Joel Osteen

Arthur Kadyshes is a zero.  He is deluded.  I can't take reading his lies anymore.  Maybe you can tolerate more delusional lispings from the Lego Wigged one...

After announcing my Development Deal With IMG Media (People last night were coming up to congratulate me all night on signing with such a mega power in “The Biz”, and I felt like Julius Caesar coming home from winning a war and expanding his empire, and one person said, “You really are making this all happen, and no one deserves it more” and I got texts and emails from fans around the world), I decided to head out an celebrate with all of my good friends the Domination that is Occurring by The Brand, and how in just 6.48 months, I have gone from socialite to this mega machine of publicity and celebrity. We bounced around in The Mogul Room at G, and then headed to Recess for it’s official grand opening, and was so excited to be doing the photo shoot for the project that I am involved in which is being pitched as a revolutionary TV show which could get me another Emmy in addition to the one that I am creating with IMG Media (I asked a friend at Rouge, “What do you think is cooler, an Emmy or an Oscar?”, and even twittered it to my fans and changed my BBM name to that, and then I said before he could respond, “How cool would it be to sleep with both Emmy and Oscar, will that make me the greatest of all time?”.
While at Recess (I love this place because it’s all about a party atmosphere versus just standing around and talking to the same damn people you see everywhere, and I didn’t stop dancing the whole night and talking to this Philly 9.2 who I exchanged numbers with, and was debating going “No Sleep till NYC” to hang out with her, but wanted to show my commitment to this project that I think is so cool), one of my friend’s girlfriends came up to me (I joined some people at the best table in the house, and we we surveying all the action, and everyone saw me, and couldn’t believe that I was there partying with them), and told me, “I am such a huge fan of yours. I am a nurse, and I look at your site everyday, and it always makes my day better because I laugh my ass off”, and I told her thank you, and we talked about how it’s about to get even bigger with The IMG Media Development Deal and I have another thing in the works that is just as monumental and big that I will hopefully announce shortly.
As I was on the train this morning (We killed it today in the shoot, and I will put up some “Behind The Scenes Pics” soon, I started thinking about how many lives I change on a daily basis, and how many people depend on “The Journey” for their happiness and sanity, and I started thinking about how through becoming an award winning actor and world famous celeb, I may also be becoming the next Joel Osteen, because I am influencing the Gen Pop in the same ways of inspiration and drive that he does using god. It actually gave me goose bumps to think about the comparison, and I could see myself one day standing in Yankee Stadium (I would also do Staples Center because I am such a die hard Lakers fan, and would let Kobe guest speak as well) and delivering the message of hope and promise because I will have achieved everything in “The Journey”.
That feeling, and knowing that I had just dominated the night, “Kade Style”, and that I was bringing my “A Game” to this shoot allowed me to take a 45 minute nap, and prepare for a long day. I am looking forward to my groundbreaking National Interview on The Mancow Morning Show on Monday morning (I wonder if he will be even more in amazement with “The Journey” because of the Development Deal), and hopefully I am bringing some more HUGE news for “The Journey” this week.
“When I was a kid, someone told me, “”Arthur you’re very different”", and I remember thinking to myself that I was a true genius at that moment”….Arthur Kade…09/19/09


  1. Of course the nurse laughs her ass off...
    And he's too dumb to understand that she is mocking him to his face...

    Also, people rely on him to stay happy and sane??
    That is the funniest thing he ever wrote...

  2. The pink sweater had me rolling, wonder how many time we'll see that piece over the next 6.43 months. Btw - Recess is a hole, 2,000 sqft? of trash; that place is guaranteed to have some thug violence in the next few weeks.

  3. @nails...

    We can only hope Cock Gobbler is on the receiving end of that thug violence.

  4. Love the Legowig site, but I'm tiring of Arthur. How many times can he just keep rehashing the same old tired shit over and over and over again? He's at a club. Oh wait, he's at another club. WAIT, he went to TWO clubs. Now he's holding a tampon. In four days, he got his hair colored 3 times only to end up at close to the same color he started with. Tired little radio interviews in crappy markets stating the same thing over and over and no one calls him out on it. Seriously. Can this get any more boring? And reading thru his run-on sentences and lack of proper punctuation just gives me a headache.

    For the next two weeks, he'll babble on and on about this "Development Deal" and "Amazing Gay Doctor" role but I suspect it'll get dropped just like his "Amazing" body workout that was due on Labor day, or his other auditions and roles on various shows I've never heard of.

    I don't understand how his friends don't tire of him. If he was in my social circle, I'd have bitch slapped him back to earth after his 3rd entry in his "Global and International" blog. I don't understand how the classmates in his acting classes don't get up in his shit and just tell him to shut the fuck up. Or the acting coach for that matter. How does this guy just run around like a loose chicken for the last 6.9875 months and no one stops him with a reality check?

    How many different ways can he be made fun of? Even that's getting boring and that's all I'm here for anymore.

    Have fun with Arthur Philly. He'll never get out of that city and he'll never stop trying. He'll end up being a pathetic, single 45 year old lounge lizard still sleeping on peoples couches.

  5. @anon...

    You summed up my thoughts perfectly. I find myself "reading" his shit without comprehending any of it. Not because it's so poorly written (which it is) but rather because I just don't care. I get to the end and don't know if I read what he wrote or not, and I don't care. He's such a bore it's not even funny. I have to imagine that the IMG Media deal was put together by some underling who is willing to take the chance this guy could do something that will make money. Would any established person risk their career to sign a deal with a fame whore everyone hates? Not a chance. A junior guy at IMG can throw as much shit against the wall to see what sticks and hope for the best without too much downside risk, whereas someone with an actual career will only back things with a great chance of success. Kade is a never been who will fade (Kade?) into obscurity long before he manages to make money or do anything of note. Death to the Cock Gobbler!

  6. My guess on the IMG deal (if it's true) is that it will be some kind of "Breaking Hollywood" thing wherein Arthur does exactly what he currently does in an effort to get into a movie or get famous. Just a larger version of what we already have.

    Keep in mind, there's an absolute shit-ton of work to get from this very minimal Point A to a place that really has a show. I still bet the whole thing is a lie, but if it's not, it's nothing more than someone taking a gamble on making a buck off of Arthur's stupidity.

  7. shit she disappearedSeptember 20, 2009 at 12:15 PM

    I love Kadipshits' lisping sexual predator looks on the first video: Cheapo, dirty ass fedora down to the eyes; face covered in shadows except for the giant shark fin of a nose menacingly projecting forwards. I don't think Artzits can actually get it up (everyone knows he only takes it in) but that nose is big enough to rape a horse.

  8. I wonder what reason he gives himself for other people laughing at his blog. I mean, he's never telling jokes on here, or generally being witty at all. He's not a stand up comic. All he does is tell stories about him at clubs and him trying to act. In his mind, where's the punch line? What could they be laughing at? It's proof that he doesn't get it, is most likely on the Autistic spectrum, and can't read emotions from others, hence he can't display them either, if you've watched him act.

    It's sad. So sad.

  9. Maybe he is trying to be funny. If he is, he's doing the most piss-poor job of it in the world.

    I don't even go to his site anymore. Just this one. His site is just plain boring.


  10. Does anyone else find it funny that the director of the gay doctor specifically asked Arthur for blond hair and Arthur fucked it up? How pissed would be if you were working your ass off on something and the one thing you ask of one of your actors gets given a north philly hatchet job? The guy said blond, and Arthur goes out and gets the most horrible dye job ever. Real professional asshat.

  11. That is pretty hilarious. He looked like shit with blonde hair, though.

  12. It looks like the end of this mess is going to be anticlimactic. Everyday is worse than the one before. Soon there will be only the foul odor lingering.

  13. Hey arti, eat that tampon, that’ll get you noticed.

  14. I have had enough of Fartsack, I am sending Dog Bountyhunter after him.

  15. You all are slow on the draw to get the new "Kween" up - this stuff is old news.

  16. Suggestion For The Fine Folks Who Bring Us This Here Site:

    Would it be possible to have a sidebar listing the various projects of endeavors of kRadishes that never seem to come to fruition? Like starting from the git-go, I think Love Taxi was the first.

    The list is getting pretty long at this point, no?

  17. Arthur Kade's entire "journey" is an utter delusional exaggeration.. (not that it's news). I've seen him several times- And the funny thing is he is ALWAYS alone!!I frequent G, and the Mogul Room a lot bc my friend's dad is one of the owners. The funny thing is the staff at G can't stand him either, they even considered banning him b/c he is bad publicity. G is the only place in Philly that is similar to the NY scene and I know they don't want to be affiliated with this loser. On that note, I watched AK try and fail (for over 30 mins) to get into the Mogul Room 3 weeks ago. It was the highlight of my night, I actually made it a point to flash my gold wristband in front of his giant nose as I walked in past the bouncer. On other nights when he does manage to get in he is always creeping around like a rapey-eyed, big-nostril/nosed, lisping bafoon. I commented this on his site but last week he was sporting his new bleach blonde locks in the mogul room and people were laughing in his face. I don't understand if he is really that delusional or if he is so insecure he is begging for any form of attention, albeit negative. Nobody in Philly can stand him

  18. That's a clever observation that Arty's on the 'autistic spectrum' somewhere. 'Can't read others' emotions, can't project any'....maybe we are mocking someone who is genuinely not quite right in the head...like the fellow who demonstrates outside the English parliament against war. He's well meaning but as mad as a bag of swinging bollocks

  19. I saw an older video of his where he was watching a CW channel news piece on himself, and commenting to the camera while it was playing back (he tivo'd it I guess). They were ripping him to shreds, the bits I could hear, but he kept pointing to the pictures of himself they were using and saying "I look good in that one" "I LOVE that picture of me!" "I think they should have made that picture of me bigger" He talked about himself the whole way through, over the tv, totally ignoring everything they said, none of it was nice or flattering. Finally near the end the girl 'anchor' said something like "Can anyone really be as shallow as he is?" and Kade said to the TV, "No, I am just being honest".

    I don't think he is autistic. He is simply an extreme narcissist, and is unable to process negative comments. OR, has to somehow turn them around in his mind before he can acknowledge them. His point of reference is that he is almost perfect. Anything that breaks that image of himself will break him. It won't be us that does it. He thinks we are jealous 'haters' and beneath notice. I don't know how his friends can stand being around him either. "Me, me, me, me? Me, me. Me, me, ME!! Of course me, me, me... You really need a boob job. Me, me, me -- me."