Dances with Mediocrity: The Kadedance Dominiation

So I know we haven't been reblogging lately because it's been the same boring crap, but this post has to be reblogged for the shear number of well known people he insults. This will be Arthur's legacy; lies, lies and dickish behavior. Sorry for any spelling/grammar errors, I am sick and not in the mood.    JBone

ps Did anyone notice the Twitter host calling out Arthur for crashing the party and getting kicked out? Makes #5 even funnier.

Update: Working on the vids, for some reason I can't get them embedded correcty, fucking Kade, useless shit, fuck, fuck, fuck.

As I was leaving the amazing string of successes and networking and learning that Arthur Kade had accomplished at KadeDance Film Festival, I was talking to a Gen Popper on my plane, and sharing with him the greatness and popularity of “The Journey”, and all of the adventures and “Bizzers” I had met and collaborated with, and he said, “You should really think about writing a book”, and I looked at him and said, “Already in the process of the that with one of the best Literary Reps in the world and developing a hit TV Show with a major Production company as well”, and he responded, “Sounds like you’re about to become a really big star”, and Arthur Kade said, “Almost there already. Just did an interview with the top listened to radio show in Australia”. There were so many stories, so many “Bizzers” and Crafters, and so many adventures that I could write 10 blogs on it all, so I decided to try and list all of the greatest moments of the trip (There were so many that I may need to do a second blog). Here are the Balls Ass Hottest moments that happened to Arthur Kade:

1) Meeting The Bisutti Sisters (Victoria’s Secret Models) who couldn’t have been any sweeter, and one of them was a KA 9.9 who was absolutely stunning and what I would consider flawless (having stood next to Gislele and Alesandro whom I have both given 10’s, I would say she is just as gorgeous in features and looks) with the only thing bring her score down from a perfect 10 was her not being the height of those other girls. It’s a shame that I was so busy with private parties and events that I needed to be seen at that I would have liked to hang out with them some mor

2) Meeting and Hanging Out with legendary SlamDance founder (SlamDance is an alternate Film Festival to Sundance that was started 16 years ago to showcase “Better Indie Movies” and in recent years is said to have gotten better quality movies with Steven Soderburgh actually giving his movie to them this year), Dan Mervish, whom as you can see by the vids below, I was able to chill with for a bit (Courtesy of Cali BFF/Kade Nation SuperFan/Cartoon Network Legend, Kent Osborne) and pick his brain about some of the genius that he has in creating a hit book, “I am Martin Eisenhour”, and hearing him refer to Arthur Kade as a “Celebrity” really made my afternoon.

3) At the Invite/List Only ESPN Party, Meeting my favorite sportswriter and author, Bill Simmons from ESPN, who I told he should check out my site and become a fan of “The Journey”, and it was funny that of all the fellow crafters or celebs I met or spoke to (Ben Affleck, Wilder Vadermama, The Guy From American Pie, Alan Tudyk), he was the only one that really left me star-struck. I read Bill Simmon’s column every week, and feel that he is the most comedic and best writer out there, and gets me to laugh all the time. I also got to meet fellow Baller Steve Nash, and was in the section right next to T.O. and Aaron Rodgers later on at the

4) Seeing Marisa Tomei (This was easily the most disappointing moment of the trip because I have always had a “Kade Style” crush on her, and have even thought about having her as my Oscar Date when I am nominated, but in person she is very small and old looking with very dried up lips, and I couldn’t even give her more than a KA 6.43. I told one of my friends on the trip, “I couldn’t be seen with her at The Oscars. It would totally kill my Rep”.) at The Village At The Yards, Arthur Kade approached her to say introduce myself and talk about working on projects together and introduce her to “The Journey”, and she was very frazzled, rude and non accommodating, and all I Wanted to Say was, “Marisa, Do you know that I’m Arthur Kade, and I when you work with me on future projects or I am starring in a movie you’re in, the fact that you were just rude to me is going to be a sticking point. I am about to become the biggest star in KA, and this is not the way you treat a future Oscar Winner”.

5) While at The Tweet House (Home to many of the best parties on the trip where many celebs like Arthur Kade stopped by to chill) for one of the night parties, I was walking around looking for the three girls that I had met earlier in the day on Main St. and I hear someone from the VIP section scream “It’s Arthur Kade!!!” a bunch of times and it turns out it was the guy throwing the party. I came back and did a vid with him, and twittered him “Celebs Don’s Crash, We appear and leave with 3 girls”, and I met the girls (The one I liked was a KA 9.45 with an amazing body, great tits, long legs and a face that reminded me of Gwyneth Paltrow but her abs weren’t as tight as I wanted and I suggested LipoSuction to get the 2-3 pounds off that I wanted, and we ended up making out all night and when the parties were over, they were supposed to come to my after party, but couldn’t make it because the hills were too icy. She texted me all day Sunday, but I blew her off because I was mad I didn’t “Kade” her due to “Bad Roads”. It’s OK because I went 3 for 4 on the weekend and wasn’t chasing any girl around when a celeb like Arthur Kade gets his pick of the litter.

6) Friday Night, I ended up at an after party where an actress I had been rapping with all night was all over me, and then we ended up making out, and 20 minutes later a guy showed up to the party and she says to The Brand, “I am so sorry I am kind of seeing that guy”, so I got all pissy and left. Throughout the night it was made clear that we were going to hook up, and for that to happen was unacceptable, but I wasn’t horribly upset because I saw marks on the inside of her arms and I said, “Are those Heroin Holes?”, and she looked at me and said, “It’s Eczema you moron”, but I just couldn’t get the marks out of my head which really bugged me out the whole night.

7) While in the Philadelphia Industry Lounge, 2 girls were sitting on the couch, and one said, “You’re Arthur Kade” and I replied “Yep” (I was so tired of answering that question because I was recognized a lot all weekend, and just wanted to be a normal Gen Popper Instead of a celeb, and then she said, “We have a common friend, Kent Osborne” so I sat down and turns out they were part of the Production Team of one of the better movies at the festival “The Freebie, so we took pics and even did a vid, but my memory card was full.

Meeting all of the producers and directors of so many movies was amazing (There are so many to name that it would take forever), but one that stands out was the group I met at Butcher’s where we exchanged numbers but they had a girl there with them who was a Chicago 8.5 (Blonde with great red lipstick, a slamming little body, but need a bit of a “Kade Style Makeover” so when I asked about her, the one girl answered, ‘She LOVES Rich Men”, and I replied, “That’s not a problem, I landed those girls when I was poor, and know how to handle them”. I have a million cards of producers that I need to follow up with, and the spreading of “The Journey” is in full force all over KA and NYC.

9) Arthur Kade and Ben Affleck (Who was screening his new movie, “The Company Men”) walked by each other on Main Street, but couldn’t stop and talk to each other because The Paps were all over him (I joked to the model that I was with, “It’s like Obama just walked by us”), but I was surprised that he was my size and built. he was a lot bigger than I expected.

10) While in the shuttle heading to the airport, I met the Editor in Chief of a major Celeb/Hollywood Site called The Wrap, who asked me to email and follow up with her about being a guest contributer, and although being a blogger is only my third or fourth passion after acting, authoring, and modeling, I thought it would be a great way to continue to influence the Gen Pop. We Joked about how Bill Gates was at The Private Cisero’s party that featured a concert by John Legend (Great Friendly Guy who was at The Village with us one day), and was dancing on tables and as one friend said, “Fist Pumping and Nerding it out”. I was busy at The Twitter party (Hardest Door to get into that night, and they left at least 200 people in the cold not letting them in), and the girl I ended up making out with stuck her hands down my pants when we talked about “Penal Grooming” and I actually jumped back and said, “Save that For Later”.

11) Running into Laura Silverman (Sarah Silverman’s Sister who I met with actors David Pressman and Rick Overton during my legendary KA trip Last Year) who looked at me and smiled and said, ” Mr. Arthur Kade”. She was an original Celeb Fan when I brought “The Journey” to KA for the first time.

12) While Grabbing Lunch with Kent Osborne, I walked out to see which fellow celeb was outside getting harrassed By Gen Poppers, and knew the dude looked familiar, but couldn’t place it. My first guess was Anthony Michael Hall, but turns out it was Alan Tudyk (Steve The Pirate From DodgeBall), and as Kent and I were walking in from the outside I said it didn’t matter who he was because Arthur Kade was more famous than him anyway.

13) When I ran into “The Dad From One Tree Hill”, we started talking and I said, “Let’s Take a Pic”, and he started thanking me and seemed so genuinely surprised that someone had asked to take a pic with him. It was so sweet and innocent that I debated hugging him, and saying, “When you’re famous you can’t act like that man. Own the crowd. Own the crowd”.

14) Other Fellow Crafters Arthur Kade saw or met but didn’t have a chance to network with: John Legend (Nicest Guy Ever), Juliette Lewis (She is Absolutely Insane), Simon Rex, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Levar Burton (Jordi La Forge From Star Trek), Bob Saget (Who Had 3 gorgeous girls around him), Paris Hilton (Who actually looked really great), Adrian Grenier (He acts, walks, and moves exactly like Vinnie Chase and his movie, Teenage Paparazzi got mixed reviews with one juror telling me, “That movie makes him look like the biggest narcissist).

“Welcome to KadeDance”…Arthur Kade…01/26/10


  1. One can tell FROM HIS OWN WRITING that people tatally ignored him like they always do. He can't even lie well these days...
    How sad...

  2. It's pretty sad when you can't even fail well.

  3. Your Friendly Neighborhood Blogspot HelpdeskJanuary 26, 2010 at 1:41 PM

    Yo - remember, just copy the Embed code from youtube, switch to HTML view in the blog, and paste them there one after the other.

  4. I swear I did that. Alright round 2.

  5. That Kween thing he does has got to be the most annoying thing ever. It's so not funny, it's totally schtoopit. And infiltrating that girl's photo, my man woulda punched him dead center in the face. Gawd he's revolting! Ugh!

  6. [The Loo on 25 Jan 2010 at 12:19 am

    5. Kent is righteous… his facial expressions were perfect! So on cue… Thanks Kent!! ]

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    That's why I didn't believe it was you saying, "you're berries..." O.K. I was wrong, I admit it.


    Question...Are you saying Kent should be two faced? Or he is two faced? Or he shouldn't be two faced? I don't get it.

    Fuck me, this is going to sound like I'm gay for Kent, but here goes anyway...He has been straight up from the start. I gave him a hard time (teasing him by saying he should let AK stay with him) and he came back funny and honest. Same with EG, and others. When Legowig started, his divorced parent's analogy was perfect, and he didn't pick sides, he contributed to both. And wasn't the 'Kade out' video the first? (And the best?) He doesn't need defending; I just wanted to point out that saying he's 'doing it wrong' makes no sense. I think he's 'doing it' better than any one, just more subtle than most. I don't want to have a pissing contest with any one (except maybe RB) but come on, he's wore 'Cali BFF' like a badge of honor, and that says a lot.

    Can we still be friends?

  7. So let me summarize:

    You saw a bunch of actors at Sundance....juse like everyone else did. You pestered them like a fawning "gen pop". You didn't get laid. You will return to Philly with no acting jobs and everyone forgot they met you 5 seconds after it happened.

    Is that about it? I think it is.

    Oh, and you want to fuck Ben Affleck for some reason. That figures - you are both douchebags with no talent.

  8. Fucknuts is truly desperate for any attention. My post re: him crashing the Twitter party was queued for moderation and then allowed.

  9. You've got it right Matt.

    Arthur went as a ticket purchasing, gen pop attendee, unlike real actors and some industry folk who were invited there. There would be absolutely no reason whatsoever for Arthur to be there otherwise.

    He went there to pretend to be an actor, and all their other insane things he calls himself like "mega-bizzer."

    Like someone said on Kade's site, he's the ultimate poseur.

  10. OK... Kudos AND Kent/+18 other personalities,

    Yes, I said you were righteous, Kent... it was sarcasm on my part. The infancy of my disappointment in your actions. I was shaking my head... arms crossed. :( face.

    My whole thing with you, Kent, is that in the beginning (of my disdain for AK) it was funny to me that you would actually call AK when AK was in Los Angeles, invite him to your offices and 'pseudo' make fun of him... then as the blob turned, I have gotten more disgusted with the aforementioned douchebag that is AK. So when given a chance to do some real damage, (nothing sinister or illegal, of course) Kent invites AK as his GUEST... albeit I'm sure Kent had to do pre-damage control with his buddies to allow AK to hang with them. So I'm disappointed about you handled yourself... was it a precursor to baiting a mong for a good laugh? or do you really like AK and these 'Kent lovers' are all in awe of another sort of fame whore? It's just my conspiracy theory. I just can't stand to see AK get ANYTHING remotely 'cool'... and Kent, you afforded him that with your contacts. Just as bad as his 'other' enablers. DAMN YOU. AND!!! And, I must say that I was awaiting some cool stories from Mr. Ward's PA, but he actually could give a piss less and when presented with the opportunity, he remained a professional and simply let the victims of 'kaderazzi' to talk about AK. (Obviously too embarrassed to let anyone know he knew of him.) Eh, who cares... I'm sure we'll hear about MORE of your graciousness to AK, KO... is he moving in with you when he comes to Los Angeles to become a big star/author/celeb/oscar-winning/pulitzer-prizer/cleo/emmy/grammy/etc...etc...

    Loo :)~

    P.S. I feel as if SD, CT, LAC and CT! just died, Kent... so sad. Totally fucking weird, but sad...

  11. Are you on your cotton?

  12. The "real Celeb's" got into the "Gifting Suites".... we would have never heard the end of it. Even that #2 Douche Jon Gosselin was treated like a real "Celeb" and cleaned up in the Gifting Suites.

  13. @Anon 3.14pm,

    This is your best shot at Loo? Of course you have to post Anon because you're such a man.

    Hello Loo,

    Well, we have been trying to crack their tiny nut code for a while now, but seriously, that's the idiot who attacked me? The better than average looking male (according to another male), that's quite frightening. How trite now that the bag is outta the cat or the crap is outta the bag, whatever. Yes, the other 18 personailities who post on the weekends at 1,2, and 3am in the morning??? Someone is not getting their dick sucked enough. Bummer. Guess what, apparently, there's always Tabby the Tard to jizz to according to idiot's blob.

    As far as this Kent guy is concerned, let's pray for a run in at the Big Foot or Bourgeois P! Los Angeles county is a tiny place as you know and well not all transients (anybody not born here) get around so well they have to ride coatails to get places.

    Better than average looking! Who the fuck are they kidding?

    "or do you really like AK and these 'Kent lovers' are all in awe of another sort of fame whore?" Perfectly said!

    In advance to responses: Shut the fuck up, thanks.

    The Blonde

  14. Seen Brad lately?

  15. @ Loo and The Blonde...

    What would you have done? What have you done? What will you do?

  16. @Anon and on and on and on....

    Whack it to something else... the answer is nunya... as in biznass....

    Bitter? no... delicious... mmmmmm.... so good you'd want the recips.

    Get plowed, loser.


    Even if seen at BF or BP or GLB... wouldn't give a second glance... non-descript. Virgo? Wait, no... the twins!

    Off the charts predictable. Nail+head=bling! Good job, Anam cara!

    Loo :)~

    Ok, back to the playground!

  17. The Blonde on 04 Jan 2010 at 11:09 am
    Yep, I’m gone for 5 days….and it’s still lame as ever.
    Welcome to to 2010. We hope you choke Arthur.
    The Blonde on 04 Jan 2010 at 11:10 am
    By the way, have an important ‘celeb’ story for ya, be back…..con call.
    The Blonde on 04 Jan 2010 at 12:54 pm
    Got to make this quick, because I have a job Arthur, and well, you don’t. So anyway, your whole claim about ‘getting in’ with Young Hollywood and how everyone knows you, given the two industry folks I came across this weekend, let’s just put your little dream to rest, shall we?
    Run in #1: So, spur of the moment, Scotty and I took off on the hog and headed to Santa Barbara. It was a beautiful weekend at the Four Seasons with 73 degree weather and funny enough, running into Vanessa Hudgens. I don’t know of her, but was informed by the woman sitting next to us at the bar. As this young actress walked in with her friends, I thought this might just be the perfect time to ask “Young Hollywood” if they knew of Arthur Kade. She was with one young fellas and two gals, clearly her entourage, and ordered a couple drinks. I politely asked her, “I have been told that you are an actress and wanted to ask you a question in regards to upcoming talent that is in the industry right now”, she said “sure”. I then said, “There is a particular name out there right now, and his name is Arthur Kade, he’s not so much an actor per se, but is trying to be break into the industry by posting a blog and such”. The poor girl looked at me with a distant stare; I believe trying to put a face, ass, sack, and/or recollection to your name Arthur. No such luck. They were cute kids, so I asked her friends as well; they chatted amongst themselves for a brief five seconds, and no such luck. They just plainly said “no, we don’t know who that is and have never heard the name”. I concluded my conversation with her and thanked them for their time.

  18. Run in #2: On our ride back from SB, we stopped at Neptune’s (right above Malibu). It’s a Harley joint sprinkled with the R1’s and the occasional Ducati. It was very crowded as usual, and our thirst factor for hops and barley was running high, so I told my man I would grab the beer if he would muscle a table. As I came back with a pitcher, cups etc. and hustled my way through the crowd and saw Scotty chatting with some gent. I put the pitcher down, gave a deep sigh and then finally realized my guy was engaged in bike talk with Brad Pitt. Yep, that big screen guy. I know Scott didn’t know who the hell he was, Brad was somewhat non-descript in features (beard growing in heavy) and when guys make car/bike talk, nothing matters. I noticed Brad had mentioned his Ducati, and saw his Desmosedici that was parked close to the table. I have to say, I’m not a Duc fan, but that was one nice piece of machinery. Brad had mentioned his girlfriend was home with the kids and that he was going to for a short ride up the coast.
    Once again, I thought this might be an opportune time to ask if a real actor knew Arthur Kade. No one was bothering Brad as Neptunes isnt really a place to “be seen” or whatever it is you call it. Their conversation died down, so I started by complienting his bike, then asked if it was even street legal (he laughed), I then asked, “I know you don’t like to be bothered about your work, but, can was wondering if you ever hear of upcoming talent?” I was very polite and replied “Sure, all the time”. Well, Arthur needless to say without having to bore everyone on this blob; Brad has never heard of you or your name, or your father, or anyone in Philly.
    I must say, I got a smidge of pleasure knowing that well, Yound and Old Hollywood does not know who you are. And please Arthur, don’t kid yourself by thinking since I’m asking these people, that it’s going to pique their interest about your name….yeah, the distant stare Vanessa gave me and the fact that Brad and Scott went right back to car talk was very clear, you’re kadeless. Yep, no gives a large nose about you. Please trust me when I say this.
    Hugs and kisses. Now go get a job.

  19. What would you have done? NOTHING!

  20. So I see Vanessa Hudgens and I ask her about when the blonde asked her about arth...

  21. ...she didn't know lucy either (ie)

  22. Whoa, anon... you're a fuckin weirdo. Clearly you have zero intellect and this IS your life... forgive me when I say get a life, sooooo cliche of me! You've got one! Impressive... Anon fits so well. Or beige, faceless, vanilla, so scary...

    You get on with yer bad self! Any more cut and pastes you wanna run through the mill? Since you've 'challenged' The Blonde's 'run-ins' and you're so up-to-the minute with the gossip columns... what's up with Brangleina? Splitting up, maybe? Perhaps a light shed on why he may have had to 'break away' during his so-called 'NY family/film trip for his beloved'?? You people are pathetic. Seriously.

    Gross. You. Are. Gross. Ick.

  23. Well, when you think about it, "The Loo" is anonymous as well because nobody knows your real name. In fact nobody knows anybody's real name here except me! and now I'm gonna get stabbed in the neck with a pencil the next time I walk into the Good Luck Bar or Bigfoot, or wherever (I usually drink at the Tam O'Shanter by the way) all because I attacked the Blonde after she attacked Vinnie Chase! Anyway, this sucks! I'm too above average looking to die! Can we all nip this in the bud?

    Remember 300 by Sunday? Anyone? 'Member?

  24. wear Arthur's scarf for protection

  25. Don't worry Loo, we know he should have done what you think he didn't do. He should have been set up and he didn't so he is Arthur. Tell him what you would have done and what you not wouldn't have, so he knows not to not do it again. And tell him how you wouldn't have let you down and not did anything when you could have done what he didn't do and he could have done it too! DAMN AND he should have done it and not have not done it. And made it worse. Fuck, he should think like you and do like you would do too or shut the fuck up like you don't do.

  26. Whenever I see the Loo and the Blonde posting together, I picture the Loo as a cigar-smoking bulldog walking around with her chest all puffed out and the Blonde as her chihuahua side kick running alongside her yapping "Yeah, yeah boss, that's right!! Grrrr, yip! What're you lookin' at? Grrr. Yeah, you tell 'em boss. You and me, boss."

    You better watch your back, Kent. They might get Brad Pitt to beat you up, LA county is a small world. You don't want to fuck with these two.

  27. Could Loo and the blonde and la rubia and on and on all be one in the same? The bitching about multiple personalities is similar to the complaining about cut and paste/attacking/changing names/ etc. And who does it more than them/her/him?

  28. For the record, Kent... if we should ever cross paths, we will never know. You're just a blended face in the crowd. As are we... wouldn't take the time to stab you in the neck, chat you up, buy you a beer, etc... we are not here to make friends like you are. We are not here to make enemies, either. Rest assured, your neck is safe. Violence is for left coasters. We're quite mellow, well, unless I guess you fuck with us! (Truth vomit!) We came, we saw, we shat on the uber-douche, Ardvargk and his non-tourage. That's all... nothing more, nothing less. Never started any in-fights...so weird! Who does that? You people aren't wired right.

    And by the way, HE'S ENORMOUS!... We are more like a couple of Doberman Pinschers. Shut your trap you unfunny twat. How can you even speak when you face is full of Kent's ass cheese? When I see YOUR posts, I think of some round-as-she-is-tall hausfrau with 4 screaming kids in dirty nappies. Vanilla trick bitch. Aren't you late for carpool?

    What was once a fun place to frolic about has become the graveyard for the (un-cool) nerds from High School who always got their asses kicked or who never had a date. Let it go, people... get out there! Breathe in some fresh air! Take your vitamins! Do some Yoga! Eat better! Try some leafy greens! Eh, fuck it...

    Adjo! :)

  29. Everybody fasten your safety belts, it looks like we're heading into a storm.

  30. Oh noes, the Loo doesn't like me!! I'll go stand in the corner with Kent Osborne and the cast of the Jersey Shore and cry.

    So sad!

  31. Loo, you are and do all that you claim to despise. It was you who started it, you who escalated it and now it's you who is getting ugly about it. Get over it.

  32. The old "You're fat!" comeback! Good one, Loo, you're a class act and clever too!

  33. Frolic? Fun place to frolic? As in... Look at Loo and the blonde frolic? Now that's some funny shit there, now you're catching on.

  34. Everyone needs to stop. It seems pretty obvious this has a lot to do with that girl thing, if you know what I mean. Give it a few days, maybe a week, and you'll see...good as new.

  35. Ha, this so fucking stupid.

  36. loo and blonde make this lame. just sayin.

  37. Harley Davidson: The fastest way to turn fossil fuel into noise with out the pesky side effect of horsepower.

    You know what the difference is between a Harley and Vacuum Cleaner?

    A Harley holds two dirtbags...

    You know why lifestylers on Harley's don't smile?

    You wouldn't smile either if you got suckered into spending $20k for 50 year old technology...

    You know why lifestylers on Harley's don't wave?

    They're afraid they'll drop the tools...

    You know why lifestylers put fringe on Harley's?

    So you can tell when they are moving...

    You know what Harley's have in common with a good ol' dog?

    They both love to ride in the back of a pick-up truck...

    You know what the difference is between a Harley and a good ol' dog?

    The dog can get out of the truck on his own...

    You know why Harley's like to ride to Daytona/ Sturgis on trailers?

    They like the way it feels to go fast around corners...

    They make better time...

    It sucks to ride more than 100 miles in a t-shirt...

  38. Hey Loo and Blonde..........

    Go back to the MothershipBlog. This site specializes in Kade Bashing.

    Adios, vaya con dios.

  39. @Anon @2:10 PM, Does it really? Because you anonymous poster(s)have done nothing but bash those two for the last 24 hours. They remind me of these two women who used to sit in the back of the Rocky Horror Picture show and adlib to the movie monologue while throwing rice, toast and hot dogs, etc... it was great. Some of the audience told them to shut the fuck up, sadly, those folks were the ones who didn't get it. They were there to see the movie (!) and damn them for talking in the middle of it! And what is all the toast flying around for?

    Oh well, I hope you haven't chased them off. Wasn't the Blonde the one who coined the term "Teefs" for Furman? I believe so!

    P.S. "Teefs" has extensions now.

  40. And I quote John Lithgow from the movie Cliffhanger...

    "STOP THIS! The fight's not here...it's out there!"

    My memory is horrible; why is her nickname "Teefs"? If it's as simple as being related to her teeth, then I apologize for my Alzheimer-like ignorance.

  41. What the hell is going on here? I usually read the comments here and these ones just kinda start in the middle of some argument about who knows what...?

    I cannot make heads or tails of what is being said - but it seems pretty idiotic. What happened to picking on Kade?

  42. @Magistrate,

    Teefs was named Teefs by the blonde because she has huge teeth. Something about eating corn through a chain-linked fence. I thought it was funny... but sadly, I, too, could probably eat corn through a chain-linked fence. (Veneers)

    I guess people are starting to feel sorry for Kade? Someone claimed he is mentally ill, but we all knew that!

  43. Brasco, the Loo is riding the cotton pony.

  44. This got started from Loo saying Kent sucked for not somehow messing with Artshit more than he did. Just a comment asking "What was he supposed to do?" set her off. It went downhill from there. Kent doesn't like pencils. There you go.

  45. Wow!! I stayed after class to clap the erasers and I missed all the fun......is this the dysfunctional lunch table??

    Loo and The Blonde (and many alter egos) have made me laugh, sigh and hit scroll down - sometimes all in the same thread. I'm ashamed to admit I've spent more than a minute wondering who/what you are in real life.

    but I have to agree with Alex - you are becoming what you claim to abhor and you've resorted to throwing around tired, cliched insults. Stick to being witty, wacky and weird (sometimes in a very disturbing, but funny way.....) and this place will not go down the shitter like Arturd's site has.

    And to clear things up, He's Enormous is definately not a housefrau, most certainly not round and would make Artshitz drool all over that spongy foreskin thingy he calls a scarf. And she does NOT drive the carpool. There are too many rules to follow...... ;)

    -Anastasia Beaverhousen

  46. Who is who and what is what here? Anonymous' are to be ignored till they come up with a user name we can pin on them and Loo and Blonde and Kudos are suspect for impersonation at any time. I also think that Blondie is the one you don't want to face in an alley but Loo can be sweet talked or bribed. The Harley jokes were funny. I hate Harleys, they hurt my ears.

    My problem with Kent is that he isn't playing by the rules (there are rules here, common sense ones). He is pretending to be a friend and then using that to make Kade more of a fool than he already is. Some would think that is ok, but it isn't. Kade needs to ruin himself. Anyone who tricks him into suicide is liable for manslaughter. Also, no fighting amongst the ranks. Unless you are an imposter. Then I guess there are no rules for you.

  47. Zombie kade here...

    What are you fucksticks doing here? Get to slapping down artie bitchboy, or get the feck off this site. Priorities, people....

    Now then- who wants to talk about arfus's neo-fiddler on the roof look, and just how stunningly inappropriate it was for scumdance? Or how he has now worked his creepy hoodoo in 3 time zones, scaring people from the East to the West coast, and now the mountain time zone?

    Stay the fuck outta CST, artie you cocknosed pigfucker- we don't like your kind here.

  48. I do not carpool, drinking and driving other people's kids would be irresponsible; I walk to the bus stop. And Loo, don't you have a few crotch droppings of your own? Weird thing for a mom to insult a mom for being a mom.

    Although I know you do not want (or need!) friends nor are we a love match, I have admired your sense of humor in the past--I just think it's unfair to insult someone for not pulling off some Carrie-esque type performance on some harmless retarded guy at a professional event related to their industry. And I do like Kent, but I'd think the same thing if it were James Frey or Steve Ward, both douches.

    To me, the beauty is in letting Art fuck it up himself, so he can't turn around and scream "These crazy people who hated me ruined it all," but maybe that's the journalist in me. I also think Kent really DOES like Arthur, as astonishing as that is, even if it's just for the character that's been created (but I have no idea, that's just my best uninformed guess).

    Anyhoo, thanks to Anastasia for acknowledging my MILFness and Zombie Kade, the hat looks like something Strawberry Shortcake would wear and makes me miss the greasy fedoras. I can't believe he wore it all weekend.

  49. You gotta love when a poster/commenter gets more love and attention than the real subject, AK. You all should really exchange numbers pool you brain cells together and do something creative or beneficial to mankind. Perhaps start a non-profit to teach children with speech impediments to go on to be prolific public speakers or even actors. Maybe even have a comment-a-thon where 10 cents for each of your immature and internet addicted diarrhea of the mouth brain cluster fucked messages could benefit a third world country or even Haiti. I'm just saying you're all concerned with what people think and say. It's the insecure feeding the insecure.. AHHHHH THE CIRCLE OF LIFE.

  50. Mr. Ward's Executive Assistant here:

    your right blonde, at Sundance it's tough skiing the mornings/early afternoons, screening movies after a late lunch, dinner, then screening again, and getting down late into the night to pay Artie much mind. The only time we really crossed paths was at the Twitter Party (which I posted about on the "blob") where he made a splendid ass out of him self. I liked when "Joe" asked if it was just to random for me to run into Art at the "festy" and I said "no not really." why, and with out getting off topic because if you buy a festival pass you get festival party invites. With that being said Arthur was allowed into many of the parties but how he was recieved at those parties is a different matter. Did I say "recieved?" whoa, boy did I just fuck up. Arthur, from what I witnessed was like a blind bull in a China shop that that clodded around with out really being noticed at all. He brought nothing to Sundance except that horrid looking dickey and his mouth drool. I actually felt bad at the Twitter party because Arthur looked really downtrodden as he walked out. And when he wasn't at the after party I knew he didn't have even the lowest level of clout because just about every nobody in attendance was at least somebody in the industry.

    What my wife mentioned this morning before I left for the airport was so funny. She said how can a world famous blogger be a world famous blogger if he dosen't blog everyday? How can the next best male actor in young Hollywood be the next best male actor in young Hollywood if he has never acted in anything? And that she meant what happened to the warrior role that Art was pre cast in? It's a dead horse, I know ,and it has gotten old but WTF keeps art going? There is no morsal of anything happening except his hair loss and chronic habit of repulsing women.

  51. This is funnier than the other blob. Loo and Blond are like Arthur when it comes to grandiose ideas and diarrhea of the mouth goes so it fits that the crowd would turn on them.

  52. All those in favor of the Loo and Blonde going back to Kades site raise your hand.

  53. The Hat!

    Sorry I'm tardy to the party here, but for the past two days I was doing "featured background" on CSI, filming locally here at the Morongo Casino. Which, incidentally, was an experience that shed new light for me on just what an enormous dork Anal is. To pass the time--and there's a lot of time to pass--I posed the question "So, what's your opinion on Arthur Kade?" to several people, including three cast members of CSI, and guess what? Each and every one drew a blank. I know, staggering, right? But based on my experience being "featured background" (i.e., I was a casino security guy dressed in a security uniform and did a couple of scenes where I was crossing in front of the principals), I now consider myself Young Hollywood Rising. Should detractors point out that I am 45 years old and therfore perhaps Middle Age Hollywood Rising, I'll point them in Anal's direction for skooling on that issue.

    Anyway, back to the Hat.

    Strawberry Shortcake? Not quite. I think it's a wee bit more Marcia Brady On A Ski Trip.

    What the hell was he thinking?

  54. Again late checking in, but anon who has a problem with blondie and loo, shut the fuck up. I am getting sick of you. The regulars here don't have a problem with them. And we have names to go by when we do.