Arthur Kade is too ugly for casting directors and needs to learn basic math

It's hard to imaging that Arthur Kade sold financial planning - as in managing dollars and numbers for people - when he thinks that 2/5 = 500%. We'll warn you in advance about the fourth video: his face is a little too close for comfort in HD. And when was the last time you saw a celebrity brag about being in a limo? Finally, we admit that we laughed out loud at the thought of an Arthur Kade video game, not so much becuase the idea is ludicrious, but because we're pretty sure Arthur believes anyone would be interested in making a game like that

The latest from the king of all idiots:

What an amazing night where I had another terrific audition where I batted .500 with 2 out of the 5 agents saying they would have called me back, and one not giving me a yes or no, so I will put that as a maybe, and assume that it was probably yes and give it a .5 followed by another “Kade Style” Domination of NYC. The consensus feedback through these 2 days of auditions has been that I have an awesome look, but that I need new Headshots, so I am going to get new ones, and need to figure out what I want to do with my look and my hair to make it perfect for the next shots. I need to really think about if I want more of my natural Italian/Greek look to show (Which may get me typecast as a mobster, Italian, or foreigner), or do I want to keep my hair the way it is which gives me more of a “Soap Opera” look, or do I go even lighter and show that I can be extremely versatile. So Many questions, so I think I may sit down with an image consultant who can give me some great feedback on what look will make me most effective as I continue my trek to Little Oscar. The Black and White headshots bombed, and even though I am great looking in them, I need something a little more “Actory” versus “Modely”, and that really show my energetic and amazing personality. Headshots are crucial because I have certain features which are dominant like my nose, cheekbones, eyes, and hair, but other features like my lips and ears which are not as great, so I need a photog to really focus in on making me look the celebrity and rising actor I have become.

I was very pleased with my performance, because I chose to do the dialogue that I did form The Game in Mike Lemon’s Class with a reader to give them more of a sense of how I would interact with other actors, and I felt like it was tougher because she was more energetic than I had done the scene for the class, and our energies didn’t mix, but that’s the struggle for all actors with cold reads, you get one shot to show what you got, and you better bring your A Game. This week has been a great learning experience, and now I know that I am close to the upper echelon of The Craft, but I need to continue to tweak, improve, and better technique to take the next steps
In the meantime, I showed up a bit late for the NBA 2K party, but still met all of my fans of “The Journey” from RockStar Games (They make Grand Theft Auto and I met Nick, the guy there who is a fan and invited me to the party, as well as the people who organized the parties for the Post VMA’s that I dominated “Kade Style” that work with him and are also fans). Nick asked me to do a video for his friend, Comedian Paul Scheer from MTV’s The Human Giant who is a huge fan of mine and getting married, so I pulled him aside and did one to let him know I wasn’t stealing his wife. I actually also wanted to talk to them about creating an Arthur Kade video game where the main hero (Arthur Kade) is on a mission to win acting awards (He could get points for booking auditions and “A List” acting gigs, and in the meantime is the premiere socialite in major cities and gets points for hooking up with 9’s and 10’s. and going to the hottest parties in the world. I think it could be a video game version of “The Journey”, and would be crazy in the 13-25 demographic, but could also help kids find their way and not make the same mistakes I made. I also met Don Cannon (HUGE Hip-Hop Mix Tape specialist from Atlanta, and I told him I have a show in development with IMG Media, and we shared some “Biz Love” ((Admiration from artists over different genres)) and I took his number so we could hook up next time he is in Philly or I am in Kadelanta), and several NBA players look future star Brook Lopez. I was in and out, because of my busy social party schedule that I was booked to, so I made my customary celeb appearance, and ran to the next party that I was invited to (I am now being invited to the top social parties in NYC, but the problem is that I am trying to fit them all in and because I am only one entity, it is tough to be everywhere at one time).

From there, we headed over to a crazy bar scene at STK in the Meat Packing District, and I proceeded to celebrate an ultra successful week of announcing a major “Dev Deal” with IMG Media, 2 amazing auditions, my best classes and session with acting coaches, and a dominant social week filled with pro athletes, celebrities, socialites, and dignitaries. I have to spend today preparing for my Runway appearance at Fashion Up tomorrow, and then running down to Dusk to help Nicky Hilton bring in her birthday. All in a week’s work for The Brand.
“I don’t want to win a championship, I want to build a dynasty”…Arthur Kade…09/25/09


  1. We have no doubt you are versatile. Top or bottom.

  2. I want to see the full comments on that last one. Seems there was more than just "dialect." Way to fail, Art.

  3. I don't even bother reading his shit anymore, or watching the videos. I just turn up and write some African Children, and then leave. I wouldn't bother, but some of his "fans" seem to like it...

    Q for the fans. Should LAC stay with Beyonce as her maid, or move back in with Madonna, she have claw like vulture?!?

    You decide!

  4. He called the post "New Headshots Needed."

    Should have called it "New Head Needed." No amount of photographs is going to diminish all the obvious flaws - bad hair, caterpillar eyebrows, rapey eyes, giant nose, huge asymmetrical nostrils, bloody lips, acne, etc. etc.

  5. I can't believe that he is trying to use black and white headshots! I've been a working actress in Los Angeles for over 8 years now, and even when I started working, black and white pictures were considered old fashioned. If you don't have a color pic now, you most likely will not even get an audition. Maybe it's different on the east coast, but color is always better. The only reason I can think that he might be scared of color is because of his personal coloring. He has an odd skin color and without a lot of retouching, the blemishes will be quite obvious.

  6. Ha! An Arthur Kade video game. I love the idea, as long as you could have him fall off a cliff repeatedly.


  7. As best as I can tell, here are the full comments on the last evaluation:

    "You have a dialect that keeps creeping in. It makes you pretty specific, and it's not appropriate for this character. Your pace is also VERY wrong for the scene."

    Killin' it Kade-style, indeed.

  8. Some more Klassic Kade from the second video:

    "Color out...no skinny jeans...stiff, needs some life and connection. But, she would still call me back! It's the look."

    Way to learn, like, no lessons from those comments.

    "I'd open her up a little bit. Or him. Whoop, that didn't sound good."

    That HAD to be on purpose. A little shout-out for all the "haters" out there.

    "Headshot: 1. I disagree, but whatever."

    Do you EVER listen to ANY criticism?

    "Voice a little flat. I disagree. What does that mean? The scene called for flatness."

    Guess not. Never mind.

    "I don't understand what that means. 'No, no, no'."

    It means you didn't use enough Rohypnol.

  9. he sucks. LEgo - open a store on Zazzle.com and sell antikade shit.

  10. There could be a video game where the object is to track him down and kick him in the balls for points (through night clubs and acting classes and auditions). You also get points for berating anyone who compliments him. Or, there could be a sims version of Artie where you take total control of him, make him look good, make him a decent actor, and most importantly make him a decent human being.

  11. @ LAC…

    I think I need to know your gender to decide. If it should be clear to me already, I apologize. Also, other clues would be helpful, like; pre or post adolescent? Are you light skinned or dark skinned? How large is large? Will you be getting larger? Soon? I await your response to my response before I respond.

  12. Arthur, why didn't you decide to become an astronaut instead? That would have been even more funny and wouldn't take so long (to get a definitive "no") 3 years of this? "The Journey" will become "The Slog" way WAY before that. If you have a sag card at the end of the first year I will be shocked (and not paying attention anymore).

  13. Large African Child should sneak out and become actor like his hero Arthur Kade. Beyonce is better if you need a place to stay. Madonna gives more opportunity for hilarious situations though.

  14. Arthur made a slip and almost said 'cab' before limo. That's why he's in close up, he's in a fucking cab not a limo and the cunt is lying again. I used to feel some pity for him and hoped this was one big scam, but I get vexed at his lies and constant bragging, even if it is a scam it is a shit one - but I don't think it is - I think Arty is a nasty bit of work - always close to anger, a bully and deserves everything this world will throw at him - it's just not possible to come up with any more insults for him but the word 'cunt' is the most appropriate.
    Some days I incline towards scam, wind up.........I can't think about it anymore....it's doing my fucking head in

  15. LAC needs his own "Dev Deal" with National Geographic. Cameras to follow his every move and document how Madonna left him for SAC and he is back to eating Tshirts and Hot Pockets.