The most honest video Kadyshes has ever filmed

I can't even explain this. It's amazing. Their brutal honesty about how much Kade sucks and what an annoying gnat he is can't be expressed in words. In an entire waiting area full of extras, not one person wants anything to do with Fin Face. Moreover, if you read Kade's poorly written blog (I read 2 paragraphs but then gave up) he mentions that he tried to wait in the SAG waiting area but they asked him to leave and kicked him out. So then he got sent to this waiting area with all the extras. Most of these people (if not all) have day jobs and do extra work like this whenever they have time or get a chance. Arthur has no life and no job, so this is the most amazing thing he's done and he acts like a total amateur. When you think about it, Kade's normal day is talking to retarded girls (the Nontourage), working out and taking supplements, and sleeping on a floor of a gen pop apartment in a blue collar city. So yes, I guess being an extra in NYC is pretty awesome by contrast.


  1. Wow..Honestly..I can't figure this out at this point. At first I thought performance artist, then incredible douchebag, but now I honestly think there is something wrong with him. I mean how could you not notice when you film that that everyone sitting around is looking at you with a mixture of annoyance to out and out hatred. And then to post it as proof of how cool you are? it makes no sense anymore. he reminds me of this kid I knew in High school who got a charge out of just annoying the shit out of people and wanted attention of any kind even if it was negative..could it be that simple? He is just completely starved for attention even if it is hatred?

  2. Recently, CSI was filming at a local casino, needed extras, and I was selected to make $8/hour walking around in the background while Marg Helgenberger and Lawrence Fishburn filmed scenes.

    I was thinking of Anal throughout the experience as it really drove home just how seriously deluded he is. The other folks were all pretty cool and relaxed about the whole thing, no one had pretensions that what we were doing had anything to do with "acting." There were a handful of SAG members in the group, selected because they were in scenes requiring interaction with the principles. Had Anal been in the room, I don't doubt he would have been viewed as the absolute freak and mental case that he is.

    Just like in the above video.

    That he posted.


    Un. Bee. Leebabull.

  3. That seemed to me a mixture of disgust and joking with him, like Kade set it up. (don't put it past him) We are so used to him having people put him down for real that we wouldn't necessarily see it when Kade was trying to fool us. (to show his non-existant 'sense of humor'?)

    The two guys sitting against the wall liked him far less than the other two but the young cute one seemed to be 'acting' when he shook his head. The one standing was obviously goofing around (overblown 'sigh'). The blond was was clearly playing along. Kade was cracking up. Not going "why don't you like me?" I don't think that was real. Kade was laughing from the start.
    The blond guy closest to the camera looks really familiar! (like I have seen him on tv elsewhere with a speaking part or two) Responsible actors will get work anytime they can, I take it. Unlike Icky who can't be bothered to even look in a trade paper for one of the hundreds of extra's slots there has to be in NY year round. Of course many of those would be for SAG extras.

    I don't understand if he is SAG eligible why he doesn't have it already, unless he can't afford the $2,335 he'd have to pay for it...or, he ISN'T eligible.

    The rules for Extra's eligibility are slightly confusing. You have to work for SAG productions at SAG rates for 3 full days the rules say. The only way you work at SAG rates is if the production can't find enough SAG extras to fill the minimum requirement for SAG extras. For TV the minum number of SAG extras are 19 and for films it is 50. So, unless Kade sweet talked the SAG person into giving him one of the few vouchers left from the minum number of positions not filled by SAG members, he isn't eligible. Everyone following me?

    For instance with 30 rock, there were clearly more than 19 extras there. Assume 15 were SAG members and so they had 4 vouchers left over to give to non-SAG people. Do you think that Kade would have the ability to sweet talk the SAG union person out of one of the 4 left?

    When he was on Salt, from the photos, same thing. There were *hundreds* of extras, and only 50 needed to be SAG. Do you think that Kade got a voucher for that? No. I didn't see Gossip Girl, have no idea how many extras were in it, but unless it was less than 25, I don't see that he has a voucher for that either.

    All to say that Kade is lying about being SAG eligible figuring that we would have no idea how it works (and I admit till now I didn't). Once again he is trying to make something out of nothing. Like him being 'part of' Nicky Hilton's party because he was in the same room...he *WOULD* be SAG eligible IF he had gotten vouchers. (no way in hell he did, at most he has one)

  4. P.S. sorry that was so confusing. Clear in my head but unable to get it out coherently.

  5. To correct the ways into SAG:
    Yes the voucher system was said correctly but there are also two other ways to become eligible. You can be Taft-Hartley which means you are a non-union actor chosen to say a line. You automatically become eligible to join. Really don't think AK was able to do that one. The last way (and how I got my eligibility) is to be a member of a sister union (AFTRA, AGVA, AEA) and have a principle role. After one year, you are able to join all the sister unions. Since AK has only been going for this a year (or less as he claims) I doubt this one is possible too. And if he had gotten a principle role, we would have read about it. And to join AGVA, you have to work as a Rockette or at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. Now AK is scary, but I doubt he went to Orlando or LA to work this event.

    We have a way to bring him down now (and I really want to). All we need to do is let the background agency that does "30 Rock" know that one of their actors was videotaping and taking photos while on set. It is automatic expulsion from the background agency. And I don't know about NYC, but LA is a small town. Everyone knows everyone. There aren't too many legit casting directors. You piss off one, good luck working.

    Lastly on my little rant, I have to say that yes, there are a bunch of people talking about AK in LA. But nobody has anything good to say about him. Most actors are talking about how much they would love to see him and prove that he is full of shit. We actors hate people to give false impressions to others about what this world (and LA is really like). Every so often, you will see a girl at an audition, and you know she is fresh off the bus from somewhere and came here thinking life is like an episode of "The Hills". It's not. You struggle and have to be tough and work your ass off to make it. I'm proof of that. My career is starting to pick up (speaking roles only) and I'm proud of the work I have done and what it has taken me to get here. When AK is old and talking to his grandchildren or fellow residents in the nursing home, he can brag about his celebrity all he wants. But if he wants to be a legit blogger about the journey making it as an actor, he really should try being honest. People might actually start to respect him and want him to succeed.

    Sorry for the long comment. He's really pissing me off and I felt like I had to say something.

  6. What really amazed me about these videos was how amazed he was that a group of extras were standing around singing. I saw it nothing more than a way for them to pass the time. Hell, they were probably friends and had probably worked on the production before.

    Arthur acted as if Alec Baldwin himself was standing there completely naked in that group playing guitar with his cock. Wearing a mexican wrestler mask.

    He is just so incredibly fucked in the head. About the singers he said "I can't believe this is happening." Really? He's so amazed by a group of people singing that he can't believe it's happening.

    You guys should be sure and grab the photos he took on the set.

  7. Ann Onomyous, Kade has no chance of a speaking part. He also has no chacne of being in another actors guild. If you want to bring him down, just keep him away from the SAG official. Keep the vouchers for yorselves. It should be easy to do. He is a shit who can't act. You are someone who probably works their ass off. He is a creep. I bet you are friendly to your fellow actors.

    I will back you.

  8. radda radda, trust me, if I ever seen him on a set in LA, I will report him to the 2nd AD for taking photos and videos. I don't want my image used on his site in any way. I'm surprised none of the people in the videos have used lawyers to remove their images. I would in a heartbeat. My agents would also have their lawyers after him. I don't think he understands what he's doing.

    The thing about him that pisses me off so much are the lies. I could write a very interesting (at least to fellow actors) blog about what I do on a daily basis. For example, I was at a Super Bowl party today and networked with a few filmmakers. We exchanged cards and will probably meet for coffee or lunch in the next week or two. I know this will work because it always has for me. And yes, I believe that I am nice to my fellow actors. Even if they are background and I'm the lead. That is how real professionals work. I'd love to reveal my identity on this site, but I'm embarrassed that I read AK's blog and comment on it. But trust me, you've seen me.

  9. In an Alternative Universe, a guy started a blog a little over a year ago like this: "Call me Artie. I got fired from this McJob I had selling insurance to old people over the phone, and in this economy, it's not looking hopeful that I'll find anything good any time soon. Since I was a little kid, I always had this dream of being an actor. Now I know that's ridiculous. I can't act, I have a speech impediment, and frankly, just look at me. Not quite "leading man material," right? But for the next year, I've decided to give it a shot and go for it. I am blessed with some really good friends, and so I'm giving up my condo and I'll probably be spending much of the next year couch surfing while I haul my ass up to NYC for auditions and extra work and acting classes. I'm not afraid of hard work, and I would hate it if at the end of this year I'm nowhere closer to my dream because I frittered away this opportunity in some way. Like a lot of us, spent way too much of my time during my twenties hanging around in cheesy nightclubs. But during those years, although I did a lot of stupid things I regret, I also met a lot of people who might be able to help me. My father always told me "Be nice to the people you meet on the way up, because you'll see them again on the way down," and I've always tried to be a nice guy to people I met. (Unfortunately, this hasn't brought me a lot of success with women who don't always go for "the nice guy," and also I get intimidated around women, especially when they're really beautiful.) But I hope that maybe always being a nice guy will pay off, and if some of the people I met in those days remember me, that could help forward this project, too. I'll be recording my ups and downs here in this blog, so feel free to surf in. If nothing else, it might be good for a laugh."

    In that Alternative Universe, millions are cheering on hapless Artie. He just got the word that his endearing awkwardness and self-deprecating humor have earned him a reality television gig. The congratulations come pouring in.