Development Deal With IMG Media - UPDATED

I do not doubt that we will NEVER hear anything about this ever again.  The voices in his head are really fucking with him now.  More from the twisted and tormented mind of soulless fame whore Arthur Kadyshes...

****UPDATED**** I added what Cock Gobbler added to the end of his previous entry (left it in black) and uploaded his pictures.  Dude actually took a picture of the sink in the men's room.  He is  truly disturbed.  Looking at the pictures of his family I see that IMG Media is looking to do a reality show or a re-make of The Addams Family or The Munsters.  Maybe Lindsay J. Furman will get to play Marilyn.
Now that Arthur Kade and “The Journey” have begun to cross into the mainstream consciousness of the global Gen Pop, one of the amazing things that comes with becoming a HUGE name in “The Biz” is that people want to see how you are changing it, and doing things that have never been done before. My blog has been a perfect example of people becoming obsessed with “The Journey” and every little thing that I am doing (Hair Color, Auditions, Dating, Acting Classes, etc.), and every move that I am making, and more importantly how one young man can take all of his physical and mental gifts, and translate them into such a perfect example of drive and success. With that being the case, I have become so big that one of the largest, most successful, most well known production and representation companies, IMG, has agreed to a development deal with The Brand to create the most unique, innovative, and cool television Show ever produced and broadcast. Let the bidding war begin amongst the “A-list” Network Executives.
Our goal is to create something that has never been done before, and will be rev and for television and incorporate all of the amazing aspects that are Arthur Kade and will (I may bring down National Work Productivity, and potentially hurt company’s stock prices because all they will want to do is watch me on TV), and obviously The Brand has grown to the point that a company of their magnitude, reputation, and size wants to work with Arthur Kade. I had the choice to work with almost any company that I wanted to in “The Biz”, and chose the Mega-Force that is IMG Media, because they work with “A-List” talent and ideas, and understood the value and message of what I am trying to bring to “The Biz”, and the direction that I am trying to do it in finding “Little Oscar”.

Everyone knows that I am one of the most polarizing and interesting entities ever created, and I am on a mission of becoming an award winning actor, and I believe so strongly in myself that I want the world to watch it happen, and hold hands with me as I take the amazing steps that I have taken in just 6.41 months to become “One of the fastest rising actors in Young Hollywood, and a known Celeb”, and I can’t be more exciting to partner up with what I consider the top production company in the world to bring it into the home of every person in the country, and the world. Welcome to Kade Nation  Live and Happy New Year Fellow Jewish People.
“The Craft wants me…”"The Biz”" needs me….The Girls love me….I am….The Brand”….Arthur Kade…09/18/09
To celebrate this groundbreaking achievement and global news, I went to the VIP Opening of the beautiful new Recess Lounge with Papa and Step-Mom Kade:


  1. Oh yes. I'm going to stop what I'm doing at work so I can run home and watch this assclown on TV. If he ever came onto my TV, I would throw a fucking shoe into it.

  2. Is the the moment Douchstradamous prophesized? Reality TV?

  3. shit she dissappearedSeptember 18, 2009 at 2:04 PM

    Hahaha some kid in youtube scored a film deal. He has 1.5 million subscribers. I wonder what Mister Balls Ass has to say about this ultra super star


  4. shit she disappearedSeptember 18, 2009 at 2:05 PM

    BTW, you guys really have to post the pics of Kade's rapist dad wearing a cheapass fedora. That shit is solid gold.

  5. TattooedLunaChic/VegasGrrlSeptember 18, 2009 at 2:48 PM

    His dad is freakkkky looking! Zombie-like.

    As for reality shows, yeah, like any of those wahoos ever get respected! Please, this don't mean shit Artie. You may have your 15 mins, but no one will remember you. I'm sure I can land on tv too if I got an insane boob job and was a total slut, "lookin' for love".
    Looking forward to seeing Joel McHale make fun of you!

  6. He won't even get his 15 minutes. No worries. No fucking way this pans out. No way. A channel showing 30 minutes of paint drying would be preferable, from the network's perspective.

  7. Look at that dumbass already celebrating like he just won the world. If there's any real project, he's at square 1, point A, very very beginning. No actual work done. He's celebrating and bragging like he just got some giant contract and all I can really gather is that they're interested in doing something. Who knows - it's probably all a lie anyways.

    Just remember folks, the fact will always remain: The majority of people who witness anything Arthur Kade does think he is a joke. They laugh at him. He is not talented, he is not attractive, he is not a good actor.

    If ANY company is working with him, it's to make $ thinking that many people like to watch a train wreck. Arthur offers no redeemable qualities to popular culture or society. NONE.

  8. Tattooed Luna Chic said:

    "His dad is freakkky looking!"

    Have you ever seen the old silent movie called "Nosferatu"? It's a really creepy movie about vampires.

    Poppy Radishes is a dead (as in zombie) ringer for the head vampire in that movie. Who knew that second generation vampires like biting pole?

  9. I love that he says we are obsessed with everything he does. We watch him get his hair coloured, catch cabs, hell, he's pretty sure if he filmed himself taking a shit we'd all watch it, globally. I don't think he realises he has little 3-figure watch lists on his videos, not many subscribers, not many facebook friends, or Twitter watchers. He's a very, very small anomaly on the internet.
    If I created a site where I posted videos of myself cutting my toenails every week I can't then say that the world is watching me do it. I'm just putting it up there, with no provocation usually, just like Kade does.
    I have a site, where I discuss myself as a beginning Aussie writer, but I never ever delude myself into thinking that the world is with me. I do it because I like it, it's all good writing practice, and maybe one day a fan will find it, like a buried diary of a hack never-was, haha.

    For the record, I'm sticking with this journey because I am absolutely fascinated to see what will happen in the end, which cannot be far off. I know it won't be pretty, and for like five minutes a day on the net, I've got the time and patience to wait it out.

  10. Hate all you want -- you gotta give it up The Kade.

    You've accomplished a lot in 6 months -- damn impressive, Kade. You better make something of this and put all of us haters to shame -- if you don't, we can say we were right the whole time.

    Best of luck. Kill it Kade-style.

  11. His dad looks like one of those cave dwelling creatures from the movie descent.

  12. shit she disappearedSeptember 18, 2009 at 6:36 PM

    @the anonymous moron

    You do realize that the only thing Kadipshits has "accomplished" (and I say this in the broadest sense possible) is becoming a marginally infamous laughing stock? How the fuck is that worthy of admiration?

    Oh, Oh but that shitshow reality he may or may not be getting, what about that? well what of it? As anyone with an 8th grade education can tell you, no one who has ever been in a reality show has ever achieved anything other than marginal notoriety before returning to total obscurity. Kade has traded his meager diginity, his cheestastic name, and his sanity for a mere 15 minutes as a national buffoon.

  13. shit she disappearedSeptember 18, 2009 at 6:38 PM

    @ Hanging


  14. Bearing in mind what a liar Kade is, this seems very short on actual detail. If it really happened I think he'd have shoved more of it down our throats. So I'll believe it when I see it. My guess is a friend of a friend of a friend has sort of suggested that they might be able to get him an interview at IMG (that may well not happen). Let's wait till we get something solid to throw shit at.

  15. From: “Rags to Riches” (9/14/09)

    “and then I saw Mickey Rourke and said “What’s up” and we caught up for a minute, and then I headed from the bathroom to our table where there was at least 30 bottles…”

    Cocaine or a little man on man?

  16. Recess looks like it was decorated on an IKEA budget. People are going to pay membership fees to hang out in that hell hole?

  17. Hey guys -

    Glad you know what I was meaning, I am sure a quick google would explain the comparison for those who were lucky enuf to not have seen that movie. But be warned.....

    I have not been able to go into any caves since that movie and I was just getting over it and he has to go and post his dad's pic like that. Great. Another 10 years of avoiding caves.

  18. @ Anon 5:15pm

    How can you call anyone a hater? You are a social deviant if you condone anything kego says or does. Would you want him for a brother in law? A stepfather? A neighbor? Around your children? In charge of anything? Are you into incest? Would you be proud to have him rate your wife/girlfriend/sister/mother/daughter/female friend?
    Have you read anything he has written? And you think we should ‘give it up’ to him? You (as was already stated) are a moron. He is deserving only of our ridicule and disdain. Any and all that would defend or justify this subhuman catastrophe are no better than the mobile pile of crap called kade. He has done nothing, and will do nothing. You need to check yourself for injures, something’s wrong.

  19. I swear to God if moron gets a television show... well, I'll write a really angry post about it on my blog. Seriously, though, maybe I should start posting videos of myself and make outrageous claims about my life and how many women I've slept with. Then I can get a television show, too.


  20. Just so everyone knows, development deals are handed out at LAX when you get off the plane. Having a deal in place and actually bringing something to the big or small screen are two VERY different things. Shit, Lisa Lampanelli just told a story on Stern about the HBO show she was going to be doing that went belly up. And that one had Jim Carrey as an EP and Writer.

    Kade has trumpeted this on his blog and in a week we'll never hear another word about it. Guaranteed.

  21. All of his 125 youtube subscribers must be so happy for him

  22. I think his dad is going to star in the upcoming Noseferatu.

    Here's the original:


    33:19 in (maybe sooner, but this is where I found him first)

  23. So that's AK 4.7's father.

    Now we know where he gets his bad complexion from, huh?

  24. Never has so much fuss been made about something so small. I just don't know how much longer Artie can fund this insane escapade. Let's call him out to see the paperwork for this deal (if any).

    p.s. my fave picture is of the man opening the box.

  25. His dad is as gross as he is.

  26. That's not his father. That's the portrait in the attic.

  27. the location where Recess is a fucking shithole. it is street level and adjoins a fucking parking garage and is next to a Ritz movie theater (indie film releases)

    it's where club owners go to die. totally not balls ass hot ass

  28. His dad looks like Jabba the Hutt's snake-headed assistant dude in Return of the Jedi.

  29. What the fuck is that black gentleman doing opening the fucking back of the seat? What's down there? Kade's dead girlfriends? The place could do with a pianist not a fucking dj deafening every cunt in sight. Some nice tinkly tunes in the background and one can have lovely conversations with ones chums......what do they get? Fucking disco music clacking out full volume, no cunt can hear themselves think.......this club will die on its arse.
    Arthur's mum looks ok, but his dad, he's the one who has a sex case against him isn't he? Well a man is innocent before being proved guilty.....but there's no smoke without fire, I say. If he knocked up his staff member he could pull the child out with his hands....hey presto, problem solved.
    Disgusting cunt....but like I say, innocent till proved guilty

  30. Anon 4:49, the dad lost the case years ago, and had to pay out around $200,000 to the woman. I think Arthur's step mum has had WAY too much plastic surgery, and that is probably why Artie feels fine demanding every woman have it...

    The dad didn't knock the girl up (not as far as I read in the law suit anyhow...I got bored on the 4th page), he sexually harassed her for years and out of her job. He told the girl that she should have sex with him (repeatedly), that if he got her pregnant, he would also give her an abortion. (that is where the abortionist comments come from) Google Leonard Kadyshes.

  31. Sh, if tila tequila can get her own television show I don't have much hope for us avoiding seeing his mug on tv. Television has degrtaded to the point that the worst of us are displayed and the American Idol watching motherfuckers eat it up.
    Alas, babylon.

  32. In regards to his new work friends at IMG, they would've taken him on, like a modelling agency takes on new talent, and put him in the 'development'squad so to speak, if he opens his mouth too wide with this he'll be dropped quicker then, well you fill in the blank