO'S WITH ME?

Here's an awesome compilation someone came up with that features both the Mad Max films AND "Ace of Spades":

Mad Max Tribute - Motorhead - Ace of Spades


  1. All of this shit is sooooo old. Arhtur's redundant crap- ridiculous. The comments-same old stuff.
    This sight- you guys need to give it up. You're absurdly obssessed with perhaps one of the biggest losers on the planet. Can't we all watch him spiral into nothingness now? End it already.

  2. He Tweets:

    "The Brand is dominating Bowling"

    I assume he's got 10 pins up his ass.

  3. i like that you guys are posting again!

  4. Shame on me. I had somehow forgotten just how good Yakety Kade really is.

  5. I love this site but the banner up there is quite awful. Besides not fitting correctly, it just doesn't have the panache that the other one does.

  6. I posted here and on Kade's site for two weeks. No response.

    255 includes the bar (45 lbs) - to make it easy for Kade, here is what is required:

    Two 45 pound cookies on each side, then a ten and a five on each side.

    He knows the deal...he just can't do it. He's even had about 3 weeks to practice since my initial post.

  7. We know for a fact that Kade reads this site. Some of his (mostly former) "friends" have even told me that a) he and his Kadettes read our site daily and b) are often bothered when the reality of their lives is revealed.

    Drew, to find the Young Hollywood thing in Vanity Fair, just go to gawker.com and search "Young Hollywood" it'll be the first thing to pop up

  8. I just finished playing Fallout 3. That would be a cool header if it was game themed. Kadeout 3. Have plenty of Kadeaway for Kadiation and Stimpacks for fighting Kade Raiders and Kadeclaws.

    You should make a month long challenge to come up with kadeified game screenshots for the geeks among us. (hey, it is something to do while Kade is boring the crap out of us) I am about to delete Fallout 3 as there is nothing left to do with it. I guess I should go find some useable screenshots of things to kill before I do.

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