Tucker Max to Arthur Kade: Fuck Off

A reader who knows Tucker Max sent us this priceless screen shot from his iPhone. They were talking last night and our reader asked TM about Lispy McSlobberfuck, who Tucker has never, ever heard of (before last night). For the record, Tucker never looked it up, Kade is just another Gen Popper trying to name drop and Tucker didn't have time for that shit.

Pretty much speaks for itself. Yes, Arthur Kadyshes is still a cock gobbling, lying, fin faced failure.

Thanks to our reader for sending it in. Other tips? legowigkade@gmail.com


  1. This is so great. Kade had an entire video of a girl basically (as it appears now) lying about Tucker Max knowing who he is.

    It's rightfully fitting that he has NO FUCKING IDEA who Kade is, because NOBODY knows who Kade is. He's just a miserable fame seeking idiot who is ruining his life in the process of attempting to become an actor. Where Kade says he's an international celebrity, a simple "Who?" from someone far more famous than Kade proves otherwise.

    Up your fucking gay ass Arthur!

  2. It's kind of like they're in some Douche Olympics, and neither brings anything to the table, but HAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

  3. I never watch the vidoes, but did that cockhole really sue the word "chillin".

    Aye conyo.


  4. Tucker Max is a U of Chicago graduate/Duke Law graduate who gave up being a lawyer, wrote a few books, and got a movie made about his antics. He's a misogynist douche, but to put him in the same sentence as Kade is an insult, because at least Tucker Max got something out of being a douchebag. Kade is a moron.

  5. i think even kade is bored by himself ... he doesn't post anymore ... i'm glad ... all he does is swear he has big time announcements coming ... then its like: "IM GOING TO NYC THIS WEEKEND!" "I HAVE AN AUDITION!" ... all he has done has wasted all of our time .. he's never going to be an actor and going around being a pompous idiot is only interesting for a while.... even HE has run out of ideas....

    he's claiming he's going to australia now according to twitter ... kade, a word of advice, your haters are bored. your days are no longer numbered, they are over. save the last of your money, where ever that may be coming from .. you will be booking appointments and sweeping the floor at your rapist dad's salon before you know it....

    i have found new fame whores to be disgusted by. tila tequila exploiting casey johnson's death can hold my attention nowadays ... at least someone actually died in that situation, so there was some sort of actual event that transpired ...

    kade, you are done. we have moved on. julia allison gets sony commercials. you barely get let into d-list nightclubs.

    bye, lispy.

  6. Well if it says "Tucker Max" on the top of the screen it most certainly must really be him. Great work guys!!!

  7. ......from the little Vietnamese slag's website;

    .....'Tila’s goal is not only to make a place for herself in the musical landscape, but to use her unique positioning as a web-created phenomenon to help change the entire music business.

    The fearlessness harnessed from her past has given her enough strength and resolve to take a new route in her music career by turning down major record deals in favor of staying in control of her own rights and art, and allowing her to continue to chart a new course in how things are done in entertainment.

    Part of that process will allow her to unleash her recordings on the public in unconventional ways. "I Love U", the first song to drop, produced by platinum crunkmaster Lil Jon, will be launched online and will only be available digitally.'

    ....... the little cunt has a hair lip...Anyway, I rang Tila for an interview for 'The Times', England's premiere newspaper, and here's the transcription of our conversation. I swear on the life of baby Jesus and his mother's unbroken hymen, it is an accurate transcription;

    ...'you won sucky fucky? Me sucky fucky wi you, big boy.'

    ....' Pardon?'

    ....' Me big fuckeen star, me lick rich girl smelleee cunt, now me on tele big star. You know Arder Kade? Me fucky sucky Arder, he no big star li me, he fuckeeen lil girl. Me big cerebridee, me on My Pace, got 2 mirrion frend, you got big cark?''

    .....'Er, sorry?'

    ' Wor you fuckeeen wont, Ingreesh boy? You wont sucky cark? Me sucky cark for jus you, an rick your balls, vely please you, Ingreesh boy. You know Queen? She no big star li me. You wont fucker my arse wi your big cark?'

    ....'er, pardon me?'

    ....'Yeah, you see me on terry, an in Prayboy. Me got 2 mirrion frends on My Pace. You wonna rick my poosy?'


    .....' You no fuckeeen good. Like Arder Kade. He big fuckeen ryer. Me go now, me sucky fucky dad for ole time sake'

    .....' Ah, ummmm....'

  8. EG....

    Sucky cark... precious!

    Love it.

    Thank you!

  9. Let's make this a tila site!!

  10. If anyone wants to administer the site as a Tila Tequila site, just drop us an email... I think than can be accomodated. Obviously, you'd have to promise to not take down any of the Kade stuff we've thrown together.

  11. The ennui we're all feeling is running through the site like a rampant plague.
    I've enjoyed it here, there have been some cracking posts, very funny....and basically that's really what life's about, isn't it - ripping the piss out of your Arthurs and your Tila Ngyumens and Allisons etc....LegoWig is also affected by the Kadyshes' ennui....they've done a marvellous job but I think it's lived a natural life and is now on life support, it can't breathe unaided. I suggest you switch the machine off...could you write an open letter to Arthur that we could all sign, thanking him for his prime cut cuntery that has entertained us, and wishing him all the best in his 'journey'....but we won't be making that journey with him any longer, we're leaving the valley. Let's face it, nothing has developed out for him....nothing at all, it has basically been watching days pass, and days pass..............anyway, I too shall be returning to the 419ers and having some sport with those gentlemen, in particular a certain Mr Austin Chidubem, who currently has £3m all ready to be deposited in my bank account. I've told Mr Chidubem I am a vicar running a home for orphaned teenage young ladies with terminal illness....and he still wants to empty my bank account...so I think this cunt is more worthy of my time than Arder.
    Well done anyway Mr LegoWig for what you've done with this site, it has been a good laugh, whether you continue or not, thankyou Sir.
    english gentleman ( from Kent, the garden of England and birthplace of the 'chavs'.)

  12. Please keep this going in some fashion until Lispy crashes and burns...I refuse to go to his site, so this is the only way I'll find out. Please please please!!

  13. I'm with EG... take it off life support. Pull the plug. Who really cares anymore anyway? If anything ever happens to him, we'll hear it through the grapevine. Or not. He doesn't deserve the attention of any of us. He's just an old Philthy club lizard with nothing going for him, he'll never be anything more than a dried up old failure. Not that he was ever attractive, but in the short 3.4584989 months we've been shatting upon his blob, he has gone from "interesting" looking to "Bah Gawd! What an ugly mook!" Every aspect, every wet word, every thought, every dilusion is so foreign to me... We have literally 'slummed it' paying attention tho this creature. What was once fun has now turned into a puddle of regurgitation tickling my uvula. And no Tila Nguyenquila for me. 'It' looks like a still-born chihuahua that has been shocked to life. Barrrrf! I will follow you, Legowig, into the Mists of Avalon! As for Ardvargk and his jacker-wonkeyed bunch... eh... not worth my time.

    I'd really love to hear some more Canterbury Tales from EG! :)

    Thanks, Wig!

  14. By the way... Tila Tenguyenquila is so PopEater/TMZ. This place is more Avant Garde... don't tarnish the memory with cheap booze. If you're gonna do that, you may as well hoist up the Jon Goss thread... Oof!

  15. Interesting idea, EG, I will consider the "open letter" idea. We know he reads here, so it would be one last way to say "fuck you".

  16. i think we should keep it merely for the insider tips and stuff .. doesnt need to be as intense as before... but occassionally reposting his posts and pix that are interesting so we can keep his page view count down and posting insider tips .... because if anyone tried to do that on his site, it would be taken down asap

  17. Agreed, keep the place around as record of the failure that is Kade. No need to re-blog as he's re-blogging himself now that's he's run out of ideas/shock value.
    It'll be a useful place to go to for insider updates like Kade getting banned from yet another establishment, Kade getting punched the fuck out (as is long overdue to happen), women of Philly can post thier narrow escapes from the rapey grasp of Kade and give warning to their self-resecting, non-polar bear sisters and ultimately....the event we've all been waiting for, Kade found in his empty apartment after being dead for two weeks of an overdose/suicide,/righteous murder.

  18. Yup... I'm bored also, but I keep thinking that something has to happen to AK that will be a beautiful climax to this tragedy. You gotta keep posting insider information and relevant updates - I know my addiction to this trainwreck will entice me to look at the real site and I don't want to do that... don't you make me, Legowig!!!

  19. As for insider info, the blonde in arturd's pics from the weekend is Heather Payne. "Former" model extraordinaire that did the Eastern European and catalog circuit back in the mid 90's. Not much google info on her but we have mutual friends. I modeled back then in high school (not something I speak of often), and it's the modeling industry equivalent of driving a used Honda. Not really something to brag about; in fact its usually something you'd rather not talk about. Don't get me wrong, she's a very pretty...uh, cougar...but as usual the caliber of turdy's nontourage remains z-list.

    I'm trying to get an alert out to her since I suspect she's got no idea what she's in for. Particularly now that she's on the Wig.


  20. haha, the Heather Payne tip is so funny.

  21. zombie kade here....

    Yeah, lispy mcslobberfuck is played. Well, yeah he was played when he started but now he's sad, boring, and played.

    EG is on to something- an open letter where we can each leave one last spatter of scat for the two legged pimple is a grand idear.

    Artoad, you lisping slobbery fuckstick- game over.

  22. Shrink here:

    I just perused the contents of Anal Mc Mouth drool's latest dripping and festering cyber stool of a posting and feel sorry for the three people that did post. The guest blogger routine is awful and so is Arturds oppurtunistic explaination of what it takes to be one of the nontourage.

    I can only say that posting on his site should stop all together because its the only attention that he ever gets and he dosen't deserve or warrent any of it. I cancled his twitter feed and deleted him as a friend on facebook and now only hope that The last we ever hear of him is that he has quietly passed away. I'll go to the service but only to drop a brown bag of feces into his open casket to make his odor be quelled by something less pungent.

    Salutations Arturd, you deserve the worst...

  23. Damn...and I have 2 more voicemail and video ideas! Some of you people are leaving? Giving up? Throwing in the ol' greasy, slobber-covered towel? I would agree that UnLaid hasn't made any progress lately (or managed to piss us all off so much that it's increased our hate of him to a higher level), but ya never know with him!
    I don't visit as often because I've been busy with other projects, but once in awhile I drop by to see what's new (if anything).
    As per a comment I left on one of King GagmetoHell's newer blogs:
    Arthur's website is like an open house party, with Arthur himself being the host. The lot of us show up, people who don't really know or like him, but we party there anyway, making fun of him and wrecking his place in the process. It seems to me that, at this point in time, the night is no longer young but over and the sun is slowly rising (bringing back that groggy 6 AM feeling). A lot of the partygoers have left; there are still a few about, huddled in groups, talking, drinking, playing games...but they're winding down from the night of destruction. The "open letter" idea may represent the last of the partygoers who struts out the (broken) front door, throwing a half-empty beer can at a passed-out Kade (who's on the couch, covered in felt marker, cigarette butts, and beer cans), calling out an obscenity or two at him as he exits...
    But there's always another weekend, another house party, another unsuspecting host out there who thinks that this party will make them popular and well-liked among both acquaintance and foe...just as Kade thought. Oh, how wrong they will be.
    As the last of the partygoers walks across the front lawn, passing by destroyed lawn furniture, the first rays of the sun illuminating his face, he grins...for he knows this too.

  24. To those doubting the legitimacy of that actually being Tucker Max, be assured it was indeed him.

    His phone number is available by simply watching his movie. He says it himself on his website that once in a while if he feels the text he gets is worthy of a response, you will get a response...and that is exactly what happened....

  25. Has anyone seen lispys new post w/the "guest blog?" it's quite amusing. It's obviously written by himself as he wishes or believes his life to be ... This is why we can't shut down this site completely bc we need a forum to talk about this nonsense and I prefer it to not take place on ak's site!

  26. Mr. Ward's Executive Assistant:

    I'm here in Park City & can't wait for Arthur to "make his presence felt." the people that I represent & myself feel that Arthur has outlived his 15.0977765545786546 minutes of pseudo fame and has now sunk to an all time low as far as visits to his blog are concerned so it really makes no sense to continue posting on "his" blog. My wife just checked her facebook & Art is updating it as if it were Twitter. He seems desperate for attention and he is just not getting it.

    I hope that Lego here goes open letter format so that the true body of haters can still lob virtual feces at the fin faced faggot.

    I can't wait to see Arthur be like jay leno and announce that since he isn't pulling the ratings he has to shut down the blob.

  27. Jess B:

    I checked Art's blog to see where he would be tonight and and was so happy to see that his site is all " butt defunkt." I almost went to Rouge and then quickly changed plans & went somewhere else. Like I said before, after seeing art in that hallway in Recess where he was hollow eyed, smelled like shit and rancid body odor and grazed my arm was a horrifying experience. It makes me so happy that his blog is being led out back to get "the old yelled" I think That Im goning to celebrate.

  28. Hedi Montag:

    Spencer told me to check out arthur's blog because he wanted me to see that I'm not the biggest fame whore wanna be celebrity douchebag out there. Since everyone is posting here I didn't want to be an outsider so I just followed suite. Spencer told me I was ugly and that he would leave me if I didn't get the procedures and I am telling Arthur that if he dosent get surgery even dog food commercials will continue to be out of his league.

  29. Magistrate--

    No one is "giving up", we're just fucking bored. However, if you email me, we can discuss you taking over the site. The site will be left up FOREVER, as a monument to the Fin Faced Douchetard. However, it's a waste of our time to keep it update if we're personally growing very bored. If you have ideas, shoot us an email and we can talk about you taking over the helm.

    No matter what, we will do at least one bigtime "wrap up" of videos, pictures, voicemails, etc. And an open letter by us site admins, to which people can comment and add whatever they want.

    The issue is simply an issue of boredom. Kade's act was stale in October, if not before. However, we had compelling and hilarious insider info to share with the world, so we kept going for a while. The arrests, the eyewitness reports, the comments from his (mostly former) friends, the photoshops, the videos, etc.

    We'll go out with a bang OR someone will take over the site. What I'm not going to do is put any real time into a blog that has already made its point about Arthur Kadyshes being a lisping, lying loser.

    In fact, the only reason Arthur can claim any level of interest or any "fans" are because a small handful of people constantly bomb his blog with comments and give him the attention he craves. There's no way even Arthur can be interested in his so-called journey at this point. Aside from the late night partying, drinking, female-nonsexing, and coke binging. The only thing keeping him going is seeing people comment on his poorly-written juvenile vanity blog.

  30. Another way to say how I feel is:

    If there is anything worthwhile to do vis a vis Kade, I'm not the one to do it. No point in doing something that bores you. We've built up a solid amount of information on this site and we have open lines of communication to tipsters. We will report when Kade goes postal. Til then, if you guys want original content on a regular basis, someone new needs to step up.

  31. Customer Dispute Filed Against Arthur Kadyshes

    Alleged Damages: $8,653.86

  32. Unfortunately, that customer dispute was resolved on December 15, 2009

    "Our review found the client received disclosure of the annuity surrender charges through the signed application, prospectus and contract"

    Really, really good try though!

  33. I emailed CLEO to tell them that Finface was illegally posting a copy of their article. Might be nothing... but might cause a little grief ;)

  34. Arthur Kade was a scummy insurance salesman who made money selling things like variable annuities, which are horrible deals for the customer. Arthur probably had no idea how the contracts were structured, but it's true, the investor would've had a contract that had a clause like "I have received and read the prospectus". Usually, it's best to buy from someone who is a) smart enough to act in your best interests, which Kade is not and b) plans to stay in the industry a long time, which means they care about their reputation (it's pretty fucking obvious Kade doesn't care about his reputation, just look at this site and see what a loser he is and his friends are)

  35. Variable annuities are not "horrible deals for the customers" -- they're just not meant for everyone and unfortunately, a lot of shops push them on grandmas living off life insurance money when it isn't appropriate for them.

    But, like any financial product, there are risks and rewards and, for some clients, it is an entirely suitable product.

    This has nothing to do with Kade; just don't want people running their mouths about things they don't understand.

  36. is anyone following this arthur kade shit show of sundance?

    anyone know if he really flew first class or who he went with?

  37. Ahh...It was fun while it lasted. Arthur's fifteen minutes of 'fame' is over.

    present the
    PHILLY INDUSTRY LOUNGE at sundance.come to philly rahrahrah.i bet he tagged along as a waiter.
    dude,you are always alone.did i miss the unveiling of the buffed out new bod?that guest blogger bullshit was so no true.lmao.
    i am sad the scooby gang wants to break up cuz of boredom.w/o arturd hounding him he barely tweets anymore.love the new hat.the orange tan? i have no words.