Kade's Show Cancelled

After his "appearance" on The Beautiful Life the show gets canned.  Coincidence?  I think not.

'The Beautiful Life': Fall's First Canceled Show

By Amy & Nancy Harrington, GetBack.com | Friday, September 25, 2009, 5:04 PM

The cast of "The Beautiful Life"
The CW/Jan Thijs
The Ashton Kutcher-produced series "The Beautiful Life," a scripted drama about the seamy side of modeling, is the first casualty of the new fall TV season. After airing only two episodes, The CW announced Friday it was pulling the series starring Mischa Barton and that production had ceased.


  1. Kade's scheduled appearence at the "Social Media - Brute Force" conference was also mysteriously cancelled. His name is no longer listed at the phillyadclub.com website, it was only a few days ago.

  2. @ Anon...wonder if they googled his name and read all his negative press, INCLUDING his own website.

    He's killing whatever tiny hope of a career he may have had "KADE STYLE"!!!

  3. When you look at the picture of the cast you have to wonder who’s dad kego was supposed to be. Who’s rapey, balding, lisping, wrinkled pedophile dad.

  4. @ The Barn Bitch

    He has absolute zero hope for a career.
    People would rather watch a steaming pile of penguin shit than that deluded retard.

  5. PS Where can I dowload his latest interview?????

  6. Be Arthur Kade... I am.September 26, 2009 at 2:22 PM

    Ugh. Just the sight of his nostrils, and his fingers just make me gag.

  7. hahaha ok ok.. so some guy on twitter who is obvious a legowig blog fan :

    ok then AK responds:
    @AkZList I can't get over how cute your Lego figure is...I just want to hug it
    about 1 hour ago from web in reply to AkZList

    first of all the figure is ok kade so he is self-gay AND self-unaware.

  8. haha, to call it Kade's show is hilarious. He's not even listed in the production credits anywhere. He was an extra, a reoccuring theme for Mr A List.

  9. i met arthur kadyshes once, before arthur kade, before the journey. we were introduced through a mutual friend. this was like a year ago. he bought me a beer. he wasn't a bad guy...he was just some dude. i even met his friends chad and tony. chad seemed really impressed with arthur and tony, and tony seemed a bit too cool for school, but again, they didn't make me like or dislike them. they are just some dudes. i had moved to nyc by then, and got the sense that they thought they were running philly. i didn't much care one way or the other, who they thought they were. i used to be in the philly indie scene, and it's a whole different world than what these guys are doing and where they are going.

    he certainly didn't seem like the kind of guy that he's become, or is pretending to be, or both. i wonder what happened to him. i understand trying to rise above and live a life less ordinary, but his execution and delusional belief in himself, along with all the lying, just aren't conducive to success. there has to be some other agenda, because it just doesn't make any sense.

    hey, has gn kang freaked out on here recently? that shit is too funny!

  10. I don't think this show getting canned is a reflection on Kade - just a reflection on the industry the Kademeister seems to hold so reverently. Bartong An actor for whom success went straight to her head - everything she'd ever dreamed of and it turned her into a cunt - the drugs trigger manic attacks and mental illness and up in fucking smoke goes her 'career'.
    A nice schadenfreude moment follows.
    The previous poster has got me a bit worried. Can it really be that Arty is scamming everyone? Is this a comedy gold moment? What is that worm doing up my rectum?

  11. @ Joe...

    Is that you GN? Lot of effort there. I'm watching you grinder lady.

  12. And the next post also. 'It must be, there is no other way'. Maybe I'm wrong, but I smell saline. The timeline fits, her style (unless drunk) and nothing better to do. Yup, saline queen in the house, what up?

  13. No, my post was after Joe's....I'm not GN. I'm an English gentleman...and I happen to think Arthur is quite a nice person with some talent in the acting line. He's honest, direct and if acting doesn't work out then he could be a writer as I find his style very modern and appealing.........sorry, couldn't keep it up.....bit of a poor effort, sorry to goad you, I won't do it again. And to top it all Arty has a bellend like all those Hebrews with the tipskin cut off, fucking ugly looking Jew cock. Quite a few Jew cocks in America......what you need is a good old fashioned Empire cock.

  14. no, i am joe. not gn kang. i just think it's funny when she freaks out on here.

    i was just telling you guys what i think. i guess i need to hate arthur more to post here?

  15. Anonymous who is obsessed with foreskins: Oh, do shut up. You'll give us real Brits a bad name.