Sabrina Strickland: A Fitting Sidekick to Fin-Faced Kade

Numerous people have told us that Sabrina Strickland has a narcotic drug history. Sabrina, in case you forget which one she is, is the manly-sounding, middle-aged girl who can be seen/heard in some of Arthur Kade's videos where he harasses or degrades women. We held back on publishing the tips we received, but we recently received a docket sheet from Pennsylvania Criminal Court relating to drug possession, conspiracy to distribute, and a couple other counts. It's an old charge, from when she was about 23 (she is now 33 yrs old) but it does explain her poor decision making, confusing behavior and choices (hanging with Kade as a 33 yr old), and possibly her manly voice as well. She didn't have her game together then and rather than get her life together now, she's hanging with the biggest loser douchebag we've ever seen.

Here's the docket sheet. Make of it what you will.

Here's our previous reporting on Sabrina's eviction situation and past criminal fines.

Have tips related to the Kade farce? Send to legowigkade@gmail.com .


  1. Um....not her DOB. Sorry.

  2. you mean.....not his DOB, sorry

    Sabrina she stood in the dock
    She'd hidden cocaine in her sock
    But the cops didn't guess
    That under her dress
    Was a big hairy ballsack.... and cock

  3. Yes it is I just checked her ID

  4. It is her bday... remember, she just had a bday party last fall (Kade attended). She is now 33 years old.

  5. Folks, not exactly the place to let you all know, but this is what i just posted over at Cock Gobbler's site:

    Hey, Cock Gobbler, I haven't posted on here since December and haven't read anything since then either, but I have to now let you know this:

    I'm gone.

    See ya Cock Gobbler!

    Yes, MC 900 Foot Douchebag is leaving you. Why you may ask? Well because you're boring. You were boring MONTHS ago, but I kept sticking with you because I enjoyed abusing you in a creative way and enjoyed the others who abused you in a creative way.

    This I do promise: I'll be back in 2011 to be one of the first to post about you failing in your quest to do anything other than exactly what you've done for the past year... NOTHING.

    Fuck you Kadyshes! See ya in 2011 when you're exactly where you are now, if you're lucky to not be lower.

    Oh, if you want me to post sooner than January 2011 you'll have to kill yourself. That will be the only thing you can accomplish in 2010 that will bring you ANY type of notoriety.

    Keep gobbling the cock you fucking coked out loser!

  6. it's definitely the same sabrina. that date is the same date kade mentioned of a party for an "entourage" (LOL) member. and that is sabrina strickland's age (33 yrs old)

  7. yeah guys it's her.. another cracked out coke dealer,

    chad, tony, sabrina, etc. etc. justin fine.. COKE DEALERS/USERS

  8. Obviously Kade is living a partying lifestyle into his mid 30's that will ultimately catch up with him, but has no one else that blogs on this or his site ever used drugs and/or partied in a club? Does that really matter?
    To me, their choice to party is their business.....its their attitude, delusions of being celebrities, and utter cluelessness to what matters in life that are punishable offenses.

  9. what a bunch of douchebag tools