Kades New Twitter Bio is Exactly Why People Hate Him

Name Arthur Kade

Location Kadealot, Kearth
Web http://www.arthur...
Bio The Brand-Future Oscar Winning Actor and NY Times Bestselling Author

What? Are you fucking kidding me?

Oh, and the stupid infighting needs to stop. Seriously, Kade is a fucking tool and needs to be mocked, but going after anonymous commentators is just silly.

Hahahahahahahah. Nice hat dildo!


  1. The insertion of "Kade" or the letter K before places, events, locations, etc. is really the proof that his brain doesn't function properly.

    He went to Sundance as a spectator, supposedly networked with people and told them to go to his blog, and then puts a blog post calling the festival "KadeDance" which anybody would totally laugh at, because it's just STUPID!

  2. Oh God, he just compared himself to JD Salinger on twitter.

  3. Someone get a screen shot from the vid of him and his mom in the cemetary. that is the hat she was wearing. me thinks.

  4. How many chicks did he fuck at Sundance? I forget.

  5. You see Matt, with Arthur it is never about what he DID do, but what he could have done.

  6. Kade's twitter says:

    ArthurKade: The brands writing style has been compared 2 j.d. Salingers so its sad 2 c him go. - Thursday, January 28, 2010

    Kade, go fuck yourself and then go to hell. You are a nothing, a total, complete nothing. All you will be remembered for is being a loser, a poor little lying loser. To even call yourself an author is beyond comprehension. We'll never see a book from you, but keep wasting your time at it. You can make all the claims you want asshole, but fact is you will NEVER be on a bestseller list, you will NEVER win a Pulitzer, you will NEVER win an Emmy or an Oscar. That's a fact.

    I mean, you're just baiting people with that twitter post because it's all your good at - being a despicable asshole.

  7. @ His Twitter...Go where? Who's going? Kade? WTF does this mean? Is he stopping the blog?

  8. If there was ever any question about what a ridiculous low-budget, small-time farce this all is, check out the clients for "The Nouveau Image" -- a PR/marketing firm recently started by Teefs and Michele Miller, Fin Face's sycophant enablers: http://www.thenouveauimage.com/clients.html. It's like some coked-up Mobius strip of fame-whoring wanna-bes acting like imbeciles so they can promote their idiocy so they can further their efforts to act like imbeciles.... it makes my brain hurt.

  9. And I am not picking on his friends unnecessarily -- I noted their clients specifically read like Brandoh's constant dribble ... blah blah blah... my step-mom's boutique Raya.....blah blah.... Tits t-shirts...blah blah... new head shots by Lani Lee...blah... Recess (the shititest club ever)... blah... Strongbox. Every last one a client of theirs. So obvious. So pathetic.

  10. Argh. It's stupidity is leaking into my brain. I mean to say... "And I am not picking on his friends unnecessarily -- I noted their PR firm because their clients specifically read like Brandoh's constant dribble ..."

  11. Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick. I really didn't even get my correction right. Damn lisping idiot is making my brain melt with his foolish, juvenile, talentless antics. Bastard.

  12. WTF? What a bunch of low rent wannabe copywriters they must be to write this on that web site:

    "Come to Recess to support the tragic disaster in Haiti."

    What??? To "support" the tragic disaster????? Does that mean to praise it and thank it?

    That web site is awful and looks like it's from 1999.

  13. And look at their mission statement:

    "Our employees are the most important assets; we will develop the highest quality workforce in our industry."

    So tell me, how would that make you feel as a client to know that YOU are not the most important thing, but the employee is more important?

    Amateur hour, just like Kade. A bunch of dummies with no real skill, just pretending to be something they're not.

  14. Aaaaaand just to add a little levity to the mix...


    Who does this remind you all of?

    It even LOOKS like him.

  15. "Come to Recess to support the tragic disaster in Haiti."

    Because some disasters are not "Tragic"

  16. I'd bet a million dollars Arthur hasn't spent hour one with Salinger's work

  17. Artoad probably had no idea who Salinger was before he died.

  18. Thank the kindly Lord that Haiti has undeveloped oil fields - and thank the kindly Lord again for Hollywood celebrities (acting is such manly work ) how wonderful that they give 2 hours of their prime tv time to elicit your money. Thank the kindly Lord for Angelina Jolie, who will now adopt a brave Haitian orphan, this woman doesn't follow trends, she sets them.
    This is the trendiest tragedy since.... oh....the last one...( I was too scared to write 9/11 because I'm a Noel coward)
    Great speech Obama, your cock must have been as rigid as an oil platform, sort of, petroleum spunk dribbling from your greasy frenum - we've got a gusher!

  19. local Canadian tire stores asking the little man to bring in their old smelly tents that mice have made a home in and they will give them to the homeless Haitian peoples. how kind of them. now, wouldn't it be big of them to donate all the nice, brand new tents on the shelves of every Canadian tire store across Canada???

    it also nice to see the local walmart with a collection jar out too, at every cash register. that way the people living below the poverty line can donate what they can.

    I am with EG.

  20. at anon 3:18...buddy i think the word is 'drivel' not 'dribble'. i don't mean to be a dick; we're on the same team. i just wouldn't want you to be embarrassed when not among friends.

  21. Ya, anon 12:24, we know it's 'drivel'... Artard 'dribbles' and 'drools'. I'm sure it was meant as just that.

    Stick to the content, there will not be a quiz.
    I see too many people up in here who are so concerned with grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. There isn't one person on this blog who could ever be as bad a writer as Artie Kadeyshits.

  22. Anon's should think of using names before they call people out. And it is dribble. Kade drools white strings of horrid spit. Picking on something as stupid as one spelling variation when the original works perfectly...

    As for the Nouveau Image, Kade and his kronies (mispell check me on that!!!) talk a big game and do very little just like that company. They are all related and I wonder who has the cash to keep them going. These people party off of something, who pays for it? The Nouveau Image is Teefs and Michelle Miller, right? Is it all Michelle's money? Teefs has nothing. (I dont even remember her name any more, it is just teefs now)

  23. Kade's arrogance and conceit is the undoing of him. He gains no followers and loses the few who would find him an under-dog worth rooting for because of it. He is an asshole and no one likes him.

    If you brag you had better have a good reason to. If you need friends, you had better be friendly and like-able. Someone tell Kade that.

    EG -- Haiti has part of it's head on straight. Brangelina can't adopt. They have weird rules. You have to be married 10 years or more, you have to be 19 years older or more than the child you want to adopt, you can't have any other children. They want childless oldsters to take children on. For myself, I have three cats, I can't take on any extra responsibilities. You seem to have lessons to teach though, what about you?

  24. @raddaX2 ...Teefs = Lindsay Furman, and Nouveau is Teefs and Michele Miller. I was also wondering about the funding of all of this myself...!