How the fuck can this idiot think he has the need for a security detail?  Ahhhhh, I gotta go have a beer.  Enjoy the deluded thoughts of one stupid motherfucker, Arthur Kadyshes...

Being a celebrity and famous actor is amazing, and trust me, I brag about “The Life” more than I complain, but one of he many things that goes on behind the scenes that I don’t let The Gen Pop, and my fans around the world see, is that there some definite hardships with fame and glory like always being looked at and examined, and even stalked. I constantly get anonymous phone calls with fans telling me they love me, or screaming “Kade Out!”, and even girls offering sexual favors to me. Most of time it is beyond flattering and I don’t take any of it seriously, but it is crazy that people think about “The Journey”, Arthur Kade, and of course The Brand more than their jobs and their families. Now that I have a TV “Dev Deal” with IMG Media, More Huge News on the way, and am on the verge of becoming one of the biggest stars in the world, I have to really get used to being spotted everywhere I go, like this article just featured in Gawker (Huge Celebrity site that has a whole section devoted to Arthur Kade and talks in this article about the walk I walk, me being stalked, and calls my writing the best on The Internet) today about me being spotted in Penn Station in NYC on the way to the audition yesterday. I also had a fan comment today on the blog (First Comment under Blue Balls which I was told by a friend today was “A work of Art” and I feel displays my immense storytelling skills), who drew a cartoon that I thought was absolutely hilarious, and really shows the hours of hard work and dedication to show their love and obsession over The Brand and my rise to the top (I asked a friend who notified me of the comment on the blog today at lunch if it could be my fans at The Cartoon Network who may be in the process of creating an Arthur Kade/”The Journey” cartoon, so I may have to hit up my Cali BFF, Kent Osborne, and see if it’s them).
Only people who are famous like me can ever understand what we go through for our crafts, but I always knew that the trip to grab and hold Little Oscar wouldn’t be easy. I may think about a bodyguard soon, and even something like a home defense system like Vinnie Chase in Entourage since our lives are so comparable, and as one person in “The Biz” just called me, ” You are like a real life Entourage”.
“”The Journey” is going to be a LONG Trip to the top. Thank god I am a Ferrari”….Arthur Kade…09/23/09
Here is the Gawker Link, and the comic drawn about Arthur Kade:


  1. This guy frightens me. Im the one blowing up his twitter and he is so f'ing delusional. Sounding like a rapist is "the brand??" It's beyond words. Thought it was entertaining b/c I firmly believed he was just putting on a show for pageviews, but the post before this one was one step too far.

  2. @KO...

    Yeah, the guy is WAAAAAAY too creepy. I want to think it's an act, but I go back and forth in thinking real/not real. Either way, he's mentally ill.

    How will he spin this twitter comment?

    I wish I could be @JustineBateman crazy. That would be fun. I am glad I am not @ArthurKade crazy. That would be pathetic. (From: Indiscreet Tweet)

  3. Hey guys. I haven't checked out Kade in months and this blog is great. I looked up kade's blog on alexa.com because someone stated in the comments he was the number seven ranked blog. Not true. According to alexa, his site is the 45,432nd ranked site in the US. Not bad Kade, that means maybe a couple thousand peeps have looked at it. Another funny fact was when you click on "searches" related to arthurkade.com the last search term related was "Matt douche camp". Thats hilarious. I wonder if kade did that or his dumbass friends.

  4. Kade reminds me of the kids who get made fun of, and then their mothers tell them "They make fun of you because they're jealous of you." He thinks all of his "haters" secretly love him.

    We do not. We actually hate him.

  5. Arthur DOES need a bodyguard.
    There is no human being living on this earth more likely to be attacked...

  6. KAIDS retirin' from this bullshitSeptember 24, 2009 at 6:08 AM

    I'm done. I can't do it anymore. Arthur, if you are reading this you are simply too boring. You were - at best - an internet novelty act. (Think Tay Zonday, only without the talent. And where is he now?)

    Growing up, I had a friend who was a chronic liar. Everyone knew it, and whenever he was confronted, he'd make up more bizarre shit.

    We don't talk anymore, but one of the last times anyone saw him, he told them "the military was trying to kill him, because he knew too much". This man was in his mid 20's. He believed every word of it.

    It's entirely true that people behave like this. Arthur is not joking, though he is a joke. He will never realize it. Or he will, in a flash of rare introspection, and will subsequently kill himself.

    Until that happens*, I am no longer interested in this hatchet-faced bucket of shit. Kudos to the people who set up this site, I hope you continually get mentioned whenever and wherever Kadouchyshes is, and I hope you are instrumental in destroying him.

    *I will also be interested again if he reveals his true lizard nature. However, lizard-people are a secretive group and are fiercely protective of their culture. However, with the looming relaunch of "V", I expect it is possible that Arthur will peel his face off in the hopes of getting a gig on the show.


  7. he STOLE the cartoon image for you ! You NEED to retaliate!!

  8. My cartoon was a visual fuck you to the drooling rapist, maybe not so much a fuck you as a giant prison cock "popped" up Kego's ass. I am a big fan of Legowig and thank them for offering alternative ways to fuck with said dipshit. I think the best part of this entire saga is that shitfuck ruined his own website by censoring the best commentators who were in turn responsible for making his site funny. You can't dictate the hate cuz this aint mother Russia.

  9. This is getting tired. You guys need more exposes on this douche.