To make a long story short: Kade is fucking boring

I want to address this post to our readers and tipsters, concerning the present and future of this blog. I haven't been around a lot lately and my interest in Kadyshes (both the father douchebag and the son douchebag) has diminished considerably. My thoughts grew out of my answer to an email from a fan of our blog. The fan wrote:
On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 2:34 PM, J__________ <[j_______]@gmail.com> wrote:
How Have you guys not commented on this?
I initially responded with a pretty long-winded reply:

to answer your question: combination of ennui/boredom, kade's act getting stale, and not wanting to give him pageviews. it's been 11 months and it's the same shit over and over. we've been reblogging it for 5 months now! it gets old! the only reason we write anything original now is bc our fans are awesome and email us promising tips/leads and bc we can just copy/paste kade's story for open comments. we can't bring ourselves to care enough to work on it...

i can't speak for all the other editors of the blog, but it certainly seems like we're torn between wanting to keep roasting him and just letting him toil in obscurity, each day becoming more and more obscure and pathetic. this is why some of our tactics have been to report on original content (the truth behind him and the nontourage and his parents) rather than to re-blog his posts. just in case (1% chance) anyone considers him for a reality show, we don't want producers/casting people to see that his youtube videos get significant hits. and the only way he'll get those hits is if we keep giving him attention. all the comments we get from philly people show that kade is relatively unknown and obscure, except amongst a particular strata of party people--the type that go to "clubs", try to hook up, try to impress people even though they're kind of stupid, and tend towards casual drug use. i can't get that excited about bashing on those types of losers. easy targets, to say the least.

as a community (not just the site admins, but also the commentors and tipsters) we have already shown the world that "the emperor has no clothes" (i.e. that kade is a fraud). it was satisfying, but most of the satisfaction has gone out of it. i blog at a few other sites and i have message boards like 419eater.com to keep me busy/entertained. the site rebloggingns.wordpress.com is also a great read because the fameball in question is more interesting and has a few connections, puts up a good fight, etc (i recommend that blog to all our readers). at this point, kade is a passing amusement for 5 minutes, 2 or 3x a week. it's also kind of like torturing a dumber-than-average monkey at this point. kade doesn't put up a good fight on his end, so it's sad.

sorry if that's not the answer you wanted... probably the way you could help LWK Blog the most is to spread the word and just post comments. the site will stay up forever as a monument to these douches and we will copy down his idiotic posts for posterity. so if you're interested, that will always be there.
Most of us have real jobs and real lives, so our time to deal with Kade is limited. I'm a resident physician in Psychiatry and within a few months of starting this place, Kade had already run his course for me, after I commented on his mental illness and examined his sickness from a few perspectives. When I said it feels like we're poking a chimpanzee with a stick (up above), that was a sign that we've dehumanized Kade, because we don't want to feel that a human behave so stupidly. When I meet with patients, I don't point at them and laugh, I try to size up what is wrong, what I can do for them, and how I can help them end their pain. It's pretty presumptuous for all of us to assume Kade isn't dealing with a lot of pain/trauma. I'm convinced most of his actions are a way of masking a deep inner emptiness--people do this everyday, and just because Kade is more public about it or has less class doesn't make it right to laugh. The solution I've come up with is that we should keep this blog open, to promote the truth behind the lies and allow public, uncensored commenting (unlike Kade's blog). We have enough moderators and editors to post up Kade's crap so we can save it for posterity. However, I think I've come to the end of wanting to actively participate in the mockery of Arthur Kade.

I just wanted to post this so our readers can see what's going on at this point... Feel free to comment below. This site has become sort of a community, where funny comments and good tips win out over boring douchebaggery at Kade's blog. You all have been a big reason this thing took off and that's why I wanted to share this email and these thoughts with you. Also, for all the tipsters and people who know Kade, keep sending in the information, because it's been useful in establishing the truth behind this crap. If Kade knew who some of these people are who tip us off, he would seriously die. He thinks a lot of these people are his friends, it's really funny stuff.


  1. It's all been like having one sparkler on forth of July. Once lit you could wave it around try to make it seem fun but soon it fizzles out. All that's left is a burned stick or strand of metal that is useless for any other purpose other than garbage. Good job douchefag!

  2. kade is over. we're all bored by him. thank god for you guys b/c his site is even worse and trolled by pathetics that keep his page views up.

    lets find something else to concentrate our creativity on

  3. @ Anon...8:38pm

    Fuck you and your backhanded compliments. Take your own advice and find something else to concentrate on like maybe not associating with kade. Speaking of trolls...

  4. Lego-- I've grown completely bored of Kade. Originally I thought he was a bit of a genius, by creating such a deplorable character drawing hatred then fame. Unfortunately, the reality is that his experiment has turned into nothing and I almost pity him for his obvious emotional issues with this added failure. I've been tornat times whether or not to introduce him to a casting friend of mine that places people on reality shows (survivor, big brother, biggest loser-giggle-, etc). Boredom of his current repetitive act tells me to hook him up with a show....my love for mankind and all things right say to let the inevitible failure continueon it's course. Thoughts?

  5. I... I... can't believe this is goodbye...

  6. I found a cure for the common Kade.

    Since stumbling upon Anal's inanity, I will admit that at times I became a wee bit obsessed. Like passing an accident on the highway where one minute you are cursing the fools who tie up traffic by slowing down to look, and then there you are, slowing down to look. But then I took a nice nine day trip to Costa Rica and upon my return--guess what?--I find I couldn't care less.

    Before starting his blob, Anal was a shallow and depraved doofus. In his blob, we got a lot of insight on just how much of a shallow and depraved doofus Anal is. And thirty years from now, if he's still breathing, Anal will be a shallow and depraved doofus.

    Do I really want to be around for that?

    Well, no.

    I'm done.

  7. Damn...this has been fun. I refuse to go to his site and add to his hit count, so I guess it's over!

    *sigh* it's been fun...

  8. I'll still read his posts, but frankly it has gotten boring. He offers nothing new or unique, aside from a uniquely insane view of the world and himself. That view is nothing to be proud of.

    We all know there's no TV show, no book, no nothing, just a bunch of major exaggerations based on insignificant conversations that may have taken place with IMG or Trident. But I don't even believe that.

    The very sad part is that Arthur is proud of what he's doing. He's proud of lying to everyone, he's proud of his health declining, of having Diabetes, of being unable to get in perfect shape, of failed auditions and even bragging about getting an audition for something that is in no way connected to Hollywood. He's proud of trying to be a con artist and lie his way to stardom. He's proud of the lack of talent he has because otherwise he'd be less interesting.

    He's proud of saying the same thing over and over as if it's new and groundbreaking, but it's just another dumb account of another dumb night at a bar. He's proud of wearing 3D glasses with the lenses popped out and thinking this is fashionable. The list goes on and on and on.

    If his desire is to create the ultimate train wreck, he's doing a great job. But why on earth would someone want to be known for so much failure? The answer escapes me.

  9. Well, I am on my way back to Ireland where I spend most of the year and only have dial-up (irish husband, long story) and so you won't see much of me around either. (things take so looonnnnggggg to load on 56k [pity me greatly], and for some reason legowig acts like it is wall to wall photos even on broadband -- meaning ridiculously slow to load) I will be around, but not half as much. It looks like the party is winding down for most of everyone. :( But to Artie I say :P

  10. Keep hope alive Team Lego -- you're right on re: not even bothering about his stupid, empty posts. It's all the same sh*t, different day. No need to recap. We all have real lives.

    But I love the tips that people send in, and the unfettered ability to post here. So let's keep those tips coming in people! Team Lego: you will always rule. Rock on Team Lego, rock on!

    Oh, and Artee... yawn fest kiddo. You've grown boring and repetitive.

  11. I wasn't saying we'd take the site down or even stop posting TOTALLY. I think we will just recap his posts every few days, just pasting them and putting up the particularly stupid/awkward pictures or pictures with his "enablers". In addition, we'll always allow all comments that aren't pure spam or legally actionable (threats and so forth).

    I think we all need to take stock and wind it down, though. He's a moronic cock gobbler, but we don't want to spend our time pointing that out FOREVER.

    Last thing--tips can always be sent. AND I expect that when Kade's lies finally shatter and something big happens, this blog will be the place to read the juicy inside stuff from sources that we have close to His Douchtardness. So check back here and there. Just thought I'd be honest that I think all of our interest is far below it's peak in late summer/early fall.


  12. I feel like a puppy in this Kade experience. I don't have Parvo but I was given a chew toy. I've chewed on it, dragged it around the yard, tore it apart, left it out in the rain, buried it, dug it up and now I am just not interested anymore. It's old and tattered. It smells like poop and is weathered. I have far better toys in my basket and I'm just gonna leave it in the yard until it decomposes. I may go sniff at it once in a while until it gets sucked up in the lawnmower.

    Today's post was fun, though. He actually had some colorful people in the gallery. That many more people he has repulsed.


    Keep on keepin' on!


  13. Shit She DisappearedJanuary 14, 2010 at 5:31 PM

    You guys are rockstars. You put up the good fight when many - myself included- simply grew bored of the shit-tossing monkey and his tired dance. Best of luck you guys, you've been great fun to read.

    Here's to a reunion special when Kade brings the journey to its proper end: double murder suicide.

  14. @author of this legowig post

    i'd just like to say, that for a person who is preparing for a career in psychiatry you should be absolutely ASHAMED of yourself. great that you've decided to stop your berating at this point. but you, the author of this blog, have been one of the most vile haters of all. and while i do not support arthur in anyway....certain people (in your field specifically) should have a higher moral/ethical standard. You should realize that certain things that the general public may be able to get away with saying are absolutely off limits to a person in your profession. can you imagine if a future patient of yours ever found out what you have published about another human being on this blog? you better hope you haven't done to your future what arthur has done to his. i'm sickened.

  15. Anonymous - grow a nutsack motherfucker! You're a pussy and we only needed one post from you to see that.

  16. Oh, Lord, Anon 5:55, you're pathetic. It's not as if the Legowig psychiatrist intern had been marching in a KKK rally or had murdered a small pet. He just ridiculed a famewhore. What is so frigging immoral and unethical about that? Arthur set himself up for public debate by trying as hard as he could to make himself a celebrity. Ridicule is a natural consequence.

  17. Just imagine...two galaxies, far away, that have been a bit off kilter, suddenly align themselves in perfect syncronicity....and God is made happy.....and the equilibrian of the universe is restored....and Arthur looks in the mirror that morning....and the galactic shift has opened his eyes.....and the cunt sees himself truly as others do, the delusion has vanished with the wobbling planets - now everything is real....... he'll kill himself. Now that really will turn him into a superman (and all that German bollocks). Anyway, I hope he doesn't, I hope he keeps plugging away, asking strangers to rate his looks, tell lie after lie, I hope he keeps the mind that so easily turns rejection into acceptance - like I've said before, I have a certain warmth for the silly cunt - and having read that Allison girl's stuff, my word, she is one almighty cunthole of a human....Arthur is Mother fucking Theresa in comparison (Mother fucking Theresa...pml ).
    I hope I do get to see him on tele....I'd sit there laughing, I'd slap my thigh and do a brilliant Chuck Heston....' he did it.... he finally fucking did it'.

  18. Boring with a capital 'B'...Same old crap, same crappy 'acting' videos...yawn. I've given up on hating Kade.

  19. @Loo,

    He actually didn't have any grossly disfigured broads and most gay people are fabulous anyway, so I'll take GAY over GUNT anyday.

    VIVA TEEFS! Where is that stupid bitch?


  20. Teefs (Lindsay Furman) is disgusting. I don't just mean her awful hair and fashion choices, I mean her inability to write standard English or make life choices. That's one of the things I've learned most from this blog. After all, we knew Kade sucked from reading his blog, but the suckitude of the Nontourage has really come to light things to this blog.

  21. I finally get it w/ Arthur Kade!!!
    He works for Nicole Cashman, who thinks she is the best and greatest PR person in the world...and AK is nothing more than bad PR (but it's like they say, any press is good press)
    Nicole Cashman is going out to sundance to promote herself, her firm and she says she's promoting Philadelphia..Nicole Cashman also is the PR firm for Philly Films, so it's all making sense to me.

    AK's friends all work for, or are associated with Nicole Cashman, who is def connected w/ the loser known as AK.

    Almost all pictures or events that AK attends is rep'd by Nicole Cashman...

    I think that AK believes that he is the greatest thing ever, and now that I know that he's associated w/ Cashman, i think it's all abt PR also, and since AK is abt PR (bad PR, but PR), then this all makes a lot of sense to me!!!

  22. Nicole Cashman reps via her PR firm the following places:

    The restaurant he was taking pics at last night (Dan Stern's place, who's a good guy and I'm shocked he'd serve food to AK, bc Dan is the opposite of what AK stands for or what is abt)

    AK is getting paid by Nicole Cashman. Folks, this is what the reality of AK is!


  23. If this is true, it's so freaking sad. Philly is screwed if these things are even remotely true.

  24. Shilly is a fithole. Everyone is a fugly bucking astard. Cicole Nashman appears to be a bat fitch who is hull of ferself. She says she is "a highly effective vehicle for building a brand's recognition and enhancing it's distinction in the market"... She is the monger behind the brand that is arthur kade that will wind up on the shelf at the 99 cent store... great show! good job!

  25. Kade isn't "working" for anyone--not Nicole Cashman, not Ron Hansen, not anyone. There are regulations about disclosing your interests for bloggers. The federal regulations went into affect in December. Kade hasn't disclosed any pay-for-post or any pay arrangements at all. No endorsements, nothing.

    The only thing he gets is psuedo-VIP treatment from his loser friends that work in "PR" (the illiterate one, Lindsay Furman)

  26. Yeah....I've been done with Kadyshes for quite a while, too. I've been boycotting his site since we all decided to do so. Haven't really been reading his crap but I have seen some of the new videos. Looks like he's resorted to telling people he's somewhat famous and harrassing old ladies and cab drivers. And of course, crying in the shower. Seems like some folks still find it amusing to leave comments on his blergh, and those comments have ceased being funny or engaging. I too have been struggling with the propriety of shitting on someone who so clearly has serious mental health issues and isn't getting the help he needs. So, that's it. I'm done, too. It's been surreal. Thanks, guys.

  27. I dislike Arthur Kade a little more each time I see a new video, or a new Twitter post or a new blog post. I ask myself why I pay attention to this guy and I really have no answer...but I do...and it's not that I am supporting him, it's that it's so mindnumbing that someone this stupid exists. That's pretty much the story for all of us. We're intrigued that someone could think so highly of a life of nothing.

    I am waiting for something to happen, whether it be a complete meltdown, someone beating him up, him getting arrested for drugs, overdosing on the cocaine he clearly uses....SOMETHING....he hasnt been mentioning his "deal with IMG Media" that often lately or his "NY Time Best Selling Book"...you gotta wonder how these things ever entered his mind. What REALLY happened? Has anyone attempted to get in touch with either of these companies?

    I feel like one day he's going to write a blog or make a video saying "you know what, I finally get it, I finally realize that I am a total loser that cannot act - I lie, I use drugs, I drink too much - I need help and I am going to get it - so The Journey has ended" but that day will never happen, he just keeps looking up like things are going so well when they're not. The people around him just encourage him which only makes everything worse. It's just lost its luster - at one point it was hilarious but now it's just tedious to keep up with this idiot and I feel no better than him giving this asshole attention.

    Nothing good will ever happen - but the biggest problem is that people make fun of this guy and he takes it as a compliment. This CLEO article is ridiculous, they're clearly just blown away that a piece of shit like this exists....and to him this is just a step forward.

    This is just awful. I feel like I'm over it at this point and he just makes me sick. He lives in a fantasy world (Kadealot) that isnt even funny anymore. Fuck you Arthur.