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We'd like to thank blog reader "Jack" for one of the best submissions we've received so far! This blog has certainly been a hit with our viewers and we really appreciate the submissions.

To date, we've had just a little under 5,000 unique visitors to this blog since launching in late August, and nearly 100,000 individual page views. Thanks for your support!

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  1. IMG needs to drop Artie right away and lock this guy in.

  2. and that is why this site rules.

  3. wow... holy crap... i honestly laughed my ass off after reading this!! great work, guys!

  4. Yeah, this guy has nailed it all. Makes me want to script another Citizen Kade comic page...it could be so awesome.

  5. The question is: Will Kadyshes put this up on his blog?

    He did put some stuff up in the past...
    The fame whore that he is, I wouldn't be surprised...

  6. hahaahahahahahahah oh man, literally, i just pissed myself. fucking dumbass Kade, hahahahahaha

  7. 1. Kade walking in the club. People are looking at him with hidden smirks.
    Kade: Hellooo, bitches. (Heh, that one still kills.)

    2. Kade jumps next to a hot girl at the bar.
    Kade: Want to have a photo with me, I'm a celebrity.
    Hot girl: If you're a celebrity shouldn't I be asking you?
    Kade: Good point. Ask me for a photo.
    Hot girl: No way, rape-eyed freak.
    Kade: Man, I can't believe girls are so intimidated by me.

    3. Kade is taking a photo of a table full of drinks. The guy who has bought the drinks is trying to shoo him away.
    Kade: Balls ass, hot ass drinks. Bottles and models, Kade style.
    Guy: Fuck off, Lego-Wig motherfucker.
    Kade: Hey, you know my name, wanna be BFF's.
    Guy: You already are, Bloody Fucking Forgetful. Tell your story walking, loser.

    4. Kade is talking to a couple at the bar.
    Kade: I'm pretty important, want me to rate your woman?
    Guy: Not really. Fuck off.
    Kade: Fine, she's a Philly 3.14679.
    Guy: Go fuck yourself.
    Kade: Nah, haven't done that in 6.66 months. I'm saving myself for the little Oscar speech.

    5. Kade looks back at the club as he leaves, coke and blow crusted on his nose, his eyes more rapey than ever.
    Kade: Totally dominated. Photobombed with like seven models, chugged some Fruity Lexia, bent my balls ass fedora's brim some more, had my camera broken and managed to get none of my friends in camera with me. My dad will be so impressed when I tell him how much I dominated and how awesome I am.
    6. Kade cops a massive fist in the face from his ex, Danielle Poe.
    Kade: Kade ow!

    I figured he can't finish with a Kade Out because he always seems to be missing it lately.

    Next issue, Kade is back in Kade's Corner with his boy and his omelette, what happens when a real celebrity walks in, like Matt Dillon.
    'Nuff said.

  8. @ Ryan K Lindsay

    Nice job! Very funny! I think you got the essence of Kadyshes (if he has any).

  9. Has anyone else gotten a rise out of toolbag Kade on his twitter?

    AFter hurling an insult at him, he asked me why I was alive. Check it out.

    my twitter: mojoarias

  10. TattooedLunaChic/VegasGrrlSeptember 22, 2009 at 6:47 AM

    Looove that cartoon! Great job "Jack"!

  11. A fucking awesome visual fuck you to Artool.

  12. That's awesome - I love the nicely highlighted adult acne..

  13. this is the best post i have seen so far

  14. That comic was nothing short of HILARIOUS! Jack Weekes, I want to buy you a beer sir!

  15. Genius! I honestly believe the purpose of Arthur being 'alive' is to unite others for the common good.